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THE PILOT, a Paper With rharactcr. Aberdeen, North Carolina
Friday, Mar::li 27, 1931.
Hot Lunches Improve
Health of Children
Court House News
Many Gain Weigrht, Says Dr.
Symington.—Dental Clinics
The hot lunches in the schools are
steadily improving the health of
many of th^ children, says Dr. J.
Symington, Public Health Officer of
Moore county. One boy has gained
twenty pounds in weight in one of
the schools since the beginning of
the hot lunches, and one girl who
was much below par has gained
eighteen pounds in weight. Many of
the children who were underweight
have been brought up to normal.
Those who have made thes« lunches
possible by contribution arid those
■who have given their time and work
ed hard during these winter months
to make these hot lunches a success
are due much appreciation, and we
know that their valued gifts and dili
gent labor are very much appreciated
by the parents of the children and by
the children themselves. Diseases
such as tuberculosis, rickets and pel
lagra have undoubtedly been warded
off by these lunches during the win
ter months, and children enabled to
do better work in school.
Mrs. Francis T. Keating of Pine-
hurst has been able to raise more
money for the dental clinic, and the
State dentist will continue his work
in the county until the end of the
present school season. The State den
tists found the condition of the teeth
of the children in Moore county as
bad as in any of the worst counties
in the state, and this show's the nec
essity of such a clinic. It is hoped
training for the children to continue
going to their dentist at least once
a year so that their teeth may be
kept in a healthy condition. Money
has also been raised by Mrs. Keating
to enable the state to send Dr. Holli
day to work on the children attend
ing the Pinehurst New Settlement
School, and a clinic there will com
mence on Monday the 23rd inst.
The kind of food the children are
given is very important in the pre
vention of pellagra and in maintain
ing teeth in a healthier condition. So
much depends on good feeding. The
public health officer is continuing the
examination of children in schools
throughout the county and is con
ducting a campaigrn against pella
Real Estate Transfers
The following transfers of real es
tate have been recorded in the office
of the Register of Deeds of Moore
J. A. Kennedy and wife to Daniel
C. Hamer and wife: property in
Sheffield township.
F. R. Brown and wife, Ida M.
Brown to W. H. Kennedy: land in
Sheffield township.
H. J. Betterly and wife to Willie
McLean and wife: property in South
ern Pines.
J. Vance Rowe and wife to Edna
Pearl Muse, property in McNeill
Rosa Lee Hendrick to Lide Sineath:
property in Carthage township.
What’s In A Name?
Some folks may think there is not
very much in a name, but June Har
rington, son of W. J. Harrington,
Moore county’s Register of Deeds,
thinks its pretty poor business to
have the same name that some other
folks carry around with them. In last
week^s Recorder’s Court “June Har
rington” was up, charged with pos
session and transporting. However,
the June Harrington in question was
a colored man, but few people in the
county are aware of the' existence of
a June Harrington except the Regis
trars son, so there you are. However,
we introduce to the public June Har
rington Number 2, and state that it
was he and not the well-known Mr.
Harrington who was reported in last
week’s Pilot.
The Eighth Annual Ball of the
Aberdeen Kiwanis Club will be held
at the Pinehurst Country Club on Fri
day, April 10th. The dance committee
has announced the engagement of the
North Carolina State College orches
tra, one of the best dance orchestras
in the south.
The proceeds of this dance will go
to the Moore County Educational
Foundation, which is sponsored by
the Kiwanis Club and is doing won
derful work in helping worthy boys
and girls to continue their education.
Tickets for the dance will be on sale
April 1st and May be purchased from
any Kiwanian. The price is only $3.00
for each gentleman, who may bring
one or more ladies.
There ought to be a big sale of
tickets, even to those who do not
dance, as the cause is a worthy one.
Civil Court Convenes
The March term of Civil Court
convened on Tuesday morning with
Judge G. V. Cowper of Kinston pre
siding. Judge Cowper, of the 14th Ju
dicial District, has exchanged districts
Mrs. Marfgaret J. Jackson of West
End passed away Saturday evening at
her home after an illness of several
weeks. She was born in Clover, S. C„
and had been making her home in
West End for the past twenty years,
where she made scores of friends. She
was 54 years of age. The funeral ser
vices were held at the Presbyterian
Church Sunday afternoon at 3:30
o’clock, and interment was in the
West End cemetery. Funeral services
were conducted by the Rev. R. G.
Mrs. Jackson is survived by her
husband, J. E. Jackson, four daught
ers and one son. Mrs. W. Y. Nisbit of
Charlotte, Mrs. Clyde Gaddy of San
ford, Miss Geneva Jackson of Aber
deen, Miss Kathryne and William
Jackson of West End. Also four
grandchildren, Mary Jane Nisbet of
Charlotte, Hattie Belle, Frank and
$35,000 Ask Loans
More Than $3,000,000 Already
Paid to Veterans by Char
lotte Bureau Office
North Carolina veterans have re
ceived more than $3,000,000 in
loans under the new bonus legis
lation and applications are still be
ing received at the rate of 1,000
a day, J. S. Pittman, manager of
the Charlotte office of the U. S.
Veterans Bureau said this week.
More than 35,000 applications for
loans have been received, he said.
Although they are not coming as
rapidly as during the first two
veeks, there are still plenty to keep
the office force busy, he added.
Pittman said that information re
ceived at the office indicated the
veterans were using their money
to a good advantage. Some of
them, he explained, paying bills
w ith the loans, while others ^re
using the funds in their business
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golf tournament that she is planning
for the Southern Fines Country club
the latter part of May. It is said that
many things of that sort, drawing
people from this state as well as from
farther away, could be carried through
if we just get it into our heads that
such might as well be undertaken as
to allow the big investment in hotels,
stores, theatres and other facilities
to lie idle. Southern Pines and Pine
hurst have a fame for attractiveness
that inclines people thia w^y j^s^.
see the neighborhood. A welcome and
something for them to do to be er-
tertained and an open house the ad
vocates of a longer season think
would make that longer season.
Five lettermen and ten other can
didates weighing 175 pounds or bet
ter are backfield aspirants on the
Oklahoma grid squad.
for you—at special prices
$12.50 UP
Holy Week services at the Emman
uel Episcopal Church in Southern
Pines hav'e been announced by the
Rev. F. Craighill Brown, rector, as
follows: Palm Sunday, March 29th—
Holy Communion at 8 o’clock. Church
at 9:30 and Morning Prayer and
Sermon at 11 o’clock. Sermon: “The
1 Forgiveness of Sins.” Monday, Tues
day, Wednesday and Thursday, Morn
ing Prayer at 10 oclock. On Wednes
day, Evening Prayer at 4:45. On
Thursday Holy Communion and Ad
dress at 8 o’clock in the evening, and
on Friday, Devotions and Meditations
from 12 noon to 3 p. m.
for the spring term with Judge Cam-
eron F. McRae of Asheville, who was Roland Gaddy of Sanford. Two sisters,
scheduled to preside in this district, p jj. Ford of Bowling Green,
Judge Cowper was tied up in a case in
Asheville until Monday and was un
able to open court in Carthage before
S. C., and M|s. Sam Smith of York,
S. C.; two brothers, J. P. and J. H.
Adams of Clover, S. C.
Dan I. McKeithen, Jr., son of the
treasurer of the Page Trust Com
pany, is suffering from pneumonia at
his home in Aberdeen. The youngster
contracted the disease early this week
and his condition is reported as caus
ing considerable concern.
Mr. and Mrs. Clement Wells, who
have been the guests of Mrs. L. M.
Seward for a week left Thursday for
their home at Norwalk, Conn.
Leonard Gill of Rockingham and
Mr. and Mrs. Norman Day of South
ern Pines were Sunday dinner guests
of Mr. and Mrs. W. Smith.
Mr. and Mrs. L. W. Buck of Char
lotte are the guests of Mr. and Mrs.
N L. Gibbon this week
S. J. Gardner has returned from a
week’s visit with his son, Joe Gard
ner at Angier.
Mrs. Worth Miller and little Miss
Valeria went to New Bern Friday and
returned on Sunday with Mr. Mil
Mrs. A. H. Williams, Mrs. Ethel
Howe and Mr. and Mrs. Clement
Wells motored to Greensboro Mon
day and had dinner at “Sedgefield
Miss Lou Ricker who is spending
some time with friends in Southern
Pines was the dinner guest of Mrs.
Nichols Gibbon on Monday.
Mr. and Mrs. Milton McCrossan »;f
Rocky Mount, Miss Helene Doughei*ty
Fire loss in North Carolina during
. February was $594,948 from • 271
fires, according to the monthly re
port issued yesterday from Insurance
Commissioner Dan C. Boney’s office.
The February fire loss shows a ma
terial reduction from that of Febru
ary 1930, when 266 fires caused dam
age reported at $880,212.
Last month’s loss brings that of
the year to $973,884, a decrease of
$678,495 over that of the same two-
month period last year, which was
Only 36 of the fires listed in last
month’s total were in the country,
causing a loss of $36,006.25, while
the remaining 215 town fires account- |
ed for $558,942.
Pines is seriously contemplating hold
ing the Inn open into June, and is
making prelijninary preparation now
that they may be ready up there on
the hill if they carry out the idea. He
says he believes profitable business
can be done several weeks after the
period on which the folks have been
sent away in past years. Mr. Cream
er has been studying the tpossibilities
of a move of this kind for several
years, and is pretty well convinced
that if the folks of the community
will make an earnest effort to have a
longer season it can be accomplish
ed. It is believed that many more
North Carolina people can be attract
ed to the golf courses and the tennis
and archery games, and other things
that are here. Good roads make it so
easy to come from any place in the
state, or from the states farther south
as well as from the North, that ad
vocates of a longer season are confi
dent that success will follow' a deter
mined effort to make this a summer
resort in the early summer and a fall
resort in the fall.
Accommodations Needed
Thousands of folks went to make
a vacation automobile journey in the
early summer months when it is yet
too cold and unpleasant to go to the
New England and northern boundary
country. The good roads down through
Maryland, Virginia and North Caro
lina, reaching mountain and seashore
down this direction provide the out
let. But as Mr. Creamer says trav
elers can’t come this way and put up
unless they have a place to stay, and
they don’t know that we have such
places unless we tell them. Mrs.
Giles is making a good
Has it occurred to you that the Andrews home on
Weymouth took out of the available building room up
there nearly 40 acres, and cleaned up all the territory
between Massachusetts and Connecticut avenues, that
as much land as that taken this year would move the
frontier of development down to the Bethesda road, and
that one or two more such purchase totals in a season
would make Connecticut avenue, Indiana avenue and
Bethesda road the outskirts of Weymouth?
There is the choice section of Southern Pines. Not
an objectionable place in the boundary, and none pos
sible. The fine homes of the community, and more build
ing. The Paddock, growing daily, Webster Knight, I^b-
insons, and others just beyond, and Fort Bragg guard
ing the frontier a mile beyond the Paddock.
The moral is to get your home site while there are
some to get. A year or two more and you will have to
go farther.
Real Estate
Southern Pines. North Carolina
E. H. Lorenson of the firm of
Lorenson & Lorenson, local account
ants, left Wednesday morning for
Nashville, Tennessee, to commence an
audit assignment recently secured by
this firm. It is estimated that this
work will requixe the major portion
of Sanford and Mrs. Charles McCar-' summer to complete, but Mr.
thy of Philadelphia spent the week- : Lorenson will be absent only about
end in Lakeview. i two weeks at this time.
Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Odell, v/ho Lorenson & Lorenson have been
have been the guests of Mr. and Mrs. j practicing in Southern Pines, only
Frank Briscoe left Friday for their i about two years but have already ex
home in Detroit.
tended their field of operations not
Holt Gardner came up from Pa- ; only throughout this section, but into
trick, S. C., Sunday for a short visit nearby states. R. K. Footman of Pine-
with his people here. j burst, will be in charge of the of-
Mr. and Mrs. J. R. McQueen made ^ Lorenson’s absence,
a trip to Newton and Lincolnton Tues- I —
Mrs. James Ballard, Miss Ruth Mc-
Innis^and Melvin Gardner motored to
Fayetteville Monday.
Cooperative hog and poultry' sales
in Beaufort County last week netted
the growers $2,336.81, reports county
I farm agent E. P. Wekh.
Let’s Talk About
Right along we’ve been
telling you that our lum
ber is of the finest obtain
able. Probably you have
some small construction
job. If so, let us help you
by offering this quality
lumber. We are certain
that you’ll come back to
us for more important
Aberdeen, N. C.
All Grades at Market Prices
We deliver right to your place
Also Lawn and Garden Fertilizer
Let us serve you
Aberdeen, Phone 30 North Carolina
T«ne In on our radio progrmin.
Famous sports celebrities talk...An
ail-string 31-piece dance orchestra.
. . . Every Wednesday night . . .
FOR you
.. that refreshing pause
It’s just a drink but—what a drink! Sealed up in it is
that tingling, delicious taste—with a cool after-sense of -
refreshment. Every bottle is sterilized — keeping it pure
as sunlight. Pause a minute for it—and you find your
self refreshed for a fresh start.

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