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VOL. LVI, NO. 34
$1.50 PER YE Aft
4-H'ers Sell Cartoogechaye to Raleigh Olli!
Simonds Gets Two Years
In Leach Assault Case
M'J, states
if tjLgONDS
Important Speakers Will
Be Heard; Many To
; Go From Macon
A large group from" Macon coun
ty expect to attend the Western
Carolina Farmers meeting at Boone
pn Tuesday and Wednesday of
next week. They will assemble on
Monday morning, August 25, at
the Agricultural' building,, leaving
from there at 10 a. m. daylight
saving time. Many distinguished
speakers and discussion groups will
feature the sessions which will be
gin Tuesday noon and last through
Wednesday noon.
Each discussion group will be
headed by a. specialist from the
Extension Service at Raleigh, as
Agronomy, E. C. Blair; dairy, F.
R. Farnham; poultry, C. F. Par
rish;. swine, E. V. Vestal; home
beautification,: John Harris; fores
try, R. Mi Graeber; beef cattle,
L. I, Case; sheep, S: L. Williams';
agricultural engineering, H. M. El
lis; AAA, E, Y, Floyd; farm rec
ords, C D. Thomas; farm organi
zation, W. B. Collins; and- horti
culture, H. .JR. Niswonger. Speakers
of-importance or the "joint" meet
ings, will be Dr. B. B. Dougherty,
president Appalachian Teacher
college, Dr. L. D. Baver, head
agronomy department, N. C. State
college, Mr. J. C. McAmis, director,
of agricultural, relations ' depart-
ment, TV A, Dean, I. O. Schaub,
director, of agricultural extension
service, and ' Dr. H. . A. Morgan,
chairman, board of directors of
TVA. ;
'It is possible that never again
wi our farmers have the oppor
tunity to hear and come in contact
with as many outstanding men who
are all interested in our farming
situation and are anxious to help
in 'any way possible. Every farm
er -'in Macon county who possibly
cad should plan to take this trip,
see the farming and livestock in
Watauga and adjoining counties,
and attend this important meeting,"
flays Sam Mendenhall, farm agent.
Transportation Will be furnished
by the Macon county soil conser
vation and water control associa
tion. .The total cost . for- room and
board while at Boone will be $275.
.AH farmers will be expected to
lake bed linen, towels and other
necessary toilet articles. All farm
ers who plan, to make this trip
should notify the county agent's
office so that transportation can be j
arranged for them.
State Representatives Of
Blind Commis H"
Mrs. Matj&ae ? '
Aifeti'ry Douvifft d
sentatives of iV
for the blind, n
to Franklin thw v'
"V Jiihem was Misi
of Gas ton ia, supci;..
lie welfare of Cast .
" Mrs. MoCrary e ,
representative cf -the
work Of t' - r 1
is supported l'
voted to t
s Ihomas,
i-icnt li pub-
' ,: r7y-
jMtfl to a
. ' ri that
Uiin,; which
state, iia der
tir. of eye
it -of blind
health and tl.e
ness which in vol Ter' corrective
work, as well as the training of the
blind in useful vocations.
Bishop St.4 George .Tucker
To Preach In Highlands
The Right - Rev. Henry St.
.George Tucker, presiding bishop
of the Episcopal church, of -Vir
ginia and New York, will preach
at the Church of the Incarnation
Highlands, at the Sunday inorninig
; Beginning his .ministry as a
missionary to Japan, - where he
was first consecrated Bishop of
Kyoto." Bishop .Tucker ' . became
bishop of the diocese of "Virginia,
in his home state, before being
elected presiding bishop. He is
known throughout the world as
a Christian statesman and an au
thority on Far East social prob
lems and as a great preacher.
B. T. U. Meeting At
Holly Springs August 29
The B. T. U. meeting will be
held at Holly Springs, Friday Aug
ust 29 at 8 p. m.
1 The program for the evening
will be as follows:
Song services led by the Holly
Springs B. T. U.; devotions con
ducted by Mrs. YVilliams; minutes
and roll call; "How to Conduct a
Training Course" by Paul Swaf
. ford;, message, by Rev. C W.
F" Tg"TniHH" "J":T"Jr""" II I II I II I II II I II II lll l II l I II I l II Ullllll I Hill PI I 'I IIIHII II IIIIHHIII IIIW'TTTI 01 1 1 Hl II III llll )JI iyilmillll1IIIIMIl III PI II 1 1 II J .'JTjUUIHJ II wu u I. u IIHW Bl UU WUUWW1 1 WtH LWU
' ' ' - 1 ha:oh v I
f j: . " fl J.
Left, Emma Lou Hurst, Macon county 4-H winner of title, "State Health Queen", and right Myra Slagle
4-H member from Cartoogechaye, selling cook books of Cartoogechaye Home Demonstration Club on the
grounds of the Y. M. C. A. on State College grounds, Raleigh, while attending Farm-Home Week.
' Sixty-eight books were sold by them.
Many Changes In System
By Consolidation Of
Rural Schools
' Alf Macon 'cOutity 'public scfiools
with the -exception of Highlands
will open August 28. The Highlands
school will open September 11.
This announcement was made to
day through the office of G. L.
Houk, .superintendent, who also
stated that there would be a meet
ing" of the teachers, of every school
in. the county vSaturday, August 23
at 10 a. m. in the Franklin high
school building to discuss plans 'for
the coming year.
The following changes in the
school. system were . also announced
The new"-Otter school is to be a
consolidation . of the recent Acad
emy, Upper and Lower Tesenta,
Mulberry, Mountain , View, and
HirWnrv Knnll crhnnlit The chil-
n who wefeadrnfWriatl'
tne' tjeecner - scnoot will oe trans
ported by "bus to the' Andrews
lqqo Pupils
Expected At Opening Of
Franklin Schools
On Thursday, August 28 at 9:15,
Eastern daylight saving time, 1,-
000 children and young people will
begin the rail term of the Franklin
schoofs. An attendance-of 450 is
expected in the elementary school
and" 550 in the high school, accord
ing to the estimate of the prin
eipal, W. H. Finley. .
The first two days, pupils will
be dismissed at the noon hour, so
that, hot lunches will not be need
ed until the following Monday,
when the usual plan for hot lunches
will be resumed under the super
vision of Miss Ethel Hurst.
There are few changes in the
faculty this year, according to the
principal. New members of the high
school faculty Include Miss Nancy
Haywood, of Concord, who will
teach English; Miss Marie Haass,
of Kentucky, English and history;
H. C. Fouts, Iotla, history; Miss
Laura Thomas, Greenville, S. C,
The successor of Miss Dorothy
Plonk, teacher of chemistry and
geometry, who resigned to accept a
fellowship in research work in
biological chemistry at the Univer
sity of North Carolina, has not
yet been announced. ...
America is in a state of emer
gency. Every citizen is urged to
do his part by buying Defense
Savings Bonis and Stamp.
Grand Jury
Recommends Voting On
Courthouse Bonds
The following report was made
today by the Macon County
Grand Jury;
To His Honor Wra, H. Bobbin,
Judge Presiding.
We, the grand jury of s tlie
aforesaid county for August Term,
1941, most respectfully report the
following :
We have passed on all bills,
before us and have marked them
true bills or not true bills accord
ing to the evidence, except those
that have been continued for lack
of evidence.
We divided into committees and
visited the County Home, Court
House, Jail and Prison Camp, and
make our report as follows:
Conditions of the County Home:
The toilets of the County Home
aren't in first class shape. The
front porch needs repair work
done on it. The balance of the
County Home is. in fair shape.
. -
I " w commpiifi tnat tnjcnoo.l
1 , I. .ulands is in 1 d
-oik. e' school Vises ' t
'L : ro ... e. - ALo the at' .1
I'larAlia ia; in . . j
Jj'. Court" House and '.'Jir.Jf
We find the. prisoners are !all
well kept and fed. Jail is fair
We find the Courthouse in fair
condition considering, the condi
tion of the building. We recom
mend that all voters register and
vote on the bonds for a new
courthouse and jail.
The prison camp we find in
A-l condition.
We appreciate the support and
cooperation extended us by your
Honor and Solicitor.
August 21st, 1941.
Other members of the grand
jury are : Carl Donaldson, Chas.
A. Rogers. R. E. Liner. U. N.
Carpenter, Frank Peek, W. W.
Edwards, Robt. Brown, Cline Ed
wards, Davis Morgan, D. L.
Clark, Fred Dills. T. V. Shields,
George Anderson, Jack Cansler,
M. S. Burnette, J. E. Allen, and
W. C Arvey. I
Singing Convention To
Be Held August 24
The Fifth' Sunday Singing Con
vention will hold their regular
meeting on the fourth Sunday in
the month, August 24, instead of
the fifth Sunday according to J.
M. Kaby, chairman of the con
vention. The meeting will be' m
the Macon county courthouse ' at
Franklin. The public is cordially
invited to attend.
W. 0. W. Promotes
J. H. Brookshire
J.'H. Brookshire of Franklin has
been promoted to the office of
field representative in this district
of the Woodman of the World
He succeeds V. M. Johnson who
recently reiiguet '
Miss Hurst, State Queen
Of Health, Will Go
To Chicago
Emma Lou Hurst, Macon county
4-H winner of the state title of
queen of health, who attended the
recent 4-H short course and Farm
and Home week at State college,
Raleigh, made a brief talk on the
Farm and Home Tour program last
week. Others who attended the
short course from Macon county's
4-H clubs were Myra Slagle, Faye
Dills, Mary ' Alice Rickman, Clay
ton Ramsey, Leroy Roper, Cecil
Kinsland and Newell Owenby.
Miss Hurst, daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. H. C. Hurst, first Wan the
4-H health championship at the
district meeting in Asheville oh
June 9, making a perfect score of
100, while Myra lagle, daughter
or ai r.-smii m Mr-Cart- blagle, ran
! t" ci i.' t ycMii w i2 Ji ' ' scare 'of
;K istmg t, e'Viri .'' ' l lti'l tH
ehnle twA ,t,:.k;"bo, ,'f-om. the
copiesci. gently vpuNied
Favorite Recipes of the Cartooge
chaye Home Demonstration club,
which has received favorable rec
ognition from other sections of the
state. .
To Attend Chicago Meeting
As State winner of the title of
Health Queen, Miss Hurst will rep
resent North Carolina at the 4-H
Club Congress' in Chicago to be
held the last "week in November.
She will join the other state cham
pions, food preservation, clothing
and dairying champions, for the
trip. Miss Hurst won over contes- S
tants from five extension districts
of the state. '
Macon county 4-H Clubs and
Home Demonstration Clubs are
planning to assist in meeting the
expense of the Chicago trip of
their delegate by the sale of cook
books and other activities.
Summer Activities
During the summer each club- is
holding an all-day canning of vege
tables and fruits which she brought
from home, learning to use the
pressure cooker. Twenty-three boys
and girls from the county clubs at
tended the 4-H camp at Swanannoa.
Regular meetings will be resum
ed in September, according to an
announcement by Mrs. Florence
Sherrill, under whose supervision
the 4-H work is carried on.
Mrs. Sherrill states that a county-wide
exhibit to be held in the
Agricultural building is now being
planned for September, the prize
winning exhibits to be sent to the
Western North Carolina "fair in
Henderson ville. ' '
The 4-H Clubs, which were firat
organized in 1910, now number 360
members in Macon county. Their
motto is To Make' the Best Bet
ter." The four "Hs" stand for.
Head, Heart, Hands, Health.
The membership pledge is:
3 pledge my head to' clearer
thinking; -my heart to greater
Bond Election
Registration Books Close
August 23rd
Saturday, August 23. is the
last day for registration for the
bond election to be. held Tues
day, Sept. 2. The registration
books will be open in the various
precincts -until 6 p. m. Saturday,
August 30, will be challenge day.
Due to the fact that all previ
ous remstration records "were
burned in the Bank building fire,
every citizen will be required to
register before voting in this
The Macon . county commission
ers have asked the citizens to
vote on a $o(),0J0 bond issue nec
essary for the construction of a
new courthouse and jail. If the
$90,000 will be furnished by WPA
to be used for the building of a
$150,000 courthouse and jail.
N. C. Library Head
Visits Franklin Library,
Bookmobile To Operate
: Miss Marjorie Beal, secretary of
the North Carolina Library Com
mission, has visited Franklin dur
ing the past week and arranged
for the purchase of a new book
mobile to take the place of the one
wrecked some months ago.
Steps have bean taken to pur
chase a truck' which will be con
verted into a bookmobile; with part
of the funds allocated to the coun
ty from the library commission
funds appropriated by the last leg
islature, according to Miss Lassie
Kelly, chairman of the local library
board. The amount thus appropriat
ed to the county is $900, which is
supplemented by a county appro
priation of $200 and $200 by the
town of Franklin. The salary of a
librarian and bookmobile librarian
will be paid by WPA funds.
Mri. Cox Continue Gifts
Mrs. Angie Cox. library bene
factor, continues her generous con
tribution of books to the library,
which, Miss Kelly says, makes it
possible to operate the bookmobile
for the benefit of citizens in the
county who live too far from
Franklin to enjoy the use of the
town library. Books are delivered
to every section of the county and
collected according to a , regular
schedule. Mrs. Frank I. Murray
will have charge of the bookmobile,
which will begin to operate as soon
in 'September 's" the truck-.aij, pe
equippedJLj.V-''v ".Z i
, Mf" l,f rt of ...the board ' besides
f'ie''cLairn!an:''"arc 15 1 s'. Lol a 1.
Lit rinstory ;C Vngi-lMr j. Viri
ginia Ramsey, .Miss Nora .'"Moody'
and Charles : ' Melichar;--
School Bus Drivers To
Report Monday
W. H. Finley, principal of the
Franklin school, has requested all
school bus drivers of District No.
1 to report at the county school
bus garage at 1 o'clock Monday,
August 25.
Macon Epworth Leagues
Meet At Asbury Church
1l he Macon County Epworth
Leagues meeting at the AsbUry
Methodist church las Thursday
evening presented' a discussion on
the "Writings of the Early Scrip
tures". In a "business session con
ducted ,by Lillian Jones, Sarah
Conley was- elected president.
Mary Frances . Page, vice-president;
Lotis Bradley, corresponding
secretary; Jo Bradley, secretary;
Mary Evelyn Moore, treasurer.
Louisa Chapel League invited the
Union to meet with them the sec
ond Thursday in September.
The social hour was directed by
Don Cabe after which iced water
melon" was served.
Carlisle Bros. Show
At Court House Aug. 26
Carlisle Brothers with "Sonny
Boy Tommy," Hot Shot Elmer.
and I. Blanchard, will appear at
the Court house with a brand new
show on Tuesday night, August
26, at 8:30 p. nt: daylight saving
tune. -
The show is sponsored y As
bury church and the Girl Scouts
public is . invited to attend.
loyalty, my hands to larger service,
my health to better living, for my
club, tny community, my country."
Other Criminal Cases On
Docket Completed
Arvil SiniQiHls who was charged
Willi an assault on Tom Leach,
well-known Franklin'-' citizen, was
found guilty by a Macon county
juryj in t lie August' term of the
Superior Court and was sentenced
to serve two years on the roads
of the state of North Carolina,
by Judge VV. II,' Bobbin, of.
"Simonds, who maintained a -idea-
of not guilty throughout the trial -was
without 'counsel, while the
State was represented bv lohn
M. Queen, ai Waynesville. solic
itor for this district'.'..-.
Mr. Leach, although in aii en
feebled condition ' was' - 'able f
appear on the witness stand and
identify, the 'defendant as One of
the persons who attacked him
Saturday night, July 26. He . fur
ther testified that Anvil Simondsv
came up to him oh tliL-. night of
his attack' about 9. i. ni. and
after greeting him : in a frieiullv
fashion walked with him.; until
they came to an alley where Si
monds seized . and dragged him
into the alley,- then ' knocked -'him' ,
unconscious. He also stated that
there were several other neoiile
there who look part in the at- . ,
tack, and that he does . not
know what , happened between
this time and when lie regained
consciousness . behind dlen Ray's
store, some 3(K) yards from the
spot of the first attack.
Other witnesses who . testified
as to . having seen Simonds and ,
Mr. Leach together around 9 ' p.
m. that night are Roy Cunning
ham, Hazel and Carrie Lee Pan
nell. :.'.'
Other Cesee
The following persons were
found guilty of drunken driving
and received sentences of a fine
of $50 plus court costs and a
60-day suspended sentence: Geo.
Reed, Aaron Miller, Wiley Scott.
Leonard Miller, Bill Lenoir, Gor
don Leftls, and Don Mulkey.
Harlie and Lemmie Houston
who attacked Marshall Officer,
the local night policeman, Sat
urday night, August . 16, were
found guilty of assault and resist
ing an officer. Harley received
a six-months sentence while Lem
mie was sentenced to serve two
months by Judge Bobbin.
Two divorce cases in which
Troy A. Lewis was granted a di
vorce from Ethel Lewis and Beu
lah C. Howell was granted a di
vorce from Vance Howell were
7J" .T, Mosev Georget.Hall..har- ,
c urgess an facei4;iarge,?.,,ol ...
I "
. The prant jiirv returned a trte
bill ' of indicttnent- against .VVil-:'
liari-;,-Eniotr "who ' wa- charged
with criminal assault upon a girl
under twelve years of age. This
case will be referred to the next
term of Superior court.
The criminal docket was con
cluded Wednesday and the court
proceeded to the civil docket
Clifton Parker Receives
Critical Injuries In Slide
Clifton Parker, of Havesville.
was injured at the Utah Con-
struction Company rock quarry
when he was caught in a slide of
loose dirt and rock at 4 a. m.
Tuesday, August 19. He was
rushed to Angel Hospital where
his condition was pronounced
critical by Dr. Edgar Angel. Mr.
Parker received a fractured skull,
fractured back, and fractured
ribs according to Dr. Angel.
Catholic Lecture
At Court House
The Rev. Dr. Louis ' Motry, of
Washington, D. C, will deliver
a lecture on the Catholic church
at the court house on Saturday
afternoon, August 23, beginning at
3 o'clock. The public js invited to
Carson Chapel Revival
Continues Next Week
Stereoptican pictures depicting
scenes in the life of Christ, will
beshowii on Saturday night, at 8
p. m. at Carson chapel where re
vival services are now in progress.
Rev. J. L. Stokes II, who is the
preacher at these services, has an
nounced that there will be a chil
dren's tnd young people's service
every night, . beginning Monday,
August 25, at 7:30 o'clock, preced
ing the regular service.

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