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Highlands Baptist Church
Rev. J. G. Benfield, Pastor
10 a. m. Sunday school. . '
11 a. m. Sermon.
7 p. m. B. T. U.
8 p. m. Sermon.
Church Of The Incarnation
Rev. Rufus Morgan, Rector
11 a. m.Holy communion and
Highlands Methodist Church
Rev. J. S. Higgins, Pastor
Horse Cove:
10 a. m. Preaching.
11 a. m. Preaching. ,
?:30 p. m. Preaching.
7:30 p. m. Preaching.
Highlands Presbyterian Church
Rev. R. B. DuPree, Pastor
10:15 a. m. Preaching.
11 a. m. Worship.
7:30 p. m. Christian Endeavor.
Funeral services for Joshua Rog
ers were held at the, Sugarfork
Baptist church Saturday morning,
November 30, at 11 o'clock. Rev.
J. G. Benfield, pastor of Highlands
Baptist church had charge of the
services, and was assisted by the
Rev. Oscar. Nix of Satolah, Ga.,
and the Rev. W. N. Cook of Web-
. ster. Interment was in the Sugar
fork cemetery.
Mr. Rogers was born in Macon
county December 28, 1871, the , son
of Robert Rogers, and Caroline
Holland Rogers, and remained a
resident of this county all his life
He died at- his home on West
Alain street at 7:45 o'clock Thurs
day evening, November 28, after
an illness of three weeks. He was
a member of the Baptist church.
Pallbearers were H. S; Talley,
Earl Crunkleton, J. E. Hicks, Rob
ert Rotrers. Flovd Rogers and
Hiram Paul.
The flowers were in charge of
Mrs. Benfield, Mrs. Neely, Miss
Ora Stanfield, Mrs. H. S. Talley,
Mrs. Earl Crunkleton and Mrs.
Carl Zoellner. Mrs. J. S. Higgiiis,
iMrs. Robert Rogers and Miss
Marie Neely had charge of the
Mr. Rogers is survived by one
Sister; Miss Nannie Rogers, and a
host of relatives and friends. .
- Additional Red Cross roll call
memberships and donations as
turned in by the three campaign
workers, Mrs. Frank H. Potts,
Mrs. Wilton H. Cobb and Charles
J. Anderson, are.
Dr- C. E. Mitchell, C. F. Red
den, Sr., Mrs. C. F. Redden, C.
F. Redden, Jr., F. A. Huntington,
Mrs. R. J. Price, Mrs. R. D. Rog
ers, Mrs. J. H. Wilcox, Miss Dor
othea Harbison, Mrs. H. P. Thomp
son, Jack M. Hall,. Mrs. Jack M.
Hall, Robert Reese, Roy Speed,
W. H. Wood, Earl Crunkleton,
' James Beale, Henry M. Wright,
and G L. Wood donation $1.00.
Clear Creek: Mrs. Tearley Pick
Jesimer, Albert Wilson, Clear Creek
donation 50 cents: Mrs. Jessie
Hurst, Franklin; Miss Virginia
Edwards, Highlands; M. S. Burn
ette and J. D. Burnette, of Scaly.
The amount of membership fees
U $151, and money donations $49.50,
making the total amount raised in
&h Highlands district $200.50.
Victor Smith, senior high school
student has supplied the following
information concerning the school
yearbook :
"Through the efforts of the stu
dents and .with the help and direc
tion of Miss Frances Boyd, repre
sentative from the Printograph
company, Kansas City, Mo., the
Highlands high school, sponsored
by the senior class, is this year
for the first time attempting to
print a high school annual, styled
along the lines of a college annual.
"This annual is dedicated to O.
J7. Summer, principal, and named
by the students "The Summit".
IThe book is to have grey covers
and will contain all pictures of )the
school, the senior class song, will,
prophecy and history. The staff is
Composed of members of the sen
ior class as follows: Eugene Paul,
editor-in-chief; Victor Smithf as
sistant editor; Gordon Talley, busi
ness manager; Frances Orfiiand,
art editor; Charles McDowell ath-'
letic editor; Gladys Burnette, sec-
for Friends and the Home
retary; June Thompson, class edit
or. . '.
"This yearbook will be read for
distribution by March -. The price
wm De cents a copy, and he
book may be obtained from Gordon
lalley, Charles McDowell or Eu
gene Paul." )
Mr, and Mrs. C. C. Potts were
hosts at a turkey dinner party at
the Potts House on Thanksgiving
evening honoring their house
guests, Miss Marylon Walker,
Miss Jean Walker and Miss Helen
Moffett of Miami, Fla., who were
here for the holidays.
Covers were placed for twenty,
and the table centerpiece was an
attractive arrangement of fruit.
with wroughtiron triple candlesticks
holding burning red tapers. Those
included in the guest list were the
Misses Ethel Calloway, Eva Pott's,
Cynthia Moretz, and Lois Keener;
James i Beale, W. P. Pierson, Hen
ry Zoellner, Ray Hackett, Wendell
Cleaveland and Jack Potts. Mrs.
t? ...:. .. .II T". .
j. i. iuung ami son r.arie Young,
Jr., of West Palm Beach, Fla., and
Air. and Mrs. C. D. S. Clarkson
of Vero Beach, Fla., were guests
who are staying through the late
fall season.
After dinner the party attended
the square dance given at Helen's
Barn as a courtesy to the visitors,
On Friday the Florida young
ladies' enjoyed the snow and ice
on a motor trip through the moun
tains with Mrs. Young, and a
bowling party Friday evening at
the new bowling alley. The week's
gayeties were ended by attending
the regular Saturday night square
dance at Helen's Barn, and the
guests returned to their , homes in
Miami on Sunday.
The Sellers Moving company of
Greenville, S. C expect to com-t
plete the moving of the three
buildings from the G. W. Marett
property on the corner of Main
and Fourth streets this weekj and
the Gulf Refining corporation who
has leased this property plans to
begin the erection of a filling
station on the first . of the year at
an approximate cost of $20,000.
The Marett building occupied by
Rideout's Cafe was purchased by
Charles' J. iAnderson and has been
moved to his lot on Fourth . street
riex't to Highlands Inn. Mr. Ride-
out is continuing his cafe opera
tions in the, new location, and the
second floor of the new- building
will be converted into housekeep
ing apartments or office rooms.
Phe Marett Grocery store build
ing is being moved to the rear of
the lot and will front on Fourth
About 35 Sunday school teachers
and pupils were in attendance at
the Thanksgiving party held last
Friday afternoon from 4 to 6
o'clock at the Presbyterian church.
Games, and contests -were enjoyed.
Prize winners in the turkey con
test for the smaller pupils were
Jane Anderson, Mary Deas And
erson and Louise Henry." Miss Sara
Gilder won in the contest for
In the bean guessing contest
Jane Anderson and Mrs. Sidney
McCarty won the prizes. Buddy
Thompson and Mary Hunt were
prize winners in the word contest.
Miss Dorothea Harbison was yoted
the most agile and graceful in the
fruitbasket game, and was present
ed with a mixed basket of fruit.
Hostesses for the occasion were
Sunday school teachers who serv
ed delicious refreshments of sand
wiches and punch.
Mrs. Thomas C Harbison enter
tained the Wednesday Card Club
at a Thanksgiving party last week
at her home on West Main street.
Evergreens and chrysanthemums
were used as decorations. The
candle-lit room with its log fire
in the open fireplace formed
very pleasant contrast " to the out
door winter scene where the rime
storm made Christmas trees of the
hemlocks, balsams and shrubbery.
Mrs. E. R. Gilbert won high
score prize and Mrs. Jack M. Hall
the traveling prize.
1 A salad course carrying out the
Thanksgiving motif". was served at
the conclusion of the game by the
hostess assisted by members of
the club. Favors were in keeping
with the Thanksgiving season.
North Carolina
President Gets Christmas Seals
Three little children, dressed to represent the child carolers pictured on the 1940 Christmas seal design,
ing for the President as they present him with his quota of seals. President Roosevelt wears a smile as
he listens to Judith Marti, 6; Elizabeth Sterling, 4, and Robert D. Nicodemus, 6 (left to right). '
The special Thanksgiving dinner
at the school lunch room last
Thursday was enjoyed by 178 stu
dents and teachers. The dinner
was made possible by gifts which
included $5 from the local welfare
board, $3 from the school theatre,
$7 from the Parent-Teacher Asso
ciation; and a large ham given by
Frank H. Potts.,
The menu consisted of baked
ham, mashed potatoes, peas, corn
muffins, butter and jelly, with
candy, apples and oranges.
Harold McConnell of Highlands
is midshipman oh the cruiser Tus
caloosa, which according, to news
paper reports, President Roosevelt
was to board December 3rd in
Miami, Fla., for -. a two weeks' un
revealed cruise, presumably in the
interest of defense works. Young
McConnell, who enlistedd in the
United States Navy" quite a while
ago, has been on the Tuscaloosa
for several months. He is the son
of G. R. McConnell and the late
Ethel Zachary McConnell of the
Shortoff section.
Harry Holt and his mother, Mrs.
A. C. Holt, left Thursday for a
visit with Mrs. Holt's son, Law
rence Holt, at Lansing, Mich., and
other ; relatives at Grand Rapids.
They expect also to make a short
visit to Springfield and other points
in Illinois before returning home.
Miss , Virginia Mae Edwards, a
student at Brevard college, Bre
vard, 'spent the past week-end
with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. G.
D. Edwards.
Visiting Mr. and Mrs. George
A. Townsend at "Far Horizons"
the' past week-end were Mrs.
Townsend's brother and sister-in-law,
Mr. and Mrs. William A.
Bennie of Atlanta. 1
Colonel and Mrs. W. G. Weaver
have returned to their home in
Madison, Wis., after a visit with
their aunt, Mrs. John Stephen
Mrs. Clark Howell entertained
a house party of Atlanta friends
over the Thanksgiving holidays at
her home at the Country club.
Mrs. T. G. Harbison and two of
her daughters, the Misses Marga
ret and Dorothea Harbison, spent
Thanksgiving day with Mrs. Wil
liam Corbin and family at Otto.
Miss Bernice Durgin and Mr.
and Mrs. Arnold Garris entertain
ed with a family Thanksgiving diin
ner last Thursday. Being also the
birthday of Mr. Garris and Mr.
G. D. Edwards, they were each
presented with a "Happy Birth
day" .fruit cake by Mrs.. Garris.
Friends of Mrs. Martha McCloud
will regret to learn of her illness
at Angel's hospital where she has
been a patient since Thanksgiving
Mr. and Mrs. S. T. Marett were
called to Smyrna, Ga., last week
because of the critical illness and
death of Mrs. Marett's sister, Mrs.
J. M. Lyle, who was 83 years old.
Mrs Tudor Calloway returned
Monday from Angel's hospital in
Franklin where she had been -a
patient for 10 days. She will be
with her parents, Mr. and Mrs.
J E. Potts, at Fairview Inn for
sometime before returning to her
home at Shortoff.
R. l. Rogers has begun the
erection of a house on the Country
Club grounds for George W. Wood
ruff of Daytona Beach, Fla. This
is to be quite a sizable house and
is expected to be completed by
June of next year.
Miss Frances Boyd, representa
tive of the Printograph company,
Kansas City, Mo., who was the
guest of Mr. and Mrs. Ed Rogers
last week while working on the
Highlands school yearbook, left
Sunday for Hendersonville, where
she will continue her work in the
schools of that section.
Mr. and Mrs, Ed Rogers spent
Monday in Franklin, where Mr.
Rogers attended court and Mrs.
Rogers visited relatives.
Financial Statement Of
Tuberculosis Seal Fund
Through the leadership of O. F.
Summer, Highlands; chairman of
the annual seal sale fund, $46.53
was deposited to a balance of $5.87
brought forward from the year
before, giving a total of $52.40 to
be spent in the aid and preven
tion of" tuberculosis in Macon
The funds were used for the fol
lowing purjioses this year:
X-ray,s for two patients at
. Angel hospital . . . ....... $3.50
X-rays for six patients at
Black Mountain Sanatorium
Transportation and fluoro
scopic examination for six
patients at Black Mountain
Disinfectant and fly spray...
Sputum cups, and holders,.'..
Tuberculosis clinic supplies.
Sterescopic and ' brochescopic
examination, one patient; ...
- total :$50.20
Balance Brt. Forward., $2.20
Submitted by Mrs. Josephine D.
Gaines, Public Health Nurse, Ma
con County,
Mrs. J. I). Rowland entertained
a number of her friends with a
Thanksgiving dinner at her home
at Rocky Branches. At noon a
delicious picnic lunch was served
on the lawn. In the' afternoon the
crowd was entertained by some
singing, after which a Bible read
ing by Rev. D. C, McCoy and
several discussions on the Bible.
Among the guests were Rev. and
Mrs. D. C. McCoy of Etna; Mr.
and Mrs. Joe Younce and Mr. and
Mrs. Marvin Wilson of Kyle; Mr.
and Mrs. Loyd Rowland and chil
dren and Mr. Drew Willis of
Winston-Saleni, and Joe Fouts of
New York.
Mr. and Mrs. Lofton Fouts and
two children of Winston-Salem,
spent Thanksgiving with Mr. Fouts'
mother, Mrs. H. C. Fouts.
Mrs. W. T. Fouts spent the
week-end with her parents, Mr.
and Mrs. R. R. Rickman at West's
Mill. '
Mrs. A. A, Duvall of Stiles visit
ed Mrs. Albert Fouts Thursday.
' Miss Lucy Poindexter, who is!
employed at Highlands spent last
week with her parents, . Mr. and
Mrs. James Poindexter.
Earl Icenhoor of Robbinsville,
was the guest of Mr. and Mrs.
Ralph Fouts Monday night.
State College Issues
New Bedding Pamphlet
Realizing that a clean, comfort
able bed is a great aid to restful
sleep, the State college extension
service has issued a pamphlet en
titled "The Clean . Comfortable
Bed." It is Extension Miscellaneous
Pamphlet No.' 44, and the publica
tion is available free upon request
by name and number to the Agri
cultural Editor, N. C. State col
lege, Raleigh.
Miss Pauline E. Gordon, exten
sion specialist in home manage
ment and house furnishings, and
Miss Mamie N. Whisnant, assis
tant specialist in the same field, j
prepared the pamphlet. I i
Care of mattreSkSes, pillows,
blankets, and comforts is stressed,!
and since these bedding materials ( j
are used for a long period of time,
it is recommended that they be j
kept clean by protectors that can
be laundered easily. Another point ;
emphasized is the size of the!
sheets. I
"Nothing is more unpleasant than '
bedding that is too short or too j '
narrow," Miss Gordon declares.-'
"Short sheets are uncomfortable j
since they do not protect the 1
blankets and mattress. Also, they
wear out more rapidly because the
sleeper is always jerking them.'
The publication recommends that
the bottom sheet be long enough
to allow for a good tuck-in at the
head and foot, so that the sheet
will be smooth. The top sheet
should allow for a good tuck-in t
and a Song
J .4..
. News has been received of the
death of Mr. Jim .McConnell, for
merly of this section, at his home
in Lyman, Wash., on November
19. He had been in poor health for
some time but his death came as
a shock to the family. ,
Mr. and Mrs. Clinton Brook
sh ire of Cullowhee spent the
Thanksgiving holidays visiting their
parents on Cartoogechaye.
Mrs. H. C. Freas who is spend
ing a while with her son, Edward,
at Kanuga, spent the Thanksgiv
ing holidays here.
Mrs.- L. C. Waldroop is visiting
in Franklin.
John Robert Dalrymple of Dunn,
came last Saturday for his father,'
J.' C.Ct Dalrymple; They returned
Sunday to' Dunn. Mr. Dalrymple
expects to spend the .winter there
and with his children in Raleigh;''
Mrs. Henry Slagle received word
recently of the death of her sister,
Mrs. Nellie Garret, who died at
the home of her , daughter, .Mrs.
Charles' Green in Lebanon, Ore.
C. D. Enloe Finds
48 Year-Old Egg
While re-roofing his home on
upper Cartoogechaye, C. D. Enloe
discovered a hen's egg, lying be
tween the roof joists, which he
calculates must be at least 48 years
Since the house has withstood
the elements through the years
under the original roof until re
cently, Mr. Enloe says the only
possible way a hen could have
gotten up there to lay the egg was
while the house was being con
structed in 1892. Only the shell of
the egg remained, , the contents
having long since evaporated.
the foot and there should be about
18' inches to turn back over the
blankets to, keep them from com
ing in contact with the face, neck,
shoulders and arms. '
The sheet should be the length
of ' the mattress, plus twice the
thickness of the mattress (a total
of 10 inches), plus a six-inch tuck
in at the head and foot (a total
of 12 inches), plus 5 inches for
the hems and 5 inches for shrink
age. Thus a mattress 76 inches in
length would require a sheet 108
inches long.
AMtlioirized LFoD'd
To Help You Get the Maximum
Service From Your Ford Car
or Truck
Our specialized equipment, stock
of genuine Ford parts and our ex
perience and .pride in Ford cars
are your guarantee of satisfaction
in the work we do.
Duncan Motor Co.
Phone 69
Highlands To Give Red
Cross Victory Dinner
Climaxing, the .1940 Red Cross
roll call, Highlands will hold the
annual Red Cross victory dinner
at the high school lunch room
next Tuesday, December 10, at 7:30
p. m., Mrs. Frank Potts, chairman
of the Highlands roll call, announc
ed this . week.
All Franklin Red Cross workers
and others, interested in the roll
call work are cordially invited' to
attend the victory dinner, . Mrs.
Potts said.
Rev. .Frank' Humgarner of Cash
iers Valley is ' holding a revival
meeting at the Ellijay Baptist
church. i .
Little Loyd Xlincy, son of Mr,
and Mrs. Lester Mincy,'. is) ..'ill" at
his home.
Miss Nina Mashburn is employed
in Highlands. (
Miss Mildred Mashburn has re
turned to her home here from
l-'ranklin Route 4. '
Mr. and Mrs. Herman Rogers
spent the week-end with Mr. Rog
ers' brother, Kermit Rogers, . and
.Mrs. Rogers.
Mr. and Mrs. Alex ..Amnions',
spent Sunday, December 1, with
Mr. and Mrs. Levi Hasket.
Francis C. Carey was in Sun
day, December 1, from Toccoa, Ga.
Jake Williams spent the week
end with his daughter, Mrs. Rob
ert Henry.
Mr. and Mrs'. Tom Henry and
family, and Albert Rogers spent
Sunday at Waynesville.
Bulen Houston of Redmond, Ore.,
is visiting his sister, Mrs. Grady
Elsie Fox, son of Mr. and Mrs.
Henry Fox, of the CCC camp at
OttOj spent, the week-end af his
home in the Mt. Grove section.
No wet batteries to pay for tad
recharge ... no wind chargers.
New Battery Block almost dou
bles capacity at 13 the cost
New tubes cut current drain
23. Finer tone, more stations,
greater power . . ,. even in dayr
time! See this amazing Philco
90CB now!
Bryant Furniture
Franklin, N. C
I 5

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