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VOL. LV, NO. 34
$1.50 PER YEAR
Leaves Agricultural Bldg.
Here Wednesday At
9:00 A.M.
Final arrangements for the 10th
annual Farm and Home "tour next
Wednesday, August 28, are nearing
completion, County Agent Sam
Mendenhall reported this week.
Every man and woman in Ma
con county is especially invited to
go on the tour, Mr. Mendenhall
said. Transportation will be furn
ished for everyone who will come
to the Agricultural building here
not later than 9 a. m. Wednesday.
A combine will be in action at
one of th stops, saving seed frqm
red top grass. Farmers who " are
planning to save any kind of le
gume or grass seed should see this
demonstration. .'
At another stop, a new type
threshing machine, adapted to
threshing grasses and legumes, will
thresh a mixture of grasses, alsike
and white Dutch clover. Other stops
have been arranged showing the
value of .lime and the use of tree
seedlings for erosion control.
Lunch will be served at the Un
ion church at Prentiss by the
ladies of the Asbury Methodist
Immediately after lunch, the live
stock show will be held at A. B.
Slagle's barn on the Hayesville
road. Cash prizes will be offered
for Guernsey dairy cattle, beef
cattle, and colts. '
"Anyone living in Macon county
who has any of these animals are
particularly urged to enter them
in the show," Mr. Mendenhall said.
"A good live stock show will go
a long way toward developing ' in
terest in better live stock for Ma
con county."
Reduced Freight Rates
Sought By Mica Firms
In Southeast Section
Macon county mica concerns
will be materially benefitted if re
duced freight rates from the south
east to the Pacific are secured, ac
cording to news from Raleigh.
R. M. Pierpont, general agent of
the Atchison, Topeka and Santa
Fe Railway company, has request
ed the assistant state geologist,
T. G. Murdock, for a list of pro
ducers of ground mica in North
Carolina in order that contacts on
the proposal may be made. The list
of producers already furnished to
Mr. Pierpont by Mr. Murdock in
cludes: Asheville Mica company,
Biltmore; Newdale Mica Company,
Micaville; Southern Mica company,
Franklin ; Franklin Mineral Pro
ducts ' company, Franklin ; Marion
Mica Mills, Marion ; D. T. Vance,
Plumtree ; Vance - Barrett, Inc.,
Plumtree ; and Philip S. Hoyt,
Reunion HeidAt Cliff side
Last Saturday
The 14th annual reunion of the
Peek-Henderson clan met at Cliff
side Lake last Saturday, with ap
proximately 150 members of the
two families present.
Family members from Oregon,
Washington, South Carolina, Geor
gia and other states returned to
Macon for the reunion. Some had
not seen each other for more than
40 years.
Riley Peek of Charlotte led a
discussion on "What Is A Re
union." Other speakers were T. C
Henderson of Brevard; Mrs.' Ed
die Peek, Mrs. Maybelle Peek
Watson, and Mr. Kermit Watson
of South Carolina; Rev. I. J. Vin
son of Dillard, Ga. ; and Rev.
Avery Peek of Canton.
Special vocal and string music
was furnished fy the Dendy
brothers. Mrs. Leona Saddler and
Miss Ethalene Bryson of Raleigh
sang a duet
Mrs. Frances Newton of Gornal
lis. Ore., mother-in-law of Mrs.
Vclxna Peek Newton, was welcome
Officers elected for the ensuing
year were: J. K. Henderson of
Brevard, president; Kermit Wat
son of South Carolina, vice-president;
Mrs. Merl Peek Dry man,
secretary-treasurer; Mrs. I. T.
Peek, program committee chair
man; T. C Henderson of Brevard,
Henderson historian; and Avery
Peek of Canton, Peek historian.
The clan voted to have its next
meeting at Pine Grove church.
New members present at the re
union this year were Mr. and Mrs.
James Parker of Washington state,
and Mr. Napoleon Moses of Oregon,
Grand Jury
Recommends New Court
House; Condemns Jail
In its report to Judge Wilson
Warlick at the close of the Aug
ust term of superior court here
Thursday, the grand jury con
demned the present county jail
on three counts. .
Specifically it reports . that the
bedding was not clean; the plumb
ing needed repairing; and the bars
on the windows should be replaced.
"We find the court house as a
whole in a general bad state of
repair and we therefore seriously
recommend a new courthouse," the
report also stated.
The grand jury found the county
home in good condition.
School Opening Ends
Summer Vacation
Vacation for some 4,000 Macon
county children will end next
Thursday, August 29, as all county
schools open with the exception of
Highlands. ,
The first teachers meeting has
been set for Wednesday, A'ugust 28,
in the Franklin high school build
ing. '
Hold Visitors To A 1-1
Deadlock Until 10th
In what was easily the closest
and most dramatic gome thus far
this season, Franklin's All-Stars
dropped a decision to Easley, S.
C, 4-1, after holding, the visitors
to a 1-1 deadlock for ten innings.
Butch Newton caught Easley flat
footed with a brilliant steal from
third to home in the fourth, to
score Franklin's only run. Easley's
McCall struck out 15 All-Stars and
pitched no-hit ball until the ninth
when Phantom Phil McCollum beat
out an infield roller for the local's
only hit
Monteith pitching for the All
Stars struck out 10 men and gave
up six hits.
The visitors scored in the second
on two' singles and on error.
Franklin came back in the fourth
to tie it up when Newton lived
on an rror," Duvall and Whitmire
walked, and Newton stoled home.
From then on, both teams went
scoreless until the tenth inning
when, Easley pushed over three
runs on two hits and errors.
Next Sundav at 3 t: m. the All-
Stars meet the Knoxville Kiser
Baseball Club, a strong team from
Knoxville, Tenn., playing in the
same league with the Knoxville
All-Stars, and the fans can expect
to see plenty of action as these
Tennessee toys are plenty hot.
Team Standing
Won - Lost
17 8
Grant, If .. 5
Garrett, ss ............ 5
Turpin, 2b 5
Powell, lb ........ 5
Hendrick, c 5
Wiggins, 3b S
Cleveland, rf 5
Stevens, cf ............ 4
McCall, j , 4
Totals 43
Sutton, If .............. 1
McCollum, cf 3
Archer,, c 3
Newton, ss .. 4
Duvall, lb ..... .... 3
Whitmire, 3b 2
Bryson, rf 4
Elliott If 2
Tysinger, If .... .... l
Swartson, 2b 3
Monteith, p , 3
Dalrymple, x 1
1 0
0 2
1 0
1 1
I 1
0 2
0 0
0 0
0 0
4 6
0 0
0 1
0 0
0 0
0 0
0 0
0 0
p 0
0 0
0 0
0 0
1 1
x Batted for Whitmire in 10th.
Easley 010 000 000 34
Franklin ". 000 100 000 01
Gerald Fisher, 13-year-old boy
of - Brevard, died of wounds re
ceived when the gun "went off
after the boy "thought be had un
loaded all the bullets when he
handed it to a playmate."
.A stone bearing the nam of
Eleanor Dare and the message
that she was "here since 1583" was
found last Saturday in a cave on
the Chattahooche river in Georgia,
is announced by authorities of
Brenau college who deciphered the
characters. This may prove to be
the final chapter in the mystery
of the "Lost Gotony" of Roanoke
Crops Suffer $50,000
Damage In County
Approximately $50,000 damage
was done Jo crops in the county
by heavy rains and flooded
streams last week, County Agent
Sam Mendenhall estimates.
Corn suffered heaviest dam
ages of any crop in the area.
The annual western North
Carolina farm meeting, schedul
ed for Boone this week, has
been, postponed indefinitely be
cause of conditions in Watauga
county. A number of Macon
farmers were. planning to attend
the meet.
Former Summer Resident
Of Highlands Passes
In Charleston, S. C.
S. P. Ravenel, 72, retired lawyer
of Charleston, S. C, who formerly
spent his summers at his home in
Highlands, died yesterday at River
side Infirmary in Charleston. Fun
eral services were held on Thurs
day at 1 o'clock, at his residence.
126 Tradd street. Burial was in
Magnolia cemetery.
Mr. Ravenel was born January
12, 1868, in Paris, a son of Dr.
Samuel Prioleau Ravenel of Charl
eston, and Mrs. Margaretta Amelia
Fleming Ravenel of Philadelphia.
Among the survivors are his
widow, the former Miss Witte of
Charleston, three sisters. Miss
Margaretta Ravenel and Miss Claire
Ravenel, of Highlands and Phila
delphia, and Mrs. Douane", widow
of the late Dr. Douane, professor
of chemistery of Harvard Univer
sity faculty, who worked in Paris
with Madame Curie. There are no
Mr. Ravenel was the member of
a distinguished Frencli Hueguenot
family. His father, the late Dr.
Ravenel of Charleston and High
lands, owned 30,000 acres of land
in the Highlands section, including
the famed - Primeval Forest. His
son, Prioleau, has not been able
to come to Highlands for some
years, it is said, on account of his
health. Mr. Ravenel practised law
in Asheville as a member of the
firm of Davidson, Bourne and
Parker, for 20 years, retiring to
his home in Charleston in 1934.
As The World Turns
A Brief Survey of Current Events In State, Nation
and Abroad.
War News
Highlights in the European war
news during the past week include:
Proclamation by Germany of a
"total blockade" by air and .sea
around the British Isles. "Every
neutral ship sailing in this region
in the future is running the risk
of being destroyed". Germany an
nounces with the disclosure that
three big ships had already been
sunk in the Irish Sea. -
Germany has hurled countless
bombers against Britain as the
Royal Air Force claims increased
destruction to Nazi bases and troop
concentrations, planes penetrate as
far as Berlin. Duff-Cooper, after
the first let-up of air raids of
last week, dared Hitler to carry
out his plan to invade Great
Following mass plane attacks
have been hit-and-run attacks by
single or small groups of planes,
air torpedo bombs dealing death
and destruction yesterday as vic
tims were buried beneath the ruins
of smashed houses in England.
Steady counter attacks were kept
up on German bases, as the Brit
ish continue on the offensive, and
German attacks are reported to
change their tactics on account of
weakening from mass- attacks.
The neutrality of Eire was me
naced yesterday when German
bombing planes carried the war
into the Irish sea with attacks on
four ships in St. George's channel.
Retreat of the British and oc
cupation of British SomaliVand by
the Italians.
The bombing of Gibraltar and
increased threats in the Mediter
ranean as Italy declares "total, un
conditional blockade between Eng
land and the vast British-African
Threat of invasion of Greece by
Italy "to defend" Italian Albania,
while Turkey is reported ready to
help defend Greece.
British report bombing of Italian-held
African territory.
Worst naval disaster of the war
reported by Britain when 1,074
were tost on the aircraft carrier
Glorious cm June 9,
County-Wide Evangelistic
Services At Tabernacle
September 8-22
The county-wide evangelistic
services for the year 1940 will be
held as usual in Friendship Tab
ernacle beginning on Sunday night,
September 8. These services are for
all the people and denominations
of Macon county. They are a co
operative effort on the part of the
churches of the county, both rural
and city, to bring the gospel bo
the attention of. the people of the
whole county. By such a united
effort of the several denomina
tions a .spirit of Christian brother
hood can be developed, an out
standing evangelistic preacher can
be obtained, and the power for do
ing good can be greatly augmented.
When the late Rev. A. A. Angel
constructed the tabernacle, he be
lieved it could supply a need in
the religious life of the county that
was not being supplied by the in
dividual churches. Such a belief
seems convincing, and these spe
cial services carry with them the
possibility for much good
GmIxmub Pastor To Preach
The Evangelist for the coming
services will be the Rev. C. E.
Rozelle, pastor of Main Street
,Methodist church in Gastonia. Mr.
Rozzelle is a man of ability, wide
experience, attractive personality,
well trained mind, tand great
preacher of the gospel. '
. The meeting will last for two
weeks which is shorter than last
year. Those who want to profit
most from it should oegin attend
ing at the first and come regular
ly. 'Every person who will is in
vited and urged to come. Rev. and
Mrs. Philip Green will lead the
Fire .Department Answers
First False Alarm Of Year
Members of the Franklin fire
department answered tWir first
false alarm of the year Tuesday
morning when the siren atop the
county jail galvanized a court
week crowd into action.
The fire truck "got as far as
Afain street in its search for the
blaze 6efore it was discovered that
a child playing around the jail had
accidentally set the alarm off.
.Flames started by Japanese in
cendiary bombs rendered 25,000
homeless and many lives lost in
the fifth air raid in three days on
this thickly populated Chinese city.
The American Methodist church
was destroyed. .
Leon Trotsky, famous exile of
the Russian revolution, died Wed
nesday in Mexico City of a head
wound inflicted by a "friend" with
a pickaxe, and who, the dying man
whispered, was an agent of the
OGPU, Soviet secret police. The
assassin was a 36-year old native
of Iran. A machine gun attack was
made on Trotsky's home last May.
The Army transport American
Legion steaming homeward with
nearly 900 Americans from Pet
samo, Finland, was announced by
government authorities today to be
out of the danger zone of mines
in the Atlantic.
A joint board will be created be
tween Canada and the U. S. fol
lowing an agreement between Pres
ident Roosevelt and Prime Minis
ter MacKenzie King last Sunday,
thereby permanently linking the in
terests of this nation with its
northern neighbor, should a hos
tile army attack either country.
The house military committee
has tentatively approved a con
scription measure calling for the
registration of men 18 through 64
years of age with those from 21
to 45 inclusive subject to imme
diate training. Senator Maloney
(D, Conn.), introduced his compro
mise as the senate continued de
bate on the Burke-Wsdsworta bill
President Plans To
Dedicate Smoky Park
President Roosevelt plans to
dedicate the Great Smoky
Mountaias National park on
Labor day, September 2, he told
United Press representatives at
his Hyde Park home Tuesday.
Discussing travel plans for the
immediate future, the president
said he expects to travel direct
ly to Asheville from Hyde Park,
after spending the week-end of
August 31 there attending a
meeting of the Roosevelt Home
The date of the palrk dedica
tion may be postponed if the
president's plans are changed by
national or international developments.
Erection Of Community
House Should Begin
In Few Months
Construction of the community
building on Palmer street is ready
to begin as soon as local agencies
sponsoring the project can unite
their energies to fulfill the speci
fications called for in the project
proposal. .
Washington has already .approved
the $27,110 project and earmarked
$17,932 in federal funds to be used
in its construction. Complete spe
cifications and blueprints have
been drawn up by John G. Owens
of Asheville, the consulting engi
P. L. Threlkeld, county WPA
superintendent, estimates that
WPA forces will be available to
begin work on the community
house as soon as they can be re
leased from the. Otto school and
the high school gymnasium pro
jects here.
The county .board . of commis
sioners,, the local government agen
cy sponsoring the projects, has
donated a lot on the south side
of Palmer street, immediately
above the Sinclair station. The ac
tual sum yet to be raised locally
is not large, ..since a great part
of the fund called for from the
sponsor is already available in ma
terials and equipment. ,
The specifications call for a two-
story building of native stone. On
the main- floor will be an auditor
ium 46 by 47 feet, a 20 by 13 foot
stage, a kitchen, two dressing
room, a lounge, and toilet facili
ties. -
Also included in the project are
plans for construction of tennis
courts and shuffle-boards and
landscaping of the lot.
Macon Will Be One Of
Twenty-Two Counties
Macon county has been asked to
cooperate in staging the first an
nual Western North Carolina In
dustrial and Agricultural fair at
Hendersonville in September.
Twenty - two western counties
have been contacted by fair offi
cials and advance reports indicate
that all are going to take part.
Construction Started
Clearing and grading work . was
started Tuesday at the fair site
on the Hendersonville-Spartanburg
highway about two miles from
Hendersonville. It is estimated that
the initial cost of structure and
of equipment will be around $35,-
Fair officials also announced that
the dedication ceremony of the
grounds had been set for Sep
tember 18 when Governors Clyde
R. Hoey of North Carolina and
Burnet R. Maybank of South Car
olina, a summer resident here, are
expected to attend and take part
on the program.
TanMira Pnofrm
The tentative program for , the
fair week includes: school day on
Tuesday; Governor's day on Wed
nesday; Farmers' day on Thurs
day; Agriculture-N.Y.A. day on
Friday and Auto Race day on Sat
urday. '
The Cetlin and Wilson shows
with 22 riding devices and 20 mid
way .shows; the Pearl Haynes
Glamour Girls revue and the Wat
kins circus, including the Zacchini
cannon act will appear at the eve
ning performances.
Macoo Director
Two permanent fair director! and
Only One Offender Sent
To Roads By Judge
Wilson Warlick
After disposing of both the crim
iinal and civil dockets in less than
four days, the August term of
M aeon county superior court ad
journed sine die at neon Thursday.
A good percentage of the cases
on the criminal calendar were con
tinued until the December term of
court for lack of evidence or pris
oners. Judge Wilson Warlick sent
only one offender, Hershel Wil
liamson, to the roads. Williamson
was found guilty by the grand jury
of driving while intoxicated and
sentenced to 75 days.
The grand jury was composed of
Jerry R. Franklin, foreman; F. B.
Vinson, Lonnie Grant, C. B. Van
hook, J. E. Dowdle, Charlie Moore,
Frank Dalrymple, L, P. Patterson.
Hansel Bennett, Grady Henry,
Carter Henson, George R. Conley,
Denver Morgan, L. L. Denny,
Weaver Cochrane, R. D. Rogers,
S. W. Wowers and Dewey Hopper.
1 he case against Bill Southards,
Ransom Flemings, Leo Sanders; and
Wilbur Sanders, charged with al
legedly setting fire to the Maple
Springs schoolhouse, was continued
for lack of evidence. Wayne Under
wood was also given a continuance
while a capias was issued for Her
bie Bradshaw.
G. F. Burrell pled guilty to a
charge of operating a motor ve
hicle while intoxicated and was
given a two-year isuspended sen
tence. His driver's license was re
voked for; two years.
Robert Sanders pled guilty to il
legal possession of whiskey, prayer
for judgment continued until De
cember term of court. Sanders also
received an 18 months sentence on
a charge of transporting.
Cecil Tallent was fined $50 and
had his driver's license revoked
for. 12 . months for operating a
motor vehicle while intoxicated.
A $50 bond, put up by a finance
company on an automobile captur
ed transporting whiskey, was de
clared forfeit, and the money order
payed to the school board. The
driver, Sam Pittman, escaped at
the time of capture. ,
Robert Williams was found not
guilty of assault with a deadly
weapon by the grand jury.
James Shieldp and Lem G. Rice
pled guilty to operating a motor
vehicle while intoxicated and were
both fined $50 and had their
operator's licenses revoked for at
year. Leonard Houston was fined
$75 and had his license revoked
for the same offense.
Martin Rochester, Alvis McCall,
Woffprd Rochester and Fred; York
pled guilty to forcible trespass on
each other. They were each fined
one-fifth of the costs and a prayer
for judgment was continued for 18
months on -good behaviors
Carl Evans pled guilty to a
charge of wreckless driving and
was fined $25 and costs.
Dassie Moody pled guilty to for
cible trespass and was sentenced
to six months in the county jaiL
sentence to go into effect if .she
violates the law at any time dur
ing the next two years. .
T. J. Chavis, negro, received a
suspended sentence on an abandon
ment charge on good behavior and
the condition that he Contribute
monthly to the support of the
Revival Services
Began At Cowee Sunday
A series of revival services be
gan at the Cowee Baptist church
on Sunday night, August 18, and
will continue through' this week
and next, it has been announced
by the Rev. A. F. Maybeny, pas
tor. .
The Rev. M. L. Lewis; of Dana,
will do the preaching. Services
will be held each morning at 11
o'clock and at 8 o'clock in the eve
nings. The public is invited to at-'
tend these services.
11 associate directors for Macon
county have been selected. They
are C. S. Slagle, Route 1, and J.
S. Conley, Franklin, permanent di
rectors; and A. B. Slagle, Frank
lin; John Ferguson, Route 4; W.
C Taylor. Route 4;. G W. Hender
son, Cullasaja; H. W. Cabe, Frank
lin; M. S. Burnette, Scaly; G. W.
Owenby, Flats; Mrs. B. W. Justice,
Route 4; Mm. E. B. Byrd, SUles,
and Mrs. J. N. Finley, Scaly, as
sociate directors.
Officers of the fair association .
are: M. M. Redden, Hendersonville
attorney, president; E. D. Mitchell
Biltmore, and H. E. Buchanan,
Hendersonville, vice - presidents;
Sam Pickard, Flat Rock, treasurer.

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