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    Our Job Is to Save
War Bonds
tvtry rmf way
Ann niv
VOL. LVU, NO. 20
$1.50 PER YEAR
Officers To Be Elected;
Plans Made For Camp
By 11 Clubs
The county 4-H club council will
hold a semi-annual meeting Satur
day, May 16 at 10 a. m. in the
Agricultural Building. Emma Lou
Hurst, president of the council,
will preside. Dr. J. L. StokM II.
pastor of the Franklin Methodist,
will conduct a devotional.
n.uj nffirers are to be elected
for the coming year. Plans will be
made for attending the swannanoa
d.H rli.h rami Tulv 17-31. 4-H
State Short course held at State
College in the past has been c&nr
celled as a result of the war.
Betty Peek and Sam Jo Fulton,
members of Pine Grove club, will
give reports of Victory projects be
ing carried for the current year.
LeRoy Roper will discuss Salvage
and waste materials on farms and
what Macon 4-H club members cat
do to save all scrap materials.
The boy and girl making the
highest score in the physical ex
aminations will be announced as
King and Queen, of health for Ma
con county.
Girls winning first place in the
exhibits of projects held during
May meeting were as follows:
Burhingtown Ruth McCoy, 1st;
Betty Sue Duvall,2nd; Joyce Hug
gins, 3rd. Otter Creek Inez Owen
by. West's Mill Mary Sue Jones.
Oak Grove Sue Meadows, lotla
Betty Jean Edwards. Pine Grove
Hester Woods. Holly Springs
Ella May Seay.
Winners of Cartoogechaye, Hig
donville, Otto, and Franklin are
yet to be announced.
All officers of the 11 county
clubs are urged to attend and other
club members who are interested
in the program work for the com
ing year.
27 Macon County Men
Leave For Construction
Work On Marine Base
In cooperation with the defense
program, 27 Macon county men
have enrolled through WPA to
work on the Marine Base being
constructed at Jacksonville, oh the
eastern coast of the state. They
left in an Army truck on Tuesday
morning. Arthur E. Eve. district
director of the employment divi
sion, was in charge. ,
The following men were in the
Grady T. Wilkes, foreman; John
R. Love, Luther W. Thomas,
Claude Ledford, Carl H. Watts,
Jim W. Bell, Lee Cooke, Robert
L. Timmons, James A. Mathis,
Fred Kirkland, James A Russell,
Byrd A Collins, Walter J. Kenney,
Gene Boston, Herbert W. Dills,
Robert L. Airman, Clebe Breedlove,
Ray J. Bryson, Dillard Collins,
Frank B. Moss, George R. Peek,
Miller W. Sawyer, Jeff Patton,
Paul C. Mason, Henry R. Jones,
Gilmer Russell, Pearl Passmore.
Selective Service Men
To Be Inducted In May
Below are the names of the men
whowill be inducted during May
through the Selective Service board.
Lloyd Cunningham, Clyde Siler
Waldroop, Albert Hopkins, Carl
Dover Shope, Wayah Clinton Ray,
all volunteers.
Ervin Randall will be inducted
from Marysville, Calif, and Ahrin
O'Ddl Hurst will be inducted from
Champaigne, 111.
Others include, Ralph Monroe
Henson, Howe Taylor Crockett,
Homer Steve Woods, Cecil Lyman
Ledford, Marion Jetae McCracken,
William Lex Vanhook, Quincy Ad
ams Corpening, James Howard
Keener, Thomas Nyle Roper, Clyde
James Vaughn, Elmer Johnson
Stanfield, Carl Roosevelt Ammons,
George Harold Dalrymple, George
Mashbum, Grady Franks, Thomas
Odell Hurst, John Glenn Hauser,
and Robert Hawks, was also in
cluded in this call but who has
already volunteered and is enlisted
in the Army.
Mrs. Harold E. Barnard of Elk
ton Va., will arrive Saturday for
a visit to Mr. Barnard's parents,
Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Barnard.
Niswongcnr To Meet
Farmers May 22, 23
To Aid Crop Moving
We are afraid, due to the
shortage of gas and tires that
there Will be a scarcity of
trucks for moving our potatoes,
beans and cabbage to market.
With this in mind we are call
ing two meetings, one at Pine
Grove school and one at Otto
school to discuss what we might
do in the face of this problem.
The meeting at Pine Grove
will be Friday afternoon, May
22 at 2:30 o'clock. The meeting
at Qtto will be Saturday morn
ing, May 23 at 9:30 o'clock
(both meetings war time).
We are very fortunate in be
ing able to have with us at
these meetings Mr. H. R. Nis
wonger, extension horticulturist
from our State College, who
can give us valuable informa
tion regarding both the grow
ing and marketing of fruit and
vegetable crops.
As the war progresses more
and more commodities will eith
er be taken off the market or
severely rationed. Every able
bodied person in Macon county
should exert every effort to pro
duce all the food necessary for
home use.
Mr. Niswonger can be of val
uable assistance to you ip grow
ing vegetables for home use as
well as for market. Come to one
of these meetings and give him
an opportunity to help you
weather the storm that is
Farm Agent.
Men In Service
It has been reported that How
ard Moses and Carl Crisp of
Sugarfork were both in the Phil
ippine Islands at the time of the
fall of Corregidor.
Kenneth Cabe, son of Mr. and
Mrs. Henry W. Cabe, has been
accepted as an aviation cadet fa
the Army Air Corps. He is at
home awaiting his call from the
War department. Kenneht is a
senior at State College. His brother,
Henry W. Cabe Jr., who is a
sophmore at State college, and who
has made his solo flight in the
Civil Aeronautics Authority class
at the college, has been accepted
in the Air Corps Reserve, sub
ject to call. ,
Pvt. Rollin A. Deal of Camp
Stewart, Ga., and Corporal Wil
liam R. Deal of Camp Gordon,
Ga., have been visiting their
mother, Mrs. J. B. Deal on Rt. 4,
Pvt. R. L. Tallent, son of Mr.
and Mrs. J tile Tallent of Frank
lin is stationed in the Army at
Dale Matty Field, Fla.
Pvt. Gus Baldwin has been
transferred from Fort Bragg to
Fort Custer, Mich. He is doing
clerical work and reports that he
likes Army life very well. ,
Pvt. Jobn C. Dendy, son of Mr.
and Mrs. Joe Dendy of the Gold
mine community obtained a week
end pass last week and came home
to see his family.
James B. Porter, son of Mr.
and Mrs, T. W. Porter of Frank
lin, has been transferred from Pat
terson Field, Fairfield Ohio, to
Fort Dix, New Jersey.
Norman J. West is now again
serving in the Navel Medical
Corps after having spent two weeks
in the hospital at Norfolk, Va.
Jess F. Jamison, son of Grover
Jamison, has been transferred to
the Signal Regiment at Drew
Field, Tampa, Fla.
Glenn A Patton, son of Mrs.
Erwin Patton, Franklin Rt. 1, has
been transferred to an Airplane
Mechanic Training School in
Santa Monica, California. He en
listed in the army, last January
and up until recently had been
stationed at Wichita Falls, Texas.
J. B. Lenoir, of Cartoogechaye,
who is stationed in the Navy at
Norfolk, Va., is enjoying a short
furlough with his parents, Mr. and
Mrs. B. B. Lenoir.
Don Mulkey, of Cartoogechaye,
was visiting his wife, the former
Miss Mary Ellen Greene, on a
short furlough last week. He is
stationed at Fort Knox, Ky.
Fred Vaughan, who has held the
position of bookkeeper with the
fMWaf Bonds &
Bond Pledges
Are Still Coming In; Re
ports Incomplete
Chairman Henry W. Oalbe of the
Macon. County War Bond commit
tee reports that the response to
the bond and stamp pledge cam
paign, is gratifying from all quar
All territories have not yet been
covered by the solicitors, so that
a full report cannot yet be made
Mr. Cabe said. There is no doubt,
however, that this county's quota
will be met. The employees of the
Farmers Federation, C. T. Nolen
manager, has signed up 100 per
cent of its employees.
Those who may not be reached
personally are requested by the
chairman to give their pledges to
any member of the bond commit
tee or to sign up at the Bank of
Testament Fund
For Service Men Meets
Generous Response
When the last quota of Macon
men went to camp to join the
fighting forces, a group of citizens
presented each one with a small
pocket testament. Lawrence Liner,
who was chairman of the commit
tee, enlisted the help of Mrs. Dan
Bryson and Mrs. C. D. Baird to
raise funds so that enough testa
ments could be secured to mail to
all the men who are already in
the armed forces and also for those
who will go.
The success of their work may
6e seen below in the list of those
who were asked to contribute. The
total amount of $154.00 was raised.
Liner and Duval! $10.00.
Those contributing gifts of $5:
Dr. Furman Angel, Dr. Ed Angel,
Ray Grocery and Feed Co., West
ern Carolina Telephone Co., A
friend, Baldwin and Liner, Law
rence Liner, Burrell Motor Co., E.
K. Cunningham & Co.
Gifts of $2.00: Grover Jamison,
Jr., Henry W. Cabe, Cagle's Cafe,
Jones & Jones, J. R. Hughey, Per
ry's Drug Store, Jess Conley.
Those who contributed $1.00:
George Dean, Rev. Rufus A. Mor
gan, S. & L. Store, Cecil Baldwin,
Homer Masbburn, Tom Bryson,
Penland Bros., Bennie McGlamery,
John Archer, Dixie Grill, O. C.
Bryant, Thad Patton, Dan Bryson,
Reeves Hardware, 'R. S. Omohundro,
Jesse Angel, Pearl Masbburn, Dr.
Ben Grant City Garage, Henry
West, A. B. Slagle, Terrill Hoil
man, Albert Ramsey, Mrs. Charlie
Bradley, Roy Cunningham, Mrs.
Dan T. Bryson, H. L. Bryant, Rev.
J. L. Stokes, J. E. S. Thorpe, Mrs.
C D. Baird, Jr., C D. Baird, Frank
Duncan, Harley Cabe, Lee Poin-
dexter, M. L. Dowdle, Cecil Pen-
dergrass, American Legion, Mrs.
J. W. C. Joroson, T. W. Angel, Jr.,
Ben McCollum, A. G. Cagle, Ly
man Higdon, Grace Omohundro,
Fanner's Federation, H. E. Church,
Claude Bolton, J. Ward Long. W.
C. Penn, H. H. Plemmons, Rev.
C F. Rogers, Mrs. Eva Cunning
ham, George Mashbum, W. C.
Zickgraf, R. R. Swonson, Fred
Arnold, Fred Vaughan.
The following also made contri
butions: J. B. Pendergrass, T. T.
Hall, Paul Carpenter, Fred Cabe,
Paschal Norton, Fred Jacobs, Mrs.
Esther Leaoh, Cecil Gibson, Mr.
and Mrs. Tom Fagg, Mrs. G. A.
Jones, Joe Ashear, Mrs. Minnie
Berry, Mrs. W. A Rogers, Mrs.
Frances Higdon, Lucy Crawford,
Hilda Shepherd, Margaret Cabe,
Annie Welch, C. EL Hyde, John
Dalton, Carl Cabe, Henderson Gal
loway, Mrs. H. T. Horsley, Mrs.
Viola Carr, Emory Hunnicutt,
Clyde Gailey, Dr. H. T. Horsley,
Mrs. Ida Grant, Miss Lillie Ratir
kin, D. G. Stewart, W. L. Led
ford, Mrs. Florence Sherrill, Es-
telle Bennett, Ruth Dixon, Leeida
Beshears, Mrs. Amos Harris, Miss
Lassie Kelly, Mrs. T. J. Johnston,
Mrs. U. L. Dowdle, Tom Porter,
Mrs W. H. Sellers, Esta Mae
Childers, George R. Pattillo, San
ford Mann, Jim Hauser, Ferd Bur
rell, Swaf ford's Market, Dr. F. T.
Smith, J. C Cunningham, Vic
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Nantahala Power and Light com
pany, left yesterday to report to
Fort Oglethorpe for assignment in
the Air corns, for which he passed
his examinations sometime ago.
For U. S. Senate
japBSBs$ miafl
Honorable Josiah W. Bailey who
is a candidate to succeed himself
in the U. S. Senate. His opponent
in the Democratic primary is R.
T. Fountain of Rocky Mount, a
former lieutenant governor of North
A. L. Penland
Of Clay Co. Announces
For State Senate
A. L. Penland of Hayesville,
Clay county, announces in this is
sue his candidacy for the office of
state senate, subject to the Demo
cratic primary in the 33rd district,
composed of the counties of Clay,
Macon, Cherokee, Swain and Gra
ham. Mr. Penland is a native of Clay
county where he is a school teach
er and farmer, having taught in
the Hayesville school for the past
nine years. He was in this county
last Monday in the interest of his
candidacy. He had been unable
to canvass actively on account of
his school duties, he said. Since
Clay county has not had a De
mocratic senator for 47 years, Mr.
Penland believes that the rota
tion principle should be applied in
selecting representatives of a dis
trict. He assured the people of
the county that, if nominated and
elected, he would represent the
whole district without favor. .
Mr. Penland was a member of
The House of Representatives from
Clay county for the 1939-41 terms,
and has served as chairman of the
Democratic committee for four
years. He .has taken an active part
in the religious and civic life of
his community.
Performance At Macon
Theatre Sunday
The Macon Theatre is offering
to the citizens of Macon county
an opportunity to take part in the
defense program. Special perfor
mances of one of the most out
standing picture's of the year, "Re
member the Day' will be shown
at 3 p. m. and 9 p. m. on Sunday,
May 17. Admission for adults will
be a 25-cent defense stamp and
for children, a 10-cent stamp. These
must be purchased at the box of
fice. ''Remember the Day" stars
Claudette Colbert and John Payne.
Democratic Convention
To Be Held Saturday
The meeting of the county Dem
ocratic Convention to elect dele
gates to the state convention will
be held on Saturday afternoon,
May 16, at 2 o'clock. Delegates
were elected at precinct meetings
last Saturday.
Applications Granted By
Time Rationing Board
Applications for authorization to
purchase new tires and tubes and
recapping services were approved
as follows :
Rev. J. C. Swaim, 1 tire recap
ped; Dr. H. T. Horsley 3 tires re
capped. Amos A. Grant, 1 new tire,
1 tube; D. L. Parrish, 2 new tires,
2 tubes; Grady Duvall, 2 new tires,
2 tubes; Nantahala Power and
Light company 2 new tires, 1 tube;
J. E. Bradley 2 tubes; J, B. Am
mons 3 tires recapped; Ules San
ders 4 tires recapped; Wallace
Morgan 4 tires recapped.
Application for authorization for
Charles J. Mooney to purchase a
new passenger automobile approved.
75 Seniors To
At Finals
Lee Guffey Elected
Secretary of C. Of C.
At a meeting of the Chamber
of Commerce directors on Tuesday
night Lee Guffey was elected sec
retary to have charge of the in
formation booth for this season
and other activities and will takt
office May 15. President, McGlam
ery announces that the booth will
be opened in a few days.
An encouraging report of the re
suits of the membership drive was
made, which is not yet complete
The committee reported a .substan
tial contribution from the towr
Committees appointed include
publicity, Dr. J. L. Stokes II, and
Gilmer Jones : industrial, E. W.
Long, L. H. Page, Grant Zickgraf,
John Archer ; road signs, A. G.
Cagle. These committees will re
port at a meeting to be held in the
Town office next Tuesday night
at 8 o'clock.
Naval Recruiting
Here May 20
Chief Signalman C. J. Rhine
hardt and Yeoman W. W. Blanton
of the U. S. Navy Recruiting serv
ice, will again be in this section
next week for the purpose of in
terviewing prospective applicants
for the U. S. Navy, Navy Re
serve, Navy Air Corps, and Navy
Construction companies.
The recruiting station will be in
Franklin in the Post Office on
May 20.
Rhinehardt has announced that
there are many openings for men
from all walks of life at the pres
ent time in the Navy. There are
still some openings for men in
rated positions and young men are
desired to start their training as
Apprentice Seaman either in the
regular Navy or in the Navy Re
serve. However, the age limits for
enlistment in the Navy are from
17 to 49 years, and married men
are acceptable for enlistment if
their wife grants consent. This
enables many men heretofore in
eligible to enlist now.
The Navy's training of men,
Rhinehardt announces, is broad,
covering many specialized trades
and skills. There are no finer
schools anywhere than those main
tained by the Navy for the train
ing of its members. All persons
interested in a Well-rounded, ex
tensive training are urged to see
the recruiters at their station on
Wednesday, May 20.
President R. A. Hunt
Of Aluminum Company
In Franklin Wednesday
R. A. Hunt of Pittsburgh, Pa.,
president of the Aluminum Com
pany of America, and Mrs. Hunt,
also J. P. Growdon, chief hydraulic
engineer, visited Franklin Wednes
day on their way to Alcoa; Tenn.
The occasion of their visit is the
"Navy-E" Award celebration which
will be held at the Alcoa plant
Thursday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs.
J. E. S. Thorpe joined the party
here and accompanied them to Al
coa. This special award is given by
the United States Navy to cor
porations and firms for excellency
and efficiency in getting out war
material. The plant of the Alum
inum company at Alcoa has been
made a recipient of this signal
honor. The award has been re
ceived also by the company's plant
at New Kensington, Pa.
Decoration Day Program
Oak Grove Baptist Church
The Decoration Day program of
the Oak Grove Baptist Church will
be held on the fourth because of
the fifth Sunday program to be
given by the Franklin Baptist
Church, according to an announce
ment made by Robert Williams,
pastor. The program is as follows :
11 a. m., Sunday School: 12 noon,
message by Mr. McKinley Edwards
of Bryson City: 1 p. m., Decoration
of the cemetery: 8 p. m. message
by Charley Browning Jr., of
Henery W. Cabe attended the
state bankers convention at Pine
Hurst this week.
Friday Evening
Dr. Clyde Erwin To Speak
Dr. Stokes Delivered
Dr. Clyde A. Erwin, State sup
erintendent of Public Instruction,
will deliver the commencement ad
dress at graduating exercfses on
Friday evening at 8 o'clock when
75 senior will receive their high
school diplomas from Guy L. Houk,
county superintendent. The an
nouncement of awards will be made
by W. H. Finley, principal.
The following are members of
the graduating class :
Hunter Anderson, Leotta And
erson, Mildred Angel, Tearl Ashe,
Jessie Barnard, Elsie Mae Brindle,
Edith Brown, Bruce Bryant, Vir
ginia Bryant, Bernice Cabe, Lucille
Callaway, Billy Cansler, Bobby
Carpenter, Hazel Carpenter, Mar
ion Carr, Lois Clark, Marie Cloer,
Kenneth Conley, Clifton Crawford,
Delma Cunningham, J.C. Cunning
ham, Helen, Dills, Frances Dowdle,
Delma Edwards, Helen Edwards,
DewelJ Elliotte, Donald Foster
Helen Franks, Sam Gibson, George
Gray, Janell Greene, Margaret
Guest; Ire,ne Guffey, Jinunie Hig
don, V. L. Holland, Crristine Hug
gins, James Huggins, George Hun
nicutt, Barbara Hurst, Alex Keener,
Doris Kimsey, Merl Kinsland, Emo-
gene Landrum, Frances Mashburn,
Carl Mason, Ural McConnell, Meri
cus McCoy, Roberta McDowell,
George Moore, Catherine Norton,
Evelyn Norton, Clara Sue PannelL
Robert Parker, Max Parrish, Wayne
Pendergrass, Mary Raby, Lucille
Reece, Mildred Reid, Anna Lou
Sanders, Elura Belle Sanders, Kate
Sanders, Margaret Sanders, Edith
Sellers, Annie Lois Shields, Mil
dred Shope, Betty Snyder, Byrda
Nell Southard, Carrie Stiles, Gladys
Stiles, Ruby Teem, Bernice Vinson,
Nancy Waldroop, Edgar Welch,
Geraldine Wells.
Bcclareate Sunday Evening
The Macon Theatre was filled to
overflowing for the Baccalaureate
sermon and exercises last Sunday
evening, when the Rev. J. L. Stokes,
rrX)., pastor of the Franklin
Methodist church delivered a stir
ring message to the high school
graduating class.
Reminding the 75 seniors that
they were coming of age at one
of the most perilous moments of
history, Dr. Stoke's sermon was
arranged under four general heads.
hirst, exhorted to a more ser
ious attitude in their conduct; sec
ond, for unselfishness; third, for
heroic action in the midst of the
terrible evil of war, and for the
spirit of sacrifice that "will give
people a chance to be thankful you
have lived."
In his fourth and closing appeal
the preacher begged that these"
young people give God a chance
in their lives, referring to the god
lessness of leaders and peoples who
have plunged the world into the
present chaos.
"In the uneasy days that lie
ahead, 1 urge you with all my soul
not to let anyone or anything take
away from you your faith in God.
Paul, the Apostle, lived in an un
easy world too, and he emerged
with this ringing conviction ; T
am persuaded that neither death
nor angels, nor principalities, nor
powers, nor things present, nor
things to come, nor height, nor
depth, nor any other creature, shall
be able to separate us from the
love of God which is in Christ
Jesus our Lord.' " (Romans 8:38, 39).
The service began with the Pro
cessional March from '"Aida" and
the hymn, "Holy, Holy, Holy, and
the invocation by Rev. C. F. Rog
ers, followed by the Scripture les
son and a prayer by Rev. H. G.
"Send Out Thy Light" by Gounod
was rendered by the Choral Club
and the Class Song was sung, fol
krved by the benediction and the
recessional march from 'Tann
hauser." The class was indebted
to Mrs. Henry W. Cabe for the
direction of the musical program
and for the instrumental accom
paniments. To Hold
Rummage Sale
The ladies of St. Agnes' church
will hold a rummage sale on upper
Main street on Saturday, May 23.

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