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On Highway Expenditures
In Fifth District
Figures, on highway expenditures
in the tenth district for the period
from July 1, 1937 to December 31,
1940, have been furnished to Scn
'ator Howell of Buncombe by the
state I highway and public works
commission. The figures were furn
ished after the Buncombe senator
had charged that unjustified sums
had been expended on roads in
the vicinity of Highlands and High
' Hampton 1 Inn at Cashier,. II. L.
McKee. of, is commissioner
of the tenth district.
Buncombe, with a population of
10H.755, received the largest alloca
tion, with . $1,250j()9. Jackson coun
ty, with a population of 19,366, re
ceived funds totaling $1,146,292;
Madison county with a population
of 22,522, was allocated a total
of $1,009,528; Swain got the next
larniM amijiint, with Transylvania,
Macuii, I Lay wood, Cherokee and
Henderson following in order. -
Jackson received the largest sum
of any of the counties for primary
road construction, $599,207. Madi
son county, got $597,633. Swain
$549,016, and Buncombe $320,429 for
these items. ,
Projects carried out in Jackson
county included surface treatment
of 4.43 miles of highway 106 from
forks of river near
Glenville ;- approaches and bridge
over Tuckaseigee near Dillsboto;
grading o'f : 3.51 miles and struc
tures on 106; grading of 5.83 miles
and structure on U. S. 64 toward
South Carolina; grade crossing.
bridge and approaches U. S. 19 and
23 'between Sylva and Dillsboro
surface treatment of 3.79 miles of
106; grading of 3.18 miles- and
structure on 106; grading of 2.45
miles and structures on 106; sur
face treatment of 6.62 miles of 106.
In nearby Macon county projects
included surface treatment of
miles of 282 from Highlands: to
Georgia state line; and grading
and surface treatment of 10.43
miles from .junction - of 282 in
Highlands towards Dillard.
Macon And Jackson Figures
The following figures show the
items of expenditures' in Macon
and Jackson counties :
Macon . county State . construc
tion, $196,439; county construction,
$120,989,76; state maintenance, $81,
480.09; county maintenance, $138,
862.39; .state betterments, $88,175.56;
county betterments, $71,397.86; total
state expenditures, $697,345.44; total
WPA expenditures, $425,500; grand
total, $1,122,845.44.
Jackson county State construction,
9y,20.91 ; state maintenance,
$120,801.49; county maintenance,'
$154,938.44; state betterments, $196,- ;
312.60; county betterments, $75,-
032.22; total state expenditures,
$1,146,292.66; total WPA expendi
tures, $438,800; grand total $1,
585,092.66. .
------ s "
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Uncle Sam's Nephews '17-'41
" . " (
1 , I j Ji
t - f 1 v Y'l r V
Former Macon Resident j
Honored In California
Lyman M. Straine, C. P.: A., has ;
recently been appointed by the
president of the California State
Society of certified public ac
countants as one of' the. four mem
bers in the state to serve oti the
committee on cooperation with
trade and professional groups. I
The duties of the committee are
to establish' contact's! with the-various
.tracks and professional associa
tions and governmental bodies,' for
the purpose of presenting speak
ers, on accounting and allied sub-
iects before local, state or hati.on
al meetings of such groups.
Mr. Straine, a son of the late
Monroe Straiae of " the Gneiss
community, is a former resident
of this . county, and visited rela
tives here last year.
Bryant Furniture Co.
PhonalM Franklin, N. C.
Here is a comparison of the uniform worn by the doughboy of 1917
and the Rnappy ensemble of the warrior of 1941. Left, John M. Rice,
ji Hoiihm', N. J., is we iring the 1917 model. Right, John J. Murphy,
of Jersey CityN. J , ' ring the uniform of today. Both men are
at Fort Dix, N. J.
Mr. Franklin was renominated
as one of the two directors of the
Farmers Federation and Mr. Byrd
was renominated one of four di-rectors-at-large
of the Federation
at . the recent meeting held in
Franklin: Both nominations will be
ratified at the meeting of all the
stockholders at Ashevillc March
Lake Emory
Joe Shuler and family from Can
ton visited their parents Sunday.
Mrs. Elliott Presisjey from Cul
lowbee is spending th week with
relatives in this community.
Sam Sanders and family from
Canton visited relatives Sunday.
Mrs. Crawford from Cartooge
chaye is visiting her daughter, Mrs.
G. C. Smith.
Lon Thompson, an employee of
TVA, has been visiting his family
at their home near Lake Emory.
This Week In Defense
Midway News
National Forest
That 5?
Over 300,000 trees are being
planted on the Nantahala National
Forest this spring. Approximately
30,000 trees are being planted in
Macon county on old eroded, and
worn-out field, This is part of
the" active program carried on by
the. Forest Service to build up
and improve the lands purchased
for National Forest purposes.
The largest part of the planting
done this year is on lands recent
ly transferred from TVA to the
Nantahala National Forest in j
Cherokee county, 240,000 trees be
ing planted this spring. Last year '
200,000 trees wer planted.
The planting stock was obtained '
from the Clinton,' Tennessee, Nur
sery of the TVA. The majority of
the trees are shortleaf pine which
seems to do very well on the dry
eroded fields which are being, re
planted. With the celebration of Arbor
Day in North Carolina on March
21 the planting of trees anions:
The folks in Midway are quite
busy getting their gardens plowed
and ready for spring planting.
Arthur Sanders and sons, 'Rich
ard and James, who are employed
at Fort Bragg, spent the wek-end
. with home folks. .
' Mrs. Will Cheek and children
have been spending a few days
with her mother at Sylva.
Frank Shope who is employed in
Tennessee is spending a few days
with parents, Mr. and Mrs. Z. V.
. Shope, x
1 George Sprinkle was the guest
of Mr. and Mrs. Fritz Henderson
Saturday night.
Earl York who has been employ
ed in Florida for the past few
months has returned rome.
Jess Sandens and son, ; Harris,
who have been employed at Ma
con, Ga., are spending a few days
at home.
Little Shirley Sanders has been
visiting little Katherine Ferguson.
land owners will hit it
-jr m
The regular monthly 4-H club
meeting was held Tuesday at
Cowee school. The following pa
triotic program was enjoyed:
America, by the School Orchestra.
Bonny, Bare Your Head, a poem;
iietUe Bryson.
God Bless Our Flag; loan Potts,
Their Flag Day, A Story'; Ada
Kuth West.
The Flag What It Stands For;
Ruth Bryson, Fred West, Lora
Alice Cabe, Ruth Edwards, Wylie
The Flag Goes By; Freda Potts.
Three Little Sisters ; Louis
Salute to the Flag; Ruth Bryson.
God Bless America song by the
T. H. Fagg, assistant farm agent,
and Mrs. Florence Sherrill, home,
demonstration agent, attended the
meeting. j
Rev. Philip L. Green delivered a
message, "Occupy Till I Come", at
Snow Hill church Sunday.
Rev. George W. Davis delivered
a sermon, utter the Little Chil
dren to Come Unto Me", at Cowee
Baptist church Sunday.
Mrs. Sarah Ammons of Sylva
is visiting relatives here.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Gibson
made a pleasure trip to Sylva, Bal
sam and Waynesville last Satur
Thad C Bryson, who has been
visiting his sister, has returned
to his borne.
Claude Leatherman, who bos
been in Detroit, Mich, has re
turned to his borne.
The War Department announced
"exceptional progress' in reducing
delays in its billion dollar emer
gency construction program and re
ported 64 per cent of its projects
are now on or ehead of schedule
and 8 per cent already completed.
On January 3 only 34 pr cent
were up to schedule. The Depart
ment also announced that iby June
7 20 air corps flying .schools for
aviation cadets above the elemen
tary training stage will be in op
eration. Oefeni Strike
The OPM Division announced
settlements had been reached dur
ing the past week in defense in
dustry "strikes and , threatened
strikes in seven cities and settle
ments Were still pending . in, the
cases of 13 other defense strikes.
Matvuik And Prwritiei
President Roosevelt made public
an OPM study of steel production
showing "on the basis of its pres
ent capacity and the expansion al
ready under way, the steel indus
try will be able to provide suffi
cient steel for America's defense
program, . . . civilian needs, and
materials ... to be shipped abroad."
He said, however,, there is not
enough nickel in the country for
both defense and civilian needs,
but that tin supplies in the United
States are adequate. .
OPM Director of Priorities Stet
tinius ' placed producers of mag
nesium under a "mandatory prior
ity status," subjecting magnesium
to the same controls imposed Feb
ruary 24 on - aluminum and ma- j
chine tools, and urged steel manu
facturers to give every considera
tion to the use of substitutes to
ease the "difficult situation in tung
sten." Mr. Stettinius also announc
ed an agreement with zinc pro
ducers to set aside a quantity of
zinc for priority allocation for de
fense purposes beginning in April.
OMP Chief of Machine Tools
Mason Britton appealed to manu
facturers to sell immediately the
"large numbers of idle machine
tools "known to exist in factories
and shops of the nation."
Labor Supply
OPM Associate Director General
Hillman estimated that during 1941
nearly 4,000,000 additional persons
young, old, and . middle-aged-
wilt be absorbed from the ranks
of the unemployed either to par'
ticipate directly in defense en'
deavors or "in industries whos
business volume will grow."
0fuh Huin
Defense Housing . Coordinator
Palmer announced the number of
dwelling units for which public
funds have been allocated was in-
creased to 72,251 in the week end
ing March 1 by the President's
approval of 3,693 additional units
in 27 areas. He said an additional
1,704 units had been placed under
construction contract during the
week and 200 made ready for oc
cupancy. Of the total number, 46,
531 units are for the families of
civilian workers and 25,720 for the
I married enlisted personnel
SbipUaldiag Amd Skippiaf
The U. S. Martime Commission
announced the creation of a Divi
sion of . Emergency Shipping to
supervise sales, charters, transfers
and reconditioning of American
flag tonnage and reported "excel
lent progress" in the construction
of 209 emergency cargo vessels.
Commerce Secretary Jones an
nounced that although the Neu
trality Act heavily reduced revenue
from American shipping to Europe
and the Mediterranean, traffic on
African and Far Eastern routes
America increased by 50 per cent
for an overall increase of approxi
mately 15. per cent over pre-war
shipping revenues.
The Macon County Board of Equalization
Review will meet at the Courthouse in
Franklin on Monday, March 17, for the purpose
of hearing any and all taxpayers who own or
control taxable property assessed for taxation
in the county in respect to the valuation of such
property or the property of others.
Lester L. Arnold
Tax Supervisor
A Complete Store f o r Gardeners
We're all decked out in our new "garden clothes" and you
ought to see us! The place is "fairly brimming over with a
full line of garden supplied. You'll find countless gadgets to
make your garden more fun, more productive. And plenty
of new ideas for everyone !
Wheel Barrow
Steel tray. Sturdily built, yet
light and practical for farm
and garden use.
I Spading Fork r Vtir v
I Four 11 -inch tines of well pol- V ft Vti
I ished steel! Bent ash handle j1 w H, . ",
j with steel D grip. l
1.50 gpl
l-picce steel construction for SL V
I durability! 9xl2-in. size, with Vs." l
p northern ash handle. VvO ' ri
Garden Hose V
Garden Hoe
Polished steel blade! Socket
type, 52 inches long. Finest
grade northern ash handle.
Weed Cutter
Double-edged blade! Forged
from one-piece carbon steel.
Long handle n,o bending!
Broom Rake
Flexible steel teeth, 'sweeps
like your broom! Will not in
jure lawn. 4-foot handle!
Save on Mowers!
25 Foot 'Section, One Ply.
50 Foot Section Coupled
Poultry Netting
3 Feet $2.75
4 Feet .. $3.25
5 Feet $3.75
$4.75 to $15.00
Hardware and Builfcrs Suppliea Franklin, N. C
had tripled nd traffic to South

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