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A Paper Devoted to the Upbuilding
VOL. 11, NO. 16.
of the Sandhill Territo^ of North Carolina
Aberdeen, North Carolina
Friday, March 20, 1931.
Two BuiMings of State Institu
tion Totally Destroyed and
Inmates Face Charges
Salvation Army Buys “Broadacres,” | WRECK LEADS TO
5,000-Acre Tract in the Sandhills | Qp 3 pQ|^
Two buildings at the State Insti-
ution for Delinquent Girls at Sam-
arcand were totally destroyed by fire
last Thursday afternoon, and as a re
sult sixteen girls ranging in age from
15 to 20 are in jail on charges cf ar*
son. According to Sheriff Charles J.
McDonald, each one of the girls has
admitted some part in firing the
buildings, Chamberlin Hall and Bick-
ett Hall, both dormitories. The girls
were all inmates of the institution.
The girls were given a preliminary
hearing before Judge George R.
Humber at Carthage on Monday and
bound over to the May term of Mcore
County Superior Court on charges of
first degree arson, a capital felony in
North Carolina.
Moore county’s jail being too small
to hold the prisoners, arrangements
were made Monday for their transfer I
to the other nearby institutions .
to aw’ait trial. The arrests were made I
promptly after the fire, the girls bs- !
ing held temporarily in the jails at '
Carthage and Troy.
Hospital Has Baby
Eight Months Old Girl, Found
on Doorstep, Turned Over
To Institution
The Moore County Hospital has
become the proud parent of an
eight months old baby girl. Many
babies have been born in the new
hospital since its O’pening a year
and a half ago, but they all be
longed to someone else. Now the
institution has one of its own—
unless someone claims her.
A w'hite baby girl w’^as found on
the doorstep of the John M. Jam
ison cottage last week, w^ell dress
ed and with smiling blue eyes. No
ore knows how the little one carne
to be there. She was taken to the
hospital, and no one has claimed
her. If you want to adopt a nice
eight-months old daughter, the
hospital authorities will consider
your application.
Old Gates Home and Orchard
Sold to National Organization
by H. A. Page, Jr.
Broadacres Orchard, comprising
the Frederick T. Gates home, and con
taining more than 5,000 acres, has
been sold by H. A. Page, Jr., to the
Salvation Army, according to an
nouncement made this week. The of
fices of the Southern Division of the
Salvation Army, comprising territory
of around 15 Southern states and the
District of Columbia, is in Atlanta,
and is in charge of Commissioner
Alexander M. Damon, the legal
department being in charge of
Ensign J. R. Curran. The full scope
of the operation of the Army is lit
tle appreciated, they having in all
principal cities of the country hotels,
rooming houses, hospitals, stores, etc.
All of their men’s hotels are called
Argonne, and their women’s hotels
are called Evangeline, after its com
mander in chief, Evangeline Booth.
The policy of the Army is to give aid
to all needy persons applying for it.
Stolen Auto Faite To Take Vass
Curve at 75 Miles an
A trip that, if reports are true,
began with a sensational take-off from
New York in a Packard car obtain
ed in a hold-up at the point of a
pistol ended most abruptly in Vass
on Thursday night about twelve
o’clock when the car failed to make
the dangerous curve oil Federal
highway No. 1 near the railroad un-!
derpass and did a flip-flop that left I
it wholly incapacitated. |
Clifford A. Schwab, 28, admits |
holding up the night watchman of a
garage with a 45 Colt pistol, gagging
and binding him, robbing him of $38
and then stealing the new Packard
, . , . . . , straight 8 sedan. With Schwab was
but to obtain such assistance^^ jjeed, Jr., aged 27. At Tren-
ton the two picked up Alfred Storms,
j fixed rule, unless the needy is physi-
! cally unable, to require that some
I sort of w’ork be done in exchange
for assistance. The Army owns and
j maintains all of its units, and it has a
I large corps of most efficient workers
jto carry on the varied activities of one
of the largest charitable organiza-—
tions in the world. The record made
18. But he had nothing to do with
the crime.
News of the accident was not gen
erally known here until Friday morn
ing, and then nothing could be learn
ed except that a car was wrecked.
No occupants w'ere aground. It was la-
"W alter Siler, of the attorney sen-i bv the Salvation Armv durino- the that Alton Shaw, a v-^ung
eral’s office .n, was ,n Car- Noted Women Golfers To Comp-: t J L man of the Cameron communitv had
100 Per Cent Town
Aberdeen Only Place of Any
Size in State Which Had
No Fire Loss in 1930
Aberdeen was the only town of
any size in North Carolina which
had no fire damage in 1930.
The North Carolina Fire Preven
tion Bulletin published by the
Stats Insurance Department is just
out and has some interesting fig
ures. The fire loss in the state for
1930 was $6,308,552, as compared
with $4,992,412 for 1929. The
number of fires in the state in
1930 was 2,822 as compared with
2 423 for 1929. Though it would
seem from the above that fires
are on the increase, the per capita
loss this past year was $1.98 as
compared with $3.21 back in 1922.
Aberdeen alone attained the
honor roll for the year among
towns of any size. Of the towns
hoving 15,000 or more population,
Rocky Mount leads the list for
smallest damage, only $12,312 loss
for the year. Asheville was a.close
Riclmrd Tufts Tells of Problems
in Meeting Institution’s
Annual Deficit
thage Monday to handle the prosecu
tion of the cases against the girls,
and G. W. McNeill of Carthage was
assigned to their defense.
Those Arrested
The sixteen held are:
pete in Annual Mid-South
Event Starting Next Week
World War stands out as one of the ^ctiueiun community
bright spots of that terrific conflict. haPPened along around twelve o’clor-k.
Just what disposition is to be made after the wieck had occun'ed,
of the property just acquired is notthree men there, (n-e-
definitely known, the new owners not' sumably gathering up articles scat-
vet having decided on what procedure : ^e stopped
they will take. A rest camp, somewhat' ‘>®ked if the party needed any
like those maintained by the Wood-' h'S'P answered in the nega-
of the World or the Shriners
G. C. Seymour To Christen Aber
deen Meetin’ House at 8:00
O’clock Tonight
The W^omen’s Mid-South
Josephine French, of Haw River, . championship, an invitation tourna-
Delois Seawell, of Cove City; Mary. . . x. j
„ ’ ^ i. A/r ment inaugurated three years ago and
Branson, of Rocky Mount; Margar-' ^ & men
et Pridgen, of Wilmington; Margar- annually since then, will be for members of their organizations
et Abeinethy, of Kinston; Wilma held next w^eek, Thursday and Friday in locations like Denver, might be one
" at the Southern Pines Countiy Club., "se to which it could be put.
A more general hospital for the
live in a way that caused him to think
that he had better move alonp.
Music, speeches, fun—that’s the
program for the official opening of
Aberdeen’s new Community House,
which will be chrisfened at a good old , for financial aid would meet w^ith a
That the great need being by
the Moore County Hospital and the
tremendous amount of good being ac
complished by the institution is not
fully realized throughout the county
and therefore not fully appreciated
was the gist of a talk made by Rich
ard Tufts before the directors of the
Southern Pines Chamber of Com
merce. ‘‘The work of a hospital is of
such a nature that it is difficult to
give it proper publicity,” he said, and
told of some of the problems con
fronted by the directors of the insti
tution in the management o| its af
The hospital’s normal expectancy
for last year was 20 patients per day.
It averaged over 30, Mr. Tufts stated.
Less than one-third were full paying
patients, less than a third partial pay
ing, the balance free or charity
cases. More than 50 per cent of the
patients come from the vicinity of
Carthage, the Vass-Cameron section,
and the Hemp section. Aberdeen
comes second in numbers sent to the
institution, Pinehurst third. Southern
Pines fourth, the Eagle Spring area
Like all hospitals, there is a goodly-
sized deficit in the operations account
at the end of a year. The problem is
to arrange financing to meet these
annual deficits. Mr, Tufts believes
that if the public generally understood
what the hospital is accomplishing,
its value to the community, the appeal
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Seek Vote on Express
And Mail Delivery
their suspicions aroused w’hen they
leai-ned that the wrecked car, a prac-
Miss Maureen Orcutt of New York, from other hospitals | tically new convertible sedan, had
several times Metropolitan woman’s Army might also be w’orked out. | been abandoned after the accident,
champion and well knowm nationally, , However, with the backing
Southern Pines Chamber of Com
merce to Conduct Referen
dum Among Citizens
w’ho won the tournament last year,
will be here to defend her title, as
will Miss Virginia Van Wie of Chic
ago, winner of the Mid-South cham
pionship in 1929.
Other golf stars, nationally known.
Southern Pines
Passers-by on Friday morning had i fashioned house warming starting at more widespread and generous re
sponse. Support of the institution at
present is cOoicent rated in a vary
small area of the county.
Asked what the county government
was doing by w^ay of support, Mr.
Tufts stated that the sum of $1,200
had been appropriated for the hospi
tal, but had not been paid as yet.
Manv members of the ChaniT-tr of
of the later, three men, one scratched up
8 o’clock tonight, Friday, in the re
modeled Neill McKeithen house on
South street. Don’t miss it.
The program committee for the oc-
walked southw^ard along the highway.
Chief Beasley was notified, but when
he came upon the men, they w^ere al
ready over the boundary into Rich
mond county, so he notified Rocking
ham officers, who arrested the trio
Bowman, Mrs. G. L. Burney, Mrs. W.
T. Batchelor and Mrs. Barber, They
Salvation Armv which through nu- somewhat and another with tc*’ii casion is headed by the Rev, E. L.
merous bequests is one of the largest clothing, attracted attention as thi;y Barber and comprises Mrs. H. E.
property owners of charitable insti
tutions in the world, it is only a ques
tion of what plan is best suited for
the development of the property.
This property is located only three
miles from the Mossgiel Club, and a
have a lot up their sleeves for the Commerce diiectorate thought this
entertainment of. Aberdeen, but they amount insufficient, that the insti-
aren’t telling all they know. W^e tution should receive in the neighbor-
■have found out in an underhand sort , $5^000 annually. One pointed
Residents of Southern Pines are
going to be asked to vote on wheth- who will come to • . , . . ,
er or not they want free mail and i early next week include Miss Bernie ' like distance from the large estate of j on suspicion, and they w^ere held m ; of wa> that G. C. Seymoui, newly ap- ^h^t the hospital probably saved
express delivery in the town. On mo-i Wall, Wisconsin champion and a mem- Eldridge Johnson just on this side of j the county jail. pointed menibei of the Board of the county that much in charity
tion of Dr. L. B. McBrayer, it was ber of the American team accompany- Lumbee River. It is also close to the I On Sunday ,the Richmond county oounty Commissioners, is going to j which w^ould fall upon it were
voted at the meeting of the Board ing Miss Collett to England last year, property reported sold last week to : sheriff and a United States Deputy ! present the plans and purposes of the i j^ot for the hospital. There has also
cf Directors of the Chamber of I Miss Edith Quier who played sucn Glenn McKinney of New York.
Commerce, held Tuesday noon at the ; fine golf last year in many important
Southern Pines Country Club, to sub- * tournaments and a player enjoying
mit the question to a referendum. ! great popularity with golf galleries.
Secretary Shields Cameron will send 1 Mrs. O. S. Hill, w'estern champion
•ut postal cards in the near future. ; ^nd a former North and South cham- j
This is not a new subject of con- ; pion, Mrs. David Gaut, former South- j Visiting Ladies Entertain Mem-
troversy in Southern Pines. For sev- | grn champion and a member of the j bers—Show to Aid Educa-
eral years there have been many who ' vv-oman’s committee of the United tional Fund Announced
'hought the town had become of suf- ! states Golf Association, Mrs. Mar-
ficient size to warrant the delivery | jon Turpie Lake, also former South-
of express parcels to their homes, and i champion, Mrs. Melvin Jones a
Marshal accompanied one of the pris- | Community House Association and
oners to the scene of the WTeck and | figuratively break the proverbial bot-
I on into Vass where the car had been i tie of wine over the prow of the new
Kiwanis Club Hears I brought for safe keeping. He is said i ship. There will be other speakers.
QllSrtct From RRCfordi I have admitted being in the ?ar The music program is in charge
I and to Tiave said that it was being , of Mrs, Grady Burney, who has se-
driven at a speed of 75 miles an hour ; cured the services of a colored quar- | the public generally in
when the accident occurred. | tet which is said to be good. Then ' tution, he said.
j ■ Mr. Tufts also spoke a few words
been some talk of a membership cam-
paigTi, whereby memberships of var
ious classifications and annual dues
could be established, a plan which
would serve the double puipose of
producing revenue and interesting
the insti-
A ladies’ quartet from Raeford en
tertained the members of the Kiwanis
A poclketbook was found near the
scene of the wreck which contained
a card bearing what is supposed to
be the name of the owner of the car.
river, but a search failed to ]-evcal
others who sought delivery of mail | former western champion, and Mrs. | Club of Aberdeen at , their weekly j The P^^oner claimed that tne party
*y carrier. Those against the plan for Harry V. Maxwell well known Pine- | meeting held Wednesday in the Civic hidden four suit cases near ..e
express deliveries base their opposi- burst star. I Club at Southern Pines. With Mrs.
tion on the fact that they would pre- I program calls for eighteen I Clyde Upchurch at the piano Mrs.
f< r to go to the express office and ad- W. E. Farrington, Mrs. W. M. Thom-
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Burns Prove Fatal to
Evelyn Austin, Aged 8
about Knolhvood, stating that he look
ed with the utmo.‘^t confideTice on the
future of that section of .the Sand
hills, “ I believe the return of bus-
iness conditions to normal will mean
a real boom for Knollw'ood,” he stated,
them. He is also said to have told Little Pinebluff Girl Playing and told of the splendid season which
get their parcels when they arrire j ^j^jonal contests on the side
lose valuable time in waiting
for them to be delivered. Some of the
larger merchants are numbered
among the opponents.
Those who do not want mail de
livered hold that the present box
system gets people downtown at least
mce a day, is therefore good for
business, and besides, the postoffice
serves as a congenial morning meet
ing place for all and breeds a neigh
borly spirit.
A motion was passed at Tuesday’s
meeting to send a delegation to see
State Highway Commissioner J. El-
wood Cox before he retires—if he
does from the commission and make
one more appeal for the paving of
U. S. Highway No. 1 from Aberdeen
to Drowning Creek. The stretch from
Drowning Creek to the junction of
the Rockingham and Hamlet roads
slated for paving, leaving the Al^r-
deen stretch the worst of the^ unim
proved parts of No. 1 in. this vinicity.
President S. B. Richardson of the
Chamber of Commerce will appoint a
committee this week. Final contracts
for this summer’s work are to be let
hy the commission on March 27th, it
is stated.
Trophies will be awarded to the
winner of the tournament and to the
2nd., 3rd., and 4th.; low gross scores,
to the 1st., 2nd., 3rd., and 4th,; low
scores, to the low gross 18 holes, to
the best selected 18 holes and to the
winners of the special events.
The committee requests that tour
nament entries be sent to Mr.?. E.
Ellsworth Giles, Southern Pines, to
be received not later than Tuesday,
March 24th.
r.s, Mrs. Ina B. Bethune and Mrs. H.
C, McLaughlin sang a number of se-
Santa Claus When Clothing
Catches Fire
that the car was obtained after a
man in New York had been held up
at a garage at the point of a pistol,
lections, Mrs. Farring1:on delighted I tied upstairs in the build- Evelyn Austin, six-year old daugh-
her audience with two solos, “Wild I . . . I Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Austin of
Irish Rose” and “When I Dream of i is said that officers are mclin-^ pinebluff, died Sunday in the Moore
Old Erin” ^ discredit a part of the story ' County hospital w’here she was taken
Richard Tufts told the club mem- told, but the fact that the men were : hurriedly on Saturday after severe
bers of the need for more general i heavily armed was enough to in- bums suffered when her clothes be-
support of the new County Hospital j York headquarters to^ send came ignited. Evelyn was playing San-
throughout the county. Edwin Me
the Pine Needles
this year.
Inn was enjoying
detective here. They suspect the ta Claus with a number of the neigh
Keitherannounc^'d" the dates for the i ™ay be wanted for other crimes borhood children. She was drtssed in
play to be held for the benefit of the j >" ^ew York’s underworld. | her mother’s clothes and having a
Moore County Educational Founda-1 ’ time around a tree out in the ^ breaking glass and rushed to
tion as March 31st at the Southern I SOUTHERN PINES TOURNEY ; yard. Someone had produced a candle I ^ .
Pines Country Club and April 2 at the
Albert Innes, employed by the Pow
ell peach orchard near Pinehurst,
was painfully injui'ed late Sunday af
ternoon when the car which he was
driving hit another car on the curve
near the Aberdeen baseball field, on
the Pinehurst road. Innes was badly
Carolina Theatre, Pinehurst. He stat-
IN HIS 25 CENT APPLE j ed that the cream of local talent had
been secured to entertain the popu
lace on those evenings.
J. C. Barron, golfer, deserted the
links long enough last Saturday morn
ing to buy an apple from the bar
rel auctioned off by Frank Buchan
for the unemployment fund. He only
gave a quarter for the fruit, and it
proved a good investment. When he
bit into it his teeth struck something
hard. Investigation revealed the $2.50
gold piece which Claude Hayes had
donated for the worthy cause. J. C.
is still trying to figure what interest
he made on his twenty-five cent in
RED CROSS $10,000,000
Local members of the American Red
Cross expressed keen pleasure yester
day at the news that the campaign to
raise $10,000,000 in the country for
drought relief had “gone over the
top.” The Moore County chapter did
its fair share in the campaign fop
funds. North Carolina raised $32,-
DWINDLES DOWN TO FOUR j to add a Christmas touch, and another ' Moore County hospital "here
I youngster had found a match. Eve- repoited yesterday that he was
- -..T ’ 1 > on the road to recovery. The driver of
Paul Carter, University of North lyns clothes caught fire, and by the i,,.t
Carolina golfer, Tom Kelley, L. E
Adams and Alec Brown survive the
championship flight in the annual
tournament fo rthe golf championship ^ the little one was so severely burned
of the Southern Pines Country Club, j that all efforts to save her proved
being played there this week, and the j vain,
semi-final round will be played to
day, Friday, with the finals tomor
Surviving in the Second flight are
Harry Pethick, F. Froeb^ T. M. Adams
and Robert Skinner, and in the
third, W. S. Rutherford, W. A.
Growney, J. C. Mallalien and Joseph
time two colored men who were pass-1 ‘he other car escaped unhurt, but
ing were able to reach her and hoth cars were badly damaged,
smother the flames with their coats.
Pinebluff was overcome witii the
shock of little Evelyn’s death.
The funeral was held Tuesday
at th^ Baptist church there and the
church was filled to overflowing with
grief-stricken friends of the popular
youngster. The Rev. A. W^ade Thomp
son, the Rev. C. L. Jackson and Dr.
Gibson officiated.
The bill increasing the number of
members of the Moore County Board
of Commissioners from three to five,
naming Frank Cameron of near Cam
eron and G. C. Seymour of Aberdeen
as the two new members from this
end of the county, was passed early
in the week by the General Assem

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