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bt l^tgblan^ Macottian
Fund To Be Used Toward
Memorial Furnishings;
Crowd Jams Building
The carefree crowd of be
tween 300 and 400 persons that
Jammed the Slagle Memorial
for last Friday evening's bene
fit program of fun square
. danced, Did on girls' boxes, caKe
walked, and voted in the var
ious contests from 8 o'clock- un
til alter midnight ? all to the
tune of more than $600 realized
by the sponsors, the Franklin
Kotary and Lions clubs.
The exact amount raised had
not been determined Tuesday,
but members of the inter-club
committee in charge said it
would exceed $600. The money
will be used toward furnishing
the Memorial.
The crowd, which came and
went during the evening, repre
sented points throughout West
ern North Carolina and North
Geocgia, as well as various com
munities in this county.
A score or so of cakes were
won by cake walkers, and a doz
en prizes were awarded.
The most vigorous voting ? at
10 cents per vote ? probably was
in the contest to select the pret
tiest girl, an honor won by Miss
Pauline Reid, but there was
plenty of interest, too, in the
selection of the ugliest man, and
in other votes..
Among prize winners were:
Mr. and Mrs. J. Richard
Queen, the couple married the
shortest time; Mr. and Mrs. St.
Clair 'Anderson, the couple pres
ent married the longest time;
the E. J. Carpenter family, with
six present, the largest family
in attendance; Mr. and Mrs.
George Shytle (Mr. Shytle is 71),
the oldest couple present; Mr.
and Mrs. Joe Lasslster, the
youngest couple; Mrs. Roy
?- Geoghegan, the oldest woman
present; W. J. Darnell and Mrs.
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Do You
Remember . . . ?
(Looking backward through
the files of The Press)
Following are the appoint
ments made for the Franklin
district by the Methodist con- 1
ference at Asheville Monday: '
Franklin district, T. E. Wagg,
presiding elder; Franklin sta- ;
tion, C. F. Sherrill; Franklin
circuit, J. J. Edes, Highlands
circuit, G. J. Owen; Macon cir- ,
cuit, R. B. Shelton; Waynesville
station, T. J. Owens. . . . The
Nantahala mountains are on
fire and it is so smoky that
one can't see the mountains
around. . . ?, Mr. J. J. Hooker of
Webster now owns the telephone
line between Franklin, Dillsboro
and Webster, and dispatches can
be transmitted any time on rea
sonable terms.
On Wednesday evening the
students from Macon and Jack
son counties attending the Uni
versity of North Carolina met in
the club room of the University
Y. M. C. A. and organized a
club to be known as the Macon
Jackson club. The following of
ficers were elected: T. W. Angel,
president; C. C. Polndexter, vice
president; Roy Enloe, secretary
and treasurer; F. B. Mann, re
porter. Those present were H. C.
? Stilwell, Frank Henderson, M. B.
Madison, Bud Parker, Roy Enloe,
Carl Buchanan, Dan Allison, C.
W. Flnton, George Patton, Dick
Jones, C. L. Fouts, C. C. Poln
dexter, Cyrus Fouts, Price Mead
ows, Claud Tallent, Ed Angel, T.
W. Angel, Jr., Haywood Trotter,
and F. B. Mann.
Mrs. W. David Bruner was
elected president of the Parent
Teacher association in place of
Mrs. Carl Slagle, who was un
able to accept the office. The
meeting, at which 32 members
were present, was held at the
Franklin school. . . . The High
lands school closed for two
weeks upon the advice of the
district health officer, Dr. Slsk
of Waynesville. Some alarm has
been felt by the parents of
school children, due to the few
cases of dlptherla here in town
and the attendance has been so
low that It was considered ad
visable to close the school for ft
sliort time, it will reopen on
December 0.
-arge Sum Raised
By Lions' Auction
For Playgrounds
Between $300 and $400 was
netted at the auction sale
conducted by the Franklin
L.<ns ciuo i*st Saturday un
th<- town square.
The proceeds of the sale
will be used for the develop
ment of community recrea
tion playgrounds, according
to R. it. Gaines, Lion club
Mr. Gaines added that he
"wished to take this oppor
tunity to t'.iank all persons
whj contributed articles for
the sale and particularly
those merchants whj gave
targe quantities of new mer
chandise for the sale.
"It was through the gen
erous cooperation of these
merchants that we were able
to raise such a large sum jf
money," President Gaines
Membership Solicitation
Launched To Bring
Orchestra Here
With memberships already
coming in by mail, the cam
paign to bring the North Caro
lina Symphony Orchestra to
Franklin next spring got under
way Monday morning.
It is hoped that the total of
$750 in memberships can be ob
tained within a short time.
Meanwhile, W. W. Sloan, Ma
con County chairman, announc
ed the names of additional per
sons added to the county com
A regular membership, which
entitles the holder to attend
any concert the orchestra gives
in North Carolina ? in addition
to the one to be presented here
about March 1 ? is $2. Other
memberships are provided for
persons who wish to contribute
The orchestra will give two
concerts here, the one in the
evening for members, and a
free one in the afternoon for
children. Any child, Mr. Sloan
announced, who obtains as
many as 10 memberships will be
given a ticket to the evening
concert, and thus will have the
opportunity to hear both per
Tickets are on sale at Angel's
and Perry's drug stores and at
Frances' shop in Franklin, and
groups from the Junior Music
club, whose members will be ac
tive in the campaign, will be
stationed in the lobby of the
Bank of Franklin all day Fri
day and Saturday until noon.
The campaign in Highlands is
being directed by Miss Sarah
Members of the county com- ;
mittee, in addition to Mrs. Allen
Siler, Mrs. Weimar Jones, E. J. 1
Carpenter, and Miss Oilder, all
previously announced, are:
Mrs. Oilmer A. Jones, Mrs.
Reby S. Tessier, Mrs. John Was
ilik, Jr., Mrs. Ross Zachary, Mrs
Eva Cunningham, Mrs. Carl
Cabe, and Mrs. Charles E.
For the solicitation, Franklin
and environs has been zoned,
with a worker assigned to each
section, as follows:
East Franklin, Mrs. Tessier;
Depot street, Rogers Hill, and
Bonny Crest, Mrs. Wasllik; ,
Murphy road, Mrs. Zachary; old ,
Georgia road, Palmer street, and
the Georgia road from the Cojo
station to Palmer street, Mrs.
Cunningham; West Main street,
Bldwell street, from Main to the
top of the hill, and Sunset
drive, Mrs. Siler; Bidwell street
from the top of the Hill to Har
rison avenue, Mrs. Cabe; White
Oak, Rlverview, and Iotla
streets, Mrs. Parker; Georgia
road, from Cojo station south,
and side streets, Mrs. Gilmer
Jones; and the business district,
Mi;. Carpenter.
Mr. Sloan said additional
workers will be assigned for
solicitation In the rural sec
Will Hold Benefit
Dance Friday Night
Grade mothers of Mrs. Hough
ton Williams' second grade room
have announced plans for a
benefit dance at the Slagle Me
morial Friday evening. Funds
raised will be used for the pur
chase of books for the room's
The dance, a "record" affair,
will be from 8:30 to midnight,
Mrs. Sam Alexander, chairman,
?aid. The admission tharge will
be 80 cent# per peraon.
Funds Sought To Build
Small, Non-hdit
Active solicitation started last
Wednesday for contributions ta
the Highlands Community Hos
pital, which recently was chart
ered by the State of North
Carolina as a non-profit corpoi
Highlands has long felt the
need Oi a small clinic with a
reasonable number of beds, X
Vay facilities, and operating
room for emergency cases.
The project has been undei
discussion for several months
during which efforts have bee;
made, without success, to obtaii.
a suitable site f6r the building
It is hoped that this iniporia..
feature may be settled in tin
near future.
The hospital will operate und
er the supervision ot a board o.
trustees, elected each July, una
er the charter's provisions. Th.
trustees chosen for the fiscal
year 1947-48 are Harvey S. Tal
ley, Charles C. Potts, Eugene C.
Wood, Robert Hager, Stacy C.
Russell, George W. Woodruff,
Douglas M. Robertson, W. F.
Lewis of High Hampton inn, Dr.
Jessie Z. Moreland and Dr. Wil
liam A. Matthews.
Officers for the year have
been named as follows: Dr. Wil
liam A. Matthews, president;
Robert Hager, vice-president;
Dr. Jessie Z. Moreland, secre
tary; and S. C. Russell, treas
urer. Under the charter, all
members of the board of trus
tees must serve without com
All local residents will be ap
proached and asked to sign
pledge forms Indicating wheth
er they will contribute cash,
labor or material. Solicitors
who have volunteered their serv
ices include Mrs. C. C. Potts)
Mrs. Harry Holt, Col. and Mrs.
Elliot Caziarc, Mrs. Jack Brock
way, and several members of
the board of trustees. C. C.
Potts, H. S. Talley and Eugene
C. Wood are in direct charge
of the solicitation, and all
pledges will be tabulated by H.
S. Talley as received.
Announcement will be made
next week of the progress of
the campaign and a description
given of the building. Names of
additional volunteer solicitors,
not available at this time, also
will be announced next week.
Georgia Prison
Escapee Gives Self Up To 4
Sheriff Here
Percy Webb, fugitive from
a Georgia prison for the past
18 months, voluntarily surrend
ered to Sheriff Perry Bradley at 1
the jail early Tuesday morning. 1
Although Webb denies it, he ?
is suspected by local officers of
having been one of the partici
pants in the robberies which
have been occuring in the High- *
lands section of Macon County. r
Several years ago Webb was t
sentenced by a Georgia court to v
serve from five to seven years
on a breaking and entering
charge. He has escaped several
times, and on at least two oc- e
casions has been returned to t
Georgia by Macon officials, ac- r
cording to Deputy Sheriff Walt- f
er Dean. s
The spirit and season of thanksgiving go back t
y ? .??' ..ii.ii.iih. ii .i^ l? t
For 17 years she worked
Her goal was attained in 1864 when President Lincoln
issueo a proclamation asking "mv fellow-citizens
ieek Trace Of Two
Men Missing From
Heme Seven Weeks
Members of the families
of Ralph Elkins and Charley
Collier have notified local
authorities here that the
two men have been missing
from their homes for more
than seven weeks.
The two men left here to ,
take two trucks to Knox
ville, Tenn., where they
planned to sell them. Ac
cording to information re
ceived here, it is known def
initely that Mr. Elkins was
in Kniaxville on October 18.
However, neither of the
families has received word
from the men since their
A member of the sher
iff's department said that
the Knoxville police depart
ment had been contacted in
an effort to locate the men.
l-H 'Achievement
Day' Program To
Be Held Saturday
Plans for the 4-H Achieve
nent Day program, which will
>e held Saturday at the Agri
:ultural building, have been an
Prizes will be awarded to the
dinners of the various contests,
ind games and stunts are plan
All Macon County- 4-H neigh
>orhood leaders, teachers and
?isitors are invited.
Final reports on the 1947 trav
1 year, ending October 1, show
he Blue Ridge Parkway drew
nore visitors than any other
acility of the National Park
ervice, with 1,314,353 visitors.
Sloan, In 'Open Letter',
Calls On State To Clean
Up Cemetery's Approach
A movement seeking improve- \
ment of the approaches to the s
national cemetery In Raleigh, -
where many World War 2 dead c
returned to the States are be
ing burled, has been launched
through the state press by Har- <
old T. Sloan, of Franklin.
In an "open letter to the v
people of North Carolina", Mr.
Sloan points out that the ceme- (
tery, soon to be filled with the (
bodies of North Carolina boys, ]
itself Is a place of beauty, but s
that Its aurroundings are inde
scribably ugly, dirty, and de- s
pressing. <
"Cotamon decency", the letter i
declares, "demands that we do f
something NOW to clear up the t
approach to this cemetery". <
The letter is known to have |
been published In at least two <
of the state'* larger dalllM? The
Vinston-Salem Journal-Sentinel ]
ind The Asheville Citizen-Times j
-and has provoked editorial ,
iomment. |
Mr. Sloan's letter follows: .
You and I are proud of our
Jtate, and yet almost under the I
lome of our capitol is that for I
vhich we would blush is shame. I
You and, I are proud of our
:apltal city, and yet in the ;
ilongated shadow of its City {
iall is a scene that forbids de- ]
tcription. ]
You and I are proud of our
lystem of streets, highways andjii
tecondary roads. And yet almost ? 1
within a stone's throw of our i
3tate Treasury the wheels of
traffic are raising a cloud of '
lust that pollutes the air and 1 1
gradually, ceaselessly settles |
iown to form a gray blanket on j.
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Methodists Will Hold
County- Wide Meet
"Tonight At 8
Special Thanksgiving church
services will be held here Wed
lesday evening and Thursday
A service at the First Bap
tist church will be conducted at
1:30 this (Wednesday) evening,
narked by special music and a
nessage by the pastor, the Rev
J. E. Parker.
Holy Communion will be ob
served at St. Agnes Episcopal
;hurch Thursday at 8 a. m., the
'ector, the Rev. A. Rufus Mor
;an, announced.
And at the Methodist church
it 8 p. m. tonight a county
wide service will be held, tc
vhich members of the Presby
terian church have been invitee
is guests, in the .absence of tht
Presbyterian pastor.
The program will be in the
lature of a special "Thanksgiv
ng for harvest, land, and lib
:rty", marked by the respon
sive reading of appropriate m.a
erial; a presentation of fruits
ind soil; and special music.
Ministers participating will Di.
-he pastor, the Rev. J. H. Bren
iall, Jr., and the pastors of tht
franklin and West Macon Cir
:uits, respectively, the Rev. D
?. Grant and Mrs. R. H. Hull.
Miss Harriette Kinnebrew will
nake the presentation of the
"ruits of the harvest, and Mrs.
3arl P. Cabe will present a tray
)f soil.
The offering will be divided
between a fund for the assis
tance of Methodist ministers in
Surope and the Methodist Chil
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Defeat Andrews 7 To 0
In Hard-Fought Game
In a game, declared by
loaches Frank Plyler and Wil
liam Crawford to have been the
lardest played contest of the
pear, Franklin defeated Andrews
jn the latter's field last Friday
afternoon by the score of 7-0.
Andrews, by using 6-3-2 de
fense, stopped the Franklin at
tack throughout most of the
Franklin was able to make one
sustained march, however, fea
turing gains by Gregory and
Mason, and score on a short line
plunge by Cabe.
Playing up to Its usual stand
ard of defensive ball, the Frank
lin line held Andrews scoreless
throughout the game.
Franklin will play Clarkesvllle
there on Thanksgiving in what
may be the final game of the
season, although efforts are be
ing made to procure a post-sea
ion game for December 6.
Judge Alley To Preside;
13 Seeking Divorce;
Women On Jury List
The December term of the
Macon County superior court
will open here Monday morning
with Judge Felix E. Alley, of
Waynesville, presiding.
On the docket are 62 criminal
cases, 20 civil cases, arid one ap
More than one-third of the
criminal cases deal with prohi
oition law violations. In 24 cases
defendants are charged with
drunk driving. Four cases charge
other prohibition law violations.
Of considerable local interest
is the case of W. L. Reed vs.
Katherine Otto and Gordon Ot
to. Mr. Reed is asking for $50,
900 damages in the death of Ins
son, Sheridan Reed Young
Reed was killed last summer us
the result of the colu.s.on oi
an automobile in which he was
riding and one driven by Mi^s
There are 13 divorce cases on
the docket this term
Both criminal and civil dock
sts for this term of court are
slightly smaller than for the
August court.
For the second time in Ma
ion county history, there is a
jossibility that women will serve
>n the juries. The names of
,wo women, Mrs. Reby Tessier
ind Mrs. Ruth Carter Rice, were
Irawn for jury duty at this
erm of court.
Depot Street
To Be Begun
The Asheville Paving com
lany, which has the contract to
ave Depot street here, plans to
tart work on that project the
itter part of this week, it has
een learned.
The Franklin board of alder
len let the contract to the
.sheville concern September 15,
nd it had been expected that
rork would begin .soon after
lat date.
A letter received the latter
art of last week from D. M.
urr, of the paving concern,
xplains, however, that "we
ave the equipment that we
lan to use on Depot street tied
p on a job at Old Fort. This
)b should have been done a
lonth ago, but the rainy weath
r that we have been having
as delayed the job".
He added that "three or four
ays of sunshine will let us fin
ih and we will move from there
j Franklin and put the base on
iepot street. So I believe we
ill be in Franklin the latter
art of next (this) week".
It is proposed to Machine De
ot street with a grader and
dd enough stone to the gravel
n the street to provide a stone
ase six inches thick.
This work will be done now,
nd next spring asphalt will be
laced on the stone base The
sheville firm is expected at
lat time also to pave Main
treet. The latter is a State
[ighway commission contract.
Charge Day
?ervice Planned Sunday
For Franklin Circuit
An all-day charge day mest
ig of the Franklin Methodist
Ircuit will be held at Clark's
hapel Sunday, with the Rev.
arl W. Judy, former pastor of
tie circuit, as guest preacher,
; was announced this week by
tie circuit pastor, the Rev. D.
. Grant.
Following the Sunday school
ervice at 10 a. m., Mr. Judy,
'ho is now serving as pastor
t Bethel, in Haywood county,
'ill preach at 11. Dinner will
e held at the church at noon,
nd the afternoon will be de
oted to singing. i
In addition to local singers,
he Smith family, frequently
leard on a Greenville, S. C.,
adlo station, will take part.
Tie trio and quartet from this
amlly Is remembered by many
ersons who heard them at a
lmllar gathering here last year.
The fall edition of Trallways
Magazine contains a full page
id. promoting travel to North
Carolina. It Is a contribution to
ravel in the state by Trallways
arriers In North Carolina.

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