Watch Thit Figure Grow! THIS WEEK 1,978 Net, Paid -in -Advance Subscribers 1,974 LAST WEEK JHaeotttmt I'HoauKssi i ?/?: LJIiEJi. U. IXhEl'EXDEXT VOL. LXI? NO. 22 FKANKI.IN, N. C.. THl'RSDAY, MAY 30, 1946 $2.00 PER YEAH McGlamery And Phillips Top Men SEEKING GIFTS TO BUY FOOD FOR STARVING Contributions Of Money Or Home-Canned Food Sought Here A call to Macon County peo ple for direct aid to the starv ing of other lands was issued this week by the Rev. A. Rufus Morgan, recently appointed local chairman of Emergency Food Collection on behalf of UNRRA. . Gifts of money and canned foods are sought. Persons who cannot contribute money are asked to give of their stores of food that has been home-can ned (in tin). For those who can give money, however, it is bet ter to donate the cash than to buy canned goods, since trans portation is involved, Mr. Mor gan explained. No specific quota has been s^t for the county, the amount raised being left to the individ- i ual consciences and hearts of the people here, Mr. Morgan said. t Whilft no gift is too small, he asked prospective donors to make their contribution with the realization that men, women, and children overseas are liter ally starving. The production and conserva tion of food, of course, is one phase of the world battle against hunger, since the food must be produced and saved if there is to be enough for over seas relief. The Emergency Food Collection is the second, and direct, method of aiding the millions without food. J. Ward Long, of the Nanta hala Power and Light company, , has been appointed treasurer of the campaign, and it is request ed that donations be mailed or taken to him. Mr. Morgan also has appoint ed Mrs. Florence S. Sherrill and Miss Marie Scott, home demon stration agent and assistant agent, respectively, as co-chair men, to make collections in the farming sections of the county. Do You Remember . . . ? (Looking backward through the files of The Press) SO YEARS AGO THIS WEEK An antiquated code of ethics shackles some of our doctors so as to prevent their cards being published in their local pap^r Do all the good you can for your town; if you have no money to put into its enter prises, say a good word when you can ? do not talk against your own interests, if you do people will think you are a fool. COFFINS, plain, medium and fine, all sizes, kept in stock, and trimmings and ornaments al ways on hand. Orders filled on short notice by the Franklin Furniture company. News reached Franklin last week that Mr. Wilbur Roane had been found dead in his wagon with his throat cut Wed nesday night. Later reports state that he was hot dead but pretty badly carved up. 25 YEARS AGO KYLE ? Lots of men are being admitted to the bar these days. But what's the use? The bar is bone dry. KYLE ? President Harding came into office In the "old" of the moon. This is a bad sign; he will have to work hard to overcome such an Inauspicious start. In addition he was in augurated on Friday. 0ee! We are afraid he'll have to hustle. 10 YEARS AGO Frank H. Hill, of Horse Cove, member of the Macon county board of education, who ha* been 111 for several weeks, was reported today to be recovering at the home of his daughter, Mrs. J. J. Norrls, In Atlant*. Here's How Macon County Precincts Voted In Primary CANDIDATES A I z, o u K a. S c d CONGRESS Zebulon t Weaver ? Monroe Redden ? SOLICITOR i Thad D? Bryson ...: , . : | Dan K. Moore ?' ???? I W. Roy Francis . I STATE SENATE j A. L. Penland .............. I Baxter C. Jones REPRESENTATIVE Herbert A. MpGlamery Robert A. Patton , ? .4-1 James M. Raby .'. .'. ..... CLERK OF COCRT Oilmer L. Crawford .'. J. Clinton Brookshire REGISTER OF DEEDS Lake V. Shope CORONOR Lawrence Blaine FOR SHERIFF Bill Bryson v C. Tom Bryson ., ....,% .... Fred D. Cabe .-. Paschal Norton '. r L. B. Phillips SURVEYOR Johp H. Dalton J ^ : ?. CHAIRMAN BOARD OF COUNTY COMMISSIONERS W. E. Baldwin MEMBER OF BOARD John W. Roane W. C. Sheffield W. W. Edwards ....: ... BOARD OF EDUCATION C. Gordon Moore Bob S. Sloan , Frank Browning _.... Harmon H. Gnuse :. ! Charles J. Anderson .; ! Walter Gibson ..: Paul Ammons Ed Byrd ? 8 ! O ? 2. 410 624 381 554 88 302 601 525 438 62 445 542 45 134 45 122 10 41 127 39 34 106 -61 107 155 135 105 228 411 752 320 598 584 605. 456 410 335 646 428 538 21 25 71 24 36 104 80 111 127 85 110 29 40 103 140 99 H 63 113 97 53 19 33 105 77 51 46 57 114 19 160 * 5 2 4 85 63 96 75 89 61 32 51 84 72 77 J* u o b aj bo 3 ra 28 23 32 8 1 16 23 19 6 17 5 45 ?a c J3 2 be 139 115 103 134 17 59 173 63 126 57 193 46 5 9 45 83 0 39 3 103 0 18 17 9 23 14 15 14 7 8 10. 17 15 153 75 181 127 168 86 85 200 148 151 143 ?a d E 7 10 4 11 0 7 3 6 1 10 10 7 bo H "C CQ a S to 133 120 79 161 5 63 165 107 85 61 112 134 17 35 25 75 105 168 109 149 94 124 105 71 135 >> as & cj aj M O 2 c? o 55 131 32 138 8 37 129 88 82 12 36 148 17 30 6 34 93 10 206 135 3 106 71 11 103 79 105 111 112 94 79 102 55 64 A ?1 C cs Z 28 5 24 10 6 7 30 5 21 16 37 2 1 27 2 2 13 22 16 24 20 21 23 7 20 22 8 10 o Z ?G CS ?J C CU 8 33 bn S c u. . 3 CO 29 35 5 36 21 11 8 36 5 3 7 3 2 26 27 12 18 22 20 15 12 12 28 14 17 o U 104 93 8 -26 90 31 2 36 81 0 19 29 32 33 28 51 12 25 46 24 33 35 139 33 87 27 88 3 16 18 43 100 89 67 110 124 61 67 138 69 88 < H O H 13 55 316 12 46 607" 1 1 23 280 8 31 \ 521 30 34 775 51 90 1,652 42 128 925 15 81 1.340 NOTE: The figures above are the official ones announced by the county board of elections, following its canvass of the vote Tuesday. Since there were no contests for the nominations for register of deeds, chairman of the board of county com missioners, coroner, and surveyor, the board declared the candidates for these offices the nominees without a court. RAISE $734 FORi WORK OFC. OF C. 72 New Memhers! Those Not Approached Asked To See Officials Solicitation of funds to carry on the work of the Franklin Chamber of Commerce for the next year so far has brought in a total of $734, it was an nounced this week by Frank B. Duncan, chairman of the cham ber's membership committee. The directors feel that $1,500 should be raised, Mr. Duncan added, to make it possible for the organization to prosecute its various activities effectively. The chamber of commerce advertises the community in publications in various sections of the country, seeks to interest small industries in coming to Franklin, maintains the tourist information booth on Main street during the summer months, answers hundreds of inquiries about Franklin and Macon County, and handles many other types of community activity, It was pointed out. What Name Implies It is the one organization, in (act, it was added, that is de signed and equipped to serve in the capacity its name im plies ? as a commercial repre sentative of the community. So far, 72 business firms and individuals In Franklin and the county? and six outside the county ? have taken 1946 mem berships, but Mr. Duncan re marked that members of his committee undoubtedly have overlooked a number of con cerns and Individuals? both old and new residents? who would wish to become members. Those who have not been ap proached are asked to bring or mail their membership checks to Mr. Duncan or to T. W. Angel, Jr., president, or to leave them at the chamber of commerce booth. 1946 Members The members within the Continued on fkfe Sight Rain Here Since November 20 1 Totals 36 1-2 Billion Gallons Pick Allison As Agent To Succeed Fagg Don G. Allison has been ap pointed assistant county agent in Macon County, to fill the po sition made vacant by the re cent resignation of Thomas H. Fagg, it was announced this week. Mr. Allison, who will take up his duties here June 1, will be In charge of the test demon stration farm program in this county. A native of Clay county, he has seerved as a county agent and a vocational teacher since his graduation from N. C. State college. He comes to Macon from Cherokee county, where he has been assistant county agent since his discharge from the armed forces. New V. F. W. Po.t To Hold Meeting Evening Of June 7 The newly organized local post of the Veterans of For eign Wars will hold a regular meeting June 7 at. 7j30 p. m. over Glenn Ray's store, it has been announced by Howard Barnard, temporary commander. The post, which already has approximately SO members, has received Its charter, and is known as Macon County Memo rial Post No. 7339. Present members will be giv en their pocket cards at the meeting. All Macon County overseas veterans are invited to attend the meeting. The Franklin Golf Course will officially open for the season June 1, It was announced this week by Major J. F. Carmack, owner and. operator of the Franklin Lodge *nd Golf Course. Extremely Wet Season Marked By Yard-Deep Precipitation A lot of rain here during the winter and spring? "A lot" is putting it mildly! While no official weather fig- 1 ures for previous seasons are available for Macon County, there is little doubt that it has been one of the wettest seasons in many years. The official measurement of the precipitation since Novem ber 20 ? the beginning of winter ?shows a total rainfall to date of about 36 inches. That, of course, would be water a yard deep all over Macon county. The best idea of the amount of rainfall, however, can be ob tained by translating the fig ures into cubic feet and gallons. Guy L. Houk, official weather observer here, figures that ap proximately 3,783,000 tons of water have fallen in the cor porate limits of Franklin dur ing the winter and fall. That, in round figures, is 807,000.000 gallons. The rain that has fallen in i the county, he added, would total 36 'A billion gallons. To haul this amount of water in tank cars of average size would require a railroad train approxi mately 55,000 mi|?s long ? that is, twice the equatorial diam eter of the earth. Cullasaja Lodge Will Open June 1 For Seaaon Cullasaja Lodge, recently pur chased by the Misses Dolly Van Hise and Vera Atkins, both of Atlanta, will open June 1 for the season, they have announc ed. Also connected with the lodge is Sam Thompson, also of Atlanta. The property was bought from Charles Sond helmer. Of the 650,000 miles of sur faced roads and streets In the United 8tates, 800,000 miles are covered with asphalt. START CUTTING OUT NOTED W Steam Shovels Digging New Route On Way ah Road Elimination of the historic "W" on the Wayah road has begun. Relocation and reconstruction of the road is now under way, it was announced this week at the headquarters here of the Nantahala National forest. That section of the road that forms the lower part of the "W" is to be replaced by a re located road. Plans originally were to locate the road on the opposite side of the valley, but it has been decided, instead, to keep the road on the same side of the mountain, but change it. A shovel already is moving dirt. Every effort wilf be made, it was said, to keep the road open during the summer tourist sea son, but it may be necessary, from time to time, to close it for intervals of a few days. The present work is prelimin ary to the construction of a hard-surfaced road over the mountain, to connect with a state hard-surfaced road from Andrews, it was explained. Ramsey Will Be Graduated June 4 From West Point Albert L. Ramsey, Jr., son of Mr. and Mrs. Albert L. Ramsey, of near Franklin, will be gradu ated from the U. S. Military academy at West Point June 4, with a high rating. Mr. Ramsey, who holds the rank of cadet captain, stands first in his class in military tactics, and his general average places him in 27th place in a class of 866. His graduation day falls the day before his 23rd birthday. He is a graduate of Franklin High school and was graduated in agriculture from N. C. State college, where he majored in i livestock. J.C.BROOKSHIRE WINS: EDWARDS. ROANE CHOSEN Gibson, Sloan Nominated For New Members Of Education Board Herbert A. McGlamery was top man in the three-way race for representative arid L. B. (Shine i Phillips led the field of five? seeking the nomination for sheriff, in last Saturday's Demo cratic primary. In what was generally con sidered an upset, J. Clinton Brookshire defeated Gilmer L. Crawford, 1,282 to 1.110, for the nomination for clerk of super ior court. John W. Roane and W. W. Edwards, incumbent, won the nominations for two places on the board of county commis sioners over W. C. Sheffield. The vote was Roane, 1.652; Edwards. 1,340; and Sheffield, 925. Gibson, Sloan Lead Walter Gibson and Bob S. Sloan, opposing present mem bers of the county board of ed ucation, led in the races for five members of that board. The others nominated are C. Gordon Moore, present chair man, Frank Browning and Ed Byrd, present menjbers. The vote stood; Gibson. 1,434; Sloan. 1,367; Moore, 1,347; Byrd, 1.226; Browning, 1,206; Charles J. An derson, present member, 966; and Harmon H. Gnuse, 843. Since neither Mr. McGlam ery nor Mr. Phillips received a majority, the second high man in each race has a right to call a second primary, and there may be one to nominate a candidate for sheriff. Bryson Undecided R. A. <Bob> Patton, who stood second in the race for representative, announced Tues day, following the official can vass of the vote by the county board of elections, that he will not ask for a' second primary, but C. Tom Bryson, second man in the voting for sheriff, said he had reached no decision. The law provides that the second high man, in a race in which the top man fails to re ceive a majority, may obtain a second primary by filing notice within five days after he has been notified of the result of the official canvass. The vote for sheriff stood: Phillips, 775; C. Tom Bryson, 607; Paschal Norton, 521; Bill Bryson, 316; and Fred D. Cabe, 230. In the race for representative, the vote was: McGlamery, 1,070; Patton, 970; and J. M. Raby, 414. 2,499 Ballots Cast Among the local races, that for sheriff brought out the largest vote. A total of 2.499 were cast in that contest. Since W. E. (Oenei Baldwin, for chairman of the board of county commissioners, Lake V. Shope, for register of deeds, V Lawrence Blaine, for coroner, \ and John H. Dalton, for sur veyor, were unopposed, the board of elections declared them the party's nominees without a count of the votes they received. The Democrats in this coun ty gave majorities tj the win ners in three district races ? for congress, solicito;- and state senator. Monroe M. Redden, who carried every county in the con gressional district except Bun combe and Graham, to obtain a majority of more than 9,000 over the veteran Rep. Zebulon Weaver, carried Macon County by a vote of 1,436 to 149. Moore Carries County Dan K. Moore, of Sylva, who won the nomination for solicitor of the 20th judicial district over Thad D. Bryson, Jr., of Franklin, and W. Roy Francis, of Waynesville, received 1,339 votes in this county. Bryson re ceived 901 votes and Francis 175. This county's Democrats gave Baxter C. Jones, of Bryson City, winner of the race for state senator from the 33rd dis trict, 1,563, as compared with I 634 for A. L. Penland, of Hayes I vllle, the Incumbent.

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