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    Highlands Highlights
Tham N. Carter, D.D., Pastor
10:00 a. m. ? Sunday School.
11:00 a. m. ? Worship Service.
7:00 p. m.? B. T. U.
8:00 p. m. ? Evening Warship.
Wednesday, 7:00 p. m. ? Pray
er, Praise and Fellowship.
The Rev. R. M. Hardee, Pastor
Highlands Church
Every Sunday:
10 a. m. ? Sunday School.
Second Sunday:
11 a. m. ? Worship service,
Fourth Sunday :
11 a. m. ? Worship service. l
Cashier Church
First Sunday:
11 a. m. ? Worship service.
Third Sunday:
11 a. m.? Worship service.
Flats Church
Second Sunday:
3 p. m. ? Worship service.
Clear C^tek Church
Fourth Sunday :
3 p. m. ? Worship service.
Norton Church
Third Sunday:
3 p. m. ? Wirship service.
Rev. A. Rufus Morgan, Rector
Every Sunday:
10:00 a. m. ? Church school.
Second Sunday:
11:00 a.m. ? Holy Communion
r>nd sermon.
Fourth Sunday:
4:30 p. m.? Evening prayer
and sermon.
Rev. J. B. Davidson, Minister
10:00 a. m. ? Sunday School.
11 a. m. ? Worship Service.
7:30 p. m. ? Christian En
<In School Auditorium)
The Rev. A. F. Rohrbacher,
Highlands' summer social sea
son began Saturday afternoon
with an informal party given
by Charles Veazey Rainwater
and his sister, Mrs. M. Brown
Edmondson, at Vztop Farm.
Honor guests included Mr. and
Mrs. Neil Conard, of Atlanta,
who are visiting Mrs. Edmond
son, Dr. and Mrs. Green Warren,
Mr. and Mrs. Allison Thornwell,
Mrs. Ashcraft McGinnis and the
house party guests of the three
families. Mr. and Mi's. Eiwvn
Tomlinson, Mr. and Mrs. Rob
ert Tyre Jones, Mr. and Mrs.
Clark Howell, Mr. and Mrs.
Charles Black, and Mrs. John
Westmoreland, and Mr. and Mrs.
William Healey, all of Atlanta.
Other honor guests were Spes
sard W. Holland, Florida's ex
governor and democratic nomi
nee for the U. S. senate, and
Mrs. Holland, of Bartow, Fla.,
Mr. and Mrs. Napoleon Hill and
Mr. Don Warren, of Memphis, i
Tenn.. and Mr. and Mrs. Carl |
Daniels, of St. Louis, Mo.
Approximately seventy - five
guests were present.
Personal Mention
Joe Waller, seaman first class,
has returned to Norfolk, Va.,
after spending a 15-day fur
lough with his parents, Mr. and
Mrs. Albert Waller.
Mrs. O. E. Young, her daugh
ter, Miss Mary Elizabeth Young,
and her brother-in-law and
sister, Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Kern,
of Lakeland, Fla., attended the ;
graduation of Mrs. Young's son, '
OHver Earle Young, from River
side Military academy, Gaines
ville, Ga., Wednesday of this
Former Governor Spessard W.
Every Sunday: v
10:45 a. m. ? Confessions.
11:00 a. m. ? Mass and com
Saturday, May 25th
In Highlands
Another member of our firm it back from
service in the Armed Forces, and we now have
cur normal staff ? made up of men experienced
in selecting fresh vegetables, fruits, etc. We
have been in this business since 1932, and that
14 years' experience is at your service.
We also are expanding our routes, and now
are serving Swain and Jackson Counties, as
well as Macon, and Rabun and Habersham in
In our buying, we always emphasize quality,
not mere cheapness.
* Tom-A-Toe Tomatoes
* Mack Brand Florida Oranges
* Sunkist California Lemons and Oranges
? Red Perdh Fillets
? Fresh-Drest Chickens
When you shop at your neighborhood grocer's,
ask for these brands.
Wholesale Distributors
Culton A.ic .DaviJson
Also Named To
O. F. Summer was elected
president of the Highlands Ro
tary club in the recent annual
election of officers. Mr. Summer
succeeds Stacy C. Russell, re
tiring president. Wade Sutton
is the new vice-president, and
the Rev. Jack B. Davidson was
unanimously elected secretary
and treasurer. Dr. Thom Carter
was elected sergeant-at-arms.
. Composing the new board of
directors are Wilton H. Cobb, O.
F. Summer, Stacy C. Russell, W.
A. Hays and Wade Sutton.
Various committee chairmen
will be appointed at a later
Honor Rolls
At Highlands Listed For
Last Period
The following honor rolls for
the fifth six-week period at
Highlands school have just been
announced by Principal O. F.
"A" honor roll: Second grade,
Patsy Littleton, Nancy Norton,
and Ruthine Reed; third grade,
Joanne Cabe.
"B". honor roll: First grade,
Sandra Baty, Mary Lee How
ard, Anne Rideout, Tommy
Rucker, Barbara Talley, Elise
Talley, and Solomon Webb; sec
ond grade, Mary Ann Calloway,
Jeremy Wilcox, Doris Crowe,
Louise Webb, Charles Watson
and Carrie Vinson; third grade,
Beverly Cook, Virginia Crawford,
Betty Howard, Martha Reese,
Berta Lee Talley, and Linda
Watson; sixth grade, Doris
Dockery and Audrey Hays;
eighth grade, Joyce Burnette;
high school, Daisy Miller, Mary
Phillips, Doris Hedden, and
Allie Sue Price.
Holland and Mrs. Holland, of
Bartow, Fla., were week-end
guests of Mr. and Mrs. Harry
H. Hector, of Miami, who are
spending a short time at their
home at the Country club.
After a visit with their daugh
ter in Louisana, Major General
Albert E. Brown has gone on
to the South Pacific, and Mrs.
Brown has returned to High
lands for a further visit with
her aunt, Mrs. J. S. Sewell. Mrs
Brown will join the general in
the South Pacific area as soon
as he has established a home,
which he hopes to do within a
month or two.
Miss Rosalie Howell, of At
lanta and Sarasota. Fla., has
returned to "Folly-O", her sum
mer home at the Country club,
for the season.
Zach Zachary of Melbourne,
Fla., arrived the past week to
spend the season with his
niece, Mrs. Charles C. Potts, at
the Potts house.
News was received here Fri
day of the sudden death of
Julian E. Moore at his home in
Miami. For several summers the
Moores have occupied a guest
cottage belonging to Mr. and
Mrs. John C. Blanchard, mak
ing many Highlands friends
who will regret to hear of Mr.
Moore's death.
Mr. and Mrs. Howard L. Pier
son and small son, Leonard, of
Chicago, 111., are visiting their
parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. Rock
well Nail, at their home in
Miss Rebecca Bridgers, of
Thomasville, Ga.. and Tarboro,
N. C? arrived Saturday for a
week's visit with Miss Minnie
D. Warren at "The Hedges", on
Satulah, before opening her
summer home on Martha's Lane.
Joining Miss Bridgers at her
cottage next week will be her
sister, Mrs. Placdia White, of
Thomasville, and daughter, Miss
in the WACS.
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph M. Far
go, of Augusta. Ga., arrived
Monday for a short visit with
Mr. and Mrs. Sam Baty at
"Cheonondah", on Satulah
Mr. and Mrs. P. B. Slater of
Thomasville, Ga., have opened
their summer home in Web
mont for the season.
Arthur L. Bliss, of Washing
ton, D. C., has arrived at "Ten
Ridge", the Bliss summer home
at Sunrise View, for the season
and will be Joined by Mrs. Bliss
in about ten days.
Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Guentner,
of Lake Worth, Fla., arrived
Saturday and have opened their
summer home on Whiteside
mountain for the season.
Dr. and Mrs. F. W. Shultz, of
Sarasota, Fla., are at their
summer cottage In the Mirror
Lake section for the season.
Col. and Mrs. Theron Meth
ven are on vacation In the G.
W. Marett cottage on Fifth
street through June. Col. Meth
ven was stationed In AJaaJra for
End-Of-Year j
Events Held At School;
Ncne To Graduate
Highlands school will have no
graduates this year, because of
the addition of a new grade. ;
which leaves a blank in the
graduating class. The high
school play. Linda Lou", was
given at 8 o'clock Tuesday eve
I ning, with a cast of characters j
[ from the ninth, tenth and i
eleventh grades, under the di
! rection of, Mrs. Annie W. Pier
H son.
On Tuesday night of next
j week at 8 o'clock, exercises for
the eighth grade will be held
in the school theatre leaturing
| a Spanish Fiesta, with color,
! music and dancing. The pro
gram will be enacted by the
eighth grade, members of which
j will become high school stu
; dents next year. This program
also will be under the direction
i of Mrs. Pierson.
On Tuesday evening, June 4, ,
Mrs. O. F. Summer, Mrs. Jack
B: Davidson and Miss Marion
! Lester will present their munic {
pupils in a piano recital ,a?, the
school theatre at 8; 15 o'clock, j
Mrs. Kirkland Is Winner
In Asheville Horse Show
Mrs. Edward R. Kirkland, of
Orlando, Fla., rode her horse,
"Eager Beaver," in the Asheville
horse show on Friday and Sat
urday of last week, winning i
third place in Saturday's Class
30, three-gaited novice, and
fourth place i:< Friday's Class
Mrs. Kirkland is the former
Miss Julia Anne Russell, daugh
ter of Mr. and Mrs. John A.
Russell of Highlands and Or
lando. whose marriage to Cap
tain Kirkland was a social event
of late March.
some time and is recently from
Camp Wheeler, Macon, Ga. Fol
lowing his early retirement
from the army. Col. and Mrs. 1
Methven plan to .rfiake their
home in Ne,w England, while
their two sons, Don and Stuart
Methven, who are with the army
of occupation in Japan and
Germany, complete their edu
cation "at Harvard, after they
are released from service.
^ ? ?>' ? ? ? ? ? ^ ? ? ?
Tricemont T*h-ace Snow
Scene ,Put On Pott Card
A picture of Tricemont Tei ^
race, portraying a snow scene
in colors, appears on a stiick
postcard recently put out by
the Asheville Postcard company
The picture was token by S. C.
Russell last year to add to his
own private collection of post
cards, and met the instant ap- j
prov?l of the Asheville com- I
pany. This is the second hon
or to come to Tricemont ter- j
race in recent years, A few [
years ago it was written up by
Duncan Hines In Adventured in
Oood Eating"'.
Mr. and Mrs. J. Harvey Trice
are beginning their eleventh
1 season at Trlcemont, and will
] open the hotel for the season
i the week-end of May 31.
Our time, thoughts and ef
forts are devoted to Electri
cal Work, and we endeavor to
do that one thing well.
it its
(tlcrtrir (Cn. '
Opening Date
Holt Furniture Co.
Holt Building
Highlands, N. C.
; . A
HARRY A. HOLT, Owner and .Manager
Industrial expansion. Addi
tional plants mean more jobs
for our people and leu taxes
against our property.
Increased tourist business. To
this end we must work (or
greater development of th*
Great Smoky Mountains Na
i , tional Park, and for construc
tion of proper highways to
this great outdoors play
ground. To further this, 1
| propose a meeting of Con
gressmen from North Carolina
and Tennessee, that we may
profit by joint effort.
Agricultural advancement. Na
tural advantages here for
dairying, orcharding, truck and
general farming are unsur
passed, and our farmers must
be supported in their activities
that count so heavily in mak
ing mountain Carolina a bettar
and better place to live.
Cooperation among ouv
Chambers of Commerce, oC
Boards of Commissioners an4
other groups, that our sectiaS
may be adequately advertise!
and its glories made known M
the world.
Encouragement for our young people, that they may auume with enthusiast
the opportunities for leadership now unfolding to them. Particularly would I
mention the need for more Junior Chambers of Commerce, and the vigorous
undertaking of community projects for which they are so well qualified.
Vour Congressman, I feel, should play a major role in all these moves; he must
lend a helping hand in every community-improvement project in his district. If
elected to Congress, I expect to give our people this active kind of represen
tation. Are you satisfied with present conditions? You have the opportunity now
to vote for a change!
Further, I propose that our Gl's and other veterans be given service not ?*
celled in any District in our country. You know my plans to appoint a secretary
who will be a veteran and familiar with the laws affecting veterans, and who
will live in the District and be available to veterans and their dependents at
all times.
Better educational advantages for the youth of the State ia another cause for
which I shall labor. Hence, I will support Federal assistance to our schools,
thus to raiae educational standards without imposing increased state taxes on
our citizenship.
Democratic Candidate for CONGRESS

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