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THE Franklin press and the highlands maconian
of Miss galloway and
Mrs. Ada Galloway of Waynes
ville has. announced the engage
ment of her daughter, Bonnie
Marie, to Frank Clinton Brown,
Jr., of Franklin. The marriage will
take place at an early date but
the exact date has not been an
nounced. Miss Galloway is the daughter
of the late Nelson Galloway and
Mrs. Galloway of Waynesville. She
is a graduate of the Waynesville
high school and is at present em
ployed by the Bell Telephone and
Telegraph company in Waynesville.
Mr. Brown attended the Frank
lin schools. He is now employed
in Portsmouth, Va.
On Monday evening Miss Gallo
way was honored with a linen
shower by Mrs. Albert Wood of
Waynesville, whew she received
many beautiful gifts.
Miss Lottie Mashburn and J. H.
Martin were recently in Oayton,
Ga. The bride was attired in a
navy costume with white acces
sories. The couple are making
their home with Mr. and Mrs. W.
P. Martin on Burningtown.
The Business Women's Circle of
the Franklin Baptist church will
meet with Mrs. Georgianna Gar
son Tuesday, December 9, ,at 8
p. m.
Recent Bride
,W' w mm---.
tiSLw mm lljjBaW,
Bp ' mm
mmrT-'- ' flVnaVH
mWT ' )mV JmmOM
Festive Table for Holidays,
yHE MARK of a good hostess is her ability to set an attractive
dinner 'able. Her linen is spotless, her silver shining and her
glassware is ; matching design. Above, rich brown plates are used
on a pale green cloth with ma. napkins. The centerpiece is
a simple arrangement of large chrysanthemums. Modern American
crystal water and wine glasses in the Concord pattern have match
ing fluted base. The silver is the dignified Formality pattern.
A son, Charles Turner, was born
to Mr. and Mrs. William Blaine
of Asheville 'at the Biltmore hos
pital oji Monday, December l.The
baby is named for liis paternal
grandfather, Charles T. Blaine of
Mr. und Mrs. Frank T. Reynolds
announce the arrival of a daugh
ter, Laura Katherine,, on Nov. 21
in Winston-Salem. Mrs. Reynolds
is the former Miss Annie Siler of
The Garden Club will meet at
the home of Mrs. H. E. Church
Monday afternoon at 3 o'clock with
Mrs, J. Ward Long ajid Miss
Mary Willis as assistant hostesses.
The Rev. A. Rufus Morgan will
be the guest speaker.
Personal Mention
Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Thomp
son and son, Charles of Knoxville,
.were visitors it Franklin last weekend.
Mr. amd Mrs. Leonard Miller
and family have returned to Frank
lin after spending several months
in Chicago, lit, where Mr. Miller
has been employed.
Miss Frances Hurst who is a
student at Cecil's . Business Col
lege, spent Thanksgiving weekend
with her parents, Mr. and Mrs.
H. C. Hurst, on Cartoogechape.
Miss Barbara Hurst of Brevard
College, spent Thanksgiving at
Miss Ruth Higgins, daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Higgins, Sr.,
lias finished her course in radio
and is now stationed at Morris
Field' Army Air Base in Charlotte.
Mrs. A. L. Leach of Ghapel Hill
arrived last week to spend some
time with her family here.
Mr. amd Mrs. H.. B. "Kelpin, Mr.
ana Mrs. John Crawford, and Miss
Mary Allman, of Atlanta spent
Thanksgiving with Mrs. Allman
Mrs. Hylda Shepherd returned
en Sunday from a two weeks va
cation. She, attended the Baptist
State convention in High Point;
later vetting Raleigh, where she
was the guest of Governor Brough
ton's Sunday school class. On her
return she visited Rev. "and Mrs.
C. F. Rogers in Biltmore.
Charlie Blaine, county commis
sioner is at the Angel Clinic be
ing treated for a severe axe wound
of the leg.
Mrs. EU Welch of Iotla is re
covering satisfactory from a ma
jor operation which she underwent
this week at Angel Clinic.
The friends of C. G. Mincey will
be glad to learn that he is im
proved after suffering a stroke of
paralysis a few weeks ago. Mr.
and Mrs. Mincey have been in
Gastonia with their children since
bis illness. They plan to return
to their home at FJHjay.
Raleigh McMahan of Nantahala
is a patient at the Angel Ginic
with a broken leg which he re
ceived when caught by a falling
Grover Bradley, an employee of
the Gennett Lumber Company of
Hayesville, is a patient at the
Angel Clinic with a, fractured skull
caused from a falling rock.
The Athens, W. Va., county jail,
vacant for a year, was scrapped
and yielded 30 tons of steel
Forty-one states cooperate with
the forest product industries
tftiajt fr d America foraiti.
Mr. and Mrs. Mack Grady
Thompson of Franklin have an
nounced the marriage of their
daughter, Juanita- to Devere T.
Greene of Franklin and Detroit,
The wedding took place on Sun
day, November 22, in Clayton, Ga.
Mr. Greene and Miss Thompson
were accompanied to Clayton by
Mr. arid Mrs. J. D. Gibson of
Franklin. Mr. Greene is the son of
Mr. and Mrs. Hamilton Greene of
Jr. Red Cross
Roll Call
Previous Years
Honor Roll
Of Franklin Schools For
First Quarter
J. F. Pugh, principal of Franklin
high school, has announced the
scholastic honor roll for the first
school quarter. It follows:
Twelfth grade, Mrs. Marie Stew
art, teacher. Bettie Horsley, Mar
garet Davis, Betty Jane Waldroop,
Louise Williams, and Charles Ful
ton. Twelfth grade, Miss Haas, teach
er. Barbara Stockton. ,
Eleventh grade. Kathaleen Cabe,
Myra Slagle, Elizabeth Wasilik,
and Marie Waters.
Tenth grade, Annie Sue Gonley,
Hazel Keener, Jurlena Tallent,
Shirley Welch, Mary Lou Line,
Dorothy Rogers, Frances Furr, and
Anne Flanagan.
Eighth grade, Doris Swafford,
Mary Frances Dalrymple, and
Howard Morsley,
Seventh grade, Larry Cabe,
Charles Conley, John Flanagan,
Charles Keener, Howard Reece,
Jack Tilleyj Betty Sue Angel,
Ruth Angel, Gail Bryson, Barbara
Childers, Frankie Crisp, Robetta
Dean, Lucille Hannah, Ann Lyle,
Ruth McCoy, Helen Roper, Fran
ces Thomas, and Annie Zimmer
man. Sixth grade, Elizabeth Ann Phil
lips, Charles Edwin Baldwin, Joe
Moore, Dean Pendergrass, Rufus
Lee Setser, Jimmie Waldroop,
Charlie Woody, Kathryn Long,
Mary June Bradley, Laura Belle
Bradley, Ann Bryson, Patricia
Childers, Mildred Dalton, and Mary
Evelyn Leatherman.
Fifth grade, Mary Louise Ander
son, Elma Bingham, Ray Davis,
Burton Leach, Charles Moore,
Louise Moore, Margueritte Smart,
Tovee Wallace. Pauline Keener,
Jeannette Robinson, and George
Mrs. Lola P. Bartrington,
Chairman, Makes
The following is a list of schools
in Macon county, which the amount
raised, that have reenrolled 100 per
cent in the Junior Red Cross. The
first seven named more thtan
doubled the minimum requirement
for class room enrollment :
Franklin, $68.36; Highlands, $14;
Otto, $8.10; Allison-Watts, $6.05;
Slagle, $5; Chapel, $4; Cowee,
$3.31; Oak Grove, $1.62; Oak Dale,
$1.50; Scaly, $1.25; Clark's Chapel,
$1; Burningtown, $1; Mountain
Grove, 50 cents; Camp Branch, 50
cents; Buck Creek, 75 cents.
The American Legion Auxiliary
gave a check for $25, to be used
exclusively for child welfare. This
makes a total of $141.94 to date.
This is a splendid report and I
want to thank the principals and
teachers of these schools for their
unsurpassed cooperation. To you
belongs the honor for the most
successful Roll Call we have had
To the pupils of These schools I
want to say, thank you and assure
you that you are having a part in
relieving the hunger and distress
of multitudes of children less for
tunate than you. To Mrs. J. W
C. Johnson, secretary of the Ma
con County Red Cross Chapter,
and all others who have so willing
ly and efficiently helped in this
Roll Gall, 1 want to express my
appreciation. This has been your
Roll Call. I have had such a small
part in it.
To the few schools that have
not re-enrolled, if you wish to en
roll you may leave your report at
The Press office or send it to
me and I will forward it to Na
tional headquarters. Last year we
raised $93.00. This year to date,
Lola P. Barrington,
Junior Keel cross Lnm.
Miss Mattie P. Raby Is
Listed In "Who's Who"
In American Universities
Miss Mattie P. Raby, daughter
of Mr. and (Mrs. James M. Raby
of Route 4, Franklin, and a stu
dent at Western Carolina Teach
ers college, is among those stu
dent who will be listed in the
1942-43 issue of Who's Who Among
Students In American Universities
And Colleges.
Thi nublication. which will be
released in February, is published
through the cooperation of over
600 American universities and col
leges Several from accredited col
leges are selected each year, by
an unprejudiced committee, for
their biographies to' appear in
"Who's Who Amor Students In
American Universities And Col
leges, as outstanding American
The purpose of Who's Who is
trr serve as aa incentive for stu
dents to get the most out of their
college careers; as a means of
compensation to students for what
they have already done; as a rec
ommendation to the business vworki ;
and as a standard of measure
ment for students.
Miss Rabv is president of Wo
men's House Government, Junior
Oast Editor of College Annual A
Student Senator, on the Dean's
List, and Past Treasurer of Wo
men's Athletic Association.
M;. Rabv tmaduated from Frank
lin high school in the class of
Fourth grade, Frank Henry,
Charles t McKay, Harold Moore,
Bobby Myers, Eddie Reid, Charles
Thomas, Christie Hall, Louise Leach
Bessie McGoranell, Betty Lee
Moore, Mary Sue Potts, Evelyn
Roper, Claude McFalis, Jessie Mae
Emory, Thurman Blaine, Joe Brad
ley, Harold Gobie, Bergen Hall,
Stanley Sutton, Nansy Calloway,
Ethel Dobson, Julia Ann Higdon,
Ann Leatherman, and Ann Wright.
Third grade, Ellen Ann Higdon,
Patricia Stanley, Meda Angel, Ka
trina Cochrane, Elmer Phillips,
Vergie Mae Bingham, Billy Soles
bee, Mack Jones, Mary Sue Hol
brooks, Georgia Nell McDonold,
Mildred. Pruitt, Alfred Higdor.s
Bobby Norris, Ray Jackson, Ruth
Robinson, and Turner Blaine, Clyde
Bingham, Don Henry, Dan Moore.
Bobby Potts, Howard Patton, Bob
by Tysinger, Elmon Vanhook,
Charlotte Love, Mary Ellen Rakes,
Martha Stockton, Peggy Sutton,
and Vella Mae Gregory.
Second grade, Dan Angel, Burton
Bosser, John Emory, Jack Love,
James Larry Phillips, Joe Phillips,
Mary Garner, Martha Jones, Joe
Ann Long, Betty Jean McCall,
Bobby Bingham, Bobby Dowdle,
Rowland Keener, W. A. Leach, L.
B. Moore, Max Phillips, George
W. Shields, Grace Brown, Lucille
Hyatt, Claudette Jackson", Julia
Moody, Louise Ray, Josephine
Rakes, and Roberta Snyder.
First grade, Lawrence Crisp,
Gaither Crisp, Wayne Stewart,
Shirley Ann Ledford, Frances Sue
Pruett, Jean- Blaine, Daist Tallent,
Margaret Ann Cunningham, Jackie
Men's and Boys' Sweaters
Work Clothes
Associate Store
Check These Amazing Features
No offer odor even in damp
rooms. Usually covers in one coat
no spots no brush marks.
Mixes quickly ready to brush in a
few minutes. Goes on like "Goose
Grease" won't tire your arms.
Dries to touch in 30 minutes try
it Won't rub off today, tomor
row, or a year from now. Cleans
quickly and easily. Goes on new or
old plaster without sizing or priming.
Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Burrell of
Indian Head, Mil., announce the
arrival of a son, Jimmy Dorsey, in
the Physician's Memorial hospital,
Friday, November 27. Mrs. Burrell
is' the former Miss.. Orpha Hol
brooks, daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
Tames R. Hc-lbrook of West's Mill.
Mrs. Mary D. Alexander
Passes At Swannanoa
News was received here Monday
of the death of Mrs. Mary David
son Alexapdcr of Swannanoa, on
Sunday, November 29. Mrs. Alex
ander had marny friends in Frank
lin, having visited liere many times
during the residence of her only
sons Samuel Davidson Alexander,
who was for several years assis
tant farm agent for Macon county.
Mr. Alexander, who now lives
on his plantation near Scott, Ark.,
Wildie, Wiola Keener, Eugene
Raby, R. D. Raby, Max Hender
son, Earl Anderson, Frances Hyatt,
Dorothy McKay, Jea,n Reid, Bar
bara Sue Roper, Jimmie Ruth
Sherrill, Lucille Woody, Frank
Allison, Eugene McDonald, Ken
neth Patton, and Carl Robinson.
4-H Club Schedule
Tuesday, December 8 West's
MillMill Club, 9:15 a. m. ; Oak
Grove, 10:30 a. m.
Wednesday, December 9 Hig
dorrville, 9:15 a., in.; Pine drove,'
10:30 a. in.
Thursday, December 10 Iotla,
9:15 a. in.; Hunnir.ytown, 10:30
a. m.
Friday, December 10 Ot.t&, 9:15
a. in.; Holly Springs, 10:30' a. m.
Friday, October 1! Kr'unkltn,
2:30 p. m., Room 1, High School.',
Monday, December 14 Slagle,
9:15 a. m.; Oner Creek, 1 p. m.
was joined by liis wife, who ha.s
been visiting her parents, Mr. and
Mrs. (us Leach, on Monday, t,o
attend the funeral in Swannanoa.
Training guns at the Harlingen
Army Gunnery School spit shells
at an amazing rate. Fifty calibre
guns fire over 800 rounds per mii
ute, while .30 calibre Brownings
ire capable of firing nearly !200
FOR DIRECT RELIEF from mi-eries
of colds -coughing, phlegm, irrita
tion, clogged upper air passages
rub throat, chest, and Dack with
Vicks VapoRub. Its poultice-and-vapor
action brings relief without
COLD "sniffles",
melt a spoonful
of VapoRub in
hot water. Then
have the child
breathe in the
steaming vapors.
W VapoRub
Gift Shopping
Buy Your Gifts Now and Get
What You Want
HIT IF "Mill
Lace Trimmed Slips in satin and QQ
Rayon Panties, a scoop buy, 29c
Full Fashioned Hose, "Du Barry' , ftl AA
limited quantit 1.W
Children's Shoes, sizes to 9, in black, d 1 AQ
brown and tan pl.I
Children's Hose, full or 34 (
lengths, 19c 0(L
"Bear Brand", sires V2 to IOV2 '7C
Baby Blankets, large size; also d Ak
Parkes with caps to match trWmf
Men's and Boys' Union 7Q
Ladies' Hats, large brims, J"1 (f
special D1.UU
Window Curtains, white and colors,
Blankets, 5 percent wool, double bed dQ QQ
ize, pair
Dolls, Dolls, Dolls make every little
girl happy with a doll!
25c to $5.00
Sanders' Store

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