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    Applications For
Farm Buildings To
Be Filed With AAA
Under the Veteran's housing
program,' designed primarily to
furnish housing for veterans,
restrictions have been placed on
the construction of buildings
costing more than $400, Robert
Fulton, chairman of the Macon
County AAA committee, said
this week in explaining that
the main objective of the re
strictions at this time is to get
low-cost living units built as
rapidly as possible.
"Applications for the con
struction of all farm buildings
in Macon County should be
field at the local AAA office,"
Mr. Fulton said, "and the final
approval of the applications
rests with the State AAA com
mittee in Raleigh.
"Data such as materials need
ed. total cost of all new mate
rials. labor costs, and the ne
cessity for the buildinewJU be
requested." Mr. Fulton jfJfpTain
The AAA chairman pointed
, out that approval of the pro
posed construction will be based
on whether it is essential to
increasing or maintaining pro
duction of food on the farm;
whether present facilities on the
farm are being utilized to max
imum capacity; and whether the
proposed construction will be
fully utilized upon completion.
The Western North Carolina
Shorthorn Breeders association
held its annual meeting and
farm tour with visits to the
following Buncombe County
farms: T. C. Luther, Tony
Candler, H. G. Glance and
Cassius B. Roberson.
State College Answers
Timely Farm Questions
Q. What is the besi means of
controlling the cabbage or 'ter
rapin" bug?
A. James T. Conner, Jr., new
extension entomologist at State
college, says that the relatively
new sabadilla dust in 10 and 20
per cent solutions for applica
tion now to cabbage, collard,
turnip and other leafy crops is
the best controlling agent. The
10 per cent dust is best for in
festations by older bugs. The 20
per cent dust for hewer infesta
tions. Dusting now will -control
the bugs which strike hardest
during June, July and August.
Q. May home-grown strawber
ry plants be used successfully in
this state?
A. Yes, decidedly. Growers in
[ the Chadburn- Wallace area lost
more than $100,000 in this year's
crop by importing strains of
which proved to be sterile but
which had been advertised as
J "improved" types of established
| varieties. Home-grown plants
will be highly satisfactory pro
vided inspections for the con
j trol of disease and insects are
! properly made.
Q. Why are North Carolina
poultrymen having trouble get
ting chicks from the Rice Leg
horn farm in Missouri?
A. Because that firm does not
yet have the proper labels or
j pullorum control certificates
? from the Missouri . Livestock
Sanitary Board. North Carolina
law requires certification that
chicks brought into the state
| shall have less than two per
cent pullorum infection. The
same requirements are appli
cable to state hatcheries.
To the Democratic Voters
of Macon County:
As you see in another column
of The Franklin Press, I am
seeking the nomination for
Representative in the next Gen
eral Assembly of North Caro
lina. Before I decided to make
this race I was asked by good
citizens of almost every district
in the county to make the race.
I am 63 years old and for 42
years I have voted and worked
for the Democratic Party in
. Macon County and anywhere
that party felt the need of my
service, even two or three trips
to Raleigh oil my own pocket
book. And as a result of such
work and cooperation with the
Democratic Party, I have lived
to see our good state climb to
a much higher place among the
other states of the Union.
I know and you know that
a Representative can do only a
limited amount during a session
of the Legislature and I have
been asked many questions
about what I would do should
I go. And I feel that it's as
much in what I don't do or
undo as what I do in new leg
islation. My answer to some was
that it would be better for my
wife to tie me in the chimney
corner during the Legislature
than to pass some, not all, of
the Laws that have been pass
ed the last 12 to 15 years.
Should I be the successful
candidate, I shall feel that I
am a servant of the people of
Macon County and shall call to
gether a representative body of
citizens from, every district in
the county to the courthouse
between the election and the
meeting of the assembly that we
may discuss .the various needs
of the county, that I may know
what the people really want,
then go to Raleigh with a de
termination to pass some of the
most needful, constructive laws.
I have been asked many times
how I stand on the following
No. 1. Old Age and Dependent
Children's Assistance.
Ans. I favor making up bud
get to properly care for all on
the list, then adding to the
budget enough to care for
emergency cases that come up
between the time of making out
the budget.
No. 2. In Regard to Sheriff's
Pay Should the Office Change
Ans. I had nothing to do with
its passing and shall leave it as
it is, regardless of who may be
elected sheriff.
No. 3. The Question of Beer
and Wine.
Ans. I believe our Governor
said he would give us a refer
endum on beer and wine six
months after, peace was de
clared. The terrible guns of
war have hushed their roar and
I can't see any reason for wait
ing longer and I favor a refer
endum on beer and wine. Now,
not sometime in the far future,
let the people say what they
No. 4. School Bus Drivers.
Ans. I am in favor and shall
fight tor a school bus driver
not to be paid less than $50
per month. That said driver
shall be 21 or more years old,
of good morals, and a total ab
stainer from strong drink.
No. 5. Roads.
Ans. I shall do all that with
in one lies to get a gravel road
through all the communities,
large and small in Macon Coun
ty at the earliest possible time.
We all know that the SHC has
done wonders in building roads
for the last 20 years, or more.
Also we know the last four
years we all had to give all our
attention to the winning of the
war, but that is over and these
rural roads should have some
thing done and done now. ' And
leave the highways alone, only
the patching crew. The products
of our farms and forests are
needed; let's have a road to
No. 6. Teacher Retirement
Ans. While the school teach
ers only get a meager living
while on active duty in the
school room I feel that they
should have more than that $1
per day retirement that should
read at least $1.50 per day, and
$2 would be more like it.
No. 7. Board of Education.
Ans. The way I feel about this
jis: that these five men should
I be of our best. They should
| know the value of a dollar
] spent in a school, building,
roofing, lumber, roads, grading,
! house seats, school supplies, or
for any other school purposes
j whatsoever, and as they are
' going to have to spend a lot of
j time in the next two to four
years working out our school
I program, I favor paying them
for every hour spent on their
official duty in behalf of the
school children of Macon Coun
I ty. We have a big problem be
fore us. No one man in the
county or out is competent to
spend a half million dollars of
tax money, but six level heads
with the hearty cooperation of
the citizens of the county can
carry it out to a final and glor
ious conclusion that will be a
monument to our good county
and place us up in rank with
other good conties of the
In closing let me say I will
be glad to answer any and all
questions and I hope to your
satisfaction. In order that you
may know my feelings toward
North Carolina, I give you the
Since back in the days of
Aycock old Tar Heel has done
its best. I hardly think that
she's surpassed in North, South,
or West With education, health
industry, highways, farming.
Let's keep her marching on.
Here's hoping that all get reg
istered properly on the books.'
And that you go to the polls
and cast your ballot. If for me,
I will do my best to serve you
to the very best of my ability.
You, the voters, prescribe and
I will take the medicine, even
though it be bitter. (Closed
with my theme song) I want to
go there, I do.
IT'S HARD TO TELL which is prouder of this Guernsey
heifer, A. B. Slagle, who presented it, or Fred (Bo) Setser, to
whom it was presented. Young Setser, 15, is the son of Mr.
and Mrs. Bryan Setser, 'Of Cartoogechaye. The calf, "Belmont
View Laddie's Reba", was sired by "Riegael Dale Emory's
Laddie", while the dam was "Belmont View Molly".
State College Hints
To Farm Homemakers
N. C. State College
Lost buttons, especially those
torn out of garments, add
greatly to the burden of family
mending in many households.
Spring and summer qlothes of
thin fabric are likely to suffer
most from buttons that pull
out, taking some of the fabric
underneath with them. A simple
way to prevent such damage,
clothing specialists suggest, is to
stitch tape on the inside of the
garment under the button line.
The stitched reinforcement does
not show when the garment is
buttoned and distributes the
strain so that the small area of
cloth to which the button is
attached does not take the full
pull. Stitch down each edge of
the tape, then sew buttons
through the center part of the
On rayon clothes such a tape
will prevent the damage that
often comes from pressing too
hard or with too hot an iron
under buttons.
Rural electrification special
ists advise that electric irons
always should be disconnected
properly after use to keep them
in good working order. Pull on
the plug that fits into the con
venient outlet in the wall, never
on the cord. Pulling on the cord
may loosen the connections
within the plug or even pull
out the wires. A loose connec
tion may either blow a fuse or
cause excessive heat, which in
time will ruin the plug.
If the iroii cord is detach
able, connect and disconnect it
at the convenience outlet rath
er than at the iron. Disconnect
ing the cord from the iron
while the current is on may
cause sparking. This in time will
' ruin the plug and may require
replacing the connector term
inals on the iron ? a repair job.
For Representative
I want to take this opportun
ity to announce to the Demo
cratic voters of Macon County,
that I will seek the nomination
as Macon County Representa
tive in the General Assembly
of North Carolina, at the pri-.
mary to be held on May 25,
1946. I have never asked the
voters for an office before this
time, and will appreciate the
support of all my friends. If
nominated and elected I will
do my best to serve al! the
people, and will not introduce
or vote for any legislation un
less I believe it will be for the
best interest of the majority of
the citizens of Macon County.
M28 ? 9tc ? Ma23
For Representative
This is to announce to the
voters of Macon County that I
am a candidate for representa
tive in the next general assem
bly, subject to the Democratic
primary, May 25.
I have no axe to grind. If
nominated and elected, I will
go to Raleigh as the represen
tative and servant of all the
people of Macon County.
M7 ? 12p ? May23
For Representative
I hereby announce myself as
candidate to the house of rep
resentative, subject to the ac
tion of the Democratic primary,
May 25. Your vote and influence
will be greatly appreciated.
M7 ? 12tp ? May23
For Sheriff
At the request of many
friends, I have decided to stand
for reelection as sheriff of Ma
1 con County, and hereby an
nounce myself as a candidate,
subject to the action of the Re
publican convention.
A4 ? 4tc ? A25
For Sheriff
X am a candidate for sheriff
of Macon County. My candidacy,
of course, is subject to the Dem
ocratic primary May 25. Your
vote and your support will be
M2 1 ? lOtc ? May23
For Sheriff
This is my announcement
that I am a candidate for the
office of sheriff of Macon Coun
ty, subject to the will of the
Democratic voters, as expressed
in the primary May 25. Your
support will be appreciated.
M21? lOtc ? May23
For Sheriff
After careful consideration, I
have decided to announce my
self as a candidate for Sheriff
of Macon County, subject to the
coming Democratic primary.
If it is the will of the people
to elect me, I shall endeavor in
every way possible to prove my
self worthy of their confidence.
I am a native of Macon
County and have lived here all
my life, and X believe I know
the people of this county and
know how to serve them.
F14 ? tfc
For Sheriff
I hereby announce that I am
a candidate for the office of
sheriff of Macon County, sub
ject to the Democratic primary
May 25. As usual, I will appre
ciate every vote I get.
A25 ? 5tp ? M23
For Sheriff
I hereby announce myself as
a candidate for sheriff of Ma
con County, subject to the
Democratic primary of May 25,
1946. If nominated and elected,
I will do my utmost to serve
the people of Macon County to
the best of my ability. ?
A4 ? 8tp ? Ma23
For Clerk Superior Court
To the Voters of Macon County:
After long consideration, and
at the request of several friends,
I have announced myself as
candidate for the office of Clerk I
ol Superior Court, subject to the
Democratic primary May 25,
Should I be elected in the pri
mary and general election I will
strive to handle the affairs of
the office in the best possible
manner, and serve each citizen
Since it is Impossible to see
all the people of Macon County,
I am writing this to each and
every one of you, and offering
you the best of qualifications
for the job. I will greatly appre
ciate your support at the polls.
For Clerk Superior Court
This i is my announcement
that I r.rri a candidate for clerk
of the superior court of Macon
County, subject to the Demo
cratic primary. I will appreciate
your support at the polls.
M14 ? lite ? May23
For Board of Education
I hereby announce my candi
dacy for member of the Board
of Education subject to the
Democratic Primary to be held
May 25th, 1946. I believe that
my many years of close asso
ciation with scTlool systems and
my training and experience as
an engineer would qualify me to
perform the duties of this of
fice, particularly .at this time.
If elected I will work for the
improvement of the Macon
County Schools and will assist
in every way possible with the
wise administration of the new
building program.
For Board of Education
Believing that at least one
member of the County Board
of Education should be a veter
an, I wish to announce my can
didacy for the Macon County
Board of Education, subject to
the decision of the Democratic
primary. If elected I will work
to the best of my ability for
better schools throughout Ma
con County.
For Chairman, Board of
County Commissioners
I hereby announce that I will
be a candidate for the office
of Chairman of the Macon
County Board of Commissioners,
subject to the Democratic Pri
mary to be held on May 25,
1946. I will appreciate the sup
port of the voters if they think
I am qualified for this office.
W. E. (Gene) BALDWIN
M14 ? lite ? May23
F or County Commissioner
This is to announce that I
am a candidate for member of
the board of . county commis
sioners, subject to the Demo
cratic primary to be held on
May 25. I will appreciate the
support of the voters and If
nominated and elected, will en
deavor to do my duty for the
people of my county.
All? 7tp? Ma23
For County Commissioner
I will be a candidate for the
office of member of Board of
County Commissioners of Ma
acon County, North Carolina,
subject to the wishes of the
democratic voters In the pri
mary to be held on May 25,
1946. ? -
M14 ? lite ? May23
For County Commissioner
I want to take this opportun
ity to announce that I will be
a candidate for the office of
member of Board of County
Commissioners, of Macon Coun
ty, North Carolina, subject to
the approval of the Democratic
voters in the primary to be
held on May 25, 1946. If nomi
nated and elected, I will serve
the people of Macon County to
the best of my ability.
M14 ? lite ? May23
For Register of Deeds
I hereby announce myself as
a candidate lor Register of
Deeds of Macon County, North
Carolina, subject to the Demo
cratic primary of May 25, 1946.
Your support will be greatly
M14 ? lite ? May23
For Surveyor
I hereby announce myself
once more as a candidate for
county surveyor of Macon Coun
ty, subject to the Democratic
primary election to be held May
25, 1944 I will appreciate your
vote in the coming primary, and
if I should be elected, I will
continue to serve you as X have*
in the past.
A18? 6tC? M23
Sgt. Hoyt Ledford, son of Mrs.
R. M. Ledford, of Franklin, re
cently received his discharge
from the army at Fort Bragg,
following 41 months' service.
For the past two years he has
been chief projectionist at
Theater No. 2 at Fort Benning,
Ga. He is entitled to wear the
Good Conduct medal, American
theater campaign ribbon, and
the Victory medal.
The United States tanker
fleet now totals 955 vessels.
Candidate for Solicitor
Wc think the voters? and particularly the
veteran voters ? or
Macon Count y
should know some
thing about the
service record of
one of the candi
dates for .'Solicitor
in the coining pri
a married man of
forty years of age.
He had been prac
ticing law for six
teen years when,
about three years
ago, notwithstand
DAN K. MOORE JJg ^ ^ ^ he
was a married man with two children, he vol
unteered for service in the U. S. Army.
He spent approximately two years in the
service as an enlisted man, a large part of it
at the battle front in Europe, and has only
recently returned to his law practice which he
broke up to enter the service of his country. .
MR. MOORE is an able lawyer and a gentle
man, as his father, Judge Fred Moore, was be
fore him. He is the only one of the candidates
for solicitor who saw service in this war. He
worked two years for his. country on an en
listed man's pay.
We felt that when they knew the facts the
people of Macon County would want to give
a World War II veteran the preference we
think he deserves.
This advertisement was not solicited by Mr.
Moore. It is sponsored and paid for by Veteran
supporters of Macon County.
Veteran Supporters of
Dan K. Moore

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