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Mr. and Mrs. John B Ray, of
Bidwell street. Franklin, have
announced the marriage of their
daughter. Miss Margaret Luella
Ray. of Birmingham, *la? to
Crossley Edward Willis, of Tex
arkanna. Texas, and Birming
ham. Ala., in a quiet ceremony
on Friday. April 19. in Birming
Mrs. Willis was graduated
from the Bryson City High
school, and attended Woman's
College at the University of
of North Carolina, Greensboro,
and Wheeler Business college in
Mr. and Mrs. Willis will be at
h 'me at 1416 South 16th avenue,
Personal Mention
Miss Gladys Hannah, who
hulils a position with the Fed
eral Bureau of Investigation in
Washington, D. C? is visiting
her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Fred
Hannah, at their home. Frank
lin. Route 1.
Mr. and Mrs. John B. Ray
spent Sunday in Knoxville,
Tenn.. with their daughter, Miss
Ann Ray. who is attending the
University of Tennessee.
Fred L. Hannah, who is
teaching school in Haywood
county, spent the week-end at
his home. Franklin. Route 1.
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Cardon
and grandson, Gary Neal, of
Sylva, spent Sunday with Mi.
Cardon's mother, Mrs, Nancy
Cardon, at her home in the
Leatherman community.
Fred Guest, son of Mr. and
Mrs. Fred Guest, of Franklin,
who has been serving in the
armed forces for the past sev
eral months, has received his
honorable discharge and is now
at home with his parents.
Mr. and Mrs. John O. Wall
Signs Painted
W. L. Hall
(My shop is at my home,
near airport)
jun. Henry, of Elberton,
Ga., spent the week-end with
Mrs. Wall's mother, Mrs. H. O.
Cozad, at her home on Harri
son avenue.
Mrs. Florence Hampton has
returned to her home in Bry
son City, after spending sever
al days in Franklin with rela
tives and friends.
Mrs. Sam W. Stanfield, of
Franklin, and daughter, Mrs.
Etta Morgan, of Atlanta, Ga.,
recently visited their daughter
and sister, Mrs. Theron Home,
and Mr. Home, in Greensboro.
Mrs: Home was reported to be
quite ill lor several days.
Floyd Cardon, of Sylva, spent
Ihe week-end visiting his moih
er, Mrs. Nancy Cardon, and si..
ter, Mrs. Elsie Hurst, dt their
home in the Leatherman com
Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Olivef,
and daughter, Miss Lola Oliver,
and son, M. M. Oliver, all of
LaFayette. Ga., have been vis
iting relatives and friends in
Macon county for several days.
Mr. and Mrs. William P. Con
ley, of Chattanooga, -Tenn., were
here last week visiting relatives
and friends.
D. W. Allen, of Olympii,
Wash., who has been spending
the past winter at Jacksonville
Beach, Fla.. is visiting his cous
in, Mrs. John H. DeHart, and
Mr. DeHart at their home.
Franklin, Route 3, and other
relatives and friends in Macr.n
county. Mr. Allen, a former Mil
con resident, went west mo:e
than 40 years ago.
Miss Lillian Beeco, who has
been visiting her brother, James
Beeco, and family, at Cedar
Point, Md., has returned to her
home. Franklin, Route 4.
Jim N. Burch was separated
from the navai service at ti;e
naval personnel separation cen
ter, Jacksonville, Fla., May 11.
and has returned to his home
j in Franklin.
Mrs. C. S. Brown, Jr.. leit
Thursday morning lor Augusiu,
Ga., where she was joined by
her husband, who is employed
in South Carolina. They plan to
spend about 10 days in Augusta
visiting Mr. Brown's mother.
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Mr. and Mrs. A. F. Cook, photographed just after the'- ad
ding near Winston-Saleni, are shown above. Mrs. Cook is the
former Miss Annie Byrd Bradley, of Franklin, Route 3.
The marriage of Miss Annie
Byrd Bradley, of Macon Coun
ty, and Arville Franklin Cook
was solemnized on Saturday,
April 20, at the parsonage of
the Mineral Springs Baptist '
church, near Winston-Salem, I
with the Rev R. E. Adams of- j
ficiating, using the aou'o.e ruig j
Miss Carrie Zimmerman, pi
anist, played the wedding music,
to which the bridal couple en
tered unattended.
The bride wore a sky blue i
suit with a white blouse, white
nosegay hat and black acces- !
sories. Her corsage was of red j
rosebuds and valley lilies.
Mrs. Cook is the daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Bradley, of
Franklin, Route 3, and is a
graduate of the Franklin High
Mr. Cook is the son of Mr.
and Mrs. A. M. Cook, of Win
ston-Salem. He recently receiv
ed his discharge from the arm
ed forces, after spending five
years in the service. He is now
connected wi-th the R. J. Reyn
olds Tobacco company.
Following a wedding trip to
New York. Mr. and Mrs. Cook
will make their home in Win
| Mrs. C. S. Brown, Sr.
Mrs. Joe Rickman , of the
West's Mill community, who
underwent an operation at the
Angel hospital riiriay. of last
week, is reported to be doing
W. R. Boston has returned to
his home in Mt. Vernon, Wash
after. a visit with relatives and
Mrs. Fred Gray is a patient
at Angel hospital, where she has
been under treatment for the
past week or 10 days.
C. R. Sumner, Asheville Citi
zen reporter, accompanied by A.
J. Brookshire, of the Hender
sonville Redden - for - Congress
headquarters, were here Satur
day in connection with a survey
they were making of the dis
trict, seeking to determine the
>entiment in the various coun
ties with reference to the con
gress race.
Mr. and Mrs. G. Lyle Jones,
jf Asheville, spent Sunday in
Franklin visiting relatives.
Mrs. Norman Angel, of Chat-,
ianooga. Tenn., visited relatives
?nd friends here and at Dillard,
Ga., recently.
' Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Osborne
and soh, who have been making
their home in Marietta, Ga., for
some time, are now making
their home in Dillard, Ga.,
where Mr. Osborne now is
agent for the Tallulah Falls
Mr. and Mrs. George Hester,
of Cramerton, spent a recent
week-end visiting Mrs. Hester's
aunt, Mrs. Hyacinth Roper, at
her home on Bonny Crest, and
her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs.
J. Robert Ray, at their home
in the Flats community.
Mrs. R. S. Jones has as her
guest her mother, Mrs. M. J. j
Halman, of LaGrange. Ga. Mrs. j
Jones, accompanied by Mrs.
George A. Jones and the for
mer's two children, Richard and
Margaret, motored td LaGrange
recently., and brought her
mother back with her when she
returned to Franklin.
3 Macon County Men
Discharged From Navy
Three Macon County men re
cently were discharged from the
navy, according to word receiv
ed here. They are James D.
Dills, coxswain, the son of Mr.
and Mrs. William Dills, of
Franklin, Route 1, who had
served 25 months; Calvin E.
Owensbv, seaman first class,
husband of Mrs. Jessie Owenby
and son of General W. Owenby,
of Flats, who had served 14
months; and Cecil F. Raby, sea
man first class, husband of
Mrs. Llllle Mae Raby and son
of Mr. and M s. Charles Raby
of Franklin, Route 3, who had
been in service since October.
Jesse R. Dotson, of Franklin,
has had his automobile driver's
license revoked, for drunken
irlvlng, the state safety dlvi
ilon has announced.
Mrs. Gregory
Former Macon Woman,
Dies In S. C.
Funeral services for Mrs. C.
Gregory, 35, who died at her
home at Tigersville, S. C., May
14, were held at the Sugarfork
Baptist church Wednesday aft
ernoon of last week. The Rev.
W. L. Sorrells, pnst3r, officiat
ed, assisted by the Rev. J. A
Baty, Baptist minister of High
lands. Interment followed in the
church cemetery.
The pallbearers were Leonard
Corbin, Leo Corbin, Sanfora
Mann, Floyd Long, George
Gregory and Louis Gregory.
Surviving are her husband,
Carnegie Gregory; three chil
i dren, Hoyt Gregory, in the U.
S. Navy, stationed in Norfolk,
Va? Misses Ernestine" and Jo
Ann, of Tigersville; the parents,
Mr. and Mrs. T. G. Corbin, of
Tigersville; two sisters, Mrs.
Sanford Mann, Franklin, Route
2, and Mrs. Floyd Long, of
Franklin; and two brothers,
j Leonard Corbin, of Ashevilie
and Leo Corbin. of Tigersville.
Mrs. Gregory, the ii/imer Miss
j Gladys Corbin, daugmer of Mr.
and Mrs. T. G. Corbin. former
ly of Cullasaja, now of Tigers
ville, had lived all her life in
| the Cullasaja community until
' two months ago when she and
her family moved to South Car
olina. She was a member of
the Sugarfork Baptist churcn.
The body was brought to
Franklin Tuesday and remained
at the Bryant funeral home
here until time of the funeral.
Press Ads Pay
The Loyal Order of
Moose meets regular
ly on the first and
third Thursday nights
of each month at 7 :30.
Mrs. John W. Edwards, of
Franklin, has had a notice from
the navy department, stating
that her son, John Wesley Ed
wards, 19, has been promoted
to seaman first class.
Seaman Edwards, who joined
the navy in March 1945, is now
on the U. S. S. Bausel. He com
pleted the naval training course
with a mark of 3.96, or just
under the perfect mark of 4.00.
He is now in Cuba.
A group of Highlands women
have arranged to have a large
wreath placed in Rankin square,
in Franklin, on Memorial Day,
in honor of Macon County
youths who served in World
War 2. The wreath was ordered
from West's Florists, and will
be placed in the section of the
square where the crosses for
this county's war dend stand.
Linda's Dining bervice
To Open T.nis Week-end
Linda's dining room service on
North Fourth street will opjpn
this week-end for the season,
in a new building, with all
equipment new and up-to-date.
Less than half the cities of I
the United States of more tnan |
1,000 population have 1 airports.
The place U owned and oper
ated by Mr. and Mrs. W. L.
Watson, and Is only a few blocks
from the center of the village.
Mrs. Watson, a Highlands girl,
knows Southern cooking. Mr.
Watson is from New York State.
Hardee Plans Special
Sermon Far Memorial Day '
In observance of National
Memorial day, the Rev. Robert
M. Hardee will use as his ser
mon subject, "Paying Tribute
at the 11 o'clock service Sun
day morning at Highlands
Methodist church. Mr. Hardee
extends a special invitation to
all ex-service men and their
families to attend this Memo
rial aay service.
If not pleased, your 35c back at
any drug store. TE-OL, a
STRONG fungicide, contains 90%
Reaches MORE germs to KILL
he itch. Angel's Drug Store.
Join Now!
Protects the Whole Family
Potts' Burial Ass'n.
Phone 164 or 174
If our
Y OUR young son or daughter will be part
of a better world you are helping to build for tomor
row. They will succeed or fail according to their edu
cation and ability. Wise parents are providing now
to assurie their children a secure place in tomorrow's
world. You can do likewise with Jefferson Standard's
Educator Plan and spread the cost by making small
deposits while your child is still young. At no cost
to you, let us come by and talk with you and your
wife about it.
ft has been argued by opponents of Ion Weaver thai he is
a do-nothing Representative. With this in mind, consider sonic of
the Federal projects which have come into being in thi.s Congres
sional District under Mr. Weaver's sponsorship or with his aid
and backing.
1. Great Smoky Mountains National Park
2. I'.luc Ridge Pai^cway
3. Appalachian Experiment Station
4. Oteen Veterans Hospital
5. Moore General Army Hospital
c,. Ifiawassee Dam
7. Chatuga Dam
8. Fontana Dam
9. Enlargement of Nanlahala anil Pisgah
National Forest
10. Kephart Fish Hatchery
11. Numerous Pnstoffice and Federal buildings
and other buildings constructed by Fed
5 eral funds.
Many approved or eligible projects, including the J'ark to I'ark
Highway, await post-war appropriation of funds, which for ob
vious reasons could not he allowed during the war. Mr. Weaver
is now at work and wants to remain at work on these projects.
Who is the right man to continue? He who has lived with them
and for them since they were horn, or he who aspires to office bv
reason of an over-weening personal ambition and may or may not
give them their deserved attention?
A vote for Zebulon Weaver in the primary of Mav 25th is a
'vote for a great public servant.

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