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$1.50 PER YEAR
Subscription Campaign
WUl Begin Next Week
ranklin Territory To Be
Covered By Group Ut
Young People
Tlie Frart4clin Press anil The
Highlands Maconian will begin a
campaign to increase its circula
tion in the town of Franklin and
the immediate vicinity next wee
Five of Franklin's most capabl
young people just out of school
will divide the town into five tcr-
ritories and will visit subscribers
and non-subscribers. They are Vir
ginia Bryant, Cell Bryant, Marian
Carr, Betty Horsley and Lane
Many new people have moved in
to the community during the pasi
year whom the xjaper would like
to welcome as new subscribers.
Now that -Macon county men are
leaving in increasing .numbers to
join the armed forces, and both
men and women are leaving home
for war production jobs, the county
newspaper has an .increasingly im
portant task las the only medium
through which scattered families
and friends may keep in touch.
This The Press wishes to do for
those at home and Macon citizens
.scattered all over the world. The
paper is already going to practic
ally every state in the Unio.n and
to many foreign countries. Mail
to men in foreign service is sent
either to New York or San Fran
scisco, and forwarded. A large
number of newsirapers, weeklies
and dailies', have already raised
their subscription rates.-This paper
hopes to be able to cafeJ-y on with
out increasing ilA ytfy rate oi
$1.50 and 90 cn$fot ilpen in the
service. '
The young people doing this work
will 'receive a commission for their
wor "aitd VilL ahjdV receive a
V3r 6&iiftamps after
If .oove certain quotas. The
element of a CQaJgtfc alMftCagJ
their worK ana aaa zesi iu wen
success. The grand prize for the
greatest number of subscriptions
and renewals obtained will be a
$25.00 War Bond.
Dr. Killian
Joins Army
Dr. Frank Killian, eye, ear, nose
and throat specialist, lias been
commissioned captain in the Army
Air Corps, and called into active
service. He has already left to take
up his duties at Morris Air Field,
Charlotte. However, Dr. Killian's
office will be open for a month, it
is announced, with his secretary,
Mrs. Fred Grant, in charge. After
that anyone may communicate with
Mrs. Killian, who will remain at
their home in Franklin.
teir Home in rinuium.
pl. !-.. !, k'.llinn from
practice here, where he served ,not
only this viciuity, but neighboring
communities as a specialist, in his
.1 lit". liJ-" Ui -I-' m.. I
field will do mucli to mane me
llu ' ' . . I
people realize the losses tney must
2 i t", ..... mi i cr war
De prcpaitu l'j ,..-
conditions. There is , no doctor hear-
er than Waynesville who has equip-
. .
ment for the specialized practice to
(rM, -Vf ear nose and throat. The
riennle realized they were fortunate
to have so etole a pnysician vu
their midst, and his absence win oe
v.: :.J t,ic general
UT. ivilldll ..... c.
i l ,,i,Uvillc Kv.
H CU L . 31. . , I
College of Mcdicineand post grtio-
- mm . I
uate work in New York ; first com
ing to Franklin as house physician
at Angel hospital in 1932. He mar
ried Miss Sallie May Taylor of
Kentucky, who was laboratory tech
nician at Angel hospital. For a
while he practised it Hayesville.
his home, where his father is a
physician, and Kainhaw Springs.
Later, he pursued his studies as
a specialist at Tulanc University
Medical college, New Orleans re
turning to Franklin in 1937 and
establishing his office.
Mbt Cora Kimsey
Pate On Cartoogechaye
Miss Cora E. Kimsey, 72, died
at her home on Uiper Cartoo
gechaye early Sunday morning.
She had been ill for 12 years but
her condition did .not become crit
ical mtil a week ago The daugh
ter of the fate Dr. Calloway and
Harriet Ledford Kimsey, she was
a We long resident of Macon
county. Sht Ms a member of
the Maiden Chapel Methodist
Surv iving'her includes a sister,
Miss Laura Kimsey.
Funeral services were held at
the t Maiden Chanel Mtthodis
church at 10:30 o'clock with the
Rer. J. C Swaim pastor in charge.
Burial was in the church cemetery.
Men Leave
Middle of June To Enter
Military Service
Orders to renort have been mail-
ed to the men who will leave for
induction into military service
e about the middle of Jure.
lney .are
Rucene Henrv Williams, who will
be inducted from a board in Cali
fornia, Harvey Richard LaBoone,
a volunteer.
James Ivan Roland, Melvern
James, William Weimar Sloan,
Dock Bates, Leone! Elmore Mead
ows, Lawrence McDowell Pattott,
Frwin William Patton, George
Harold Dalryrnple, Harold Colum
bus Cabc, Lester Nevile Kamey,
Elmer Rich Williamsan, Daniel
Sylvester Vinson, Raleigh Lee
Shook Herbert Edwin Wright,
Charles Henry Jones, Arthur How
ard Cross. Elmer William Talley,
Jesse Lewis Leather wood, Wade
Hampton Childers, Fred Donald
Dalton, Leslie LeRoy Johason,
Bert Mozeley Hall, Ellis Floyd
Y.otince, Carlyle Shepard, Reuben
Hemrv Callahan. Vester Anderson,
Leslie Arthur Reese, Elisha Mar
ion Fox, Marshall Wilsom Donald
son, Glen Thomas Smith, Kelly
Edward Houston, Basil Medrith
Peek, J, B. McCall.
Harold Eugene Enloe, who was
to have gone in this call, volun
teered and left on Sunday, June 7.
With him was Charlie Wymer
Slagle, who also volunteered and
has been accepted in the Army.
Kalnh Woodrow Cunningham and
Clyde Patterson, who were trans
ferred from other boards will
leave with this group.
All-Stars Take Loop Lead
To Make lop In
The Franklin All-Stars won third and fourth straight
games Sunday and are now perched
an top of the Smoky Mountain
l.oauue as a result ot their double
win over Hayesville by the score
of 3-2 ahl 10-3, while Murphy and
Bryson City were splitting a twir..
biill at iBryson City.
George "Iron Horse" Elliott hitt
ing in his 8th straight game, wa
easily the star of the game. The
lugging ceutcrfielder drove in tne
--. ,
Uvm.nini? run in the 11th Mining ot
... a
the first game by slapping a liner
over second base, and than hit a
single and a triple in the .second
game 10 ioau u.c . ...
.,, ft u .1.1.. ... , ..l, t,,c
over 11 innings and struck out U
men in the first game.
T i ......... , 1 1 1 1 , . ii rf- Hall
in me c.uu &., "--
Buie won his fourth .straight game
with ,no loss for the season, by
Keeping iivc hi-
am sinning jui m
Snn.lav for a twin-bill with Mur
nliv Moguls and will then play at
. w - J
jioinc ior me ucm w j-
. I . I ..... 1 ,.1 .Ml 1 V
i i r nv is in M.A..Mm wvv, v.....
one game behind Franklin, and
the All-Stars will have to win at
least one game to stay on top.
Box Score - 1st game
Franklin 100 OtX) 000 11 3 6 2
Murphy 010 000 000 10 2 0 1
2nd game-
Kranklin 010 W
Murphy 003 0000
League Stonding-
FmaUin 6 2
Murphy 5 3
Bryson City 4 4
Hayesville 1 7
10 7 1
3 5 4
Dr. Stokes On Vacation
No Morning Services
Dr. and Mrs. J. L. Stokes acd
small son have left for a two
weeks' vacation. Dr. Stokes stated
before leaving that there would
be no morning services at the
Kranklin Methodist church on Sun
day 14 and 21. He expressed the
wish that members of his congre
gation worsrip at other churches
during his absence.
Rummage Sale By
Methodist Class
F. S. Johnston Bible Gass will
VinM a rummaee sale on Saturday
June 13, in front of the old bank
Picture Story
, PRE-INDEPENDENCE FLAGS Depicted above are banners
carried by American patriots when they first took up arms in 1775.
At the left is the blue flag: with its white crescent which was nailed
to the staff at Fort Moultrie by Sergeant Jasper. In the center is
the Rattlesnake Flag of the Virginia minute men at Culpeper. At
the right is one of the New England pine tree flags.
This is the first Stars and
J Stripes. The Continental Con
gress on June 14, 1777, resolved:
("That the thirteen United States
be thirteen stripes, red and white;
that the Union be thirteen stars,
! white in a blue field, representing
a new constellation." According
to legend the five-pointed stars
were designed by Mrs. Betsy Ross.
Flag Day To Be
In U. S. A. Sunday. June 14
Bill Moore Appeals
All To Display
The Flag
Flair Dav will be celebrated
through the nation this year with
special patriotic exercises. It has
been announced that President
Roosevelt will address the nation
in a fireside talk during the day.
The oeonle of Franklin have not
been in the habit of displaying the
flag at their homes and places of
business but indications are that
the custom is growing. Last year
the mcnev raised for the Fourth
of July celebration, which has al
ways been a big evemt for the
town and countv. was sutticient to
erect a flag pole on the Confeder
ate square and to buy a flag. The
Boy Scouts have been requested
to raise and lower tms nag eacn
dnv. now that the country is at
war, instead of flying it only on
special days.
Kver since the lans attacked
Pearl Harbor, our townsman, Bill
Will Be Given At Kelly's
Inn Next Saturday
V hnnco nartv has been announc
ed for the benefit of the Macon
cour..ty qrota for the United Serv
ice Organization by the committee
i i T . I, A rC
in charge, -Mrs. ian diju,
W S lones and Airs. H. E. Church.
It will be held at Kelly's Ian on.
Saturday evening, June 13. Prizes
of Defense stamps will be given
for two door prizes and a third
door prize will be a suOscnption
to The Franklin Press ana me
Highlands Maconian. Other defense
stamp prizes will be given for the
high and low scores. Hie hckcis
,..;tt lw rents. Punch and cookies
will be served, and the public is
cordially invited to attend.
On the following Saturday eve-
Lnins, June 20, a USO, Benefit
bridge party has Deen arrangeu iu
he oiven at Kellv's Inn also. There
will be prizes and refreshments.
All prizes for both attairs are
At a dinner erven to the USO
workers, by the chairman, J. t.
Thorpe, last Friday evenings jonn
Vrriwr treasurer, reoorted that
-090.16 had been raised to date of
the muntv's auota ot $800. Work-
ore nresent at the dinner were Mr.
and Mrs. John Arche Rev. Hu
bert Wardlaw, Mrs. Henry siagie,
Miss Amanda Slagle, Clyde Uailey.
Mrs. H. E. Church, Mrs. Lester
Conley, Mrs. R. S. Jones, Mrs. J.
A Sutton, Benoy McQamery, Mrs.
Dan Bryaon, Mrs. C D. Baird, Jr.,
nH F I. Whitmire of Franklin.
W. W. Sloan reported from Nan-
tahab, and Wilton H. Cobo, frank
B. Cook and Stacy Russell repre
sented the workers of Highlands.
of V. S. Flag
ITJf 1
nmnt stabs and stripes
With the admission of Vermont
and Kentucky to the Union two
stars and two stripes were added
to the flag following an Act of
Congress in 1794. It was a flag
of 15 stars and 15 stripes over Ft.
McHenry that inspired Francis
Scott Key to write "The Star
Spangled Banner." Congress in
1818 restored the original number
of strinea. I
Moore, has raised his flag outside
the door of E. K. Cunningham
and Company. Speaking of this
Mr. Moore said, "This flag went
up when the Japs attacked Pearl
Harbor and it is going to fly there
every day until we whip them."
He spoke of the towns where
every business house had the stars
and .stripes waving above the door,
and expressed the hope that more
would adopt the custom here. "It
would make the boys who are
fightircg under the flag all over
the world feel mighty good to
know we are honoring the flag as
they are," said Mr. Moore. "We
ought to do everything we can do
to help," he added.
Next door Thad Patton has giv
en his entire window for the dis
play of blue priruts showing meth
ods for bomb protection brought
back from the Fire College by
Chief Carl Tysinger, of the fire
department last week. These citi
zens, voiced the sentiment of many
others that all should better real
ize what this war will' mean be
fore it ends. '-
Fifth Registration
On June 30
The fifth registration for Se
lective Service will be held Tues
day, June 30, 1942. The places
of registration will probably be
fewer than in the February and
April registrations asthe numb
er of expected registrants is
estimated to be around four
hundred, and these boys are
young, being between the ages
of 18 and 21.
The places of registration and
registrars will be announced at
a later date.
Panorama Court To
Close Dining Room
Due to the tire and gas situa
tion the dining room at Panorama
rmirt will be closed for jthc pres
ent. Mr. Cagle states that his cot
tages will remain open the year
round. Mrs Cagle will be in
charge. Mr. Cagle wili assist his
brother, Gus Cagle, in the manage
ment of the Cagle Cafe in Murphy.
Draft Board Moves
To Bank Building
The offices of the Lacal Draft
board will be changed from the
Asher BuHdiing to the New Bank
Building. This change will take
nlace Friday morning, June 12,
lin Fire Department, attended the
C of C Plans
Dinner For June 23
There will be a dinner meeting
of the Franklin Chamber ot Com
merce in the American Legion
Hall, ait 7:30 d. m.. Tuesday. June
23. All members are urged to be
This meeting will be open to the
public and those who are not mem
ben are invited to attend.
Coweeta Experiment Station
To Get $17,237 For Project
Men In Service
P. F. C John. W. Corbin, son of
Mrs. J. J. Corbin of Higdonville,
is stationed in Boston, Mass. on
Coast Guard dufy with the Ma-
Rrvan't MrClure. sora of Mrs. C.
H. McClure, who is stationed at
Camp Stewart, Ga., was home for
last weekend.
Austin Jacobs of the U. S. Navy
has been at home on a seven day
furloueh. He is the son of Mr. and
Mrs. L. H. Jacobs of Aquone, arad
has been in the service for seven
months. This was his first visit
home since last October.
Corporal Hugh A. Johnston, son
of Mrs. T. I. Tohnstoni has been
amnointed to the Officers' Candi
date School of the U. S. Army,
and is now stationed at the Surf-
side Hotel, Miami, Fla. After com
pleting his training period there,
he will be commissioned a second
Two sons of Mr. A J, Mash-
burn of Route 4, are in the service.
Johnnie, 21, has been recently pro
moted to Cortoral. He is stationed
with the 614th Coast Artillery, Bat-
terv C. Anti-Aircraft division, Fort
Randolph, Canal Zone. His brother,
Pvt. Ben Leef Mashburn, is station
ed at Batterv F. 1st Coast Artil
lery, Fort Sherman, Canal Zone.
The two brothers enlisted the same
dav. both volunteers, and arrived
in Panama at the same time.
P. F. C. Kenneth Cruse, son of
Mr. and Mrs. E. G. Cruse, is home
on a seven-day furlough. He is sta
tioned at Camp Gordon, Augusta,
Pvt. Tames Perry Cruse, Ken
neth's brother, has finished his
course in gunnery at Camp Wal
lace, Texas, where he was with tne
Amti-Aircraft Coast Artillery, and
has been transferred to Camp nul-
en, Texas.
Robert L. Bvrd. son of Mr. and
Mrs. D. C. Bvrd of Franklin, has
recently been promotel from Pri
vate first class to th rank ot
Corooral. according to an announce
ment by the authorities at the
Army Air Forces Proving Ground,
Eglin Fifld, Fla. Corporal Byrd
has been in the army since July
23, 1941.
Carl Green, of the U. S. Army,
stationed at Fort Bragg, is spend
ing a ten day furlough at his home,
at Broadway.
Private Gordon Southard is lo
cated at Camp Walters, Texas.
Harris La Favette Sanders, en
rolled in the United States Mari
time Service April 25 and was
transferred to the Resident Radi
Scbool, Gallups Island, Boston,
Mass. He is the son of Mr. ana
Mrs. J. L. Sanders of Prentiss. A
resident of Prentiss and a gradu
ate of the Franklin high school.
Rillv Sutton, son of Mr. and Mrs.
W. M. Sutton, along with Cky-
bourne Patton, son of Mr. ana
Mrs. Carey B. Patton, and Gerald
Rotrers. son of Mrs. Tom Moore,
were among the 2 N. C. boys
who were inducted into the Unit
ed States Navy, Sunday afternoon,
June 7. They were volunteers and
took their oath in Asheville, and
left immediately for Norfolk, Va
to begin their training.
James Porter, son of Mr. and
Mrs. T. W. Porter has been trans
ferred to Dayton, Ohio from Fort
Dix, N. J.
W. H. Mashburn left Wednes
day for Befanar, N. J.
Lieut. Edwin G. Young, son of
Mr. and Mrs. James L. Young,
Route 2, Franklin, and Lieut.
Ernest A. Simmons, son of Mr.
and Mrs. W. T. Simmons, Lilling
( Con tinned on Page Six)
Improvements to be Made
By WPA To Employ
24 Men
RALEIGH, June 8 The most
important center of research in
water resources conservation main
tained by the United States For
est Service in the eastern United
States, the Coweeta experiment
forest near Otto in Macon Coun
ty, will be greatly improved un
der a project approved today by
State WPA Administrator C. C.
The WPA project will entail an
expenditure of $17,237, and it will
provide employment for 24 men.
The specific work to be done will
be installing stream gages, water
table wells, and soil pits, treating
water sheds, apparatus for meas
uring silts in debris basins, per
forming erosion control work and
providing other technical improve
ments to assist the technical staff
of the Appalachian Experiment
Station in the operation and im
provement of hydrological research
A F. Weaver, Jr., WPA Dis
trict Manager in Asheville, anti
cipates commeniceing the project on
June S. The WPA workers to be
employed will be transferred front
the project operating for forest
fire prevention work in the same
experiment forest.
Bomb Exhibit
By Fire Chief Tysinger In
Macon Furniture
Carl Tysinger, chief of the Frank
lin Fire Department, attended the
Fire College held for North Caro
lina officers and members of lire
departments in Asheville last week
where he received his certificate
on completion of the prescribed
course. J. C Crisp also attended
some of the classes.
Mr. Tysinger brought with him
an interesting blue print exhibit of
types of demolition bombs used in
this war. The exhibit is on display
in the show windpw of the Ma
con Furniture company, which Mr.
Patton has kindly allowed. The ex
hibit will remain until Monday, and
the interest of the public is in
vited by the local fire department.
The blue prints show different
types of bombs used, including aer
ial iparachute incendiary bombs, and
the effect upon the target.
State iFire Marshall, Sherwood
Brockwell, hi giving instruction
what to do in case of a bombing
raids' said that no city or town in
North Carolina is safe in case
bombing planes come.
On account of the large hydro
electric plants in this vicinity, it
is foolhardy to suppose that Frank
lin and other towns are not in
danger, he told Mr. Tysinger.
Social Security
Representative'at P- O.
Thursday, "June 18
A representative of the Ashe
ville field office of the Social
Security Board will be at the
Post Office, Room 103, in Franklin,
N. C. on Thursday, June 18, 1942.
at 1:00 p. m. E. W. T.
Wage earners who have worked
in a job covered by the Social
Security Act since Dectmber 31,
1936, and have attained age 65,
may be eligible to file claim ior
themselves, their wives, or minor
children, whethtr they have an ac
count number or not. Surviving
relatives of deceased workers, such
as widows, chldren, or parents,
or if none of the above, persons
who have paid funeral expenses,
may be eligible to file claim.
In addition, persons who have
need of social security account
numbers or other information per
taining to the Act are invited to
meet this representative at the time
and place mentioned.
Mrs. T. J. Johnston
Appointed Librarian '
At a meeting of the Franklin
Public Library executive commit
tee on Tuesday afternoon, Mrs.
Thomas J. Johnston was unani
mously elected librarian, according
to an announcement made after
the tneetinng by the chairman, Miss
Lassie Kelly.
The library will be open during
hoars posted every. day except San
day and Monday. Mrs. Johnston
began work on Wednesday, June

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