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For Representative
I want to take this opportun
ity to announce to the Demo
cratic voters of Macon county,
that I will seek the nomination
as Macon County Representa
tive in the General Assembly ;
ot North Carolina, at the pri
mary to be held on May 25.
1946. I have never asked the
voters for an office before this
time, and will appreciate the
support of all my friends. If
nominated and elected I will
do my best to, serve al! the
people, and will not Introduce
or vote (or any legislation un
less I believe it will be (or the
best interest o( the majority o(
the citizens of Macon County.
M28 ? 9tc ? Ma23
For Representative
This is to announce to the
voters of Macon County that I
am a candidate for representa
tive in the next general assem
bly, subject to the Democratic
primary, May 25.
I have no axe to grind. If
nominated and elected. I will
KO to Ralelch as tlx1 represen
tative and servant of all the
To the Democratic Voters
of Macon County:
Before! made niv announcement, as a can
didate for Sheriff 1 .gave the matter serious
consideration as I know, ihe office is a very
important one for Macon County. I11 the first
place it needs a man of experience and ma
ture judgment as well as one who is not
afraid to enforce the law.
under Sheriff Charles Ingram for six years
I am 46 years old. I served as a deputy
and during that time ,was very active in per
forming the duties required of me. I can
truthfully say that during that time I favored
no individual but undertook to carry out my
duties impartially and with a view to keep
ing d(v)wn criminal offenses. 1 have no hesi
tancy to say that I will make every effort
possible to continue such efforts if I am elected
and I will also use the best judgment possible
in selecting deputy sheriffs to serve under me.
I have been a lifelong Democrat as have
been my people before me. In the event I am
elected I shall continue such party affiliation
and if I am not successful in securing the
nomination I will give all my support to the
nominee of my party in the general election.
I would like to see and talk to every man
and woman in the County but that is impos
sible. I will try to see as many as I can and I
will be very grateful indeed for your vote in
the coming primary to be held Mav 25th.
Fred D. Cabe
? I
To the Citizens of Macon County:
As many of you undoubtedly know I am a
candidate for Solic
itor of this District.
Mr. Queen, the
present Solicitor, is
hot a candidate and
his term of office
will -expire this
If I am fortunate
enough to secure
the nomination to
which 1 aspire I
pled ge myself to
prosecute all viola
tions of the law to
the best of my skill
and ability, how
ever, guaranteeing
a fair and impartial
trial to each, and t. d. bryson, jr.
every defendant.
It is my firm conviction that the Solicitor
can effect a large saving of taxpayer's money
In presenting each matter to the court as
speedily as possible and not keeping matters
pending on the docket and holding witnesses
over from term to term. This. I certainly prom
ise to do. I also, feel that the people of each
county should have a voice in the management
of court affairs and I wholeheartedly invite
anv person or group of people, in the event I
am elected, to feel free to discuss matters of
court interest with me at any time it best suits
their convenience.
1 am the eldest son of former Judge T. D.
Bryson who is now professor of law and legal
advisor at Duke University. I completed my
legal education at the University of North
Carolina and have been engaged in the general
practice of law since February 1925 and cer
tainly feel that I am thoroughly qualified to
fill the office of Solicitor not only by way of
education but also experience. I have lived
and maintained my office in Franklin for the
past seven years and while niv family is now
living in Bryson City on account of housing
conditions, I feel that Macon County is my
permanent home. ,
1 earnestly solicit your vote and support in .
the Democratic Primary, May 25th.
Thad D. Bryson, Jr.
2 Macon Students Have
Rc!es In WCTC Ccmedy
J. C. Cunningham, son of Mr.
and Mrs. W. H. Cunningham, of
Franklin, and Miss Maxie
Wright, daughter of Mrs. Helen
Wilson, of Highlands, students
at Western Carolina Teachers
college, Cullowhee, had roles in
"Snafu", spring productipn of
the Western Carolina players.
! The three-act comedy was pre
sented May. 17 at 8 p. m. in the
j college auditorium.
Three Southwestern North
Carolina youths recently have
' enlisted in the regular army,
through the recruiting station
here. They are A. C. Gibson, 22,
of Dillsboro, William E. Trull,
20. of Canton, and Charles Hig
dun. 18, of Tuckeegee.
Demand for aviation easol'"?
has declined about 75 per cent
since the end of the war.
people of Macon County.
M7 ? 12p ? May23
For Representative
I hereby announce myself as
candidate to the house of rep
resentative, subject to the ac
tion of the Democratic primary.
May 25. Your vote and influence
will be greatly appreciated.
M7 ? 12tp ? May23
For Sheriff
At the request of many
friends, I have decided to stand
for reelection as sheriff of Ma
con County, and hereby an
nounce myself as a candidate,
subject to the action of the Re
publican convention.
A4 ? 4tc ? A25
For Sheriff
I am a candidate for sheriff
of Macon County. My candidacy,
of course, is subject to the Dem
ocratic primary May 25. Your
vote and your support will be
appreciated. ,
M21 ? lOtc ? May23
For Sheriff
This is my announcement
that I am a candidate for the
office of sheriff of Macon Coun
ty, subject to the will of the
Democratic voters, as expressed
In the primary May 25. Your
support will be appreciated.
M21 ? lOtc ? May23
For Sheriff
After careful consideration, I
have decided to announce my
self as a candidate for Sheriff
of Macon County, subject to the
coming Democratic primary.
If it is the will of the people'
to elect me, I shall endeavor in
every way possible to prove my
self worthy of their confidence.
I am a native of Macon
County and have lived here all
my life, and I believe I know
the people of this county and
know how to serve them.
F14 ? tfc
For Sheriff
X hereby announce that I am
a candidate for the office of
sheriff of Macon County, sub
ject to the Democratic primary
May 25. As usual. I will appre
ciate every vote I get.
A25 ? 5tp ? M23
For Sheriff
I hereby announce myself as
a candidate for sheriff of Ma
con County, subject to the
Democratic primary of May 25,
1946. If nominated and elected,
I will do my utmost to serve
the people of Macon County to
the best of my ability.
A4 ? 8tp ? Ma23
For Clerk Superior Court
To the Voters of Macon County:
After long consideration, and
at the request of several friends,
I have announced myself as
candidate for the office of Clerk
of Superior Court, subject to the
Democratic primary May 25,
Should I be elected in the pri
mary and general election I will
strive to handle the affairs of
the office in the best possible
manner, and serve each citizen
Since it is impossible to see
all the people of Macon County,
I am writing this to each and
every one of you, and offering
you the best of qualifications
for the job. I will greatly appre
ciate your support at the polls.
For Clerk Superior Court
This is my announcement
that I rm a candidate for clerk
of the superior court of Macon
County, subject to the Demo
cratic primary. I will appreciate
your support at the polls.
M14? llto ? May23
James Bruce Blaine. Sl/c. who
received hU honorable discharge
from the navy after spending
three and one-half years In
service, and who has been at
home for the past five months
with his parents. Mr. and Mrs.
O. L. Blaine, Franklin, has re
enlisted in the navy for a pe
riod of si* years and is now
stationed at Great Lakes, 111.
Army Opens Recruiting
Station At Murphy
Sgt. F. C. Mathieu, who has
been In charge of the army re
cruiting station here for the
past month, left recently to
open a new station in Murphy,
which will serve Cherokee. Clay,
Graham, and Swain counties.
The Franklin office, which loses
these counties from its district,
will continue to serve Macon,
Jackson, and Haywood counties,
and has Transylvania added.
Sgt. Blaine E. Livingston, who
has been on 30-day furlough,
has returned to take up his
duties as head of the local sta
For Board of Education
I hereby announce my candi
dacy for member of the Board
of Education subject to the
Democratic Primary to be held
May 25th. 1946. I believe that
my many years of close asso
ciation with school systems and
my training and experience' as
an engineer would qualify me to
i eriorm the duties of this of
fice, particularly at this time.
If elected I will work for the
improvement of the Macon
County Schools and will assist
in every way possible with the
wise administration of the new
building program.
For Board of Education
Believing that at least one
member of the County Board
of Education should be a veter
an, I wish to announce my can
didacy for the Macon County
Board of Education, subject to
the decision of the Democratic
primary. If elected I will work
to the best of my ability for
better schools throughout Ma
con County.
For Chairman, Board of
County Commissioners
I hereby announce that I will
be a candidate for the office
of Chairman of the Macon
County Eoard of Commissioners,
subject to the Democratic Pri
mary to be held on May 25,
1946. I will appreciate the sup
port of the voters if they think
I am qualified for this office.
M14 ? lite ? May23
For County Commissioner
This is to announce that I
am a candidate for member of
the board of county commis
sioners, subject to the Demo
cratic primary to be held on
May 25. I will appreciate the
support of the voters and if
nominated and elected, will en
deavor to do my duty for the
people of my county.
All? 7tp? Ma23
For County Commissioner
I will be a candidate for the
office of member of Board of
County Commissioners of Ma
acon County, North Carolina,
subject to the wishes of the
democratic voters in the pri
mary to be held on May 25,
M14 ? lite ? May23
For County Commissioner
I want to take this opportun
ity to announce that I will be
a candidate for the office of
member of Board of County
Commissioners, of Macon Coun
ty, North Carolina, subject to
the approval of the Democratic
voters in the primary to be
held on May 25, 1946. If nomi
nated and elected, I will serve
the people of Macon County to
the best of my ability.
M 14 ? 1 ltc ? May23
For Register of Deeds
I hereby announce myself as
a candidate for Register of
Deeds of Macon County, North
Carolina, subject to the Demo
cratic primary of May 25, 1946.
Your support will be greatly
M14 ? lite ? May23
For Surveyor
I hereby announce myself
once more as a candidate for
county surveyor of Macon Coun
ty, subject to the Democratic
primary election to be held May
25, 1946. I will appreciate your
vote in the coming primary, and
if I should be elected, I will
continue to serve you as I have
In the past.
A18 ? Otc? MJ3
A nationwide 50-clty price
tabulation shows the service
station price of gasoline to av
erage 20.21 cents a gallon, in
cluding an average tax of 6 05
Candidate for Solicitor
We think the voters ? and partiiyilarlv the
veteran voters ? 01
M a c o 11 (' o it n t' y
should know some
thin^ about the
service record of
l)\\ k. MOOUK,
one of the candi
dales lor Solicitor
in the i'oininn j?ri
a married man of
forty years of a^e.
He had been prac
ticing law for six
teen years when,
about three years
afco, not withstand
ins the fact that lie
was a married man with two children, he vol
tint cored for service in the IVS. Army.
He spent approximately two yeans in the
service as an enlisted man, a large part of ii
at the battle front in Ktirope. and has only
recentlv returned to his law practice- which he
broke up to enter the service of his country.
"MR. MOORK is an able lawyer and a gentle
man. as his father. Judge Fred Moore, was be
fore him. He is the only one of the candidates
for solicitor who saw service in this war. lie
worked two years for his country on an en
listeil man's pay.
We felt that when they knew the facts' the
people of Macon Count v would want to give
a World War II veteran the preference we
t hi iik he deserves.
This advertisement was not solicited by Mr.
Moore. It is sponsored and paid for by Veteran
supporters of Macon County.
Veteran Supporters of
Dan K. Moore
A Statement to the Democratic
Voters- of Mjacon County
^schools, old a
co.fiajlc he vera
state-wide, an<l|
I believe the people a "e entitled to know how
a candidate stands. I, therefore, make the fol
lowing statement to tin' Democratic voters of
Macon County : , ,
1. If nominated And elected as Macon Connty
representative, 1 \\|ill go to Raleigh as the rep
resentative of all tjie pabple of this county, and
will Work for wh^t I believe to be to the best
interests of the stjtitc and the county.
2. I am now ajid have been in business for
myself since Marih, 1946. I am not in any way
connected with any other enterprise. If nom
inated -and elected, I will to the bast of my
ability," represent all of the people of Macon
County without! favoritisip or preference for
any individual, faction, group, corporation, or
.JJonesty compels me to say frankly that
there are man\j things I might wish to do
which I cannof Such matters as highways,
assistance, and control of al
es are, generally speaking,
policies on these matters arc
nined notj by one, but -by a 'majority of
the members iff the General Assembly. 1 can
and. do promisr, however, to work for better
secondary roa^s throughout the state. 1 can
and do promise to do all in my power for bet
ter schools, iit this and every county in the
state. I can and do promise to cast my vote for
a more liberal ^allowance for old age assistance.
And I can and do promise to work for the pro
posed referendum oitA alcoholics ? the people
have a right to decide. .
4. I am told that questions have been raised
about my record at the draft board. That rec
ord is 110 secret. 1 was under the draft age in
World War 1; Never did I ask the draft board
for so much as a day's deferment in World
War 2. 1 was classified as 1-A for a long pe
riod, and expected and was prepared to go to
the armed forces. The only reason 1 did not
was that the top age was lowered within a
month of the time I would have been drafted,
and I was classified as over-age.
5. Whatever the outcome of the Democratic
primarv May 25, I will exert every effort to
secure the election of every nominee of the
Democratic party in the general election.
Herbert A. McGlamery

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