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THE PILOT, a Paper With rharacter. Aberdeen, North Caroljna
Friday, March 27
public welfare. Perhaps the fear
that the papers carry more or
less weight in election seasons
makes the legislature more
willing to play favorites with
the newspaper men than with
Published every Friday by
THE PILOT, Incorporated.
Aberdeen, North Carolina
Contributing iEditors
Subscription Rates:
ier;-b™*s.Wese,;„toh.;;ir^ibu,». .t war ti™ prices j
, duced the people of other lands again. These things are not ^
} to take to depending on them- pleasant, but it is hard to see
I selves instead of on us, which in- any other solution of ^he |
! dicates per*haps a little more endously grave problem that
I misery in permanent form. We confronts the entire globe. |
i seem to have soaked ourselves
I a solid one.
of us, newspaper men and all
other men, come clean and con
sent to pay a fair proportion of
taxes, newspaper men, poor
men, rich men, farmers, labor-
e very body, man fashion,
Last Sunday night at the Bap
tist church in Southern Pines §
the Rev. Mr. Stinison gave his
congregation something to think
„ $2 00 i ers,
$1 00' then we will be at the end of this
xLe Months'::;::;;;::::::;; ;5o| babyish squabble of every two
— years trying to dodge our hon-
Address all communications to The | est share of the public burden
Pilot, Inc., Aberdeen, N. C. | of paying the public bills and the
burden will not be very big. Our
New York Stock Exchange
Pittsburgh Stock Exchange
Main Office
39 Broadway, New York City
Telephones: Southern Pines 6751—Pinehurst 3821
Entered at the Postoffice at Aber
deen, N. C., as second-class mail mat
whole tax difficulty is that we
are all trying to put the load on
everybody else, and under no
I possibility can that be done.
! Natural business economics and
conditions make it imperative
While the Legislature has ^ that the final buy(<r pays all
passed its allotted time of ses-, the taxes. That is the only
sion it has not yet accomplished piace tax money can come from,
the things which it must face i and we all in the long run pay
and settle. Not but what it has our share of the taxes if we are
tried, for probably no Legisla-1 left alone to do it naturally. But
t^ire in a long time has made j in the absurd struggle to juggle
more sincere effort. But in the i and shift and load the other fel-
main this session has been con-: low we plat our hair in the fool-
fronted with some of the most; ish entanglement, and make the
complicated problems of politi- i thing cost us all many times
cal and social economy, and too what it should and we get no
many of the members have not where in the end. Newspapers
ieen chosen with due regard for and every thing else should pay
fitness for the job to which they , their fair proportionate share of
attained. In Johnson and Spence | taxes, and no more and no less
Moore county sent a delegatjon; and no one should be exempted,
of judgment and ability, but; no matter who he is or what he
some of the members arrived in i does. And we all ought to 'have
Raleigh practically ignorant of, guts enough to walk up to the
the fundamental principles of trough side by side and accept
taxation, government, finances,, our honest ratio of the job with-
and t'he other underlying func- ‘ out squirming.
tions of State operation. It was
to be expected that just such an .tiERELY IN
inharmonious tangle should be PASSING
reached, for the job to be done . .
has been too big for many of the murmr'lnTthrnl
men who have undertaken it. 1murrnur anything
What makes the task all the'
harder is that from every county 1 ^ i vmterna-
comes the conflicting demiand, tiade. Yet it niay be ex-
from all groups of people that' ^hmg hap-
the members subscribe to all, m an inquisition into the
conceivable propositions in the ^ondition of trade and industry,.
attempt to do what has to be A press dispatch from Washing-
done, and from every county is f
.ent fantastic and biased and' United States for the month of
half-baked plans for any-and February reached the lowest
evervthing. This is the great
weakness of a republic. Every' February this year
voter has a voice, and most of ^^^ordmg to the figures from
the voices are impatient, many f ^ aaa
of them based on ignorance
but few of them on intelligent'2*^,*^85,000 less than a year
knowledge of facts and unselfish for the same month and low-
desire to work for the general than ^ny month since No
good of the whole state. It is im- ^^embey n ^ Feb-
possible for a republic to have ^
the highest possible type of gov- of $106,707,000 from last
ernment, for chimerical notions ^ ^ iigure, and the lowest im-
on the part of the voter can kill ngure since September,
the most intelligent aspiration At that rate of decline, I'f
a place in congress and the up throughout the year,
Ipeislature. It is probably all exports would lose a billion
right, but as it is we must rec- ^ half dollars, a loss that no
ognize its limitations and be world can sustain
content. But this legislature has industrial dis-
b-^en a great school, and as a purpose of the
state are learning fast and is to shut out foreign im-
much. We have dissected some Portations the signs say that it
funny propositions and the next been effective. A billion and
legislature can profit. So can would mean the year s
the people, and the next assem- fjf^ctweness in trade barred out,
blage should be made from men February s falling off is to be
who will study public matters the measure,
before they get to Raleigh, and , ^ thrive with ai
men who are capable of free ac- million and a half cut from our
tion and sound judgment and exports in a year, and possilDly
fortified knowledge. | thrive with our foreign |
I trade cut down to the propor- j
rkTTo ! tions effective before the war. |
TAX m ‘ inasmuch as cotton hap-1
A A j pens to be one of the items thatj
Rouse mit ’em, the whole dog-1 figure in American export trade, |
gone business. The newspaper , along with tobacco, wheat, pork j
men have protested against products and other farm stutf, |
taxes on the papers. The causes . the American farmer can find i
have not V>een made public, but' mighty little comfort in this^'e- I
probably like all the rest of the port from the Federal Depart-1
prudent rx^cup ^tion.s the news- ment of Commerce. Cotton has '
paper nien have- figured that j been murdered, wheat is in the|
somebody else should pay the ; dump heap, tobacco is a beggar, I
taxes. The Pilot has not com- the farmer in a general way isj
mitted itself on this thing, for ! chanting the dirge of sorrow and j
unfortunately for an open mind- humiliation. i
adviser it has been advising! If misery loves company a bit
the folks to come across and ac-, of pleasure may come to the!
c<^pt their honest share man to | farmer in knowing that-the val-1
man in the burden of taxes, ue of automobiles exported in I
That being the case it could January was just a shade above I
hardly without some embarrass-j half the value of those exported I
ment refuse to stand up and be in the same month a year ago, I
counted when the proposition to ^ Fifty per cent of a cut in indus- |
make every fellow pungle ac-' trial exports is plenty. Yet there '
cording to his share is suggest-1 is also this possibility that if the
ed. But if the newspapers are automobile trade has been held
refusing to take their end of the up to its level of a year ago the
single tree aloner with every- | demand for some types of farm :
If you’re accustomed to quality Food—then this is i
your Store. If extremely low price interests you, this, 3
too, is your Store. S
See our window display every day for fresh vegeta- H
bles and fruits. The finest that can be bought! H
Aberdeen, South Street E. B. Maynard, Mgr.
i The farm relief board has not
; ified the w^heat farmers that it about, lie introduced a clipping!
I will not buy wheat from the f^om a newspaper whidh told
coming crop, which is about what i^^at at the Mt. Wilson observa-
j observing men anticipated. The tory the astronomers had fig-||
j board bought a vast amount of y^ed that light* from some of »
I grain at a dollar and a half a ^^e distant stars had been
I bushel, cannot sell it at half that -tihousands of years in reaching
I price, and would break the mar- ^he earth, and that the sun, with
!ket inconceivably if it did sell the earth, is traveling several
the grain at any price. It can- millions of miles a day on their
not hold the grain indefinitely various orbits and paths, and
for millers and others will not that the other stars of the uni-
! pay high prices for grain with verse are beating that excessive
I that relief board grain hanging speed. ' H
iover them. The relief surplus Stimson was not trying §
I kills the market whether sold to frighten those of us who are g
or held, and to buy and accum- making this rapid journey, nor,«
I ulate more grain would be only to encourage those mundane «
I to save up more trouble for the drivers who think sixty miles, 8
I days ahead. a quart on each hip is pok-
I Buying grain and taking it off ing along the road, but to show
''the market does not take it off the wonderful traffic manage-
I at all. It merely piles up to ment of the universe which runs
I threaten the whole grain mar- on such a marvelous schedule
i ket as long as it is held like a that with all the many stars 1
I big dam terrorizing everything afloat, and the speed they make,' , STARVED
! below it when it breaks. This no one ever hears of a collision,, Editor, The Pilot:
I country already had its suffi- ' and no one fears an accident. He ! ^ cabm six miles from here,
i cient example in the fate of the noted that Sunday morning at | ^ young woman died last week of
i rubber accumulation, the coffee 9:24 o’clock the sun started on starvation.
I fiasco in Brazil, the absolute his annual pilgrimage from his the world a legacy valua-
I failure of trying to bolster up position in the constellation of, ^le only in her own eyes and, we are
I the sugar market in Cuba, and Aries, and that so exact is that i assured, One other’s. Nine pickanin-
I every other attempt to artificil- schedule over millions of miles ' the oldest eleven and the baby,
I ly control prices at an unnat- that next March he will be at the | that is “the least one,” four months
I ural height. We have arrived at same spot at a time the astron-1 old. The husband, injured last fall
. a point that could not be pre- omer has already scheduled in j a road tractor, is faithful and in-
j’vent, and the wheat farmers the Nautical Almanac. The ap-i ^ustrious. But discharged by his not'uncle, Col. E. J. Mclver of Alabama,
;must now take their drastic med- plication of his talk was that the ' unkindly, indifferent “boss” with one | and the noted and beloved Prof.
' icine. gigantic plan of creation is be- ®f those two dollar bills, and anyway i John E. Kelly of Moore county. For
High wheat stimulated every yond the power of man to com- due to his injury, unable to work if four years he was recognized at the
* country in the world to try to prehend, and that the skill of . there had been great need, instead I University of North Carolina as one
I raise the biggest crops of wheat management which laid down a ■ of almost no need at all, for laborers,
possible, and the result was a schedule so precise that men can' They are nearly bare, this family
, supply that people would not calculate ahead for years where i remnant, a few rags flapping in the
buy and pay for at prices arti- every heavenly body will be at feelable wind their only covering.
I ficially made. Now wheat has any second of time on any day, | The mother has just starved to
' gone to the bottom of the cel- is such that the inconceivable death. To her, the rest came first in
lar, and no relief seems possi- attributes of Jehovah are entit- need, but the rest must all have been; lessons learned from real life or na-
ble until the crop is reduced and led to the admiration and appre- decidedly hungry. Where were the i ture. He was winner of the Greek
prices made low enough to move ciation of mankind. j crumbs fallen from the rich men’s ^ medal, which the “boys” called the
the enormous accumulation. The Mr. Stimson mentioned the re- ^ tables? i “Mclver” medal—because it had been
Farm Board notifies farmers markable work of the telescope, • (^s this a socialistic story? Well, if, won by a Mclver four times in suc-
that they must stop piling up and said that when ‘Kepler, socialism is Red, emphatically NO, it ^ cession) and the Essayist medal, a
big surpluses, and the end is in three hundred years ago turn- j isn’t. But if socialism is the burning member of the Dialectic Society a/id
sight. The present season may ed his primitive telescope against white light which attends Christ, then of the S. A. E. fraternity. Upon grad-
be one of grave difficulty, but the stars he not only magnified ^ YES, it is.) * | uation, Dr. Kemp P. Battle, president
I this thing had to come, for all everything in the heaven, but For all of us others who have of the University, said to hini: “You
' factors were set to coax disas-' likewise magnified in the knowl- j enough are that rich man. All of us can reach any height in the literary
ter. Cotton is not much differ- , edge of mankind the greatness with a home, food, a united family world, if you only desire it; find you
ent from wheat. Too much has! of the Creator and of creation.! are RICH. an ambitious wife and fame is yours.’
been made to sell at the high The preacher broadened human I Yet we, grumbling because of the But he was content to be the modest,
prices that prevailed and every | conception of life Sunday night' threat to our sylph-like carcasses, ris- literary violet—blushing unseen (?)
nation that can make cotton has and gave his audience something ing late after last night’s heaviness, in his quiet, little corner. He was a
been making it in the hope of to carry home with them. | are eating daily our three over-cal- teacher first of all, and for thirty-
the high prices. The result is ! ored meals. Between these three five years taught in the schools of
big product and a v/orld unwill- CARD OF THANKS | meals, we are very “busy” with our Fayetteville, N. C., Goldsboro, N. C.,
ing to pay the higli prices for • i crowding parties. At these we cram and Cheraw, S. C. His life work was
the big yield. Now cotton is be- We wish to express our apprecia- our already bulging bellies with rich
ing shaken out. For years cot- tion to our many friends for the kind- tidbits—fluffy sand^wiches, cakes,
al grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. L. B.
Chandler, in Granville county, N. C.
Berry Chandler Mclver was bom. It
is worthy of note that the county
where he had his birth has produced
many eminent statesmen, lawyers and
doctors. His parents were persons
who stood for the higher, purer
things of life, and he was ear<y
taught the value of character and
He was prepared for college by his
of their outstanding students, both
mentally and morally. He was ap
pointed tutor of Greek in his sopho
more year, and filled this position
with honor and distinction. He was
observant, watchful and susceptible to
ton will have to be made at low ness and sympathy shown us during nuts, bonbons, creams. We warm or
price to compete with the many | the recent illness and death of our “pep” our personalities with the in-
new cotton growers all over the dear wife and mother. ^ i gredients of tomorrow’s headache,
world, and low price will lessen | —J. E. JACKSON,
the amount produced. Then i and family,
cotton will get on a stable foot- ' West End, N. C., March 24, 1931.
really in Cheraw, S. C., where for
27 years he molded the characters of
its boys and girls by instilling into
their minds, with the gentleness of
affection and the patience of love, a
Are you worth $1,737? ' ditions have been prevailing for some
If not you are not an average days. The Pine Needles at Knollwood
North Carolinian. That amount is the is enjoying one of the best seasons
per capita w^ealth of this state. The ' in its. history. There are many guests
wealth of the country is now $361,000,- at the Pinebluff Inn. The schedule of
000,000 as against 320,800,000,000 in sports and athletic contests is broad-
1922. ! ening. Archery has made a new place
for itself. Horses are marking out
Nevada leads the states in per cap- > new lines in- wider territory. Cars in |
tal wealth with $6,318. Mississippi the village streets give a meti’opoli-
brings up the rear with only $1,242 tan air at all hours of the day. |
to the individual. New Yorkers are I
worth $3,276 each; South Carolinians
and for the headache we “sure” feel regard for truth and beauty in word
out of luck. And we go right on and and act, thus winning their deep love
pack it down with a new round of and genuine admiration. So well ucie
tidbits, more roast beef, ^‘cakes and his pu-pils prepared, that it was only
necessary for them, when entering'
college to bring recommendation from
Prof. Mclver.
Mr. Mclver was never married, but
lavished his affection upon the chil
dren of his family, particularly those
of his sister, with whom he made his
home for the last thirty years. Per
sonally he was one of the most mod
est and unassuming of men, of pleas-
; ant address, keen intellect and social
disposition. He was not only a teach
er of teachers, but a man among men.
But over here in the sticks, almost
near enough to smell our foods cook
ing, nine innocents under twelve
years old are crying for the only
mother they will ever have, who
starved to death the other day.
Pinehurst, March 26, 1931.
Editor, The Pilot:
In 1861, at the outbreak of the
Civil war, at the home of his matem-
The Pinehurst Outlook this week
has an interesting story of the career
of Donald Ross. Excerpts;
There are forty-one counties ini remembers well his first sight
North Carolina which have no hospi- j Richard Tufts, who was at home
then and aljout two-thirds the size of
a mashie-niblick.”
tal. Moore is to be thankful it is no
longer in the list. It not only has a
hospital, but one of the finest in the
state—one of the finest for its size
in the country.
Moore county has one hospital bed f origina ed his profession.”
per 715 inhabitants, not counting tu- uring this season (1900) Mr.
berculosis hospitals. For all hospitals procured a steam roller which
THE DRIVERS LICENSE the fact that in the licensing State?
the increase in automobile registra-
We do not know at this writing the tion during the 10 years has b^en
, exact status of the driver's license substantially greater than in the re?t
“I I'll T.
chitect is not that he stands at the
head of his profession—but the fact
is not going to be lost in the shuffle, suiting, has encouraged auton-obilo
for the Legislature ought to realize ownership and registration,
its importance—and shape a law ac- The answer among all of the man-
the State, but the hope might be on- suggest, that
. , . J ^ . . the licensing system, through the
tertained that this important matter better and safer traffic conditions
body else then The Pilot offers
its services to the whole body
politic and advises that they as
a whole refuse to pay tax and to
let the blooming business of
carrying on govenment be laid
stuff might have been niore ex
tensive, which indicates that th^
farmer perhaps may not find,
so much comfort in the company
of misery as the proverb sug
gests. Possibly the further fact
it has one hospital bed f^'r each 263 excitement as it charg- j cording to the plan that has proved ifold aspects and details of the que?
ed about the course.” j effective, which is examination undcT tion is clear and unequivocal. It is
“Imagine, if you can, a contractor i driver’s test. It is of record that only restriction of the driving privilege to
employed to build a house who can ' 84 States today have complete rec- competent and capable drivers. This
ords of fatal traffic accidents for the
on any fellow who can be caught j that the foreign * nations are
and made to take up the cross. ^ making more cotton, and more
No reason appears why the, wheat, and more automobiles
newspapers or any one else: and more of other commodities
should be exempted from any, for themselves will add some
inhabitants. The county ranks 39th
in the state for beds per population.
The state as a whole had 5,438 gen
eral hospital beds, averaged 1.7 gen
eral hospital beds per 1,000 inhabi
tants, and ranked 45th among states
at the end of 1929. Total beds in all
hospitals, state and private including
state tubercular and orthopedic, 7,-
756, or 2.5 beds per 1,000 inhabitants.
find no workmen who have ever work
ed on a house before, and you will
have sQme idea of what it meant to
be the first golf architect in Amer
The House killed the drivers’ license
bill, so drivers can continue to kill
. ^ upwards of 1,000 persons in North
The Highland Pines Inn at South- Carolina annually. On with the
ein Pines has been full to overflow^ing slaughter. Let everyone drive a car,
for four or five weeks. At the Car- fit or unfit, drunk or sober, sane or
measure that 'has to do with the ^ more of the company that mis-, olina at Pinehurst the same full con-. insane.
means the licensing of drivers, with
last 10 years, but it is notable that examination of fitness and reasonable
the seven States among the 34 that driving ability before the license i?
show' the lowest rate of fatality in- sued.
crease in this period* are States which Furthermore, it means the ?usper-
require that motor vehicle operators sion of revocation of a license oft^
be licensed, and provide for an ex- it is issued, if the privilege of driv-
amination and driving test as pre- ing that is granted by the State i^
requisite to granting such license. The | abused, or a person in the actual op-
remaining three States which have i eration of his vehicle demonstrates
this provision during this time are i that he is unfitted and unqualified to
also well up on the list. This differ- drive with safety to himself and to
ence is the more striking in view of , others.—Charlotte Observer Editorial.

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