THE FRANKLIN PRESS AND 1HE HIGHLANDS MACONIAN THURSDAY, MARCH M, Ittl By-Law Amendment Assures Fariyiers' Control Of Go-Op PAGE SIX ASHEVILLE, March 29. Contin ued control of the Farmers Federa tion by farmer .stockholders was assured by an amendment to the by-laws of the cooperative adopted at the annual meeting of stockhold ers Saturday morning in As'heville. The amendment, proposed by H. A. Coggins, of Swannanoa, provides for the substitution., of preferred .shares for common stock held by any person who now is or who may later become a non-producer of agricultural products." "This amendment," its sponsor ex-( plained, "guarantees control of the federation by farmers, for under our plan of organization only those who own common stock have the right to vote." Federation officials explained that this amendment was suggested as a wise measure by experts on co operative organization. One other amendment to the by laws, Also submitted by. Mr. Cog gias, was. adopted. It specifies the fourth Saturday in March as the date for. the annual meeting of stockholders a time customarily followed in the past but not defi nitely stated jn the by-laws. A statement read by " Guy M. Sales, general manager, reflected improved financial status, and re ' ports submitted by James G. 'K. McQure, president, and other fed eration executives revealed contin ued progress by the organization in the face of last year's general re cession in business. The .stockholders elected 14 di rectors and three directors at large to fill vacancies on the co-op's board of 31 members. Later in the day the directors met and re-elected James G. K. McClure president'; R. ' C. Crowell, of Candler, vice president, and O. J. Holler, of Union Mills, secretary and treasur er. They also elected an executive committee composed of Mr. Mc Clure, Mr. Crowell, Mr. Coggins, L. L. Burgin, of Horse Shoe; C. C. Cook, Asheville Route 4, F, E. Lykes, Arden, and H. Arthur Os burne,' Canton. Directors named by the stock holders (most of -them re-elected) were: Regular directors James G. VK. . McClure, Buncombe county; H. A. Osborne, Haywood county; L. L. Burgin, Henderson county; Thomas A. Cox, Jackson county; Jerry Franklin, Macon county ; Ben Gibbs and C. G. Hicks, Burke county; J. T. Waldrop,' Polk county; O. J. Holler, Rutherford county; Wins low Burgin, McDowell county; J. H. Hampton, Cherokee county; Lloyd Cantrell, Transylvania coun ty; the Rev. Hugh Dobbins and Daniel Tuttle, Caldwell cdiinty. Directors-at-larger-R. C. Crowell, Buncombe county ; Ed . B? Byrd, Macon county; F. E. Lykes, Bun combe county. . Ten regular directors -and four directors-atlarge who were elected at last year's meeting of stockhold ers carry over until the 1940 meeting. Submitting a financial statement as of December 31, 1938, Mr. Sales reported total assets of the business as $473,533 as compared with $410, 500 at the end of the previous year. Net worth showed a gain from $180,773 to $193,54,5, and the surplus 'account showed a balance at the end of 1938 of $100,309 as compared with $94,677 for the pre vious year and $50,288 in 1935. . Sales declined to $966,691 in 1938 from $1,143,559 in 1937; but this was accounted for by declining prices rather than a decrease of the volume of merchandise ;and farm produce handled. Actual tonnage, Mr. Sales added, was as great or even greater than in the year pre vious. A net profit of $11,588, or 1,2 per cent of the volume of "business, was reported for last year, this en abling the federation to pay cash dividends on both common and pre ferred stock at the rate of six per cent and also a patronage dividend, payable in credit toward stock .shares, at the rate of three per cent. ' Mr. McClure reported increasing returns of patronage coupons as significant increasing interest in the federation. More than $90,000 in pa tronage coupons were turned in on 1938 business, he .said, and this was the largest return since patronage dividends were started three years ago. Through the patronage distri bution, he said, many persons had earned . one or more fully paid shares of stock. One man, J. R. Neville, of Hendersonville, earned $50.73 in stock and several others received as many as three shares of $10 par value. Membership of the organization was reported as 3,863, a gain of 421 since the last annual meeting; HELP STOMACH DIGEST FOOD Without Untrre ud YwH El Everything from Soap U Nats Ths itomseb should dttwt too pounds f toot dally. When yoa set hmtt. cnuy. rich food or wtwa yoa ex nemos, barrUd chew poorly your stomach often poors oat t much fluid. Tour food dostn't dice and yom have (u, heartburn, nauaes, pain or soar stomach. Too feel sour, skk and apse an Doctors say never take a lazatlr for itmatk Sain. It Is danteroos and foolish. 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Franklin Township Smithbridge Township J. J. MANN and a . T. M. CABE, Township List Taker fcLJZAlifclH MEADOWS, Township ListTakers. Mulberry Schoolhouse, April 6 Ulive Hill Schoolhouse, April 6 Ray's Store, April 7 " . Clark's Chapel Schoolhouse, April 8 Union Schoolhouse, April 10 Roan's Store, April 11 Courthouse, April 12, 13, 14, and all other ' dates during April Lower Tesenta Schoolhouse, April 7 Hickory Knoll Schoolhouse, April 8 Otto, Aprif 10, 11, 12 Brown's Store,, April 13 , All other dates during April, at my home Millshoal Township PAUL AM MONS, Township List Taker Watauga Schoolhouse, April 6" Oak Ridge Schoolhouse, April 7 Holly Springs Schoolhouse, April 10 Mountain Grove Schoolhouse, April il All other dates during April, at my home Ellijay Township SAM A. BRYSON, Township List Taker ! Joe Henry's Store, April 6 L. L. Holland's Store, April 15 Charlie Crawford's Store, April 8 Mashburn Branch Schoolhouse, April 10 L. D. Norris' Store, April 11 Cullasaja Postoffice, April 12 All other dates during April, at my home Sugarfork Township EZRA SHOOK, Towaship List Taker Buck Creek Schoolhouse, April 6 V Pine Grove Schoolhouse, April 7 ' .. O. C. Corbin s Store, April 8 Gold Mine Schoolhouse, April 10 Walnut . Creek Schoolhouse, April 11 All other dates during April, at my home Highlands Township PORTER PIERSON, Township List Taker Highlands v All dates during month of April at . W. P. Pierson's office Flats Township EARL DRYMAN, Township List Taker Scaly Schoolhouse, April, 6; 7, 8, 10 All other dates during April, at my home Cartoogechaye Township BOB SOUTHARDS and EARL HARRISON, Township List Takers Kiser's Store, April 6 , Slagle Schoolhouse, April 7 Rainbow Springs, April 17 Joe Hopkin's Store, April 10, 11 Tom Dills' Store, April 12 Joe Hasting's Mill, April 13 Southards' Store, April 14 All other dates during April, at our homes Nantahala Township CLINT MAY, Township List Taker Ray's, at Beechertown, April 6 Fairview Schoolhouse, April 7, 8 Clint May's, April 10, 11, 12 O. C. Hall, Kyle, April 13, 14 Luther Jacobs', Aquone, April 15 All other dates during April at my home Burningtown Township JUD WILD and BILL PARRISH, Towaship List Takers Tellico Church, April 6 v Morgan Schoolhouse, April 7 Burningtown Schoolhouse, April 8, 10 Oak Dale Schoolhouse, April 11, 12 All other dates during April, at our homes Co wee Township S. C. LEATHERMAN and . R. C. RICKM AN, Township List Takers Rose Creek Schoolhouse, April 6 ' lotla Bridge, (Chas. Bradley's office) April 7-' Harmony ' Schoolhouse; April 8 Leatherman (E. O. Rickman s Store)' April 10 Oak Grove (Etna P. O.), April 11 , Cowee, (T. M. Rickman's Store), April 12 All other dates during April, at our homes. AH property owners are required to return to the List Taker all the real estate, personal property, etc., owned by each on the first day of April. All male persons between the ages of 21 and 50 years are required by law to list their polls during April. AH persons who own property and fail to list it and all who are liable for a poll tax and fail to give themselves in will be deemed glilty of a misdemeanor, subject to a fine or imprisonment upon conviction. FARM CENSUS NOTE Each farm owner shall prepare a list of the acreages of each crop grown, including tenths of acres of truck. The list should1 show the total acres cultivated by the owner, also the Acres culti vated by all tenants on each separately recognized farm the acre! in improved pasture, woodland, idle and other lands He shall be prepared to report the numbers of bearing fruit trees, the numbers of livestock of breeding age, number .of hogs, sold or slaughtered during past 12 months and tons of fertilizers to be used during 'this crop year. This information is kept confidential and has no relation to taxes. Its purpose is for agricultural education, eco nomic analysis and safer guidance of county agents and farmers generally. . ; .'. . . ,', LESTER L. ARNOLD Sup ervioor

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