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    1940 Census
Population of
Macon County
1940 Census
Population1 of
VOL. LVI. NO. 13
$1.50 PER YEAR
Legionnaire Recalls Some
First World War
Members of' the American Leg
ion entertained with a supper at
the American Legion hall on Monday-night,
as a farewell party for
the ; 11 Macon county selectees,
who left Franklin on Wednesday
morning at 7:15 by bus for Fort
Bragg to enter military training.
Dr. W. E. Furr, a veteran of
the world war, was guest speaker
for the occasion. Dr. Furr enlisted
in the Marines in 1917 with the
2nd division, where he fought un
til tli (j armistice was signed in
1918. He related numerous exper
iences of his services in the
trenches and told of being 'hit
twice with machine gun bullets.
One bullet going, between the sole
of his shoe and his foot and the
other v bullet going through his
wrapped leggin. He further related
the time he captured seven Ger
mans .'and di.splay.ed numerous
badges, medals and awards receiv
, ed for the acts of heroism men
tioned above.
Gilmer A.- Jones, commander of
Post 108, John O. Harrison, mayor
of Franklin, and Rev. S. K. Crock
ett, chaplain of th.e Post, made
short talks. .Mrs. Harry S. Higgins
played during the supper hour and
the program was closed by the
crowd singing "America.''
Approximately 30 legionnaires,
selectees and invited guests were
Flag Presented Honor Students
By Legion Auxiliary To
High School
The. American Legion Auxiliary
will present a -United States flag
to 'the Franklin high school at an
early date. '
The class of 1941 will make a gift
to their school of a metal flag
pole which w ill be erected on .the
grounds to carry the flag.
New School Board
Will Succeed To Duties
On April 1
Mrs. Frank I. Murray
Injured In Accident
Mrs. Frank I. Murray, in charge
of the WPA bookmobile for Ma
con county, who was injured in an
accident last Thursday, is reported
to be recovering satisfactorily at
Angel hospital.
While delivering the bookmobile
!!e Myn&k'ibrary, it left the
road near HayeisvttTe, turning over
four times, it was stated. Mrs.
Murray received injuries to chest
and hip, but no fractures. The
bookmobile was reported badly
The five men nominated for the
Macon county board of education
in' the last primary and confirmed
by the Genera Assembly on mo
tion of Dr. W. , A. Rogers, repre
sentatite, will' take office on April
1. The -following citizens will con
stitute this board: J." E. Cabe,
Otto; C. Gordon MoOre, Franklin;
E. E. Crawford, Gartdogechaye; J.
Frank Browning, West's Mill ; j.
Roy Phillips, Highlands.
The present board that has serv
ed for the past two years is G.
Tom Bryson, Cullasaja; Miss Las
sie Kelly, Franklin; James Hauser,
Franklin; Mrs. Fred Slagle, Car
toogechaye. The fifth member, W,
E. Mozeley of Otto, died in Aug
ust, 1939.
11 Macon County
Trainees Go To Camp
The following Macon county
.voting men left' at 7:15 Wednesday
morning for Fort Bragg, as an
nounced by the local draft board:
Harve L. Bateman, Charlie Fender,
Thomas Louis Crunkleton, Gur
nell Lee Woods, William Conley,
Kenneth Tillman Cnuse, Kenneth
Ansel Dowdle, Carl Green, Joseph
Percy . ShOpe, Woodrow Thomas
Holland, Sam William Fnady.
Patrick Theodore Rogers of
Highlands, listed last week, was
transferred to the group that will
leave April 8. " !'
The first drafted trainee-of the
local draft board was called in this
vm" fir ' , if
! rln an nnnircfcuini J
j tew'" k p
$A fay K
f w
i. .vt..-Jt
Regional Convention To
Meet Fri. and Sat.
Chamber Of Commerce
Meeting On April 8th
The annual B. T. . U. Convention
of the- 10th region of North Caro
lina will convene in the First Bap
tist church on Friday and Sat
urday of this week, beginning at
3 p. m. Friday.
Rev. H. C. Hocutt, of Sylva will
have charge of the sessions , and
will be assisted' with other state
workers for the conferences. Miss
Maxine Slaughter, the new State
B. T. U. Leader will be present,
and on Friday night at 7 ;30 the
Rev. J. A. Herring, returned mis
sionary from China will give the
principal addr.css. . "
Among the outstanding features
of the convention will be the sun
rise meeting at 6:30 a. m. on
Saturday, morning and a message
at 1 1 :3W a. m, by the Rev. E. F.
Baker of Andrews. Special' music
by the ladies octette of Andrews
and a trio of ladies from Sylva
will intersperse the program.
Guests will be -.entertained over
night on the Harvard plan by
members of the looal B. T. I'.'
Visitors .will be welcome to these
John H. Wasilik, son of Mr. and
Mrs. John Wasilik, Jr., is valedic
torian of the senior class of the
Franklin high .school, and Kather
ine Long, daughter of Mr. and
Mrs.-, E. W. Long is salutatorian
of the class. Both were born here
and have received their entire
schooling in the Franklin schools.
Both honor students have made
high averages in their work. .
Order Of Eastern Star
Install Officers
W,e give to necessity the praise
of Virtue Quintilian.
As The World Turns
A Brief Survey of Current Events In State, Nation
and Abroad.
A broadcast announces that 17-year-old
King-Peter has taken over
the government in Yugoslavia, and
is forming a pro-British cabinet
to oppose Hitler, following, violent
demonstrations in .Belgrade against
the pact signed yesterday with the
Nazis. One thousand rioters and
students battled with police in pro
"test against the pact and civil war
threatened. Britain has broadcast
that the Empire will aid their fight
for freedom.
German's action in extending her
war zone to waters of Greenland
and Iceland may be retaliation for
Russian intervention in the Balkan
situation, whose shipping is affect
ed by the move more than Brit
ain's. Germany has long had an
eye on Iceland.
Germany gives , royal reception
to Matsuoka, Japanese foreign
minister in spectacular demonstra
tions with all' high officials wel
coming him for conversations "to
promote the new order in Europe
and the Far East."
German mechanized troops have
landed at Tripoli and have occu
pied a small point on the gulf of
Sidra, southwest of Bengasi. Addis
Abrtlxa's railroad has been bombed
as troops advance. A Free French
air squadron has joined in the
attacks on Ethiopia.
war in China, it is reported from
No names were given.
Officers Will Be Elected
To Serve During,
Coming Year
Lord Halifax, British ambassa
dor, assured reporters that Britain
did not want a vindictive peace,
but that Britain was going, to' as
sure, as far as possible, that there
is no repetition of the present af
fair. On American aid, he said, "It is
a question of how fast you can do
it." He said the war .would take
longer if aid was late, but "we are
not going to lose. If we have to
fight 20 years we will win the
war, but the sooner you can help,
the shorter the job will be."
Britain has suffered many bomb
ings, which have lessened the last
few nights. British officials re
port that Consolidated and Lock
heed bombers in swarms are
Britain's answer to Germany's ex
tensrm of the Atlantic counter
blocade. British report Nazi planes
and ships destroyed; also British
shipping losses high.
Fifteen British and United States
-omen missionaries have been ar
rested cm charrget of plotting a
campaign ia Korea ffiinit Jtpia's
Secretary Knox and William S.
Knudsen dir.ectet the Allis Chal
mers company of Milwaukee to
notify its striking workers "to re
port for work and start operations
immediately," saying that the de
fense program must not be "handi
capped by unnecessary strikes."
GO strikers at .the Bethlehem
Steel plant and the . company are
reported to be set for a long strike.
Mayor Kelly of Chicago has
agreed to act as an intermediary
in the- strike of CIO workers at
the International Harvester Co.
A U. S. mediator from Wash
ington has arrived in Ashrville to
confer with representatives of the
American Enka corporation and the
local United Textile Workers of
America, an affiliate of A. F. of L,
who have been out on strike since
The Macon county teachers will
meet at the Franklin high school
on Saturday morning at 10 o'clock
for their regular monthly meeting.
'Following the teachers meeting
an election -of officers for the
Macon County Teachers As,socia
tion to serve through the ensuing
year will be held. All teachers are
urged to attend. .
Teachers' Banquet
Program On Defense And
At a regular meeting'; of Nequas
sa Chapter No.. 43, O. E. S., last
Tuesday evening, the officers for
the ensuing year were regularly
Miss Elizabeth Slagle, District
Deputy Grand Matron of the 12th
District of the Grand Chapter of
North Carolina Order of the East
ern Star, -was the installing officer,
and .Mrs. Sallie Moore, installing
marshal; Mrs. Lola P. Barrington,
installing conductress and Mrs.
Jean Moore, installing chaplain.
The officers for this year are
as follows : worthy matron, Mrs.
Margaret Cabe;, worthy patron, C.
Gordon Moore; associate matron,,
Mrs. Alice Ray ; associate patron,
James Hauser; secretary, Mrs.
Nobia Murray ; . treasurer, Mrs.
Irene Bryson; conductress, Mrs.
Anne Higdon ; associate conduct
ress, Mrs. Beth Guffey; chaplain,
Mrs. Leola Penn ; marshal, Mrs.
Sallie Moore; organist, 'Mrs. ... Doris
Anderson ; Adah, Mrs. Lucy Sue
Crawford ; Ruth, Mrs. Lois Ward ;
Esther, Mrs. Grace O'Mohundro;
Martha, Mrs. Frances McGlamery;
Electa, . Mrs. Flora Dean ; warder,
Mrs. Eunice Church ; and sentinel,
Ben L. McGlamery.
Robert G. Hawkins
Accident Victim
Robert Garfield Hawkinss 18,
who came to Macon county from
California : to work for the Utah
Construction ; company on the
Nantahala dam. was fatally wound
ed Sunday night about 7 o'clock
w hile working as foreman 1 ot . a
rock crusher crew. The dirt dump
ing car ' which he was ".riding t
inspect the crushed stone .'over
turned down an embankment into
the Nantahala when the
driver lost control. Hawkins was
riding on the hmod of the ma
chine. Charlie . W. Kiiif, driver,
managed to jump' to .safety as the
car overturned. ,
Young Hawkins died eh "route
to the hosi'ital in Franklin, hav
ing suffered a broken neck and
other injuries.
The deceased is the son of ' Mr.
and Mrs. William,' Hawkins,, who
are now. living at Nantahala, Mr.
Hawkins being' also employed on
the dam project. They, came here
from California.
Following tha inquest held on
Monday morning by Corner C. M.
Moore, assisted by deputy sheriff,
John Dills, Charlie King, who had
been held pending investigation,
was released. The verdict rendered
by the corner's jury was that the
accident was unavoidable. The jury
were A. J. Evans, Roy B. Van-
hook, James M. Dryman, J. M
Emory, Sherman Ledford and
Seth H. Crunkleton. ,
the . remains were' carried to
Macon, Ga. for cremation.
Directors To Be Elected;
New Folders Widely
The annual meeting of. the
Franklin 'Chamber of Commerce,
has been called . by the board of
directors.", t-1 meet on Tuesday,.
April S. in tin- courthouse, at 8
p. in., is 'announced ' "by Tillerv T.
Baptist And Methodist
Churches To Hold
Pre-Easter Services
The new utilities commission, ap
pointed by Got. B rough ton, will
take office April 1. The three are
Chairman Stanley Winborne. the
present commissioner, Fred C
Hunter of Charlotte and Prof. Har
ry Tucker of N. C State college.
in Mexico cmr
Gov. and Mrs. Broughton are
vacationing in Mexico City, guests
of Ambassador Joseph us Daniels
and Mn. Daniels,
Dean W. E. Bird, of Western
Carolina Teachers' college of Cul
lowhee, will be the principal .speak
er at the annual banquet of the
Macon County. Teachers Associa
tion which will be held at Pano
rama Courts on Friday evening,
March '28, beginning at 7:30 o'clock.
Dean Bird will speak on the
Morals of Defense. The entire pro
gram of the banquet will he . cen
tered around defense and patriot
ifm. Dr. W. A. Rogers, representa
tive of Macon county, and Guy L.
Houk, superintendent , of Macon
county public schools, will also
he present and take -parts on the
program. Dr. J. L. Stokes 1 1 will
give the invocation, and the Frank
lin Choral Society will sing.
Miss Nora Moody, president of
the local unit will preside at the
meeting. ,
Approximately 175 teachers, mem
bers of the old and new board of
education. representatives from
the Lion and Rotary Clubs, Dr.
E. N. Haller, county health phy
sician. Miss Alma Kee, county
nurse, - the county commissioners
and the presidents of the parent
teachers associations from Frank
lin, Highlands and Otto, delegates
from the local advisory committee,
M. D. Billings, and E. E. Edwards,
Mayor of Highlands, have been in-,
vited to attend.
Fifth Sunday
Singing The fifth Sunday singing con
vention will meet at the Macon
county court house on Sunday
morning at 10 o'clock, James M.
Raby, president has announced.
Mr. Raby expects singers from
.every section of the county as
well as those from adjoining coun
ties. The public is invited to at
tend. "''-.
Beginning Sunday night, April 6,
and continuing each night through
April 13, a series of pre-Easter
service will be held in the Frank
lin Baptist and Methodist churches,
it is announced by the pastors,
Rev. C. F. Rogers and Rev. J. L. II. Services will begin in
the Baptist church and will alter
nate between the churches, ,Rev,
Stokes preaching in the Baptist
church and Rev. Rogers preaching
n the Methodist church.
All people of the community not
otherwise engaged in Lenten serv
ices are extended a cordial invi
tation to worship with the mem
bers of the two churches uniting
in this series,
Game Warden Gives
Fishing Dates
J. Fred Bryson, game warden
Macon, has announced that the
fishing season on bas,s, brim and
muskellung will close on Tuesday,
April I, and remain closed until
Tuesday, June 10.
Annual Report
Of Boy Scouts
We close another year in our
scout history next Sunday, Our
charter expires March 31 and we
are ready to renew and re-register
our scouts.
looking back over our year's
work, our roll numbers 36, from
tenderfoot to Eagle. We have en
rolled six tenderfoots and have had
a promotion in every rank. We
were proud to have Mr. Bloxarri,
our former- scoutmaster, drive all
the way.-f-roih Lincolnton to ; de
liver the Eagle badge to Mrs. H.
H. Plemmons that her son, Eagle
Scout Paul Lee, had earned. We
further boast of our' next Eagle
Scout, who will go up at the next
court of honor, Gordon Porter,
Jack Angel is just waiting his
time to be another Eagle for our
We are sorry to give up our
old scout house, but proud to
know that our sponsors are going
to build us a new home. Our troop
has met every Friday night except, and our boys were ready
to make up our loss.
We are happy to thank Mrs.
Gus Leach for cookies, a friend
for chocolate cake, Mr. Plemmons
for letting our Eagle scouts use
his .car to attend the annual ban
quet in Asheville. We shout loudly
"Thank You" to Rev. J. A. Flan
agan, our loyal friend.
To Mr. Jess Conley, Dr. Stokes,
Ben McGlamery. Clyde Gailey,
Mrs. J. W. C Johnson, Mr. Thorpe,
Dr. Perry. O. C. Bryant. Ben
Woodruff, and many other friends
who have helped us, especially
those who have contributed to the
membership drive and to help build
our home. Thank You.
Jimmy Angel Flies From
S. America On Brief
Visit Home
Jimmy Angel, distinguished avi
ator and discoverer of the high
est' falls in the world, located in
South America, flew to Franklin
yesterday afternoon and landed
on the Zeb Angel farm near town.
He is the guest of his cousin, Dr.
Edgar Angel, for a fuw days of
his vacation from his present job
as chief test pilot for the Vene
zuelan government ; flying ' here
from Washington, D. . C.
Mr. Angel's colorful career as
aviator in the World War and
since, as explorer in South Amer
ica, and as a movie pilot, has
beien of keen interest to friends
and relatives in Macon county.
His famous exploit of discovering,
in the heart of the Venezuelan
jungle, a magnificent waterfall,
proven the highest in the world,
and named in his honor, was re
ported in the Franklin Press a
few years ago. He has been fly
ing for 27 years; first, in the
World War, later for the Chinese
government and as private pilot for
former President Obregon of .Mex
ico. Many remember the movie,
"Hell's Angels" which this famous
pilot says was the last of several
pictures in which he flew. He
tells the story of how he refused
to fly in a "falling plane" scene.
The two men who did the stunt
fell to their death and Liberty
magazine contained an article de
scribing this happening.
Mr. Angel was born in Jackson
county and spent several years of
his youth in this county. His fath
er now lives in the west This is
his first visit to the United States
in seven years. He is glad to come
back to his old home after ten
ve. secretory.
The board of 'directors will be
.elected: at this meeting and a full
report of the past year's work and
activities will he made to the
membership. A full meeting of
members and citizens desiring to
join is desired. AH members will
receive notice from the secretary.
New Franklin Folder '
A handsome.'' new:: colored folder,
with beautiful ilrli-!r,:itio:is of
scenery and attractions for tour
ists, with map and .descriptive text,
has just been published. ' '
"I am distributing 'these, as fast
as I can mail them out,'' said Mr.
Lov,e. last Monday. "They are goinu
out to hotels and travel agencies
in Florida and neighboring states
and to population centers, to at
tract new business. We arc pre
paring for the best tourist season
yet enjoyed by Franklin."
Mr. Love spoke of the increased
acoomodat ions that are toeing built
by Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Hirsch of
Franklin Terrace, Major and Mrs.
Carmack at the Franklin Lodge
and Golf Course, by Cagle and
Bradley at Panorama Courts, and
Mrs. John Henry on Palmer street.
He announced that the, new fold
ers are available at the hotels.
Angel's and Perry's drug stores
and the office of the Franklin
Press at this time, before the
Chamber of Commerce booth is
Membership Drive
The work of the Chamber of
Commerce during the past season
was highly successful and has been
commended by both members and
the traveling public. The booth on
Main street was a busy place
during the entire season. As a
Bureau of Information, where vol
unteer members served during the
summer months, help was extend
ed to 2,250 visitors.
Of these the records show that
1226 signed the register, from 37
states, the District of Columbia,
uanacia and the Bahama Islands.
Seven hundred twx-ntv-six nieces
of mail were sent out. An informa
tion 'booklet, listing accomodations '
and attractions and scenic tours,
was published and distributer).
These are being mailed out with
the new illustrated folders, furn
ishing the most complete informa
tion and advertisement that FVank-
lin has yet sent out.
Goal Of $2,000
The impetus received from th-
efficient work of the present di
rectors has established the Frank-'.'',
lin Chamber of Commerce as an
indespcnsable factor for our town's
progress. The report shows that a
total was received from member
ships of $1,054.35, representing a
membership of 10, with dues rang
ing from .one dollar to $100.
1 his year s, mcmbershin drive
will be organized .shortly with a
goal of $2,000. which will be need
ed for an expanded program of
puDiiciiy and tourist service. Gen
erous contributions from public
spirited citizens and business?
contributed as memberships made
possible last year's expenditure
for the permanent set-up of a
vigorous chamber of commerce.
The work of committee chairmen
and volunteers supplemented the
funds raised last year and estab
lished this year's working basis.
The present board of directors
are: J. E. S. Thorpe, president :
B. W. Woodruff, vice-president;
T. T. Love, secretary; VV. C
Zickgraf, John Archer, A. R. Hig
don, H. W. Cabe.
The following committees served
during the year: hospitality, James
Averell; publicity. Ben McGlam
ery; signs. Bob Gaines; finance,
5 S- Thorpe, Tom Angel, Ben
iucujamery, Alt Higdon, Jim Perry.
oaines, Jess Conley, Bill
years' absence. He is flying a
Cessna plane, used in aerial cho-
Jamet Hsuver, Scoutmaster, tejraphy work ia Venezuela.
Moore, Bill Sloan. The Rev. Frank
eioxham served as secretary until
his removal to Lincolnton, when
he was succeeded by Mr. Love.
Builders Should See
County Health Dept.
Property owners in Macon coun
ty when planning to install new
septic tanks, privies, or other
sewerage facilities are advised to
consult the County Health depart
ment. In this way they can avoid cost
ly alterations that are often re
quired in order to comply with th
state laws en sanitation.

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