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$1.50 PER YEAR
Many Attend Last Rites
Of One Of Macon's
Beloved Women
The Oak Grove Baptist church
was filled to overflowing last Sat
urday morning with friends who
came to pay their last respects to
their beloved friend and neighbor,
Mrs. Ed G. Byrd, who died Thurs
day afternoon. Mrs. Byrd had been
ill with a serious heart ailment for
six weeks, but her death was un.
expected and a shock to all.
The funeral services were con
ducted by the pastor, the Rev. R.
W. Williams, assisted by the Rev.
J. S. Stanberry, the pastor of the
Tellico church, of which Mrs.
Byrd was a member, who preached
the sermon. Tributes were also
paid by Rev. W. L. Bradley, a
former pastor and an old friend
Also assisting were the Rev. George
Davis of the Gowee church and
the Rev. A. Rufus Morgan of the
Franklin Episcopal church. Itv
terment was in the Byrd plot of
the church cemetery.
Laura Cunningham Byrd was
born in Swain county on March 21,
1883, the ' daughter of Rufus T.
and Mary Cunningham, where she
lived until her marriage on July
5, 1908 to Ed B. Byrd of Macon
County, who survives her. To this
union were born seven children
who survive; three daughters, Mrs.
Alvin Fullbright of Webster, Mrs.
Ralph West and Miss Faye Byrd
of Stiles; four sons, Clinton of
Franklin, George of Tullahpma,
Teni., Frank of Bryson City, Thad
of Stiles; three sisters, Mrs. J. H.
Coffey of Bryson City, Mrs. S. L.
Davis and Mrs. Ellis Burnett of
Almond ; and two brothers, Robert
Cunningham of Rich Square and
Ralph Cunningham of Ashe wile;
arid several grandchildren.
Mrs. Byrd was a true helpmeet
to her husband who has served the
county as . chairman and also, as a
memlber of the county commission
ers and in other capacities. She
was one of the leading women in
the organization of the home dem
onstration clubs in the county. She
had served as president of the
county council of the home dem
onstration clubs and was chairman
of the curb market. Her initiative
was largely responsible for the
building of the curb market, of
which she remained an enthusiastic
worker until her last illness. The
patrons and housewives of Frank
lin will be among those who will
miss Mrs. Byrd's presence,
miss Mrs. Byrd's presence. Pall
bearers were her four sons and
two sons-in-law.
Eastern Star To Give
Party For Red Gross
A party for the benefit of the
Red Cross will be given by the
past matrons of Nequassee chapter
of the Eastern Star at Kelly's Tea
Room on Saturday evening, Valene
tines Day, beginning at 8:15 o'clock.
Bingo will be played and cakes
a,nd candies will be sold.
Samuel H. Gibson
Passes At Oteen
Samuel Herbert Gibson, 46, of
lotla, died at Oteen hospital, Feb
ruary 10 at 6 o'clock. He had been
ill for the past four or five weeks
and- was on his way to the gov
ernment hospital in Washington,
D. C.
Mr. Gibson was the son of the
late Joseph Gibson and Alva Allen
Gibson of the Cowee community.
He was a member of the lotla
Baptist church. He served in
France during World War No. 1.
On September 6, 1919, he was mar
ried to Miss Fannie Liner.
Funeral services will be held
Thursday at 11 o'clock at the lotla
Baptist church. The Rev. G. W.
Davis, pastor, will have charge of
the services, with Rev. N. E. HoU
den and Rev. C. F. Rogers assist
ing. Pallbearers will be nephews : Dan
R. Reynolds, Carl Dalton, Carroll
Reynolds, Lon Dalton, John Gib
son Murray and Vance Holbrooks.
The flower girls will be nieces.
Surviving are the widow; one
son, Sam, Jr. ; one daughter, Helen ;
one grandchild, Bobby Gibson;
three brothers, Walter Gibson of
Spruce Pine; Weaver and Carroll
of Cowee; four sisters, Mrs. John
H. Dalton, Mrs. Jim R. Holbrooks,
Mrs. Robert Bryson, Mrs. Jets
Reynolds and Mrs. Frank I. Mur
ray. The young people of the Oak
Dale community are getting along
nicely with their B. T. U. We ore
also improving on our Prayer
meetings n the homes.
The above shows how far up the sides of the Little Tennessee river gorge the 450 foot dam will, extend. The site is less
than 20 miles from Clingman's Dome, the highest peak in the Great Smokies. The dam is being constructed as one of the units
of the Tennessee Valley Authority and is estimated to cost $50,000,000. It will give employment to 3,000 people.
33 Selectees
Left Tuesday Morning
For Fort Bragg
The following group of 33 selec
tees left Franklin Tuesday morn
ing for Fort Bragg to enter mili
tary service :
Frank Edward Raby, Franklin;
Henry Ford Raby, Franklin; Ralph
Bruce Edwards, Highlands; John
Henrv Seattle. Otto: Eldon Charlie
Owens, Scaly; Frank Virgil Bell,
Dillard, Ga. ; Emerson Hershel
Williamson, Rt. 1, Franklin; Ralph
Furman Waldroop, Rt. 2, Franklin;
Willis O'Neal Bradley, Dillard, Ga. ;
Gordon Jerry Ramey, Rt. 1,
Franklin ; James Benjamin Cope,
Kyle; Lona Gregory, Highlands;
Arthur Connie McCall, Highlands;
Joseph Thad Hodgon, Star Route
No. 1, Prentiss; William Marion
Adams, Ellijay; Coy Franklin Nor
ton, Otto; Thomas Lee Ledford,
Route 3, Franklin; James Robert
Vinson, Rt. 1, Franklin; Morris
Edgar Lemmings, Cullasaja; Claude
Olen Clark, Etna; Herrejl Ledford,
Prentiss; Edgar Edwin Dowdle, Rt.
2, Franklin; Clarence Robert
Scroggs, Rt. 1, Franklin; Lee Wil
liam Higdon, Rt. 2, Franklin; Dan
Neal, Flats; William Clay Altaian.
Franklin; John Howard Wood,
Highlands, Buck Creek Route;
Eckel Dwight Rowland, Aquone;
Gus George Baldwin, Rt. 3, Frank
lin ; Frank L. Amnions, Prentiss ;
Jacob Weaver Holbrooks, Stiles;
Vester Arlen Ledford, Rt. 3 Frank
lin; Albert Randolph Bryson.
Girl Scouts
Soon To Begin Activities
Under 1941 Committee
Miss Jewel Vandiver has been
appointed the leader of the Frank
lin Girl Scout troop by the Girl
Scout committee of the Parent
Teacher Association of which Mrs.
Gordon Moore has served as chair
man during the past year. Miss
Haas will be assistant leader, it is
Mrs. John Wasilik, Jr., president
of the P. T. A has appointed the
following Scout committee to serve
for this year: Mrs. W. E. Furr,
Mrs. Zeb Conley, Mrs. Charles
Bradley, Mrs. Henderson CaHo-
way, Mrs. Tom McCollum, Mrs.
Thad D. Bryson, Jr. For their
spring activities the girls will unite
with the Girl Scouts all over the
nation in preparing themselves to
be helpful to their country in time
of war.
Three Injured
In Car Wreck
J. B. Elmore, John Norton and
L. M. Johnston received cuts,
bruises and other injuries early
Monday morning when Mr. El
more's car left the road at the
intersection near the McGuire resi
dence on Highway No. 64.
The accident was caused from
frost being on the windshield Mr.
Norton from Otto, who is still a
patient at Angel's hospital recov
ering from his injuries, is reported
much improved.
Fontana Dam Site
Certificate Winners In
Victory Food Program
Navy Recruiting
Station At Franklin P. O.
A Navy Recruiting Station will
be established in the Post Office,
Franklin, "on Thursday, February
19, from 8 a. m. to 6 p. m., or later
if necessary, to take care of all
applicants who may apply. All
branches of the Regular Navy, and
all classes of the Navy Reserve
are now open for enlistment.
Since war has been declared,
the Navy is being expanded far
more rapidly than before, and a
number of important changes have
been incorporated in Navy Re
cruiting. Papers, documents, etc.,
formerly required for enlistment
have been reduced to a consider
able extent, and it is now possible
in most cases to furnish transpor
tation to the point of enlistment
namely, Raleigh, N. C. on the
same day application is made, if
the applicant so desires. Married
men may be accepted for the
Naval Reserve and ordered to ac
tive duty immediately, provided
their wives are self-supporting or
can be supported on the salary
the man will receive in the Navy,
provided the wife will sign an af
fidavit to this effect. Married men,
or those with lependents, provided
they can enlist with a rating of
second class petty officer or high
er, receive an allowance of ap
proximately $35 per month n ad
dition to their regular salary for
the support of their dependents. J
Applicants for Class V-l, Naval
Reserve, between the ages of 17
and 20, and who are now in school
or college, may be enlisted now
and sent home to complete the
current school year. Applicants for
Class V-5, Naval Reserve (flight
Training) who are now in their
Sophomore, Junior or Senior year
in college, may be enlisted in this
class and allowed to complete the
current scholastic year before be
ing ordered to active duty. Appli
cants for Class V-7 (midshipmen)
now in their Junior or Senior year,
may be enlisted in this class and
placed upon inactive duty until
they obtain their degree. However,
those now in their Junior year
will be given a certain amount of
training at the completion of the
current scholastic year and before
school commences again next fall.
Schedule For Home
Demonstration Clubs
The schedule for the Home Dem
onstration clubs will be as fol
lows: Monday, February 16, lotla, Mrs.
Zeb Cansler.
Tuesday, February 17, Oak
Grove, Mrs. Turner Breed ove.
Wednesday, February' 18, Car
toogechaye, Mrs. H. C Hurst.
Thursday, February 19, Scaly,
Mrs. Ernest Vinson.
Friday, February 20, Burning
town, Mrs, Robert Pirns.
on The Little Tennessee
Hfae' (J
County Agent Announces
Names Of Farmers
With Best Records
The Macon county office of farm
agent, Sam Mendenhall, agent, and
T. H. Fagg, assistant agent, has
released the following statement
with a list of farm families who
have received the honor of certi
ficates for maximum production of
Lilt Of Certificate Winner.
lit is with distinct pleasure that
the office of the county agent is
able to announce that the follow
ing farm families have produced
during the past year as much as
75 per cent of their food and feed
for home use. These persons have
received a certificate, "Food and
Feed for Family Living" signed
by the Governor of North Carolina.
It is most appropriate that the
names of these families can be an
nounced at this time because they
ore on example of the Victory
Garden Program that is being en
couraged throughout the nation.
The family that produces its feed
and food for home use and fol
lows a cropping .system that will
improve the soil will be the fam
ily that will be able to weather
the storm that is just ahead.
Nantahala Township : J. P. Soles
bee, Claud May, B. A. Baldwin, T.
Ervin Grant, M. E. Cochran, G.
W. Owenby.
Cartoogechaye Township : Law
rence Smith, Roy Southards, Mar
shall Carpenter, Bryant Setser, C.
N. Dills, C. S. Slagle. Joe Setser,
H. C. Hurst, J. H. Brookshire, W.
L. Setser, J. D. Hastings, Chas. W.
Franklin Township : H. J. Bryant,
Frank W. Gibson, George N. Stiles,
J. E. Myers, Geo. M. Slagle, Sam
Vanhook, W. B. Bennett, Miller
Ledford, A. J. Edwards, Joe E.
Wooten, Harley Stewart, Wymer
Williamson, M. E. Bennett, Wiley
Stamey, L. T. Sloan, Green Fouts,
A. L. Ramsey, A. F. Kimsey, Roy
B. Vanhook, Wilson Smart, Law
rence R. Ledbetter, P. E. Swanson,
Wilson Rogers, Alex Moore, Claud
Roper, Sam Sweatman, Otto Mc
Clure, Chas. R. Phillips, H. L.
Millshool Township: W. D. El
liott, E. V. Amnions, Burdell
Young, D. V. Liner, J. M. Wil
liams, L. A. Berry, E. M. Fox, C.
H. Downs, Jake P. Deal, Parker
Raby, J. R. Franklin, M. J. Talley,
Edgar N. Elliott, John Ashe, J.
D. Brendle, George Scott, Frank
L. Cobe, Marion Deal, B. W. Jus
tice, J. W. Guest, Molton Buc
hanan, G. F. Crisp, Fred Fox, A.
L. Dills, John C. Ferguson.
Ellijay Township: J. M. Cor-
bui, Jess Tyler, Oran B. Holland,
T. J. Corbin, Robert Fulton. W.
P. Peek, J. P. Adams, P. N. Moses,
C C. Jennings, Joe Potts, J. L
Higdon, Luther Young, J. L. Clark,
W. M. Bryson, A. J. Moore, Prelo
Dryman, Harrison Amnions, J. B.
Amnions, F. S. Henry.
Flats Township: J. D. Burraette,
J. A. Vinson, Ray Dryman.
On Monday, February 16
Should Be At Most
Convenient Place
The local draft board requests
all men who will be required to
register on Monday, February 16,
to do so at the most convenient
place. All men between the ages
of 20 and 45 years who have not
previously registered come under
this registration coll.
All registrars and assistants will
attend a meeting at the Franklin
school on Saturday morning to
receive instructions and supplies.
The following are the places of
registration :
Franklin, Court House, C. Tom
Bryson; Otto, Otto School-House,
J. J. Mann; Highlands, Highlands
School House, 0- F. Summer ; Ot
ter Creek, School House, Carl D.,
Moses ; Slagle, Slagle School House,
Miss Amanda Slagle; West's Mill,
Cowee School House, E. G. Craw
ford ; Burningtown, School House,
J. S. Conley; Higdonville, School
House, E. J. Carpenter; Scaly,
School House, Miss Jessie Hurst;
Holly Springs, School House, R.
S. Jones; Salem, Salem School
House, W. G. Crawford; Pine
Grove, School House, Sanford
G. C Stanfield
Dies At Oteen
Funeral .services for Grover
Cleveland Stanfield, 53, were held
Sunday morning at the Pentecostal
church, on the Franklin-Highlands
highway. The Rev. Mr. Modder;
pastor, officiated. Burial was in
Salem cemetery.
Mr. Stanfield died in the hos
pital at Oteen Thursday following
an illness of about five months.
A veteran of World War No 1
Mr. Stanfield enlisted April 25,
and landed in France Oc-
tober 28, 1918
Following his discharge from the
army on May 26, 1919, he returned
to his home in the Salem com
munity, where he spent the re
mainder of his life in farming.
Mr. .Mantield was a son of the
late Commodore L. and Roxie
Gregory Stanfield, of Macon coun
ty. He was married to Miss Odes
sa Frady and was a member of the
Pentecostal church.
Surviving are the widow: four
children, Frank. Charlie, Nettie
Mae, and Doris Ann; five broth
ers, Harley, George, Beulon, Ar
thur, and David, of Cullasaja; three
sisters, Mrs. Minnie Davidson, of
Uarton, Pa., Mrs. Lean Moses and
Miss Mae Stanfield, of Gneiss, and
his mother, of Gneiss.
Church Services
Next Sunday
On Sunday, February 15, the
morning services at the Methodist
and Presbyterian churches will be
gin at II JO a. m., and Sunday
school at 10:30 a. m. The Baptist
church will begin all services and
meetings at the usual time. The
Episcopal church will have evening
service at 5 p. m. and church
scfeool it 10 i. m.
Prominent Physician Dies
After Long Period
Of 111 Health
Dr. Norman Grady Williams, 49,
one of Macon county' best known
physician, died at his home in
Franklin, Tuesday, at 7 :20 p. m
He had been in ill health for three
years, but he reniiained active in
his profession until a few days ago.
Dr. Williams was the .son of the
late R. V. and Mary B. Williams.
He was born in the lotla com
munity, March 11, 1892 and has
lived in Macon county for 43
years. He was married to Miss
Vannie Lee Armistead in 1917.
Funeral services will be conduct
ed Thursday, at 3 p. m. at the
Methodist church with the Revs.
J. L. Stokes, Hubert Wardlaw, C.
F. Rogers, J. C. Swaim and Philip
Green, officiating.
The pallbearers will be Mr. Gur- '
raell, T. W. Angel, A. R. Higdon,
Harve Bryant, Harry Thomas and
Homer Mashiburn. Interment will
be in the Franklin cemetery.
Dr. Williams was a member of
the Moose, American Legion and
Masonic Lodges.
Surviving are the widow, and six
children, Louise, Robert, Polly,
Betty, Helen and Claude.
Scout Week
Witnesses To Progress Of
Scouting In Macon
The Franklin Troop of Boy
Scouts of America observed the
first day of Boy Scout Week by
attending the Scout-O-Rall at Cul
lowhee last Friday evening. They
were accompanied by the Rev. J.
L. Stokes, Rev. A. R. Morgan and
Hubert Wardlaw.
The Franklin Troop 1 and the
Chapel School Troop attended the
Methodist church on Sunday morn
ing, and heard an inspiring ser
mon by Dr. Stokes on the subject
of "The Great Chief."
The Boy Scouts put on a real
istic rehearsal of a black out for
the Lions club after they had been
entertained at dinner at Panorama
Court. Siren and bomb explosions
were followed by a demonstration
for First Aid to the "wounded."
Help in Defense activities by the
troop includes the collection of
books for the Victory Book drive
of waste paper. There are 35 boys
enrolled in this troop.
The Chapel school troop is also
collecting waste paper. The troop
has a membership of 11.
A new troop has been organized
by the Rev. R. W. Williams at
Etna with a membership of 12.
The troop at Highlands is reported
to have a membership of 12.
New Tikxp
The Rev. Dr. Stokes and the
Rev. Herbert Wardlaw, co-chairmen
of the annual drive for Scout
funds, state that they are much
encouraged at the increased inter
est shown in scout work. This is
not only in contributions but in
plans for the organization of new
troops. These include a troop at
Otto, with the Rev. J..C. Swaim as
leader and at Otter Creek under
Mr. Moses, principal of the Otter
Creek. School. There are also plans
for the beginning of a Cub pack.
composed of boys from nine to
Boys of 12 years and older are
eligible for membership in the Boy
Scouts of America.
N. C. E. A. To Meet
Saturday Morning
Mrs. Jessie T. Horsley, president
of the Macon county unit of the
North Carolina Educational Asso
ciation, announces that there will
be an important meeting of that
body on Saturday morning, Feb
ruary 14, at 10 oclock. Every
teacher is expected to be present.
Mr. Houk has several things for
the attention of the meeting.
TVA Examinations
Given In Bryson City
1 he 1 VA is giving a clerical ex
amination at the Bryson City high
scnoot, Saturday, February 14, be
ginning at 9 a. m.
It is necessary for any person
who is planning to take the ex
amination to send a postal card
to Warren L. Lathan, Bryson City.
Twenty-five or thirty young peo
ple from Franklin took the ex
amination on Friday, February 6,
including high school students,
NYA clerical workers and em
ployee from various offices.

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