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I "h'antls Group Raises
$4,000 For Community
Hospital There
Macon County is unlikely to
gei federal and state hospital
aid because this county's need is
U s urgent than that of others
This county, in fact, already has
more than twice as many hos
pital beds per thousand popula
tion as the number set up as
a minimum objective by the
1' ederal hospital agency.
This was brought out in cor
respondence maue puoiic Uus
?week by the group seeding ?
community hospital in Higii
Meanwhile, it was announced
that pledges totaling
been made by Highland* r"l
dents for the erection of the
Highlands Community hospital. I
The announcement ailQcu
it is hoped that a definite state- |
ment may be made next week
about donation of a site.
While the board of trusteed
of the Highlands project said
they would continue to keep in
touch with the State Medical
Care commission, they feel that,
if Highlands is to get a com
munity hospital, it must do so
through the efforts of its own
people, working through the re
cently chartered Highlands
Community Hospital, Inc., a
non-profit corporation.
The question of a hospital for
Highlands was brought up at a
meeting of the Highlands no
tary club last March. Interested
persons corresponded wnh ui.
Medical Care commission, the
American Medical association,
and the Duke and Rockefeller
foundations from June to Sep
The result, however, was un
favorable, as indicated in the
following excerpt from a lettei
from Dr. John A. Farrell, ex
ecutive secretary of the Care
commission :
"The commission has had
some correspondence and one
or more conferences regarding
the hospital situation in Macon
County. It already has a larger
number of hospital beds per 1,
000 population than has been
set as an objective by the Fed
eral Hospital agency. * * *
"With a population of about
14,000, Macon County already
has 89 beds, which is more than
six beds per 1,000 of population,
whereas the objective of state
and federal hospital agencies is
only 2 5 beds per 1,000 of popu
lation for rural counties.
"You probably know that the
slogan of the commission has
been Hospital facilities within
25 miles of at least 90 per <;ent
of the people.' Since you are
only 20 miles from the two
hospitals at Franklin, your
claims for aid probably may
not be considered as urgent."
Active solicitation of funds
for the Highlands project will
be discontinued, it was explain
ed, until after Christmas. After
the holidays, it is planned to
issue a printed prospectus 'de
signed to answer various ques
tions that might arise in the
minds of nrnsnertive rinnnrs
The election held on Nov. 29, i
In the town of Highlands re
sulted in the election of Dr.
O'Farrell for mayor. This Is the
fifth consecutive term of the
doctor to this office. J. J. Smith,
J. Z Oottwalls, John Manley,
and W. T. Potts were elected
That mine host Stallcup has
to furnish Frank Rogers and
Fred Slier board, and dinner
every day for Jesse Sloan and
ye editor, speaks well for the
providing capacity of the All
man House. This is only an ad
to let all those who read it know
that there Is always plenty
more provided for all those who
wish it,
At the meeting of the board
of aldermen held last Monday
night, Mr. T. J. Johnston tend
ered his resignation as mayor of
Franklin, to take effect imme
diately. The board elected R. D.
BUk to nu th? unexpired term.
HERE'S THE WINNING 1947 PANTHER SQUAD ? Pictured above is the 1947 Franklin high school football squad. Their record
of eight wins, one tie, and one loss is one of the best ever compiled by a local eleven. In making this record the Panthers scored
208 points, to their opponents 44. The usual starting line up for the season was, LE ? Angel, Edgar; LT ? Mo<oney, Neil; LG ?
Brown, Bill; C ? McConnell, Steve; RG ? Leopard, Francis or Welch, Kenneth; RT ? Stewart, Harley; RE ? Moses, Kelly; QB ? Flan
agan, John or Harmon, Earl; RHB ? Gregory, Lyman; LHB ? Mason, Clarencp; FB ? Cabe, Larry (Capt.) Bill Brown is the only
member of this line up who is expected to return next year.
Front iow ? Coach W. F. Plyler; Lewis Welch, tackle; Clarence Mason, halfback; Johnny Flanagan, quarterback; LymaA
Gregory, halfback; Steve McConnell, center; Edgar Angel, end; Captain Larry Cabe, fullback, Neil Mooney, tackle; Bill Brown,
guard; and Coach William G. Crawford.
Second and third rows, left to right ? Boyce White, center; J thn Alsup, guard; Francis Leopard, guard; Kelley Moses, end;
Charles Thomas, fullback; Frank Henry III, halfback; Burton Leach, end; Earl Harmon, quarterback; Bob Parrish, tackle; Jack
Tilley, end; and Ronald White, halfback. *
Fourth row (in white jerseys) ? Howard Johnson, line; John M. (Bardy) Archer, III, backfield; Bob Myers, backfield; Man
ager Dewey Elliott; Claude McFalls, line; George (Pat) Pattillo, line; and Harold Keener, end.
Harley Moore Stewart, right tackle, who was ill at the time the photograph was made, and Capt. Larry CaJ>e have been
chosen to play in the Optimist Bowl at Asheville Saturday.
Court Fines,
Total $2,089
Fines collected and bonds for
feited during the December term
of the superior court amounted
to approximately $2,0X9.75, ac
cording to J. Clinton BroOKshut
clerk of the superior court.
Following the completion of
the criminal docket Wednesday
afternoon, eight divorces wert
granted by Judge Felix E. Alley,
vvno presided.
Those who received divorces
were: Dorothy Walker from
jJavid Walker; Charley W. Paul
from Mary Joyce Paul; Ethel
lAartin from Dan Martin; Ed
gar Carter from Grace carter;
Ernest J. Messer from Delia
Messer; Leonard Rose from Dor
othy Rose, Mary Wilson from
Issac Wilson; and Kibby L.
Ramey from Mae W. Ramey.
Among cases on the civil
docket which were continued
until the next term of court
are those of W. L. Reed, ad
ministrator of the estate of
Sheridan Reed, deceased, vs.
{Catherine Otto and Gordon
Otto; Arthur I. Rank vs. Verca
lite Industries, Incorporated ;
and Mary Siler Higdon vs. T. u.
Higdon, Jr., et al.
In the closing hours of the
criminal term, Alveron Hall,
charged with assault with a
deadly weapon, was ordered to
pay the court costs and given
a seven months' suspended pris
on sentence, and Troy Potts,
charged with operating a motor
vehicle while under the influ
ence of intoxicating beverages,
was ordered to pay the court
costs and a $50 fine. He also
was ordered to surrender ms
driver's license and received a
60-day suspended sentence.
Court was adjourned by Judge
Alley at noon Thursday.
Gribbin To Conduct
Confirmation Rite
Here Sunday Night
The Rt. Rev. Robert E. Gib
bin, of Ashevllle, bishop of the
Western North Carolina Episco
pal diocese, will administer the
rite of confirmation at a serv
ice at St. Agnes church here
Sunday evening at 8 o'clock.
This will be Bishop Olbbin's
last visitation here prior to his
He will conduct a similar
service at the Church of the
Incarnation, in Highlands, at 11
a. m. Sunday.
A small blaze at the plant of
Vercallte Industries, Inc., caus
ed the fire alarm to
be sounded Monday at noon.
The fire, which was caused by
a small quantity of oil catching
fire, had been put out by the
time the fire truck arrived, ac
cording to members of the
franklin fire department. The
damage wm reported m night,
Combined Choirs Of Two
Churches To Present
G.iristmas Program
The choirs of the Presbyter
ian and Methodist churches of
Franklin will present a cantata,
"Come, Let Us Adore Him,"
under the direction of Mrs.
Lewis Manning, Sunday night,
December 14, at 7:30 o clock at
the Franklin Methodist church.
Prior to the cantata, Mrs.
Henry W. Cabe and Mrs. Gilmer
A. Jones will give a piaj^a and
organ recital of "The Holy City"
by Stephen Adams.
The 20-voice choir which will
take part in the program is
composed of the following per
sons: Mrs. Sam Alexander, Mrs.
ftoy Cunningham, Mrs. Harold
oloan, Mrs. Grover Jamison,
Mrs. Bob Sloan, Mrs. Earl Har
mon, Miss Esther Wallace, Mrs.
Hyldah Shepherd, Mrs Cary Cabe,
Mrs. C. N. Dowdle, Mrs. G. S.
Winstead, Mrs. Neal Johnston,
Miss Dorothy Jones, Mrs. A. O.
Cagle, Mrs. Hoyt Evans, Mrs
John Bulgin, S. W. Mendenhall,
Harold Lang, the Rev. Hoyt
Evans, and the Rev. J. H. Bren
dall, Jr.
The cantata program is as fol
'lows: ''O Come Ye and Wor
ship", Brahms, by the choir;
"O Holy Light", Wagner, by Mr.
Brendall, "Through Ages Dark
ened", Tsehaikowsky, the choir;
"The Promised Land", Beethov
en, the choir;, "O Fear Not",
Braga, by Miss Wallace and
Mfs. Winstead; "Can This Be
Messiah?", Tsehaikowsky, the
choir; "Thou Art The Savior",
Schubert, Mr. Lang and the
choir; "We Found Our Lord",
Wagner, the choir; "A Christ
mas Prayer", Schumann; wo
man's chorus; "Ye Shall Find
the Lord of All", Beethoven,
choir; "O Come, All Ye Faith
ful," 18th century melody, the
Drs. Angel Donate
$300 Each For Work
At Slagle Memorial
Drs. Furman and Edgar
Angel have contributed $300
each to the development of
the Slagle Memorial prop
erty. it was announ ed tais
Dr. Edgar Angel made his
donation to the Franklin
Boy Scout trcap lor im
provement of the men.jrial
grounds, and the Scouts
turned the check over 10
the board of liusiets oi' the
Dr. Furman Angel's con
tribution is for u?ip. jve
ment of the driveways lead
ing from the highway up
the hill to the nicniuruti
Craft House
To Open With House
Warming Monday
The Craft House at the Non- |
ah Center, on Cartoogjcna>c,
will be opened with a house
warming Monday afternoon I
from 2 to 4:30 o'clock
All women of the community ^
and other interested persons are |
invited to visit the center at |
any time during this period.
The opening will initiate a
program of handicraft, starting
with hand weaving, at the cen
ter. Four looms have been in
stalled so far. The handicraft
program will be under the di
rection of Miss Frances Barr.
For the Craft House, the old
Greenwood home, near the
Slagle school, has been renov
ated. It adjoins the center's new
Clinic building, which is under
The lower floor of the latter |
building will be used for recrea
tion and community gatherings,
while the second floor when
completed will serve the com
munity as a clinic.
The Nonah Center and handi
craft program were initiated by
the Rev. A. Rufus Morgan.
County, 2 Towns Receive
$8,139 Beer, Wine Taxes
Macon County and the two
municipalities lying within the
county have received a total of
$8,139.47 as their shares in the
first distribution of income
from increased North Carolina
taxes on beer and wine.
The check to the county re
ceived by Treasurer Lake V.
Shope, was for $7,201.73, while
the Town of Franklin's share
was $644.24 and the Town of
Highlands received $293.50.
The 1947 general assembly
; doubled the crown and stamp
: taxes on beer and unfortified
wines and directed that half
i of the revenue collected on beer
l and wine should be dUtrlbuted
I to eopntlH, eltliii and town*
which permit the sale of these
beverages The one-half ear
marked for the counties and
municipalities is distributed
among them on a basis of popu
The distribution just made is
of revenue collected during the
period July 1, when the new law
became elective, to September
30. Hereafter, It was explained,
the distribution will be made
Since the law does not desig
nate that the money turned
over to the counties and towns
shall be used for a specific pur
pose, this county and franklin
jand Highlands will deposit the
I amounts In their general funds,
it u untoitood.
On Thanksgiving day when
the Franklin football team de
feated the Clarkesville, Ga.,
high school eleven by a score
of 39-12, the Panthers complet
ed one of the best seasons any
.ucal eleven has ever had. They
won 8 games, tied 1, and lost 1.
By defeating ' Clarkesville by
such a one-sided score, the local
team compiled a total score of
208 points for the season, to
their opponents' 44. Football
fans here feel sure that this is
one of the two highest season's
totals ever run up by a Frank
lin football team. While records,
are not available, it is recalled
that the 1930 eleven also had
a very high scoring record.
The scores for the season's
10 games were as follows: 1
Franklin 13, Murphy 13,
Franklin 20, HayesviUe 6;
Franklin 20, Sylva 0; Franklin
39, Robbinsville 0; Franklin 26,
Asheville "B" team 0; Franklin
26, Sylva 0; Franklin 6, Bry
son City 13; Franklin 13, And
rews 0; Franklin 7, Andrews 0;
Franklin 39, Clarkesville 12.
The usual starting line-up
was: LE, Angel; LT, Mooney;
LG, Brown; C McConnell; RG
Leopard or Welch, RT, Stewart;
RE, Moses; QB, Flanagan or
Harmon; RH, Gregory; LH,
Mason; FB, Cabe (Capt.)
Society To Invite Alley
To Make Address
Judge Felix E. Alley, of Way
nfesville, will be Invited to de
liver a public address in Frank
lin at an early date, under
sponsorship of the Macon Coun
ty Historical society, it was de
cided at Monday night's annual
meeting of the society's mem
The society also reelected all
its officers, and decided to hold
three' or four meetings yearly,
at which programs of historical
interest and significance will be
presented. The first of these is
expected to be the public meet
ing at which Judge Alley will
Officers reelected are: Mrs.
Carl S. Slagle, president; the
Rev. A. Rufus Morgan, vice
president; E. W. Long, treas
urer; and Miss Cecile Gibson,
secretary. Also reelected were
Gilmer A. Jones and Miss Las
sie Kelly as members of the
board of directors.
Miss Gibson, Miss Harrlette
Kinnebrew, and Mrs. Esther
Freas were named as the mem
bership committee, and it was
pointed out that any person in
terested in helping to preserve
the history of Macon County?
whether they now live in the
county or elsewhere? is invited
to Join. Regular membership*
are $1 a year; life member
ships, $25.
A committee made up of
Weimar Jones, Mrs. W. W. Sloan
and Thad D. Bryson, Jr., was
named to plan the programs
for the coming year.
Petition Signed By 2,500
Filed With County
Election Board
A petition requesting that an
election be called to determine
whether the sale of beer and
wine shall be outlawed in Ma
con County has been filed with
the county board of elections.
The petition was presen o
J. J. Mann, election board chair
man, Dy n. u.'r?u.?.ulu
aay. Mr. P.emmons said it bsars
aoout 2,500 signatures.
Mr Mann caned uie board
into session Tuesday to review
die petition and discuss the
icgal aspects of the matter with
County Attorney R. S. Jones.
If the petition is iou.^u ? b ?
iii oiuei, wun the required
number of signatures, the board
.<??1 be called to meet again
December 15 at 3:30 p. m. to
set a date for an election,
cnahman Mann said.
The law provides that, to be
eligioie to sign the petition, a
peison must nave voted in the
iast gubernatuiiai election, anu
uiat tne petition must bear sig
natures numoermg not, m_.i
15 per cent of the total who
voted in Macon County ior go?
ernor in tne last, eiccc.jii. ine
board said that 5s?7 represents
one required 15 per cent.
If the petition is found to be
in oroer, the law requires the
boara, within 3U days, to set a
date for an election. The law
aiso provides tnat 3u da>o puu
lic notice of the election must
oe given. Anotner piovisijn sets
forth that such an election may
not be neld witnin t>u ua>? ui
any other elecu^n.
Beer is now legally sold in
Macon County. At present no
licenses for the saie oi w??c u-_
in eflect.
Center Line
Marking Of 2 Highlands
Highways bought
The state highway commis
sion will be asked to marK uie
liighlands-Diliard and High
lands-Cashiers highways wiai
white center lines.
Decision to make the request
was reached at Tuesday mgnt s
meeting of th Highlands Rotary
club, iollowing a round table
discussion of the topic, "Hign
way Safety Measures". The
club's secretary, s. C. iiussen,
was instructed to make the re
quest by letter.
Invited guests present to take
part in the discussion were
Highway Patroimen Pritchard
Smith, Jr., and jack Lunsloid
and Bob Sloan
After the topic had been in
troduced by Mr. Russell and uie
floor thrown open by discussion,
it was pointed out by several
members that one of the great
est driving hazards in the High
ways in that area would greatly
that white lines on all high
yays in that area would greatly
help matters.
Following some discussion of
the matter, Wilton Cobb, club
president, instructed the sec
retary to take the matter up
with state officials by corre
spondence. ?
The club also gave Patrolman
Smith a vote of thanks for the
outstanding work done by him
in the apprehension of persons
who participated in the series
of housebreakings and robberies
in the vicinity of Highlands this
fai'. ? ,
Alleys' Daughter,
Aged 6 Weeks, Dies;
Rites Held Dec. 6
Funeral services for Barbara
Arle Alley, 10-weeks old daugh
ter of Mr. and Mrs. Tom Alley
of Otto, were held Saturday
afternoon at the Asbury Metho
dist church. Burial followed in
the church cemetery. The Rev.
L. C. Stevens conducted the
The baby died at the home
of her parents Friday afternoon
at 1 o'clock.
Will Start Depot Paving
Soon A? Weather Permit*
Officials of the Ashevllle Pav
ing company were In Franklin
Monday and told town Mayor
T. W. Angel, Jr., that equipment
will be moved here and work
started on the paving of Depot
street a* soon as the weather

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