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Our Job Is to Save
War Bonds
Every Pay Day
8 ligblan JMaccmian
VOL. LVH, NO. 22
$1.50 PER YEAR
Red Cross Instructor
Course Trains Teachers
Far County
The Red Cross Instructors First
Aid Class, an advanced course to
training, taught by James D. Hall,
of the national staff, completed the
30-hour course last Friday night
On Thursday night a demonstration
of first aid administered in a com
plete black-out was made at the
Agricultural building, showing how
injured may 'be cared for with only
a shielded flashlight used.
The following received certifi
cates : Mary E. Crunkleton, Jean
ette R. Elliott, Hellene G. Fort,
Elizabeth C. Guffey, Ella E. Jones,
Lassie Kelly, Leonora V. Leach,
William Carl Newton, Katherine
M. O'Neil, Margaret Ordway, Pearl
S. Palmer, Muriel L, Shields, Marie
P. Stewart, and Andrew C. Tysing
er, Jr. Mrs. O'Neil was appointed
chairman of the grpup to make as
signments of teachers to classes
which will be conducted in differ
ent localities in the county..
Macon Legion Post
Entertain Veterans At
Coweta CCC Camp
The Macon County Post 108 of
the American Legion entertained
the World War veterans who are
now at the Coweta CCC Camp at
the Legion hall on Monday night,
May 25. Coffee and doughnuts
were served and talks made by
Gilmer A. Jones, Tom Bryson and
others. Afterwards, the whole party
attended the Macon Theatre.
Dr. Mangum Speaks
To Rotary Club
Dr. Mangum spoke to the Rotary
Club Wednesday an conditions in
Germany as he saw them when in
that courrtry as a tourist in 1923,
1931, and 1937. He brought out the
fact that Britain is Germas's No.
1 hate now, but that if Germany
is defeated, the U. S. will take
Britain's place. He concluded his
talk with especial emphasis on how
good it is to be an American.
Draft Board
Makes New Classification
The following are the names ol
men whose classification were
changed or made recently buy the
local draft board.
Wayne Hampton Estes, 1-B;
James Ransom Kennedy, changed
from 1-A to 1-C; Johnnie Oscar
Johnson, changed from 1-A to IhC;
George Thomas Crawford, changed
from 1-A to 3-A; Thomas Rich
ard Addington was reclassified as
The following are new classifi
cations from the 3rd registration.
All are 3-A Roy Benjamin Wooten,
Paul Judson Kinsland, Clarence
Clifford Stockton, Fred Welch
Childers, William Robert Frady,
David Henry Pasmoxe, Theodore
Bateman, Grady Cunningham,
Earl Bright Hen6on, Clyde Howell
Downs, Ralph Richard Amnions,
Cecil Sherman Green, Wiley Wil
liam Roper, George Willie Reece.
Frank Stiles, Thomas Clifton Cross,
Ernest Milton Moore, Elbert W.
Talley, Harley Joseph Games, Gor
don Evitt, Fred J. Angel, Wymer
Wykle, Tom Lee Ballew, James
Charlie McCall, Calvin Lyman Row
land, Doyle Speed, Louis Homer
Watson, James Albert Greenwood,
Lex Ramey, R. L. Porter. Roy
Lenoir Passmore.
Revival At Union
Methodist Church
Beginning Sunday morning, May
31, and continuing through the
coming week, the Vacation Bible
school will be in the mornings and
the Reriwal services each night at
8 o'clock. The public is cordially
invited to attend the services.
The pastor, Rev. J. C. Swaim,
will bring the message each eve
ning. Mack Franks, a former Navy
man, who has received a civil serv
ice appointment as radio technic
ian in defense work, left Tuesday
to take up his duties at a station
near Atlantic Gty, N. J. Mrs.
Franks will carry on the business
of the Franks Radio and Sewing
Machine Stwy,
District Clubs
Of Home Demonstration
To Meet Here Friday
The annual meeting of the 1st
District of the North Carolina
Federation of Home Demonstra
tion Clubs will be held in Frank
lin on May 29, at the Methodist
church. The program will begin
tat 10 a. m. with the singing of
"America the Beautiful," and the
devotional by the Rev. Km us Mor
gan, rector of St. Agnes Episcopal
Mrs. J. S. Gray, president of the
Macon county chapter will deliver
the welcoming address, and the re
sponse will be given by Mrs. Mar
tha Poppelwell, of Jackson county.
Mrs. Porter Paisley, president of
the State chapter, will preside at
the meeting.
The counties represented will be
Haywood, Swain, Clay, Jackson,
Cherokee, Graham, and Macon.
The principal speaker of the
morning will be Mrs. lis telle- T.
Smith, assistant state home dem
onstration agest, who will be pre
sented by Miss Anna C. Rowe,
western district agerot.
Musical selections wtll be inter
spersed throughout the program.
Myra Slagle
Is Health Champion With
Perfect Score
Myra Slagle, daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. Carl Slagle, has again
brought honor to the 4-H clubs of
the district this time being chosen
health champion of Western North
Carolina with a perfect score of
100 per cent, given her by Dr. W.
N. Sisk, district health officer, at
Asheville last week. Chosen with
her in this contest as the boy
champion was Burnice Carter of
Democrat, whose score was 98 per
cent. This qualifies them to eruter
the state contest in Raleigh for
State king and queen of health.
Last year Myra came out second
in the contest which was won by
Emma Lu Hurst who later won the
state contest and went to Chicago
to the national meet of 4-H clubs
as North Carolina health queen.
Commenting on Myra's champion-
ship, Mrs. S her rill, home agent,
said, "We are overjoyed that this
time Myra has made the top with
a perfect record. She has come so
near it before, and has always been
such a good loser. Last year she
worked as hard for Emma Lou as
if she had won first place her
self." Hre is the record of Macon's
latest champion :
Couroty Health champion twice
and clothing champion once. Has
attended 4-H club camp twice and
4-H short course in Raleigh once.
Served as president of 4-H coun
cil on year.
In five years of membership 16
units of projects were carried in
the following:. Health, leadership,
room improvement, food preserva
tion, clothing, craft, food and nu
trition, calf raising.
Regulations As War Mea
sure Now Effective
Franklin merchants who carry
charge and installment accounts for
the convenience of their customers
have made a statement in this issue
explaining in a brief way how the
new government regulations will
apply to them.
Regulation "W laid down by the
Treasurer of the United States and
Board of Governors of the Fed
eral Reserve System 'instructs re
tail dealers how charge and install
ment accounts may be carried in
the future. All charge accounts
must be settled in full by the 10th
day of the 2nd calendar month
following the month in which the
purchase was made, or credit will
be cut off.
This action has been taken by
the government as a war measure
to aid both merchant and buyer
to forestall any hardships which
may come from too easy credit in
the days ahead while the nation
is at war. The regulation incurs
no hardship to those who do not
abuse their credit and who follow
the usual rule of paying accounts
by the 10th of the following month.
They do help all those who de
sire to conduct their private, af
fairs so that they may aid their
country's war effort on the home
Pvt. Carl Leaihermanv son of
Doc Leatherman left last month
to begin hi training at Pftrris
Official Democratic Primary Ballot
For Solicitor, State Senator, and County Officers
1. To vote for a candidate on the ballot make a
mark in the square at the left of his name.
. 2. If you tear or deface
lot, return it to the
For Sheriff
(Vote for One)
For Chairman Board of
County Commissioners
(Vote for One)
For Member Board or
(Vote for Five)
, J. E. CABE
Primary Election, May 30, 1942.
. Chairman of
No Markers Allowed
The above sample ballot lists
State and county candidates for
the Democratic nomination to the
various offices designated. In ad
dition to the above, the voters will
cast their ballots for the nomina
tion of Democratic and Republi
can candidates for United States
senator. The Democratic candi
dates are running for reelection,
Josiah W. Bailey, and Richard T.
Fountain of Roowy Mount, former
lieutenant-governor of North Car
olina, The Republican candidates
are Stoner W. Klutz and Sam J.
Teachers Complete
Sugar Rationing
The local Rationing Board makes
the following report on the regis
tration of consumers of sugar, con
ducted by Macon County's school
teachers: Total number of appli
cations fHed for War Ration Book
No. 1 154W; number issued, 14,
670; number of applications filed
by those in possession of excess
stocks, 692.
All War Ration Books have been
acconrUed for, which is a compli
ment to the integrity of our teach
ers the thoroughness with which
they did this difficult job on short
notice will be remembered as an.
outstanding achievement, an un
selfish service appreciated by our
Time and places for registering
for sugar for canning purposes will
be announced later through the col
on Of Utf Pi
or wrongly mark this bal
registrar and get another.
For Solicitor
20th Judicial District
(Vote for One)
For State Senator
33rd Senatorial District
(Vote for One)
2 I ; ;
For Clerk Superior Court
(Vote for One)
For Register of Deeds
(Vote for One)
Macon. County Board of Elections.
R. S. Jones, chairman of the
county committee on elections, calls
the attention of the voters to the
state ruling that there will be no
markers allowed, except to those
who are blind or otherwise unable
physically to mark their ballots.
Polls will open at 6:30 a. m. and
close at 6:30 p. m., eastern War
Time. Cars running to carry vot
ers to the polls who cannot other
wise get there, are prapere'd id
transport any voter, regardleess of
his or her party affiliation or
candidate preferance. These cars
will bear the notice, "This Car
Will Take AH Voters To Polls."
for Solicitor
At their biennial convenion held
recently in the courthouse, the De
mocrats of Macon county elected
the following officers to serve as
an executive committe during the
next two years: Edwin W. Long,
chairman; Miss Lassie Kelly, vice
chairman, and Mrs. Lola P. Bar
rington, secretary. The latter two
were reelected.
Miss Lassie Kelly, vice-chairman,
presided in the absence of the
chairman, J. Frank Ray, who is
employed in Washington, D. C.
Talks were made by Dr. W. A
Rogers, candidate for representa
tive from Macon county, J. Baxter
Joses, of Bryson Gty, a candi
date for solicitor in this district,
and John H. Dalton, for count
surveyor, who is unopposed in the
primary for reelection to this post
which he has held for a number
of years. Mr. Dalton made a plea
for nnky of all citizens at this
USO Campaign Under Way
To Raise $800 In County
Bond Quota
For County Oversubscrib
ed In Recent Drive
Mr. Henry Gabe, chairman of
the War Bond and Stamp drive
announced Thursday that the Ma
con county drive had been high
ly successful, and that the quota
of $10,700 for May had already
been over subscribed in pledges to
a considerable amount.
Outstanding sales and pledges in
elude Angel's Hospital which
pledged $5,000, and the Bryant Mu
tual Burial Association which has
purchased $3,000 worth of War
Bonds of the G. series which bear
interest annually for the benefit of
the association.
Mr. Cabe said that results from
the pledges are not available as
yet, and that Highlands has not
made a complete report to date.
At a free performance given re
cently by the Macon Theatre for
the purpose of selling War Stamps
the amount of $70.80 was raised.
Buy a Poppy
The Poppy sale sponsored by the
American Legion Auxiliary will be
held in several section of the
county on Saturday, May 30. The
popipies sold on this day are made
by World War I Veterans in the
Veterans' Hospitals, for which they
are paid. The money received from
the sale of these poppies is used
mostly for aiding children and
families of deceased or disabled
veterans in this county.
Sales will be conducted in Frank-
in, Highlands, Cartoogechaye, arxl
Dr. Mangum
Preaches Each Night To
Large Attendance
The special united evangelistic
services being held at the Frank
lin Methodist Church are being
well attended. Dr. Mangum is a
forceful preacher, and the first
days of the ten-day series give
promise of a helpful revival, of the
spiritual life of the community,
under his piring leadership.
Dr. Mangum's message on Wed
nesday evening was addressed espe
cially to church officers, and he
plans a service for young people
to be announced later. Attendance
at the morning classes at the Pres
byterian church has been good, con
sidering that so many are unable
to attend at that time.
Dr. Mangum will preach at the
Baptist church on Sunday morn
ing at the 11 o'clock service. The
time of the evening services has
been changed from 8 to 8:30 o'clock.
Tires And Tubes
Issued This Week
The Local Rationing Board is:
sued the following tires and tubes
this week : Brady May, 3 new pas
senger car tires and three tubes.
New truck tires and tubes: Tom
Allen, 1 tire; Mack Tuck, 2 times;
Sam Walters, 2 tires and 3 tubes;
Garfield Houston, 1 tire; George
Bryson, 1 tire. Retreads: H. T.
Sloan, 1 passenger car tire; Carl
Zoellner, 2 passenger car tires. The
following received retread truck
tires: Tom Allen, 1; Grover Shef
field, 2; Arthur McConnell, 3;
Paul Norton, 2; and Nantahala
Power and Light company, 4.
Count Basie Orchestra
Passes Through Franklin
Count Basie, the well knowo
colored orchestra leader, and his
sixteen piece orchestra stopped in
Franklin, on Thursday en route to
Hollywood, Calif., where he is to
make a picture soon. The bus car
rying the group and the well known
vocalist, James Hushing, was de
tained in Franklin while arrange
ments were made for an exchange
of buses in Bryson City. The or
chestra is playing for a dance in
Chattanooga, Tenn., tonight, and
will continue the trip to Holly
wood, stopping for dance engage
ments along the way.
Memorial Day Services
At Bethel Church
A Memorial service will be con
ducted at the Bethel church on
Sunday morning at 11 o'clock. A
special children's day program will
begin at 2:30 p. m. In making this
announcement the Rev. Philip
Green, pastor, urges all to attend
who will
J. E. S. Thorpe, Chairman,
Instructs Workers
At Dinner
The campaign to raise Macon's
quota of $800 for the United Ser
vice Organization was launched this
week as 25 workers throughout the
county began personal solicitation
for contributions from individuals
and firms.
J. E. S. Thorpe, chairman for
Macon county, was liost to the
workers at a dinner at Kelly's Inrti.
last Friday, when plans were com
pleted for the drive this week and
next. Workers will meet on June
12th to make their final reports.
Opportunity will be given to
every community to help raise this
fund which goes directly to sus
tain USO houses where the men
of the armed forces may find whole
some recreation and amusement in
the vicinity of the camps and sta
tions in this and foreign lands. A
few of these letters are printed in
this issue.
John Archer, secretary-treasurer
of the USO committee, read letters
from Macon boys at the dinner,
telling of the many advantages en
joyed through USO houses:
Miss Nancy Jones
Commissioned Lieutenant
In Army Nurses Corps
Miss Nancy Janes, daughter of,
Mr. and Mrs. Gilmer A. Jones, has
been commissioned second lieuten
ant ira the Army Nurses Corps, and
left Tuesday to report to Camp
Croft, S. C. for duty. She is a
member of the Duke Army unit,
Base Hospital Unit No. 65.
Lieut. Jones has received this
well-deserved promotion after
thorough preparation in her pro
fession. She was graduated from
Peace Junior college, and later
took a high stand at the Duke
University School of Nursing, where
she has been assistant instructor
in nursing arts since completion of
her three year course there.
NYA Defense Training
Center Calls Girls
The NYA has established a De
fense Training Center for girls at
Greenville, N. C, which prepares
them to enter Defense industry.
Any Macon county girls who
wish to apply may consult Mrs.
Margaret Ordway, local NYA head,
and Mrs. Katie Cutting, area in
terviewer, at the Agricultural build
ing on Tuesdays at 11 a. m., be
ginning June 2.
There are certain physical re
quirements and age limits which
must be met. Special attention to
this notice should be given by
young women between the ages of
16 and 24 who are interested in
serving their country at this time.
All-Stars Share
With Bryson City to Play
Murphy Here Sunday
"Curve Ball'' Buie, undefeated
this season, held the Bryson City
Bear Cats to eight hits and five
runs in the opener and struck out 9
batters, while his team mates tag
ged two pitchers for 13 hits and
15 runs.
The all-Stars scored two in the
first, five in the second, one in the
third and then went on a seven
run spree in the 7th to give Buie
such a lead that the Bear Cats
never threatened.
"Fog Ball' Reynolds started the
night cap with a sore arm but
had to be removed ui the 4th af
ter Bryson tagged him for six
runs. Buie finished the game giv
ing up three hits but the darmge
was already done. Final score 8-5.
Archer again led Franklin with
5 hits out of 9 trips to the plate,
while Duvall was collecting four
out of six and Hughey three out
of six.
The All-Stars play the League
leading Murphy nine a twin-bill
here Sunday at 2:30 p. m. Murphy
beat Hayesville twice Sunday 6-5
and 15-4 and remained undefeated
for the season.
Laagw Standing
Won Lost Avg.
Murphy 4 0 1000
Franklin 2 2 500
Bryson City 2 2 500
Hayesville 0 0 0
Decoration Day, Saturday, Maf
30, will be observed at Holly
Springs cemetery at 3 p. m. (War

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