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Dairy Authorities Here
For N. C. Guernsey
Group's Event
Cattle breeders, dairy special
ists, farmers, and other guests
gathered at the A. B. Slagle
farm Wednesday for the North
Carolina Guernsey Cattle Breed
is association lleld day, with
Mr. Slagle as host.
It was the first time such an
event has been held fanhei
west than Henderson County.
More than 150 persons wert
present to witness the showing
of Guernsey cattle types from
the Slagle farm, and later, at
the Slagle Memorial, to hear ad
dresses by Dr. R. H. Ruffner, of
n; C. State college; F. R. Farn
ham, N. C. extension service
dairy specialist; Mack Jeter., of
Spartanburg, field man for the
American Guernsey Cattle club;
and Mack Allman, North Caro
lina-South Carolina manager of
the Golden Guernsey associa
Dr. Ruffner, whose talk dealt
with the importance of raising
feeds at home, judged the types
of dairy cattle shown. He gave
a number of cows from the
Slagle herd a grade of "excel- i
lent", the highest rating given
in dairy cattle judging.
A barbeque dinner was serv
ed the guests at noon - at the (
Memorial by E. J. Whitmire and j
members of the Macon County |
chapter of the Future Farmers
of America, for Mr. Slagle.
Among the prominent Guern- |
sey breeders and dairymen who
attended the field day events
were Dr. Grady N. Coker, of
Canton, ,Ga., president of the
Georgia "Guernsey Breeders as- ,
sociatlon; George Salley, of |
Orangeburg, S. C.; David Kemp,
of Hendersonville; Gaden Cor
pening, of Tryon; G. D. White,1
' manager of the Sky Brook
Farms,- Hendersonville; Miss
Florence Osborne, of Canton; C.
L. Rackley, Southern Dairies,^at Ashe ville ; J.
D. Elrod, of Southern Dairies;
A. Q. Getner, county agent,
Cherokee county; Mr. and Mrs.
Frank Randolph, of Cleveland,
Tenn.; Dr. R. E. Taylor, of Hen
dersonville; Dr. and Mrs. Horna
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Do You
Remember . . . ?
(Looking backward through
the files of The Press)
Mr. Robert C. Brauer last
week shipped from this plat.,
with 50 sead of cattle and 400
head of sheep.
Messers D. Reid Parker, di
rector of the Farmers' Institute
work, Frank E. Emory, president
of A. & M. College of Agricul
ture, and Dr. Joseph Bird, of
Davidson county, conducted an
institute meeting here Saturday
and Monday. Hie sessions were
lightly attended' and our farm
ers seemed to (pike little inter
est in the matter.
Mrs. Rebecca Street, of New
Bern, and Miss Florence Enloe, 1
of Dlllsboro. are visiting Mr.
D. C. Cunningham.
An organization that Is de
stined to do more for the up- 1
building of our town than any- |
K thing that has ever been at
tempted was formed last Sat
urday night In the Boarr of
Trade rooms when the Macon |
County Building and Loan Or
ganization -was formed.
Directors chosen for the first '
year are: Henry Cabe, Ous
Leach, Logan Allen, Dr. 8. H. i
Lyle, Gilmer Jones, Jess Conley,
Zeb Conley, 8. H. Lyle, Jr., John
C. Wright* and Frank Williams.
Ten shiny new school busses
rolled Into Franklin Tuesday
night to replace the makeshift
contraptions which have been
used heretofore.
Seven of the busses will be
. used by the Franklin school and
three have been assigned to
Highlands. M D. Billings, county
school superintendent, stated
that all drivers would be re
quired to meet In Franklin on
Saturday, September 4, to be ex
amined by an official of the
Btate Highway department.
' , .
Will Figure In Dedications
! ?
Board Approves Dropping
Gold Mine, Moving Four
Allison- Watts Grades
The county board of educa
tion, ' at a called meeting Sat
urday afternoon, voted to con
solidate the one-teacher Gold
Mine school with the Higdon
ville, school, and to transfer the
fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh
grades of the Allison-Watts
school to Slagle: ~
This will reduce the Allison
Watts school from two teachers
to one, increase the Slagle
school from four ,tmchers to
five, and Kdd a fourth teacher
to the Higdqnville faculty.
Both actions were taken upon
recommendation of County Supt.
G. L. Houk, whq suggested the
changes after announcing that
four teachers recently had re
signed: Mrs. Glee G. Noler, "'for
mer teacher at Slogle, who has
been transferred at the last
board meeting to Allison- Watts;
Mrs. Mary F. Peek, teacher at
Mashburns; Mrs. Beatrice M.
Alley, Otto; and Miss Iva Dean
Roper, Kyle.
Meanwhile, when the schools
in the county (with the excep
tion of those in the Highlands
district, which will open Sep
tember 4) opened this (Thurs
day) morning, Mr. Houk an
nounced thkt only one teacher
vacancy existed ? that of public
school music teacher at Frank
The board and superintendent,
at Saturday's meeting, made
the following changes in teach
er assignment (some of them
were changed again by the su
perintendent, in the course of
last-minute shifts) :
Mrs. Myrtle F. Keener, who
had been assigned to Gold Mine,
was transferred to Mashburns
in place of her sister, Mrs. Peek.
Mrs. Jessie Stewart was added
to the Higdonville faculty. Mrs.
Lolita Dean, former Kyle teach
er who sometime ago was elect
ed to teach in the Franklin dis
trict, was assigned as the addi
tional teacher at Slagle. J. J.
Talley, former Highlands teach
er who, until recently, had not
applied for reelection, was nam
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Most Firms
And Public Offices To
Close Monday
Most county offices and
Franklin stores will be closed
Monday In observance of Labor
County offices that will close
Include those of the register of
deeds, clerk of court, and wel
fare and health offices. The
Town of Franklin office also
will be closed, as well as the
post office and the Bank of
The county board of commis
sioners will hold their regular
meeting Tuesday Instead of
Monday, but the county board
of education will meet Mon
day morning at 10 o'clock.
The Franklin board of alder
Imen will meet Monday evening
at 8 o'clock as usual.
The fifth Sunday singing
convention will be held Sunday,
starting at 10 m., in the
courthouse her*, according to
an announcement by Jim Raby
president. All stager* Mid music
lovsri are urged to attend.
2 Dedicatory Services
To Be Held Here Sunday
Plans for the dedication Sund<
at two Macon County Methodist
week by the Rev. W. Jackson H
Taking part in the services ? i
Carson Chapel ? will be Dr. Wall
superintendent, and Dr. J. L. !
Methodist church at Rock Hill, I
of the two churches when the i
vere begun, will deliver the sern
Memorial windows in the Fra
at the 11 o'clock service Sunday
afternoon the dedication service
school building will be held.
The 14 stained glass memorial)
windows in the Franklin church
are to be dedicated at the morn- 1
ing service.
The windows -were installed in
1944 as memorial gifts to- the
church by families of the con
The windows are in memory
of the following:
Jesse R. and Harriett D.
Siler .(the first Franklin church
was built by Mr. Siler in 1830);
Mary Johnston Allman; T. W.
Angel, Sr.; Albert S. and Leona
Lyle Bryson; Kenneth R. and
Henry W. Cabe, Jr.; the Conley,
Cozad and Monday families;
Charles .and Margaret S. Cun
[ningham; Alfred W. and Loucil
la Barnard Horn; Frederick S.
and Anne Allen Johnston; Sal
lie Estelle Moore; James Ed
ward Perry, Sr.; Thomas W. and
Leona Bryson Porter; the Hayes
Snyder family; and the minis
ters of tthe church.
Presentation of the windows
will be by Henry W. Cabe, and
the act of dedication will be
performed by Dr. West.
These windows were iifttalled
in the fourth church building j
erected on the present site. The >
present building, with its un
usually beautiful sanctuary, is
similar in size and design to the
one destroyed by fire in 1917,
only about seven months after
its completion.
Cunningham Fired
On, Robt. Beasley
Is Being Sought
? ?
Sam Cunningham, of the Otto
community, received minor gun
shot wounds in the side and
hand last Friday while he was
traveling on the Middle Creek !
road in a jeep.
A warrant has been taken for
Robert Beasley, also a resident
of that section, in connection
with the shooting.
Mr. Cunningham, after being !
shot the first time, Jumped into
a ditch, and as he was being
helped back into the jeep, the
assailant fired again, the bul
let striking Mr. Cunningham in
the finger.
He was brought to Franklin,
where Dr. Edgar Angel dressed
his wounds, and he was able to
drive his car home.
ly of recently completed projects '
churches were announced this 1
:uneycutt, pastor.
it the Franklin Church" and at
,er B. West, Waynesville district
Stokes, II, pastor of St. John's
3. C. Dr. Stokes, who was pastor
>rojects to be dedicated Sunday
ion at each service.
nklin church will be dedicated I
morning, and at 3 o'clock that
for the Carson Chapel Sunday |
The five-room Sunday school
building at Carson Chapel was '
begun in 1944 and completed the
following year.
The improvement program al
so included the remodeling of
the church sanctuary, erection j
of a church steeple, painting of ,
the exterior, and installation of j
a steam heating system.
The construction program cost '
a total of $5,700.
The improvements were made !
possible by the labor and the \
contributions of church mem
bers, with some financial as
sistance received from the Duke
endowment and the Methodist
ConTerence- Board of Church ex
Carson Chapel, situated three
miles west of Franklin, was or
ganized as a community church
^bont the turn of the century.
The building was erected on a !
site given by the late W. H.
Waldroop, and most of the con- (
struction was done while the
late Rev. Frank L. Townsend
was pastor of the Franklin
Since the Carson Chapel
church became _ a part of the
Western North Carolina Con
ference of the Methodist church,
in 1926, it has been uniquely
related to the Franklin church.
While it has its own Sundaj
school, Methodist Youth Fellow
ship, and Boy Scout troops, it
is a part of the Franklin church,
in that they have the same
boards of stewards and trustees,
as well as a single church reg
At the dedication service, Ed
Wallace, vice-chairman of the
joint board of stewards, will
present the Sunday school build
ing for dedication.
Thad D. Bryson Named
Head Of Family Reunion
More than 200 persons at
tended the Bryson reunion at
the Cowee Baptist church Sun
The following were elected to
serve as officers for the coming
year: Thad D. Bryson, Jr., pre
sident; Carr Bryson, vice-presi
dent; Mrs. R. L. McGaha, sec
retary; Fred Bryson, historian;
and Robert Bryson, treasurer.
22 Out For Football Here;
Season Qpens September 12
Twenty-two candidates for
the Franklin high school foot
ball team reported for the i first
practice Monday. With 12 let
termen returning, W. O. Craw
ford, under whose direction the
men are now drilling, predict
ed a good season.
One big problem facing
r Coaches Frank Plyler and Craw
i ford la the job of filling the
> quarter-back position vacated by
, the graduation of Howard Hors
! ley, who has capably filled that
portion {or the put two yeari,
Other lettermen of last year's
team whose absence will weak
en the team are Tommy Angel,
Bob Cochran, Kenneth Welch,
Keith Warden, and Mac Dun
While the season's schedule Is
not yet complete, It has been
' announced that the opening
1 game of the season will be with
Murphy September 12 ?t the
Franklin ball field.
Mr. Crawford said that he
expected to have a 10-game
schedule tor the season.
Power Firm's Tax
Valuation Raised
$249,099 In Macon
New Parking Regulations
In Business Area To
Become Effective
Installation of the 115 park
ing meters recently bought by
the Town of Franklin was being
completed Thursday, and Mayor
T. W. Angel, Jr., announced that
the meters will be put in opera
tion tomorrow (Friday) at noon.
The meters have been install
ed on both sides of Main street,
between Duncan Motor company
and the post office, and on the
west side of Phillips street, be
tween Main and Palmer.
The meters, which operate on
a clock arrangement, are so de
signed that they show a red
signal when a motorist is park
ing beyond the time for which
he has made a deposit.
The mechanical heads of the
meters will take pennies or
nickles. A deposit of one cent
in the meter permits parking
tor 12 minutes; two cents for
24 minutes, etc. Five pennies, or
a nickle, may be deposited for
an hour's "parking, or 10 cents
for two hours. Deposits for park
ing longer than two hours are
forbidden, under terms of the
ordinance recently adopted by
the board of aldermen.
The ordinance also forbids a
motorist to park for a longer
period than that for which a
deposit has been made; to sub
stitute slugs or other metalic
devices for coins; or to deface,
injure, or tamper with the
The ordinance prescribes a
penalty of fine of not to exceed
$50, or 30 days' imprisonment,
or both, for violation.
The ordinance also sets, forth
that the purpose of the installa- !
tion of parking meters is to as- 1
sure to the general public free :
use of the city's streets by reg
ulating and enforcing the priv
ilege of parking and thereby
hastening the departure of
parked vehicles on .these streets
and to aid the police in enforc
ing regulations governing the
parking vehicles.
Under terms of the town's !
contract with the manufacturer,
all money collected from the
meters goes to the manufactur
er, until the installation fee of
$5 per meter has been paid.
After that, collections are to be
divided equally between the
town and the manufacturer, un
til the meters, priced at $62.50
each, are paid for. After that,
all collections will belong to the
Macon Group
Attending Farm And Home
Week Program
A group of macon farm people
left Monday to attend the an
nual Farm and Home week be
ing held In Raleigh this week.
The joint program offered
during the week includes ad
dresses by General Dwight D.
Eisenhower, Thomas J. Pearsall,
speaker of the North Carolina
house of represenatives, Dr. L.
D.' Baver, T. B. Hutchinson and
specialists from the North Caro
lina State college and the ex
periment station.
Those making the trip were
Misses Veva and Nina Howard,
Dillard Route 1; Nebo Franklin,
of Franklin Route 4; Mr. and
Mrs. Rafe Teague, of Prentiss;
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Gray, A. C.
Patterson, and Mrs. Effie Hunt,
all of Route 2; Robert Parker,
of Route 1, John C. Ferguson, of
Route 4; and Miss Carolyn Cor
ry, home demonstration agent,
and Don Allison, assistant coun
ty agent.
The group is expected to re
turn Friday afternoon.
Stockton Family Will
Hold Reunion Sept. 7
The annual Stockton family
reunion will be at the Stockton
old home place on North 8keen
ah Sunday, September 7, It was
announced this week by J, H
Stockton, president. All members
art urged to attend. Dinner will
b? nrvid on tb# RWHHUh
Gives County" Total
Of $10,767,645 On
Tax Books
The tax valuation of Macon
County properties of the Nanta
hala Power .and Light company
has been Increased by a quar
ter of a million dollars.
The boost in the valuation
placed on the power company s
holdings in this county give the
county a total tax valuation of
Valuation increases of approx
imately three-quarters of a mil
lion dollars over last year's total
were announced several weeks
ago, and the raise in the Nari
tahala firm's valuation means
that Macon County now has on
its books property valued for
taxes at almost a million dol
lars more than a year ago?
$999,685 is the exact amount of
Tax valuations of corporations
are fixed by the State Board of
$15,217 Returned
To County, Towns
On Intangible Tax
Lake V. Shope, county tax
supervisor, has received
from the state treasurer
$15,217.86, this county's part
of intangible taxes collected
in the county.
Of this sum, $12,306.49
went to the county itself,
$1,961.55 to the Town of
Franklin, and $949.82 to the
Town of Highlands.
Intangible taxes, collected
by the state, are taxes on
bank deposits and similar
wealth, 75 per cent of which
is returned to the counties
and towns in which it is
Assessment in Raleigh, and
Lake V. Shope, county tax su
pervisor, last Saturday was' noti
fied by that board that the
Nantahala Power and Light
company's property in Macon
County is now valued for taxa
tion at $4,121,027, as compared
with $3,871,928. The amount of
increase is $249,099.
The valuation of the power
company's holdings in the six
Western North Carolina counties
in which it operates was in
creased by a total of about
$600,000, of which $249,098 is on
property within Macon County.
The board also made increases
in the valuation of Macon Coun
ty property of two other corpor
The Western Carolina Tele
phone company's valuation was
boasted by approximately $2,000
to $28,596, and the Southern
Bell Telephone and Telegraph
company's valuation was raised
by about $1,500 to $5,108.
The valuation figures for oth- .
er figures for other corpora- "
tions' property in this county
remain unchanged.
While the power company has
property in every township in
the county with the exception
of Flats, all of this year's valu
ation increase was put on Nan
tahala township tax books
That township is the richest
in the county, with a total val
uation of $4,121,027.
Franklin township, with $3,
090,640 is second.
Hillbilly Group To Give
Benefit Show Wednesday
Charlie Monroe and the
"Kentucky Partners" quartet
will present a program of string
music and hillbilly songs at
the Macon county courthouse
next Wednesday at 7:30 p. m.
The program Is being sponsored
by the Tellico Baptist church,
as a benefit for Its Sunday
school bus fund.
The Russell family will hold a
reunion Sunday, September 7,
at the home of John M. Rug
sell, on Nlckajack creek, In the
Cullasaja community.
The local lodge of the Loyal
Order of Moose will hold a pic
nic at Cllffilde Lake Sunday.
Member* ot the lodge are In
vited to bring their families with

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