North Carolina Newspapers

    THURSDAY, MARCH 20, 1941
'''and ': '
Mr. and Mrs. II, J. Candler of
Hot Springs, 'wish to announce the
marriage of their daughter, Anna
Elizabeth, t.o John 1.. Sprinkles,
son of Mr. and .Mrs. J. H. Sprink
les of Franklin. i
The marriage was 'performed '
Clayton, (ia., Thursday, March 13!
The couple will- reside at the
home of the groom's parents in
Franklin where he is employed at
the Zickgraf Lumber company.
Mrs. C. D. Baird, J"r,, and Miss
Grace Baird entertained with two
tables of bridge at their home on
Bonny Crests on Tuesday evening,-
honoring Mrs. A. L. Woolen, of
Bradent'own, Fla., who yas the
former Miss Ruby Calloway, of
Franklin prior to her marriage.
Mrs, Koy F. Cunningham .was
dents at N. C. State college at
Raleigh, are here to spend the
spring holidays with their respec
tive par.ents.
Lillian and Dorothy Jones, stu
dents at Peace Institute in Raleigh,
are spending their spring holidays
with their parents, Air. -and'. Mrs.
Gilmer Jones.
G. Lyle Jones was a visitor in
Franklin 'Thursday.
.Mrs. Madeline McCrary, field
representative of the State Com
mission for the Blind,' visited
Franklin this 'week. She was ac
companied by Miss Agnes Thomas,
of Gastonia, superintendent of wel
fare of Gaston county.
Harry .Thomas and Lawrence
Ramsey took a business trip to
Knoxville Wednesday.
Elmer Childers, who has been
an operator at the Franklin power
plant has been transferred to
aJ i .... ..:n ...i. i. ...:n u..
winner of the high score prize and u ("1 u K ' T
tlftlUl 111 111 111.W IWAllV Ul HIV
Nantahala Power and Light corn-
low score prize was won by Mrs
- Carl Tysinger, Jr. The horioree
was presented gifts from the
guests. . '
Those enjoying the occasion with
Mrs. '-. Wooten ' included. Mrfi. Phil
McCollum, Mrs. Koy F. Cunning
ham, Mrs. Carl 'ly singer, Jr.; Airs,
Carl P. Cabe and Aliss Ada Belle
Sherrill. , . .
Bill Wilkie, son of Airs. W. G.
Wilkie, who ha been in training
. at the Naval Air Station, Norfolk,
Va., has been stationed at Corpus
Christi, Texas, where he will work
as airplane machinist on student
planes. ' '
Mk's . Elizabeth Mctiuire return
ed home Tuesday after spending
10 days in Charlotte, 'Winston
Salem and Hamlet visiting : rela
tives . and ' friends.
Mr. and Airs. Hunter Calloway
spent the week-end with relatives
and friends in Tiger, Ga.
Afrs. Cleiri Sutton has returned
to her home in Washington, Ga.,
after a visit with" her mother, Airs.
S. H. Lyle.
Mrfi. George Slagle, Airs. T. H.
Fagg and Alisses Margaret and
Alice Slagle spent the week-end
in Atlanta, Co., visiting relatives.
Dave Ditmore, of Flats, was
among the . business visitors here
J. D. Sutton, with the U. S.
Army at Fort Jackson, S. C, spent
the latter part of the week visit
ing his' parents, Air.' and Airs. Wil
liam M. Sutton.
Clinton H. Green and Wonlow
Green, sons of W. H. Gre,en, of
Franklin Route 1, left recently for
Darrington, Wash., where they
have employment.
Dr. Walter E. Furr has returned
from Washington, D. G, wher.e he
attended a dental clinic for several
. days. .'..- '-
Mr. and Airs. Bill Bryson and
Miss Audrey Conlcy spent Satur
day in Asheville. '
Mrs. I. T. Peek left last week
for Wilmington to join her hus
band who is; employed there, and
where they will make their home
for the present.
Aliss Alargaret Franks, who has
. been taking a graduate courset at
the University of North Caroltrf.
' has accepted a poitioV a.s case
worker with the Frfrsythe county
department of welfare in Winston
Salem. She is spending a few days
'with her motlrtr, . Airs. Eloise
Franks, before goin Jo her new
Mrs. John W. Wall, of Elberton.
Ga., came up Tuesday for a visit
with her mother. Airs, H. O. Cozad.
John Crawford, Lyman Higdon,
Jr.. Jimmy Perry, Phil Blumen
thal and Harold Sloan, Jr., who
are attending the University of
North Carolina at Chapel Hill, are
here for the spring holidays.
James E. Young left Alonday for
Newport News, Va., where he
has employment. For several weeks
he has been clerking in G T.
Blaiae's store here.
Air. and Mrs. C. T. Blaine and
Air. and Mm. James E Young
have moved into the Ashe house on
Harrison avenue.
Henry W. Cabe, Jr., Willard
Pendergrass, H. E. Church, Jr.,
BrownloW Addington, Kenneth
Cabe, George -IPatton, Charles
Slagle and MackPatton, all stu-
Married 58 Years
Cagle's Cafe Preparing
For Tourist Season
Air. and Airs. James H.-. Potts of East Franklin, who celebrated
their 58th anriivcr.sary. on. March 1, Their children are Miss Bessie
Potts of Franklin, Airs. T. B. Ashe of Atlanta and Mrs." -Ami
Swafford of Franklin Route 3; Charlie, Lawrence-and Joe Potts of
Franklin. There are a number of grandchildren and great-grandchildren.
CorfU yo wot kv to
ft that dlvercl You caa Ume
thai husband of your with
better baking. Jtwt remember
that men Uk roiety in food.
And if you'll um Rumford
Baking Powder you can pick
out any recipe that take, your
fancy. Don't worry about the
special quantities required for
pecial typea of baking powder.
With Rumford just use the
amount the directione call for
and expect perfect result.
fro. Send for dm booklet,
containing dosena of bright
ideal to improve your baking.
Addren: Rumford Baking
Powder, Box J, Rumford,
Rhode Island.
Reno Moses, stationed at Fort
Bragg, visited (iis family this week.
Air. and Airs. Al. 13. Hoover of
th,e.' Appalachian, Forest; Experi
ment Station are visiting Mr.
Hoover's sister in Jacksonville;
Fla. '.'',....
Aliss Mary Elmore spent last
week-end visiting friends in Ashe-.
Aliss Connie Thigpen, of. Rocky
Mount, , arrived in. Franklin last
Saturday, to take up her duties as
secretary to the Rev. Rufus Mor
gan. She is staying at the home
of Mr, and Mrs. Ben W. Wood
ruff until the beginning of the
Kanuga Summer Conferences in
June. Mr. Morgan is business man
ager of the conferences of the
Episcopal church held at Kanuga,
near Hendersonville, during the
summer months. )
Airs. C. B. Kinsland of Franklin,
underwent an operation for acute
appendicitis at the Angel Clinic
last Thursday. Her condition is re
ported satisfactory.
Charles Hunter, who is employed
with the. Goodrich Tire company
in Macon, Ga., spent the week-end
here with his mother, Airs. Pearl
Samuel J. Murray, who is work
ing at Fort Bragg, came ; Sunday
to visit his family on lotla street.
Walter Watkins of Cullasaja, is
reported seriously ill at the Angel
Clinic. ,
Giw Tallent, son of Air. and
Airs. Lee Tallent of Franklin Route
3, left Alonday for Indian Head,
Aid., where he will be employed
by the Naval Powder factory.
Afr. and Airs. Richard Lawrence
of Seneca, S. C, spent the first
of the week with their cousin, Mrs.
Hal Zachary and family. Mrs.
Zachary is much improved from
a recent illness.
Air's. T. J. Johnston has return
ed from, Gainesville and Deoatijr,
Ga., where she spent several weeks
visiting relatives atd friends. ,
Emmit Dills of Nantahala, under
went a major operation at the
Angel Clinic Wednesday. .-
Leon Stamey,- Alcrita bread
.salesman, in this territory, made a
business trip from Atlanta to Chi
cago 4y plane, Sunday, Alarch 16.
While there he expects to visit his
two sisters who live in Chicago.
Airs. E. K. Cunningham, who has
been ill during the past ten days,
is reported much improved.
Aliss Louise Blaine, who is at
tending Athens Business College
in, AthenSj Ga., is here for, a sh6rt
visit to her mother, Mrs. D. W.
Blaine. -
Airs. Jack Sherrill, Sr., left
Thursday for Andrew's for a visit
with her daughter, Aliss Fannie
Alae Sherrill, before going to At
lanta to visit her sister, Airs.
Hugh Oliver. .
The condition of" Afrs. Af. I).
Billings who is critically ill at' her
home on Harrison avenue, is re
ported to be unchanged.
James E. Penn, who is working
in Alcoa, Tenn., spent the week
end with his parents. Air. and
Airs. W.JC. Penn.
Mrs. John Farrar and daughter,
Barbara, have returned, from Har
lan, Ky., where they spent several
days visiting relatives and friends.
Miss Helen Patton, teacher of
Art in Western Carolina Teachers
College at Cullowhee, is spending
the spring holidays with her fam
ily here.
We wish to thank our friends
for their kindness and death of our
mother and grandmother, Mrs.
Elizabeth McCall, and for the
beautiful flowers.
Mrs. Thurman Moses
and Family. ' '
Air. and Airs. James William
Horsley announce the birth of a
daughter, at their home Wednes
day, March 19. , -
A daughter, Joan, was born to
Air. and Airs. Fred R. Dills, at
their home - in Frankliu township,
oh Friday, 1 Alarch 14.
On Saturday, Alarch 8, a daugh
ter, Geneva Patricia, was born to
Air. and Airs. Lawrence Ledbetter
at their home on Franklin Route 1.
Air. and Airs. Cecil Love an
nounce the birth of a son, Richard
Wayne, in Angel hospital on Fri
day, Alarch 7.
A son, Charles Bonald, was born
to Mr. and Mrs. Burlin Pruitt, on
Sunday, Alarch' 9, at Angel hos
pital. ' ' ' ? '
On "Tuesday, Alarch 11, a son,
Ronald Franklin, was born to Mr.
and Airs. Frank ' Byrd,. at Angel
hospital. MriS. Byrd was the form
er Miss Helen Jacobs, daughter of
Afr. and Airs. G. L. Jacobs, prior
to h,er marriage.
Girl Scouts Continue
To Collect Magazines
The Franklin Girl Scouts
go .scouting for magazines
good reading matter again next
Saturday. Last week's work was
encouraged by collection of a large
number of the . better magazines
and a few good books. . These are
taken to the Franklin Library and
distributed, by the bookmobile.
Those who were not visited last
week are asked to have their mag
azines that they no longer need
ready for1 the girls' when they
Civil Service
Civil service examinations for the
positions described below were an
nounced by the United States Civ
il Service Commission today.
Laboratory mechanic in fuel rat
ing, with salaries ranging from
$1,620 to $2,000 a year.
Aleteorologist in any specialized
branch, with salaries ranging from
$2,600 to $5,600 a year.
Supervisor and assistant supai
visor of education, $3,200 and -2,-600
a year, 'respectively; teachers
of industrial arts and of remedial
reading. $1,800 a year; Natipnl
Training School for Boys, Depart-
men t of Justice. , j' g
Registration Of Worksrs
By April 15 Urged
RALEIGH, ..March 19 Registra
tion of alfc skilled workers who are
unemployed or who are not utiliz
ing ' their skills in their , present
jobs between now and April .15 is
urged by Charles G. Powell, chair-;
man . of the State Unemployment
Compensation Commission, as a
part of the nation-wide campaign
to mobilize workers for the. nation
al defense program,
"We have 56 local full-time em
ployment offices in 46 of the larg
er towns of the state and, in' ad
dition, more, tnau -100 " itinerate
points, visited weekly by; repre
sentatives from these offices, the
manager's and staffs of which will
cooper-ate fully in .this. . campaign
to' register all available skilled
workers in North . Carolina who
are not now in employment using
their skills fully", .-Chairman Powell
The efforts are being directed
primarily toward finding workers
who are trained as airplane sheet
metal workers, airplane woodwork
ers, aeronautical engineers and in
spectors; ship carpenters loftsmen,
boatbuilders, ship fitters, caulkers
and marine mechanists1; and ma
chinists, tool makers, die makers,
lathe operators and 'tool designers.
Also desired in this registration
are workers with lesser skills who
"are available for training in1 schools
now being operated and to be op
crated throughout the nation and
who may be' able, after such trainJ
ing, to qualify in the higher skills
"We ask the press, the public
to get a complete registration in
and industry to cooperate with
North Carolina", Air. Powel said
Furman Vinson and fanlily of
Dillard, Ga., were in this comJ
munity Sunday, ,
Rev John Baty filled his appoint
ment at Webbs Chapel Sunday.
Airs. Margaret : Balk w has been
sick the past two weeks with flu,
but is some better now.
About two inches of snoyy fill
Thursday afternoon.. -Friday was
nice and warm, and most oil of it
melted. ,
Charlkv dr.cen i, home' from ih.;
CCC camp at Rutledge,': Ga.
Horace Justice of-Tesenta was
in this community .'Sunday,
. Ebhie Talley and family i-ikil
at, Bee VVils.')iis 'Sunday,
Air. -and Airs.'-. Jeff Vinson arc
visiting their son. 'red Vinson, .ami.
Mrs. Vinson.
Uncle '- Nathan AlcKinnie, of
snorfon is visiting relative, oir-
Turtle Pond this week.
i . , i
pated from ; the ' income tax this
year. , ' '
The increased returns were at
tributed wholly to improved busi
ness conditions, as the state ha
not increased its rates!'
The interior of Cagle's cafe has
been beautified with wormy chest
nut panelling and its capacity in
creased by the addition of new
booths in the dining room. Fresh
paint and coniplete renovation are
uiaking . the accomodations ready
for. large tourist trade that Air.
Cagle expects this season. '
Elgin Watches
In the New Rose
Gold Color
$24. 75
mm am
I "MostTctm iseil & ,A
1 Glrlin AuuHca" L" 'SA.
than the average of the 4 other
largest-Helling cigarettes tested
less than any of them ac
cording to independent scien
tific tests of tho Rinoke itelf.
State Income Tax
More Than 14 Million
Indications- that North Carolina
this fiscal year . would realize $14,
000,000, from its income tax were
seen today as it was announced that
through yesterday, receipts . had
climbed a quarter, of a million dol
lars above returns lor the whole
record-Setting year of 1939-40.
Through vesterdav. North Caro
linians had paid $12,232,991.88 on
their 1940 incomes, compared with
the $12,007,105.64 collected in 1939
40. .
Revenue Commissioner A. J.
llaxwell ,said the total would rtr
tainly equal the $13,500,00(1 antici-
Formal and Informal
Panorama Courts
Saturday, March 22
Stringfellow and His Orchestra
From Asheville
9:00 Till ?
$1.10 per person
' WL
. (
Ho Foftl has ever carried
quite so far!
We'd like .you to see arid drive
the finest Ford we've ever built.
You'll find its big bodies longer
inside, greater in total seating
width, and larger in windshield,
than anything else in the Ford
price field right now.
You'll find a great new Ford
ride, too. A soft and quiet new
ride that has surprised a lot of
people and may surprise you. '
And with its room and ride and j t
view, you get Ford extra power ".
with extra thrift, the biggest hy- '
draulic brakes near its price, and
a lot of fine-car mechanical "fea- .
tures" found only in a Ford at
low price.
If you are choosing a new car
thisyear, you'll do well not to miss
this Ford. And not just because
we say so, but because the facts do!
Wje wish to thank our many
friends for their kindness through
the sickness and death of our be
loved mother and grandmother,
Elizabeth McCall. We extend many
thanks for the beautiful flowers.
Mr. and Mrs. Charlie CurtU
and Family.
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