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Such familiar and hitherto Vkorihiess by-products as corn cobs, grain stalks and husks, cottonseed hulls, buckwheat blDssoms and chicken featners are already finding wide usage the State Division of Advertis ing and News. i loridians predominate at re sorts lying south of Route *70 and west of Asheville, and are especially prominent in late summer and fall, according to the survey. Next to the Southern states, the Middlewest, notably Ohio, furnishes most visitors to the .nountain resorts. The survey indicated the average length of stay ranged from one week to 15 days; average expenditure per visitor was estimated at $10 plus. The survey showed that 1, 147,337 persons were checked as entering the Great Smoky Mountains National park in 1946; 720,300 persons using fa cilities of the Pisgah National forest in 1945; 86,061 persons in Nantahala National Forest; and 795,365 persons on the North Carolina part of the Blue Ridge Parkway last year. r Our hat's off to Old Faithful! 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Since the beginning, it has in important industries, and the department's Southern labora tory at New Orleans will devote 1947 to exploring the commer cial applications of many oth ers, including peanut shells, sweet potatoes and cotton fibers. Po.entialities of the far reaching research program are found, it was pointed out, in the uses now being made of corn cobs by such companies is SKF Industries, Inc., which ronnrtc l.CO nf nnnrnvimotohi >v)/v/i vj uov ui a^iuAiiuancijf 48,000 pounds of ground cobs annually to burni&Ji and clean -all. and roller bearings. Hardly a leaf is being left unturned by researchers The University of Pennsylvan ia medical school is experi menting with the lowly buck wheat plant, traditional griddle cake ingredient, to extract rutin, needed for high-blood pressure Victims. Other experts hope to develop a strong synthetic fibre from the 175,000,000 pounds of chicken feathers thrown away annually. In southern Florida a $17,000 000 factory has been erected for large-scale production of starch from sweet potatoes, and such construction-board manufactur ers as Celotex corporation, Chi cago, and Maizwood Insulating company, Dubuque, Iowa, are buying up straw, stalks and husks as raw materials. Peanut and cottonseed hulls are pro viding synthetic motor fuel at the rate of 90 gallons to the ton. To increase yield of penicillin, chemists and scientists are feed ing the drug-producting mold a $234,000 yearly diet of 6,000,000 pounds of sugar obtained from milk. Three Agriculture depart ment research stations are pro ducing tannic acid, essential for curing hides, from wild sumac leaves, while off-shaped lemons, once discarded, are now produc ing profits in the form of lemon oil, citric acid and pectin. been the custom of Undale's principal Industry, the plant of the Pepperell Manufacturing company, to pay off In silver dollars. Of course, the 50-year-old cot ton mill does not pay off en tirely in silver dollars. What with cotton mill wages having 1 doubled in the last five years, that would make too heavy a load The worker is paid In "fold ing" money ? fifties, twenties, tens, fives ? but no one-dollar bills. Instead of the one-dollar bills, he gets silver dollars, which aren't too common in these parts. QUICK RELIEF FROM Symptom* of Dlttrvu Arising trom STOMACH ULCERS due to EXCESS ACID FrooBookTollsofHomoTroatmonttliat Must Holp or K WHI Cost You Nothing Over two million bottles of the WILLARD TREATMENT have been Bold for relief of ?ymptoma of distress arising from Stomach and Duodenal Ulcers due to Excess Acid ? Peer Digestion, Sour or Upset Stomach, Gasslness, Heartburn. etc., due to Excess AcM. Sold on 16 days' trial I Ask for "WUIard's Message" which fully expUUu thla treatment ? tree? at Perry's Drug Store Join Now! Protects the Whole Family Potts' Burial Ass'n. Phone 164 or 174 RADIO REPAIRS ? 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