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Paint Up Your Home
Plant and Beautify
Your Garden
,To Make Your Town
Clean, Healthy and
Rendered In Civil Court
Last Week By Judge
Felix E. Alley
Two of the more important 'land
cases were concluded during the
session of civil court which closed
last Friday with Judge Felix E.
Alley presiding.
In the case of the Nantahala
Power and Light company vs. B.
P. Grant et al, the amount of
compensation to the defendants
was $8,962.50 for 71.7 acres of land
in question. At a previous trial a
$7,009 verdict was rendered. More
than three days were consumed in
this Case.
In the case of J. F. Cooper vs.
Josie Cooper Bell and husband,
Adolphus R. v Bell et al, it. was
ordered by the court that ' the
plaintiff is the owner of one-third
. interest in the land and that the
defendant Annie Cooper Kirkman
is the owner of two-thirds of the
land. The plaintiff was assessed
; the costs.
In the case of Browning vs.
Green involving land title., the
court rendered a decision in favor
of Browning. This case consumed
considerable time also.
Several cases of minor impor
tance were also disposed of.
Cecil Pendergrass
On Welfare Board
Cecil Pendergrass has been ap
pointed to serve on the county
welfare . board in place of C.
Tom Bryson who was appointed
by the county commissioners a few
i .weeks ago. "Qn account of his po
sition , as assistant clerk to the
draft board Mr. Bryson asked to
be released. ,
No Macon Draftees
On Next Three Calls
Notice has been received by the
local board, that no men will be
called from Macon county in the
next three calls, which are the 8th,
9th and 10th. It is stated that a
number of volunteer,? have en
listed for the next calL
Ry. Express Begins
Pick-Up And Delivery
Franklin will welcome the news
that the Railway Express company
will begin to give pick-up and de
livery .service within the town
limits of Franklin, beginning May
J, according to an announcement
made yesterday by K. G. Beshears,
local agent.
H. B. Magill, district superin
tendent, of Charlotte, visited Frank
lin several weeks ago and made
arrangements "to add this service
for the benefit of patrons. The
contract for delivery has been
awarded to Joh,n Pennington, who
will call for and deliver all ship
ments made by Railway Express".
Dr. Rogers Appointed To
Examine NYA Workers
Dr. W. A. Rogers has been ap
pointed, county NYA physician to
examine all boys and girls employ
ed on NYA projects in. Macon
county. According to a recent de
fense ruling, a nationwide survey
has been ordered of all employees
of NYA to ascertain defects and
disabilities. No plan has yet been
formulated for treatment, but the
appalling percentage of rejections
of draftees is-given as the reason,
for making physical examinations
a part of the defense program. Dr.
George Waters is State Health
Representative of the -NYA.
Chamber Of Commerce
Information Booth Busy
The past week has been a busy
one at the Chamber of Commerce
booth here, reports TiHery Love.
secretary! During the week of
Anril 21. 63 tourist cars stopped
seeking information. Cars from 22
states and the Bahama Islands
were here. Only one car was from
North Carolina stopped which in
dicates people from this state have
not started vacationing. The booth
did not open last year until June.
No reports can be compared at
this time.
The membership committee has
not been able to visit all places
but will do so in the near future.
Those joining have praised the
work thus far. .
Many Calls For
Furnished Rooms
T. T. Love, secretary of the
Chamber of Commerce, reports that
the in form? tion booth it receiving
many inquiries from newcomers
for furnished rooms and apart
"tnents. He urges the listing by
those who have these to rent at
the booth.
Next Tuesday For Mayor
And Aldermen
Tuesday, May 6, is election
day in the tow,n of Franklin
for. a mayor and six' aldermen
to serve for the next two years.
The following names will ap
pear on the ballots :
For Mayor, T. D. Bryson.,
J. O. Harrison, R, A. Patton.
For Aldermen (vote for six).
T. W. Angel, Jr., M. D. Bil
lings,' John Bingham, H. W.
Cabe, E. Tim Calloway, E. W.
Long, T. T. Love, Ben Mc
Collum, John E. Rickman, Ray
R. Swanson, W. C, Wilkes.
According to state law the
polls will be open between the
hour.s of 7 a. m. and 7 p. m.
. New voters registering during
the last three Saturdays number
130, according to George
Dean, town clerk.
Bond Referendum
A bond referendum ticket
will request all voters to state
. their position on the matter of
calling a bond election for the
purpose of issuing $10,000 street
and sidewalk ' improvement
bonds. The use of this ballot
is not binding on anyone, but
is only for the information of
the incoming board.
Home Improvement To
Become County Wide
The home demonstration clubs
of Macon county will study "Re
finishing Furniture" for the month
of May as a follow-up of the short
course which wa,s held by the
House Furnishings Specialist, Miss
Pauline Gordon, of State college
February 13 and 14.
A. number of clubs have request
ed this demonstration as A part
of the major project for 1941 which
is "Home Improvement Within and'
In addition to the study of Re
finishing Fuimiture the following
leaders will discuss subjects relat
ing to home making. Foods Leader
Breater Nutrition in Flour. Health
Leader A Good Nights Sleep.
Poultry Leader Poultry Sugges
tions for : May. Garden Leader
Garden Notes for May. Recrea-1
tion Leader Domestic Economy.
The following schedule gives
dates and place for the clubs in
the month of Mav:
Otto May 1, Mrs. Iris Hensoji.
Walnut Creek May 6, Mrs. Cora
Mashburn." Holly Springs May 8,
Mrs. Clyde Houston. Cullasaja
May 9. Mrs. Wiley Clark. Otter
Creek May 12, Mrs. Anne Boone.
Scaly May 15, Mrs. Bart Wilson.
Iotla May 19, Mrs. Florence Mor
rison. Oak Grove -May 10, . Mrs.
Dwight Parrish. Cartoogechaye
May 21, Mrs. Henry Slagle. Hick
ory Knoll May 22, Mrs. Otto Mc
Oure. West's Mill May '23, Mrs.
S. C Leatherman. Stiles May 26,
Mrs. Laura Byrd. Patton May 27,
Mrs. Van Frazier. Union May 28,
Mrs. Homer Johnson.
Iotia. Otter Creek, Cartoogechaye,
West's Mill and Union will hold
meetings beginning at 10:30 to
which a picnic lunch is ' to be
brought by all members.
Cancer Control Campaign
Begins May 2nd
The American Society for the
control of cancer will start the
campaign for membership Friday,
May 2. Mary Evelyn Angel, Mane
Dean and Sally Lou Moore and
others will contact the various sec
tions of town. The membership fee
is $1.00; however, any donation will
be appreciated.
George M. Cowan, camp surgeon,
will give a talk on cancer control
for men on Tuesday right. May
6, at the CCC camp at Otto.
This is a part of a nationwide
drive and any man, woman or child,
having a .symptom is urged to visit
a doctor in time and help prevent
the death rate which is increas
ing daily. 1
Lions Club 'Changes
Meeting Place
The Lions Cub, at its meeting
Monday night, which was held at
the Panorama Courts, decided that
the summer and fall meetings be
changed to the Courts.
A chicken dinner was enjoyed
by 20 members and three guests.
Some vocal talent was displayed
between committee reports. The
club voted to buy a baseball uni
form for the Franklin team.
Ben McGlamery of the Nanta
bal Power and Light company,
was welcomed as new member.
Thad ,D. Bryson, Jr., Franklin attorney, who' is a candidate for mayor,
subject to the election next Tuesday. Since coming to Franklin from
Bryson. City, Mr. Bryson has taken an active interest in the civic
progress of the community serving at this time as president of the
Lions Club. He served for seven years as mayor of Bryson City and
one term in the General Assembly from Swain county. Mr. Bryson is
the so,n of Judge Bryson, of the legal faculty of Duke University.
Baldwin And Liner
Buy Sloan's Market
Gus Baldwin, formerly assistant
manager of the local -Dixie Store,
and L. B. Liner have this week
purchased Sloan's Market and be
gan active operation of the store
Monday, April 28.
.The business will be carried on
under the firm .name of Baldwin
and Liner Market. I,n their an
nouncement in this issue the new
firm states that it' will continue
the same service and quality for
which ' the store has been noted.
The business was started in 1902,
and has been operated under the
Sloan name up to the present time.
Mrs. Charity Rogers,
Aged 89, Passes
Mrs. Charity M. Rogers, 89. died
at the home of her daughter, Mrs.
Amanda Bolick on Buck Creek, 'on
Monday afternoon following an ill
ness of one month.
Mrs. Rogers, who had lived in
Macon county all her lite, was a
daughter of "the late Mr. and
Mrs. I. M. Franks. She was born
July 3, 1857, and was a member
of the Hayesville Baptist church.
Funeral services were held .Tues
day afternoon at 2 o'clock at the
Hayesville Baptist church in Clay
county. The Rev. Lloyd Rogers,
pastor, officiating. Interment in the
church cemetery. .
Surviving arc two daughters,
Mrs. Laura Miller and Mrs. Am
anda Bolick, of Buck Creek ; one
son, Charley 'Rogers, of Hayesville
and two brothers, James Franks,
of Glcnville and- Garrett Franks,
of. Buck Creek.
Young Democrats"
To Hear Gov. Broughton
At Rally, May 3
Governor J. M. Broughton will
be the principal speaker at the
eleventh district Young Democratic
rally in Asheville on Saturday,
May -3, at The Langren hotel The J
meeting will be in the form of a
banquet and dance, with the gov-
ernor heading an impressive roster
of state and federal speakers on
the program.
Charlie Gold of Rutherford ton
is the eleventh district chairman.
, All Young Democrats are urged
to attend the rally, as it is the
aim of the club to make this the
largest and most successful rally
in the history of the club.
This is the Governor's first
western appearance at an occasion
of this kind since his inauguration.
Tickets may be purchased from
the local chairman. James L.
Hauser is chairman for Macon
For Mayor
Legion Auxiliary
Presents Flag
An American flag was presented
last Friday by the American Leg
ion Auxiliary to the Franklin high
school in memory of 17 boys who
gave their lives during the first
World War. The presentation was
made by Mr.s. Henry Slagle, Gold
Star mother and first president of
the Auxiliary.
A flag pole was presented to
the school by the 1941 class, Pres
ident Lewis Patton making the pre
sentation. Salute and pledge of the Legion
was given by the entire group led
by W. H. Finlcy, principal, 'he
exercises closed with "God Bless
America" by the senior class.
Holly Springs Ball Team
Off To Good Start
Holly Springs baseball team
played the first game of the sea
son at Otto CCC camp last Satur
day, coming out victorious with the
score 9 to 0..
Holly Springs pitcher Deal
.struck out 15 of the Otto plays
with but few hits. Only two strike
outs were registered for Holly
Holly Springs would like to have
games on Saturday afternoons.
Mrs. Margaret Berry
Higdon, 93, Passes
Mrs. Margaret Berry Higdon, 93,
died at the home of her daughter,
Mrs. Eva C. Keener, at Higdon
ville, Saturday morning. Although
she had been ill for the past
seven years death was the re
sult of a stroke of apoplexy suf
fered on Tuesday afternoon.
Mrs. Higdon, a life-long resident
and widely-known citizen, was born
July 30, 1847. She was a daughter
of the late Logan A. and Matilda
Postcll Berry. She was married to
Joseph H. Higdon, who preceded
her in death a number of years
ago. She was a member of the
Sugarfork church.
Funeral services were held Sun
day afternoon at 2 o'clock. Rev.
G. ,W. Davis pastor, officiated,
assisted by Rev. C. F, Rogers, pas
tor of the Franklin Baptist church.
Interment in the Church cemetery.
Pallbearers were Lyman Higdon,
C T. Bryson, Albert L. Ramsey,
Zeb Taylor, Harley Stewart and
Jeter C Higdon.
Surviving are seven children,
three daughters, Mrs. John H.
Fulton, of Gneiss; Mrs. Dennis
C Higdon, of Webster, and Mrs.
Eva C Keener, of Cullasaja and
four sons, James L. Higdon, of
Cullasaja; J. S. Higdon, of Sylva;
Mack Higdon. of Alberta, Canada ;
and T. T. Higdon. of Atlanta, Ga.
Also 38 grandchildren and 36
1 "
' -
- .
, Ill v
'v - ; , X-. - jy
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Faculty List Announced
For 1st District Schools
The following teachers, employ
ed during the past year in Dis
trict No. 1, which is the Frank
lin district of the Macon county
public schools, have been elected
for 1941-42, it has been announced
by Guy L. H.ouk, superintendent
of Macon county ..public- schools.
W. H. Finlcy, W. C. Newton, J.
C. Hawkins, Dormhy Plonk, Helen
Moore, Genevieve Helen White,
Lois Ritter Green, Katherine M.
O'Neil, Lnura katherine Porter,
Marie P. Stewart, Annie Bailey,
Lola P. liarrington, Mayberyl
Moody, Margaret Ramsey, Virginia
Ramsey, Emma B. Moseley, Edna
M. Jamison, Pearl Hunter, Marga
ret Slagle, Kate H. Williams, Elsie
W. Franks, Elizabeth C. Guffey,
and Amy Henderson.
Tillery T. Love, Bess N; Stew
art, Annie S. Neil, Lucile K. Wurst,
Lola S. Kiser, Fannie Mae Arnold,
Pearl H. Corbin, Gay P.. Teague.
Lucy C. Bradley, Grace Wilkes,"
Kate Shope, Pauline C Holland,
Norman West, Gladys Brock, Jes
sie Ramsey, Lola K. Ramsey, Frank
Fleming, IVtra G. Carpenter, Miss
Charlotte Young, Miss Grace Car
penter, Sanford Smith, Lovicia J.
Moses, William G. Crawford, Kat
herine K. Crawford, Gladys Pan
nell, E. J. Carpenter and Myrtle
S. A. Bryson, Mary Helen El
more, Ina H. Duvall, Orviie Cabe,
Mrs. J. C. Horsley, Mildred Mof
fitt, Myrtle V. Norton, Joyce J.
Cagle, Maybur H. Norton, E. G.
Crawford, J. J. Mann, Blanche
Howard, Nora Frank Moody,
Laura Amanda Slagle, Mary Ann
Angel, Martha C. Shields, Eliza
beth D. Higdon, J. B. Brendle,
Esther Seay, Pearl P. Stewart,
Elizabeth Meadows, Nina T. Mc
Coy, Marie G. Roper, Ralph Angel,
Ruth Byfd, Kate Reece, Christine
Browning, May . McCoy, Mattie
Marie Brendle, Eunice C. Siler
and Selma Dalton.
The teachers for ' district No, 2
and 3, which is Otter Creek and
Highlands, have not yet bee elec
ted, inasmuch as these schools have
several weeks to run yet. However,
they will be elected in a short
while and the announcements will
be made later, according to a state
ment from Mr. Houk.
(List Of Macon County
Students Who Won
The pupils of the Macon county
schools who passed the 7th grade
this term numbered 176 which is
a gain of 17 over last year. Much
interest has been shown in the fol
lowing list released by W. H.. Fin
ley, principal of the Franklin high
school last Friday and posted in
The Franklin Press office window.
Carl Russell, Max Green, Fran
ces Furr. Billy Cochrane, W. J.
Mason, . Carolyn Long, Shirley
Welch, Frank Holbrooks, Carolyn
Leach, Hazel Keener, Margaret
Moore, Phil Myers, Edward Bry
son, Thad Blaine, Evelyn Boling,
Dick Angel, Bobby Justice, Eu
gene Waldroop, Annie Lou Hus
cus,sbn, Richard Bingham, Sarah
Cunningham, Billy Dean, Joan Pal
mer, David Brooks, Harold Brad
ley, John Dean, Steve McConnell,
Kenneth Norton, Bobby Phillipps,
Elmo Rogers, James Stockton, Fur
man Stockton, Bobby Sutton, Ken
neth Waldroop, Zenna Kate Ander
son, Maye Dills, Mattie McCall,
Ela Moss, Faye Dills, Robert
Brinkley, Furman McConnell, Ed
na Will Mashburn.
Doris Holt, Annie Will Howard,
Dean Holt.
Cecil Tallent, Bob Ray, Garland
Woody, Dick Roland, Lewis Can
iler. Junior Houston, J. L. Fouts,
James Roper, Jarlcna .Tallent,
Emma Tallent, Mary Liner, Carol
Lee Roper, Jesse Lee Downs, Julia
Higdon, Helen Gibson, Helen Du
vall, Fay Ammons. Catherine
Meadows, LeRoy Roper, Ruth
Poindexter, Radford Jacobs, Violet
Omk Crova
Morena McGaha, Rozelle McCoy,
Jay Meadows, Wint Duvall, Thad
Byrd, Billy Meadows, Bobby Ram
sey, John E. Bradley, Edgar Smith,
Dorohty Guy, Eva Nelle Clark,
Sallie Morgan, Beatrice Ramsey,
Ruth Smith, Cloe Smith, Violet
Lower TaMnta
Neville Buchanan, Tommy Lee
Rogers. -
Wenoia Beck. Sallie Sue Wallace,
Jeanette Harrison. Fred Halan An
derson, Beulah Dills.
Jack Nichols, Ray Gregory, R.
$1.50 PER YEAR
Address By Dr. Hunter
And Sermon By Rev.
J. L. Stokes
A large crowd at tended the. bac
calaureate, sermon at' the';-' Macon
Theatre . on Sunday --night, when
the kcv. J. L. Stokes II, spoke
from Genesis 3-19, "by the sweat '
of thy face shalt thou eat bread,"
the subject of his discussion being
"Facing Reality in the Tasks of
Life." ;
Mrs. Henry W. Cabe Was in
charge of the music and the in
vocation was said by the Rev. C.
F. Rogers. The scripture lesson
was read and prayer offered by
the Rev. A. Rut us Morgan.
The commencement finals were
held in the high- school auditorium
on Wednesday evening when the
diplomas were presented to the 61
graduates - by Guy L. Houk, super
intendent of Macon county" .schools,
who also introduced the guest
speaker, Dr. H. T. Hunter, presi
dent of Western Carolina Teach- '
ers college.
Dr. Hunter spoke on the new
lessons we are learning from the
present world conditions, particul
arly stressing three points:. First,
that the hand and the head must
be trained to work together, thus ,
stimulating each other for all tasks
of life; second, the lack of me
chanical training for the production
of manufacturing materials needed
in every phase of life, and third,
"Our Democracy cannot be taken
for granted."
Kathryn Long, daughter of Mr,
and Mrs. E. W. Long, gave the
salutatory address and John H.
Wasilik, son of Mr. and Mrs. John
Wasilik, Jr., made the valedictory
W. H. Finley, principal of Frank
lin high .school, presented the
awards to the 13 members of the
graduating class who made out
standing records during the past
L. Dills, Helen -Johnson, Louise
Hamby, Rebecca Smart, Betty
Gregory, . Katherine Sellers.
Willard Holland, Clotis Gibson.
Hazel Holland, Leo Stanfield, Las
sie McCall. Fred Brvson. Ir Vir
gil . Holland.
Olive Hill
Louise Hughes. Willie f ae Wil-
lis, Bill Shields, Garland fc-vans.
Clifton Wilkes.
Wilford Corbin, Kenneth Corbin,
Velma Crisp, Frank Jr. McDowell.
Walnut Creek
Sam Mashburn.
Oak Ridge
Howell Smith. -,''.
Clark. Chapel
Charles Keener, Pearl Frazier,
Harold Jennings.
Oak Dale
Elva Bryant, Avenell Ray, Bes
sie Smith.
Cold Mine .
Evercttc McClure, Howard
Southard, J. B. Keener.
Freda Edwards, Grace Kaby.
Lois Slagle,. Joanna Welch, Grace
Younce, Annie Burr Huggins
Allison-Wat U
Elsie Burch, Annie Lou Wal-'
droop. . , ' '- - -'
Hickory Knoll
Frances Arrant, Charles Stiles,
Evelyn Stiles, Hazel Stiles, Mar
garet Vanhook.
Agnes Shepherd.
Mamie Ammons.
Academy .
Margie Thomas.
Pine Grove
Lois Stewart.
Pauline Allen, Zena Pearl Rick
man. Ralph Duvall, Ruth Edwards.
Henderson Rolland. Lora Alice
Cabe. Dorothy Leatherman, Clara
Mae Shepherd. Louise Shepherd,
Helen Shepherd, Ellis Allan.
Holly Sprint
Earl Cabe, Roy Crisp, Dorothy
Corbin. Betty Elliott. Stella Sue
Mildred Beeco. Edna Mae Bren
dle. Zula Ooer, Rogers Guest,
Fred Kinsland.
Maple Spring i
Calvin Led ford. Nora Lee Led
ford. Leonard Moffitt, J. L. San
ders, Jr.
Moon tain View
Janice Reynolds, Calvin Carpen
ter, Junior Curtis.
Joe Keener. Ned Cabe, Gilmer
Henson. Guy Henson. Dean Nor
ton, Cecil Seagle.

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