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    Friday, March 27, 1931.
THE PILOT, a Paper With Character, Aberdeen. North CaroMna
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By M. R. Dunnagan, The Pilot’s Raleigh Correspondent
The North Carolina General As- utility, tobacco and railroad interests
sembly is tired. One of the doctor, wih the so-called MacLean forces to
members read the symptoms and de-, put over the general sales tax propos-
clared most of the members are used , al to finance the State-operated six
up, spent, need a rest. They have al- | months term. The general sales tax,
ready broken all records by staying estimated to raise $9,000,000, would
in session two weeks over the normal. cost an average of about $3 a person
time, with slim prospects of getting a year, which, multiplied by the popu-
away in another two weeks. “Easter’*, lation of any county, will give the
is the most promising prediction now. ’ approximate additional amount that
The Assembly has reached its low- county will pay for school support, in-
est ebb. Members are talkative, directly. In many of the counties it
toucheous, and irritable They have ^ would be twice the amount that would
spent two and three hour sessions in be received through operation of the
passing one or two bills and prob- MacLean plan, the statisticians fig-
ably tabling as many more. All want ure.
to talk and dissect every bill. They Such an alignment, observers say,
question each other’s motives con- is passing strange—a sort of lion and
stantly, and often justly. There is a lamb status. It has caused many ques-
sort of back-wash over passing bills tions to be asked. Apparently, also, it j each succeeding General Assembly
that now seeks to kill them. During is causing a sort of re-alignment of | could not change it. He will doubtless
the next two weeks, predictions are, forces. Seemingly there is a shift to- j ask that it be included in the amend-
Agriculture was passed by the House
after it had changed the bill to make
the commissioner elective, rather than
appointive. The bill to have the Cor- |
poration Commission members ap-1
pointed rather th^ elected was tabled .
by its author. The purchasing agent j
bill, which would take away a part of j
the duties of the Commissioner of La- |
bor and Printing, is half over and j
may pass. The bill to reorganize that |
Department into a Department of La- |
bor, is in the hopper and may or may [
not pass.
* * ♦
'Governor Gardners bills, one to re
organize the Department of Agi-icul-
ture, the other to reorganize the Cor
poration Commission, did not carry
in them the short ballot provision—
that the Governor appoint the offi
cials. That was added by the com
mittees. His Department of Labor
bill does carry that feature, since the
committees added it to the other
bills. Governor Gardner favors the
short ballot but he believes it should
be provided in the Constitution, so
Prepare for the Spring Drive
at Bargain Prices
they will buckle down and dig out of
the mass which enshrouds them.
The past week has been spent in
pait in marking time, awaiting the Fi
nance bill which has been promised
almost daily. It is now in final form
and will be taken up early in the
week by the House, which will spend
ward the school plan embodied in the j ments to be offered by a Constitution-
bill introduced the past week by: al Amendment commission, if that
Chairman John H. Folger, of the | body is created, instead of the origi-
Senate Education committee, and 1 nal plan, now abandoned, of calling
others, which bill provides a $10,000,-
000 school fund, $8,200,000 for the six
months term and $1,800,000 for the
extended term. This, experienced
most of this week on it before it gets school men say, will give more relief
to the Senate for probably another
week. Both of the houses, meanwhile,
will be getting other legislation be
hind them. Another big bill is the
Appropriation measure, which also
will require time. It will doubtless
move along behind the Revenue bill.
A movement, described as sinister,
is said to have been forming and
reached a head the past week. It is
called a combination of the power,
a Constitutional Convention.
* * *
A gesture has been made in the
House at what is termed an effort to
“smoke out” Governor Gardner on
than the MacLean plan accompanied j the school legislation pending. It was
by the $9,00,000 sales tax, although it; in the form of a joint resolution ask-
is an indirect tax. The Folger plan j ing Governor Gardner to appear be-
carries no sales tax, but would neces- j fore a joint session of the two houses
sitate $3,500,000 more than is now I and give his views on pending legis-
provided, coming from power, tobac- | lation. It failed of immediate passage
CO, foreign corporations and prob- | and was referred to Chairman A. D.
ably an increase in the income tax. MacLean’s committee on education.
From Nar. 30 to Apr. 11 only, as foUows:
Goodyear Pathfinder
The “short ballot” will not get over
this time. The bill providing for the
reorganization of the Department of
30x31/2 $4.69
32x4 $7.50
30x5 H. D. 8-ply $17.95
32x6 H. D. 10-ply $29.75
4.40-21 $4.98
4.50-20 $5.60
4.50-21 $5.69
4.75-19 $6.65
5.00-19 $6.95
Triplex shatter^proof glass windshield
has saved many lives in collisions
Every new Ford is equipped with a Triplex shatte]>
proof windshield. This is made so that the glass will not
fly or splinter under the hardest impact. It has saved
many lives and prevented injuries in many automobile
edllisions. ^
This shatter-proof glass windshield is just one of
many features that make the new Ford a value far above
the price. Others are the silent, fully enclosed four-
wheel brakes, sturdy steel body construction, four Hou-
daille double-acting hydraulic shock absorbers, moro
than twenty ball and roller bearings, extensive use of
line steel forgings, aluminum pistons, chrome silicon
alloy valves, torque-tube drive, three-quarter floating
rear axle. Rustless Steel, and unusual accuracy in
manuf acturing.
In addition, you save many dollars because of low
first cost of the new Ford, low cost of operation and
up-keep, and low yearly depreciation.
The New Ford
De Luxe Coupe
where it will probably die.
The drug store liquor bill, permit
ting drug stores to handle liquor on
doctor’s prescriptions, created a bit
of interest and brought a big delega
tion to Raleigh, including such an
eminent personage as Dr. William
Louis Poteat, president emeritus of
i Wake Forest College The committee
j will probably report the bill out early i S
I this week. I §
j * ' S
I i n
; Although new bills are slowing i U
down, the number -is still too large j
for the time and both houses named ; It
i calendar committees to pass on j ♦♦
I whether or not the later one should be ; ||
'considered. So far about 1,610 bills'^
I have been introduced, 490 in the Sen- '
i ate and 1,120 in the House. Of this
I number 615 have been enacted into
' law, 158 Senate and 457 House bills.
The local bills bear a ratio of about
: five to one for the public bills.
Approximately 100 new bills were
introduced last week 60 in the House
and 40 in the Senate. Bills ratified
last w’eek and now law reached 113 or
36 Senate and 77 House bills. Of the
total ratified last week 94 were lo
cal and 19 were more general.
Most important of those ratified
was the road bill providing' a new
highway commission and taking over
county roads by the State. Tw'o related
permit two or more counties to es
tablish district prison farms and hos-
pital-homes in lieu of separate jails
and county homes. Another provides
a closer check on pension rolls by
cleiks of court and registers of deeds
in counties. Another law requires ir
responsible drivers to provide insur
ance by which damages may be col
lected. Another requires that paupers
have no claims on this State unless
they have lived here three years or
were self-supporting on arrival.
All other sizes reduced
Goodyear All Weather
4.40-21 $6.50 ' 500-19 $8.25
4.50-20 $6.75 5.00-20 $8.50
4.50-21 $7.00 5.25-21 $10.25
30x5 H. D. 8-Ply $23.50
32x6 H. D. 10-Ply $37.50
Pinebluff Service Station
Pinebluff, N. G.
; ♦♦
( ♦♦
$430 to $630
F. O. B. Detroit, plus freight and delivery. Bumpers and spare tire extra
at small cost. You can purchase a Ford on economical terms through
the Authorized Ford Finance Plans of the Universal Credit Company,
Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Seward, Miss
Thelma Lesson and Mr. and Mrs. E.
W. Seward motored to Rockingham
j and returned on Thursday.
Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Baldwin of
Goldsboro spent a few days recently
on a visit to Mr. and Mrs. A. C.
I Blake here.
Millard Reynolds and family motor
ed to Greensboro and spent a day or
two the past week.
The Rev. and Mrs. Myron Adams,
who have been living in Palmer, 111.,
the past year or more, returned to
this section the past week.
Miss Nettie Williams, Mrs. E. B.
Franklin, L. F. Martin and Miss Har
riet Gay left on Saturday for a ten-
day tour over the state of Florida.
Emory Burns of Bennettsville, S.
C., was a visitor in Niagara on Sun
There will be preaching at the vil
lage church next Sunday night, Mar.
29th at 7:00 o’clock by the Rev. W. S.
Golden of Carthage. Everyone is in
vited to come out and hear this noted
Midland Farms
An old proverb reminds you that the first fellow at
the fishing hole in the morning has a chance at the big
gest fish.
Warren H. Manning has been over the grounds on
the Midlands Farms and is beginning his plans for the
development of the whole region embraced in this land
and the adjoining territory. W^hen he finishes here will
be the ideal opportunity of this section.
You can make your selection now if you want to,
the location to be governed by the boundaries to be es
tablished by Mr. Manning in short time. Ni)w is the time
to have location and acreage determined, and you can
have much or little as you like.
N. H. G. Balfour of Hoke County is
building a profitable business with his
Chinchilla rabbits. The meat is sold
to a local hotel at 30 cents a pound
and the pelts bring about 50 cents
For detail inquire
Pinehurst, N. C..
or accredited Real Estate agents in Pinehurst or Southern Pines.

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