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THURSDAY, FEB. 20. 1941
Cowee School
Sells Pig, Buys Orchestra
Sees Movies, Etc.
Jq following letters from pupils
give live news frorn Cowee school.
Toy Orchestra
'The students of Cowee school
are pro.ud of their teachers, fbr
r they do not only uach .mathema
tics, geography and history, but
they arc interested in our musical
talent also; through their direction
and aid we havci ..purchased a toy
The way we raised the money
to purchase it, we first bought a
pig . and fed it scraps from the
lunch room table, sold it and -used
the profit; then we sold pictures
and candy and took the profit with
that of the pig and' made enough
to pay for it.
:Thc toy orchestra contains
enough instruments ' for about . 20
pupils. We practise every (Tuesday
and Friday afternoons with Mrs.
Harry S. Higgins a our director.
We hac learned many pieces. V
are working for a set of Encyclo
pedias which are being giyen
away. We sure want to thank our
teachers and Mrs. Higgins for
tlvci'r interest.
Zena Pearl Kickman, 7th grade
Audio-Visual Education
The . pupils of Cowee school are
happy to be one among the schools
of, Macon county to be able . to
se and hear the educational shows,
which are " very interesting and
helpful, in our studies..
We not .only see how we liv,e,
but other people also. Each show
contains three educational pictures
and one comedy.. The admission is
five cents for each pupil or any
one else wishing to see the pic
tures every Monday at 2:30' p. m.
This is sponsored by W. C. T. C,
directed byk Charles Hollman; We
would like; to thank our teachers
for the interest they have shown
in us.
Koy I. Kickman, 6th grade.
Cowee school is 100 per cent in
vaccination for small pox and ty
phoid. The nurse and doctor . who
visited our school are Xfrs. dairies
and Dr. Haller. y
We appreciate the nurse and doc
tor coming to our school. We .send
our thanks to them. We are proud
of our school.
I.ora Alice Cabe, 7th grade
This Week In Defense
President Roosevelt asked Con
gress, tor a total or j.cih.uuu.vuv
National Forest
The lands surrounding the Hi
wasace Reservoir totalling 16,780
.acres, have been transferred to
the Nantahala National Forest by
'the TVA. The lands in the vicinity
of. the town of Murphy and the
Hiwassce Dam have ibeen retained
by the TVA.
These lands arc being adminis
tered as a part of the Nantahala
National Tor.est, the same as any
other National Forest lands. They
are being protected from fire and
veroded fields are being replanted
to tr.ees.
in new defense appropriations and
authorizations. The funds and
authority requested ar.e for con
struction f new fleer operating
facilities, military posts and can
tonments, Panama Canal defenses,
defense housing, riv-r and harbor
Secretary .of Navy Knox told a
press conference that work on all
war vessels; including dreadnaughts,
is from 30 to 60 days ahead of
schedule and aircraft production
and deliveries art "picking up".
Secretary of War Stimson told his
press conference "an enormously
speeded up war plane output will
result soon from expanded Ameri
can aircraft production facilities
financed ui the early days of 'the
European War by France and
Great Hritain. . ; ."
Federal Security Administrator
McNutt announced that supplies
of skilled and semi-skilled huilding
trade . workers appeared to be
ample in most of the states. Ar
rangements have been completed
for a total of 775 engineering train
ing courses in 119 colleges.
Coast Gualrd Expansion
Congress pas.sed legislation pro
viding for expansion of the Coast
Guard by increasing its personnel,
adding, to its equipment, authoriz
ing a Coast Guard Auxiliary and
a Coast Guard Reserve. The Aux- '
iliary will include the. present Re
serve and the new Reserve will
be made up of yachtsmen equip
ped to do emergency Coast Guard
I duty.
The Maritime Comnns,sion award
ed contracts of more . than $12,
000,000 for the construction of 19
additional ways and other ship
building facilities in connection
New PUnU
The War Department awarded
contracts of approximately $20,
000,000 to seven airplane equipment
firms to expand production faci
lities and $6,405,000 for additional
plant machinery and equipment at
the Army's new ammunition load
ing plant at Ravenna, Ohio. OPM
Director Knudsen announced that
the American Rolling .Mill com
pany would construct a steel plant
at Houston, Texas.
Army Reserve
The War Department announced
approximately 28,000 officers and
enlisted men of the National Guard
will be inducted in March, 6,000 in
April, and 500 in june--leaving
dates to be scheduled for only nine
more units or, 1,500 officers and
men. The War Department re
vealed also that approximately 50,
000 of the available 105,000 Re
serve Officers will be on active
duty by June.
The Senate Foreign Relations
Committee amending the lease-loan
bill to tighten Congressional con
trol of activities authorized by the
measure, which is' being debated
this week on the floor of the sen
ate. ' '
Power For Defense
Secretary Ickes said that power
production, of federal hydro-electric
projects is being stepped, up "years
ahead of schedule" to meet a
shortage in power for defense in
dustries in the Northwest and
"prospective shortage" in ' other:
areas. WPA established a 50-hour
work week on the Sas tee-Cooper
hydro-electric- power development
in South Carolina after VPM Di
rector General Knudsen classified
the project as "necessary to na
tional defense."
Defence Housing And Road
President Roosevelt asked Con
gress to appropriate $6,670,000 for
prefabricated houses, trailers and
obsolete passenger ships to, pro
vide temporary housing' for defense
workers in some area until perma
nent construction meets the need.
Federal Works Administrator Car
mpdy announced the first direct as
signments to local housing author
ities under the Lanham Act; 350
defense housing units at Cincin
nati and 300 at Akron, at a cost
limited to $2,750 per unit.
Federal Works Administrator
Carmody recommended to Presi
dent Roosevelt appropriations total
ing $287,000,000 for immediate de
fense highway construction- and the
way improvements. Mr. Carmody
said the Federal Highway Act
should be amended for defease
purposes to permit the (iovcrn
ment to contribute to improvements
on State roads.
Fight Training
Navy Secretary Knox announced
that beginning February . 15 and
each month thereafter 1,000 young
men between the ages of 20 and
27 years will have an opportunity
to enter flight training leading to
commissions as Ensigns in the
Naval Reserve and assignment to
flight duty with the U. S. fleet.
Sabotage Control
Attorney General Jackson, speak
ing in New York City, .said the
FBI has established a thorough
system of sabotage detection in
more than 1,200 plants producing
defense material "in order to safe
guard the entire .American arms
program." FBI Director Hoover
advised that all persons claiming
to be G-men be required to pre
sent their . credentials.
In the District Court of the United
States of America for the Western
District of North Carolina. Ashe
ville Division. Civil No. 210. United
States, of America v. 65.7 acres of
land in Macon County, North Caro
lina, Joseph Andrew Gallagher, et
al. Notice of Action by Publication
of Summons. To:' Munday, Earl
and wife, if any. possible outstand
ing mineral interest, Franklin, N.
C; Brown, Bonnie Munday and
husband, John C. Brown, possible
outstanding interest, Berea, Ken
tucky; Cotter, Louise Munday,
widow, possible outstanding inter
est, co The Highlander, Dallas,
Texas ; Ray, Ethel Munday, "widow,
possible outstanding mineral inters, co The Highlander, Dallas,
TJpxas; Bowers-, Joseph S; Brooks,
I ranklin ; Franks, E. H ; Hale, Al
fred ; Higdon? W. H; McCrary, Vir
ginia George; Mebane, Dr. Benir
Y; Mebane, Mary C; Munsell, Eu
gene; Neal, Nannie C; Kaby, -F;
Rollo, William H; Wiggins, Sadie
H; Womack, Anne E. Y ; Womack,
T. P; Munday, S. A; Ragan, Jos
eph; Swepson, Virginia B; and all
persons whomsoever who have, on
claim to own any estates or inter
ests in the fee or otherwise in and
to the premises described in the
petition filed in this cause and de
scribed in this notice, and any and
all heirs and devisees of the sev
eral parties above named, whose
names and addresses arc unknown,
and all and singular their heirs,
husbands, wives, devisees, execu
tors, administrators, representatives,
alinees, successors and assigns, of
each and every of them; and all
unknown owners, lienors, or claim- ,
ants, having, or claiming to have,
any right, title, estate, eciuitv. in
terest or lien ; and all occupants,
lessees, users, holders and owners
of and claimants to any rights of
easement or prescription in, over,
across, or through said lands, or
any part thereof; you will please
take notice that an action entitled
as above has been commenced in
the District Court of the United
States for the Western District of
North Carolna, at Asheville, N. G,
that summons has been duly issued
out of said Court, and petition fil
ed therein asking for the condem
nation of the lands described in
the Said petition and hereinafter
described that you, and each of
you, are-necessary and proper par
ties to the just and final disposi
tion of this action ; that said ac
tion has been instituted by the
United States Attorney for the
Western District of North Caro
lina for the purpose of the appro
priation and condemnation by jud
icial process, for the public use
and benefit of the United States
of America, of the lands described
in said petition and herein below
described, under and by virtue of
the provisions of the Weeks Law,
Act of Congress of March 1, 1911,
Chap. 186 (36 Stat. 961) Title 16,
Sections 513, 521. 553, and 563 of
U. S. C A., and according to the
method and procedure prescribed
iii the Act of Congress of August
1, 1888 (25 Statutes 357 (30 U. S.
C. A., Sections 257. 258 and 258-a) ;
that the lands proposed to be con
demned and appropriated by the
plaintiff United States are describ
ed substantially as follows : Tract
No. 228-11 apparent and presump
tive owner Deing Joseph Andrew
Gallagher, containing according to
survey 05.7 acres, situated in Ma
con County. N. C, on the waters
Intelligence Head
I l
1 i' "
Recently returned from the post of
naval attache in London, Capt. Alan
G. Kirk has been named director of
Naval Intelligence. He is a veteran
of service in the Far East, as well
as in Europe. He served 18 months
as chief of the navy's staff of ob
servers in London and with the
British fleet.
of Mica City Creek, a tributary of
Cowee Creek, a tributary of Ten-
planning of post-emergency high- ' nes.!ee, R'ver, more particularly de
Write Today For Your
(ft tl
II. wmmm0mmm i
ERS, Wood's Famooa Brimmer To
mato, Danish Grows Cabbage Seed,
and all other newest and beat strain
of Flower, Vegetable and Field Seed
adapted to the South (rows oa 18,000
acres of the South' finest land.
Please mail me FREE
scribed by metfcs and bounds in
Exhibit A , and upon map or,
pbtt Exhibit "B", filed with the
Clerk of the District Court of the
United States for the Western
District of North Carolina, at
Asheville, N. C; you and each of
you are hereby notified to be and
appear in the office of the Clerk
of the United States District Court
for the Western District of North
Carolina, in the United States
Courthouse Building at Asheville;
Buncombe County, N. C, not later
than ten (10) days from and after
the completion of service of this
summons by publication for four
(4) successive weeks, and answer
or demur to the petition or com
plaint herein filed by the above
named petitioner in the office of
the said Clerk, and you are furth
er notified that if you fail to ap
pear and answer or demur to the
said petition or complaint within
the time specified the petitioner
will apply to the Court for the re
lief demanded in said petition ;
witness the Honorable E. Y. Webb.
Judge of the District Court for
the Western District of North
Carolina, this the 14 day of Feb
ruary. 1941. I. V. Jordan. Clerk.
By:W. A Lytic, Deputy Clerk.
F20-4tc-MU - i
Midway News
We are glad to report the sick
folks to be improving.
Mark Bingham who is employed
at Fort Bragg, spent the week
end with home folks.
, Quite a number of friends and
neighbors gathered at the, home
of Mr. and Mrs. Alex Check Sun
day evening for a preaching serv
ice conducted by Kev. Claud Led
ford. J. L. Sanders and son, Karris,
and Quince Shopc who are em
ployed at Macon, Ga., spent the
week-end with relatives and
friends. '
Little Hattie Sue Ledford was
the guest of Shirley Sanders Sat
urday night. '
Mrs. John Sprinkle of this place,
spent the past few days with her
aunt, Mrs. Joe Hopkins.
Mrs. Arthor Sanders spent Sun
day with Mrs. Marion Sanders and
children. ,
s Miss Ev.elyn Moss entertained
quite a number of her friends and
school mates last Wednesday night
at a Valentine party.
Master Barney Dills visited Hull
Sanders Sunday.
Mrs. Polly Labson of Pickens,
S. C has been spending; a few
days with her parents, Mr. and
Mrs. Oscar Ledford.
Cowee Wins Oyer
Holly Springs
Cowee basketball team won over
Holly Springs last Saturday in an
interesting game with a score of
32 to 28. ,
The first quarter, Cowee 7, Hol
ly Springs, 2; 'second quarter,
Cowee 15, Holly Springs 10; third
quarter, Holly. Springs 22, Cowee
20. The last quarter the teams tied
with a score of 28 to 28. Five min
utes were ' added to the game,
when both sides played hard but'
were unable to make a point, but'
another five minutes gave Cowoe
four points. :
Dewey Elliott !; led the Holly
Springs boys in points, Frank
Crispe second. .
Cowee boys will meet the Holly
Springs boys on the Holly Springs
court on February 22. The com
munity U invited.
. Thousands of families who need
and want more milk than they
can buy' with limited, incomes are
the dairy industry's greatest op
portunity for a wider market, 'says
the U. S. department of agricul
ture. '
MOVEMENTS for the public good are
frequently launched with great en
thusiasm, but sometimes die out because
sustained effort is lacking.
This is not-true" of the North Carolina beer in
dustry's program to improve conditions in retail
Prosecuted with diligent effort since its launching
in May, 1939, our Committee's "clean up or
close up" campaign in North Carolina has won
the praise and support of law enforcement of
ficers, the press and public. During the past 2 1
months the state's beer industry has proved its
sincerity of purpose by a consistent record of
direct action and results.
The record: 1.537 retail beer outlets investi
gated; 203 warned to improve conditions. We
reported 1 76 to the authorities for action; as a
result 121 licenses were revoked, 10 placed on
probation, 2 surrendered their licensee, and 25
license renewals were refused.
We promise there will be no let-up ia our efforts
duriac 19411
EDO AX H. BAOr. State !
alslgm, North Oatei
Mutual Burial Association
Franklin, N. C
' ' ''.'' '''. . "
For Year Ending December 31, 1940
Cash from last report $3,143.72,
Total receipts 3,432.55
, TOTAL $6,576.27
Administrative expenses $3&4.(W
Burial benefits paid 2,300.00
Commissions paid 133.90
TOTAL $2,817.94
CASH BALANCE ...J. $3,7S8.33
Cash $3,758.33
Advance assessments on hand $316.75
TOTAL $316.75
Surplus : ,. $3,441.58
I certify the above statement to be a true and correct state
ment of the financial affairs of this association.
O. C. Bryant, President
WE ARC PROUD to present the above statement It is indisputable evidence of
careful management and close cooperation of our membership. Please note that the
Association is in better condition both financially and in membership than ever before.
And it continues to grow.
Since its organization, the Bryant Mutual Burial Association has paid out in death
benefits a total of $1,050.00. In every instance these benefits lightened the burdens of
sorrowing and unprepared family. If you could change places with us and hear
some of the many fine things said about our Association you would be even prouder
of the part you take in this organization.

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