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    Nantahala Forest Timber
For Sale
Sealed hids will be received
by the Forest Supervisor,
Franklin. North Carolina, up to
and not later than 2:00 p. m.
June 17. 1946 and opened im
mediately thereafter lor all live
timber marked or designated for
cutting and all merchantable
dead timber located on an area
embracing about 400 acres
within the Rocky Bald Unit of
White Oak Creek, and about
100 acres within the R. S. Jones
tract on Ben Branch and Cold
Springs Units, these units being
on the Nantahala River water
shed. Macon County, Nantahala
National Forest, North Carolina,
estimated to be 1100 M feet
more or less of yellow poplar,
northern red oak. white ash,
white oak, red maple, sugar
maple, chestnut oak, scarlet oak.
black oak, basswood, cucumber,
yellow and black birch, black
cherry, buckeye, silverbell, black
locust, black gum, hickory,
chestnut and hemlock sawumo
er. No bid of less than $15.00
per M for yellow popular; $9.00
! per M for white ,|Oak, sugar
I 'uaple, black cherry and wmte
[ ash; $8.00 per M for nothern
j red oak; $7.00 per M for bass
j wood and cucumber; $6.00 per
M for red maple; $2.00 per M
I lor chestnut oak. black oak and
black locust; $1.00 per M for
scarlet oak, chestnut, hemlock,
buckeye, silverbell, black gum
! and hickory will be considered.
In addition to prices bid for
stumpage, a deposit of $1.00 per
M feet lor all timber cut, with
the exception of buckeye, silver
bell, black gum and Jiickory will
be required lor sale area better
,ment work. $1,000.00 must ac
company each bid, to be applied
on the purchase price, refunded,
or retained in 'part as liquidated
damages, according to condi
tions oi sale. In accordance with
rt and
"15 eauty
4ih Cenhiry B.C.
Art brings beauty closer to man's under
standing and beauty comforts his mind.
Our modern aervice reflects the high
achievements of artists, craftsmen and scien
It is for all people, priced to meet their
circumstances f > whims.
Seek our court,
sel oj freely as
it is offered.
A Statement to the Democratic
Voters of Macon County
I believe lln- people are entitled to know how
;i candidate stands. I. therefore, make the tol
lowini;' statement to the Democratic voters ol
Macon ( omit v :
1. It" nominated and elected as Macon County
representative. 1 will yo to Raleigh as the rep
resentative ol' all the people of this county, and
will work for what 1 believe to lie to the best
interests of the state and the county.
2. I am now and have been in business for
myself since March, 1946. I am not in any way
connected with any other enterprise. If nom
inated and elected, I will to the bast of my
ability, represent all of the people of Macon
County without favoritism or preference for
any individual, faction, group, corporation, or
3. Honesty compels me to say frankly that
there are many things I might wish to do
\vhich I cannot. Such matters as highways,
schools, old age assistance, and control of al
coholic beverages are. generally speaking,
state-wide, and policies on these matters arc
determined not hv one, but by a majority of
the members of the General Assembly. I can
and do promise, however, to work for better
secondary roads throughout the state. I can
and do promise to ilo all in my power for bct
tci" schools, in this and every county ill the
state. I ca.ii and do promise to cast my vote for
a more liberal allowance for old age assistance.
And 1 can and do promise to work for the pro
posed referendum on alcoholics ? the people
have a right tp decide.
4. 1 am told that questions have been raised
about my record at the draft board. That rec
ord is no secret. I was under the draft age in
World War 1. Xever did I ask the draft board
lor so much as a day's deferment in World
War 2. I was classified as,l-A for a long pe
riod, and expected and was prepared to go to
the armed forces. The only reason I did not
was that the top age was lowered within a
month of the time I would have been drafted,
and I was classified as over-age.
?\ Whatever the outcome of the Democratic
primarv ,,May 25. I will exert every effort to
secure the election of everv nominee of the
Democratic party in the general election.
Herbert A. McGlamery
We convert portables into live
home radios.
victrola records galore.
Batteries, aerials (home and
can, and most tubes.
| Any size buttonholes, ma
Basement McCoy Bldg.
Franklin, N. C. ,
MEN WANTED? To cut and peel
hemlock by contract. Good
1 camps, good board , and good
pay. ? Cliff Dockery.i Highlands,
N. C.
j M2? 8tp ? J 20
FOR your rcof repair and
painting, see O. H. Jackson.
M16? 2tp? M23
GINSENG wanted. $2.50 per
pound green. $8 per pound
dry. R. S. Cowan. Greens Creek.
N. C.
M9 ? 8tc ? J27
FOR SALE ? 1,000-pound mare,,
five ' years old, well broken.,
good condition, good shape.
Also a two-horse wagon. Prices
reasonable. See T. J. Ramey, V
miles west of Otto.
FOR SALE ? Electric generator,
110 volt A.C. 2000 watts ca
pacity. Ideal for lighting a
summer camp. Government
surplus, brand new at less than
half price. Martin Electric com
pany, Phone 107.
M9 ? ltc
LOST? April 30th, Tuesday p.
m., ladies' dark blue . oblong
purse, containing sum of mo
ney and gold watch. Liberal re
ward. If found please contact
L. C. Henderson for reward.
WANTED ? Country hams. Will
pay ceiling price. See Alex
Arnold at Panorama Court.
M9 ? 3tp ? M23
TOWN LOTS ? For sale several
nice, weil located lots suitable
for residential purposes, at very
reasonable prices. Grover Jami
M9 ? 2tc ? M16
FOR SALE? 1937 Ford pickup
truck, good shape, new tires.
See R. L. Carpenter two (2)
miles from J. W. Addington's,
on Middle Skeenah road.
M 16? 2tp? M23
FOR ' SERVICE ? Registered
Hampshire boar. Best blood
lines. Sired by Clemson's Roller,
out of Hawkenhurst Model
Type. Ebbie Talley, Highlands
Dillard roatl. Highlands, N. C.
M16 ? 4tc ? J6
the letter of the Stabilization
Administrator to the Secretary
of Agriculture of January 29,
1946. this timber will* be sold
at the appraised prices stated
above. The purpose of this no
tice is to give all interested
parties an opportunity to bid at
these appraised prices. Bids in
excess of these stated prices will
be reduced to the prices herein
stated.' In the event of more
than one bid, award will be
made by lot or otherwise in the
interest of obtaining maximum
production of forest products
needed in the Reconversion
Program. The right to reject any
and all bids is reserved. Before
bids are submitted, full infor
mation concerning the timber,
the conditions of sale and the
submission of bids should be
obtained from the Forest Su
pervisor, Franklin, North Caro
M16? 2tc ? and M30
County-Wide W.M.U.
Meet To Be Held T uesday
The annual meeting of the
Woman's Missionary union of
the Baptist churches or Macon
county will be held at the Holly j
Springs Baptist church Tuesday.
May 21, at 10 a. ni., it Has been
announced by Mrs. Fannie Uib
I sqn, associational director.
Youth Fellowship Hjre
Headed By Neil Mooney
Neil Mooney was elected
I president of the Youth Fellow
ship of the Franklin Methodist
church' at Sunday evening's
meeting. Other officers chosen
are Ruth Angel, vice-president,
and Betty Warden, secretary
treasurer. Mr. and Mrs. Bob S.
Sloan are co-counselors. Presi
dent Mooney appointed a com
mittee to estimate the cost of
putting the church tennis court
in first class condition.
The Iotla Demonstration club
will sponsor a box supper
Thursday evening. May 23, at 8
o'clock at the Iotla schoolhouse.
The proceeds will be used for
the school lunch room. Boxes
for the most popular girl and
the ugliest man will be a fea
ture of the evening's entertain
WANTED? Will pay 10c lb. for
clean cotton garments ? any
color ? but no overalls, uniforms,
or heavy material wanted. Bring
to Press office.
FOR SALE ? Heatrola in good
condition, also cook stove.
See Wade Setser at Taxi stand,
or call Phone 88. ]
FOR RENT ? Pasture, for cattle
only. See Harry Thomas,
Farmer's Federation.
MIC? 2tc? M23
NOTICE ? Just " received last
shipment of hybrid corn. Get
yours while it lasts. Farmer's
M16 ? 2tc ? M23
WE BUY, sell, and exchange !
good used furniture, cook j
stoves, ranges, heaters, and
boilers. P. O. Box 577, Phone
40, Highlands, N. C., W. S. Davis.
M16 ? 4tc ? J6
FOR your roof repair and
painting, see O. H. Jackson.
M16 ? 2tp ? M23
I' file saws Tuesday through
Friday each week at Plemmons'
i shop, back of bank. Geo M.
The race horse runs on the
If your saw doesn't run, bring
it back.
Tho the job be small or large,
I L'll work them over free of
Geo. M. Johnson.
I I BUY DOGWOOD every month
J in the year. For specifications,
t prices, etc., see or write R. G.
Powell, East La Porte, N. C.
M16? 4tp? J6
lee, Hiley Belle, and Elberta
| peaches. Orchard run. Large
size. Ready June 15 through
j July. R. L. Gray, Phone 3161 or
538, Laurens, S. C.
M16 ? 5tc ? J13
I NOTICE ? Anyone wanting plain
sewing, see Mrs. Nora Mizelle,
! over Stewart's Electrical Appli
ance Shop on Main street.
FOR SALE ? Desirable lots for
building. In good location.
Write Box 275, Franklin.
LOST? Truck tag No. 142207.
Finder please leave at Reeves
M16? 2tp? M23
Columbian Bench Vice $6.25 ea.
3-Section Trea Pruner $2.90 ea.
Adams Grease Gun, 20 oz. $3.25 ea.
Western Auto Associate Store
All Day
owing to the fact that seme who signed the
agreement to close Wednesday afternoons for
feited t! cir agreement.
G. & N. FEED & GROC.
Some 4,300 exploratory oil
wells were drilled In the United
States last year, of which 11.6
per cent produced oil.
kj I NX I'. I am a candidate
for the Democratic nomination for the
office of Sheriff. 1 think it only reason
able that the Democrats of Macon
County should want to. know about my
record as a Democratic voter.
The records of the register of deeds
office, open to every citizen, show that
I have been registered and have voted
iu every Democratic primary and
every general election since I came of
The voters have a riyht, too, to ask
how the office of sheriff will be oper
ate 1. If elected. I pledge my best ef
forts to obtain the services of deputies
who have the respect and confidence
of the public. They will be selected on
a basis of worth. 1 mi^hl add that none
of my family will be employed iir the
Your earnest consideration of my
candidacy will be appreciated.
L. B. Phillips
This store's reputation has been built upon
the Quality of its plants and seeds.
Today it is hard to find the highest quality,
but we refuse tc lower our standards.
So if we haven't the variety and quantity
you expect, it is because of the shortage of
Quality plants and seeds.
What you do find here will be the same high
Quality as always.
W. J. Blaine
Seeds and Plants
WEEK DAYS 3:15 - 7:15 - 9:15
Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, May 19, 20, 21
Wednesday, Thursday, May 22, 23
Starring Robert Walker ? Keenan Wynn
with Jean Porter ? Chill Wills
Hugo Haas ? "Bill" Phillips
Friday, May 24
Saturday, May 25 ? Double Feature Program
Charles Starrett In
Owl Show at 10:30 ? Out at 12:00

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