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Frid^ay, March 27, 1931.
THK PILOT, a Paper With Character^ Aberdeen, North C^aronna
Securing Pinedale Home Sites
John G. Hemmer, the Pinehurst photographer, knows a good thing when he sees it. He has been accumulating
Pinedale building sites until some time ago he had acquired four desirable locations. A few days ago he came in to pick
out two more, and now he has six. He expects to build shortly. Mr. Hemmer says there is nothing extraordinary about the
transaction. He simply figures that at the price Pinedale is a good, investment.
And speaking of price, these building sites, of about three-fourths of an acre each are selling at from $600 to $700,
owing to location. Everybody says these prices are'low, and they are considering that each location sold is about the size'
that would make four ordinary lots of 50 by 160 or six lots of 50 by 100, but this price is to stand for a while. Later it
will advance as the number grows less and the demand becomes more imperative, but for the present remember $600 to
$700, and nothing like them for the money any place in the Sandhills.
On the eastern edge of Pinehurst, in the triangle between the Midland road and the Seals road, and the land now
developing under Mr, Manning just to the east.
Every advantage worth having, and close to all centers.
or Any Accredited Real Estate Agents
Cameron and Community F^inelwirst Paragraphs
At the meeting of the Woman’s
Auxiliary of the Presbyterian church
last week, the following officers were
elected. Mrs. W. G. Parker, presi
dent; Miss Thurla Cole, vice presi
dent; Mrs. M. D. Mclver, secretary
and treasurer. Delegates to the Pres-
byterial which meets in Pinehijrst in
May are Mrs. Jewell Hemphill, Mrs.
G. Parker and Miss Effie Gil-
rhrist. A fitting tribute was paid the
late M. McL. McKeithen by Mrs.
Hemphill, closing with James Whit
comb Riley’s “He Is Just Away.” Mr.
McKeithen was an honorary member
of the auxiliary almost from its be
ginning, and to him its members look
ed for wise counsel and religious in
Miss Katie Harrington was charm- ^
ing hostess Sunday at dinner at 6:00 j
o’clock, complimenting Misses Jack- |
sie Muse, Lillian and Thurla Cole, j
Annie Borst and Mrs. L. B. McKeith- |
en. i
Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Turnley were j
hosts at dinner last Monday at 7:00 j
o’clock. The table was centered with i
a bowl of spring flowers and covers j
were laid for Supt. and Mrs. E. S. ,
Temple, Misses Lola Thomasson and j
Margaret Thomas and Ira Thomas, j
Miss Louise Ransdale of Varina and i
Roscoe Reed of Route 1 were mar
ried last Sunday at Varina. They will
have rooms in town in the home of j
J. C. Collins.
Miss Mildred Talloy of East San- ,
ford and Phil Seltars of Route 1 were ;
married Sunday in Bennetsville, S.
• i
Amon g those here last week at
tending the funeral services of Prof. |
B. C. Mclver, were Mr. and Mrs. E. j
K. Proctor, V/hitevjlle Mrs. J. A. j
Browii, Miss Frances Land, Chad- j
bourn; Dr. John D. Muse, Henderson; |
Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Muse, R. C. Jr., ,
Mrs. Gertrude Ellis, Miss Louise Ho
gan, Hamlet;- Mesdames Lizzie Mc
lver Weatherspoon, T. A. Hunter, Jim
Scott, Jack Andi^raon, Greensboro;
Hoger Mclver Watts, J. Raley, R. S.
James and Dr. A. H. McAnn, Che-
law, S. C.; Mesdames Charlie Hatch,
Charlie Watson, Miss Maggie Wick
er, Dr. and Mrs. A. L. O’Brient, John
C. Muse, Dr. Lynn Mclver, Dr. Mc
Cracken, Don St. Clair, Sanford; Mes
dames Flora Black, Johnnie William
son, R. L. Burns, Mr. and Mrs. Ed
^luse, Miss Sara Burns, Mrs. H. F.
Seawell, Miss Meade Seawell, Mes
dames John McRae Theodore Cotting-
and P'rank Cottingham of Car
thage, J. B. Mclver of the University.
J- M. Guthrie was in Richmond on
^'Usiness last week.
A meeting of the Tobacco Growers
<^ameron was held last Tuesday
evening? in the school building. E. H.
Garrison, county agent, was present
and gave an interesting talk impart-
needful information.
Mrs. H. P. McPherson and Mrs.
J- M. Guthrie were shopping in San
ford Wednesday.
H. P. McPherson and Mrs. J.
Guthrie were shopping in San-
ford Wednesday.
John C. Ferguson, tutor at State
Collejiie, spent the week-end with his
parents on Route 1.
The Rev. and Mrs. Hare were sup-
guests Sunday of Mr. and Mrs.
J* P. Turnley.
Mrs. L. F. Ritchie of Clarkton, who
l^as been visiting her daughter, Mrs.
B. McKeithen, returned home Wed
Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Lewis, who have
lived for the past year in the Phillips
K'^use on Carthage street have mov-
to Goldsboro.
Miss Louise Thomas of Broadway is
visiting her grand-mother, Mrs. Laura
l^ogers, Route 1.
Miss Cathrine McDonald of Steed
and Miss Ruth Wooten of Aberdeen
spent the week-end with home* folks.
Mr. and Mrs. Earl York and chil
dren of Raleigh were Sunday guests
of Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Wooten.
Mr. and Mrs. W. G. Parker, William
Parker and Miss Helen and Marie
Parker were in Garner Saturday |
They returned via Chapel Hill, where
William remained.
J. D. McLean and Miss Margaret
McLean were in Vass Sunday to see
Mrs. Neill McLean, who is quite ill.
Mrs. J. D. McLean, W. M. Wooten
and Miss Lola Thomasson have re-
covei^d from influenza. |
George Cole and Charlie Hun^.er ,
sipent Monday in Raleigh. '
Asa Yow spent a few days in
Aberdeen last week. |
M rs. R. C. Muse and Miss Louise |
Hogan of Hamlet were in town Fii- '
day. I
The Rev. M. D. McNeill filled his
regular appointment at Manley last
Sunday morning-, after which he and
Mrs. McNeill v/ere dinner guests of
Mr. and Mrs. Hugh David Cameron '
of Southern Pines.
Mrs. Clarence Byrd, nee Miss Nell
Hunter, after a ten days visit to her
parents, Mr, and Mrs. James Hunter, I
returned to her home in Charlotte.
Miss Mollie McKeithen is visiting in
Aberdeen this week.
Otis Perry, colored, for nine years '
faithful servant of Mr. and Mrs. M.
McL. McKeithen died after a short
illness with pneumonia last Wednes- !
day. He leaves a wife and seven chil- ;
dren, oldest ten years. ’
Mr. and Mrs. John Wells, who have
been spending the wii^ter in Lakeland,
Fla., are visiting Mr. and Mrs. J. L.
Miss Anna Atkinson of Elkin spent
the week-end with Polly Butner.
Mr. Gray and L. V. Wolff of Win
ston-Salem are staying a few days
with Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Suttenfield.
Mrs. Hazel Allison and Miss Elva
Roteser spent Saturday in Greensboro
Mrs. McLaughlin, who has been
spending some time at Daytona Beach,
Fla., has returned.
Virginia Butner entertained her
school club Monday afternoon. Those
present were Dee Batchelor, Eloise
Lineberry, Louise Wicker, Mabel Be-
thune, Betsy Jean Johnson and Lida
Duke Blue.
A meeting of the directors of the
Pinebluff Library will be held Fri
day morning at 10:30.
New gUests registered at Gregory’s
for a few days: Mr. and Mrs. John
Nott, Walter Nott and Roy Jacoby,
Hyde Park, N. Y., Mr. and Mrs. Stew
art Hoskins, Hartsdale, N. Y., Mrs.
E. Y. Woodworth and Miss Catherine
Woodworth, Peekskill, N. Y., Mr. and
Mrs. W. V. Horne, Mohegan Lake, N.
Y. and Henry Bragden of New York
Miss Isobel McMullen is home for
spring holidays. Miss McMullen is
student at Smith College.
The Ways and Means TDmmittee of
the Aberdeen Parent-Teachers Asso-1
ciation, under the management of
Mrs. Rialph Caldwell, chairman, will
give a Food Sale next Saturday af
ternoon at 3:30 in the vacant store
room next door to the postoffice.
Cakes, candy, fresh Butter and eggs,
flowers, etc., will be for sale, and it
is hoped that the patrons and friends
of the P. T. A. will come out and
After a stay of several weeks with
friends in Washington, D. C., Mrs.
T. A. Cheatham returned to her home
here on Saturday. Mrs. Cheatham has
since become ill and it iS" hoped she
may soon be out again.
Mr. and Mrs. William Bailey of
Bethlehem, N. H., who are recent
arrivals in Southern Pines, were din
ner guests on Sunday of Mr. and Mrs.
S. R. Jellison in their home on Mid
land Road.
Mrs. W. L. Dunlop, and Mrs. N. P.
Ray were shopping in Charlotte
O. H. Stutts spent Tuesday and
Wednesday in Greensboro on busi
Miss Sue Murry of Middlesex is
the house guest of Miss Catherine
Billy Keith celebrated his sixth
birthday at the home of his parents,
Mr. and Mrs. E. B. Keith on last
Saturday. In the afternoon he en
joyed the company of four of his in
timate play fellows, Jess Cole, A. B,
Sally, Jr., and Billy and Bobby Viall.
Following the afternoon play, Mrs.
Keith served ice cream and cake.
Dr. Lewis of Middlesex was a
Pinehurst visitor last week .
Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Cameron,
Mrs. A. P. Thompson, Miss Fannie B.
Gray and Miss Margaret Kelly spent
Saturday in Greensboro.
Misses Louise and Bessie Futreil of
Sanford and Mrs. Harry Vaughn of
Scotland Neck were luncheon guests
on Saturday of Mrs. W. P. Hardin.
Miss Helen Lawrence of Franklin,
Va., arrived in Pinehurst Monday and
is the guest of her cousin, Mrs. O.
H. Stutts.
Mr. and Mrs. I. C. Slegde spent
Saturday in Charlotte.
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Mills were
hosts at two tables of bridge in their
home Saturday evening. High score
prizes were won by Mrs. 0. H.
Stutts and R. K. Footman with low
score prizes going to 0. H. Stutts
and Mrs. R. K. Footman. Those play
ing were Mr. and Mrs. 0. H. Stutts,
Mr. and Mrs. R. K. Footman, Mrs. J.
F. Taylor, Mrs. Tom Cole and Mrs.
W. P. Hardin.
The Rev. and Mrs. W. M. McLeod
spent several days this week with
Mrs. McLeod’s parents, Dr. and
Mrs. H. L. Shaw in Sumter, S. C.
They motored down, and Mrs. Shaw
who had been their guest for a week
retumed home with them.
The meeting of the executive board
of the Woman’s Auxiliary of the
Community Church v/as held Tues
day evening in the home of Mrs. J.
S. Dunlap. The officers, circle chair
man and secretaries of causes con
stitute the board and at this meet
ing plans for the work of the church
year beginning March 1st, were for
The regular monthly meeting of the
auxiliary will be held next Tuesday
evening, March 31, at 8:00 o’clock in
the ladies parlor. Special notice is
called to the change of date, from
the third Tuesday evening in each
month to the first Tuesday evening
in the month and continuing through
out the year on this date.
Dr. James Henry Larson of North
ampton, Mass., tor years pastor of
the Congregational church in Water
town, was ’the speaker at the even
ing service in the Community
Church last Sunday. Dr. Larson, who
is a magnetic and forceful speaker,
used as his subject “Prayer,” giving
a strong and helpful message to his
Miss Lula Loving and friend, Miss
Margaret Tyson of Asheboro spent
the week-end with Miss Loving’s par
ents in Cameron.
Mrs. E. B. Keith and Mrs. Wesley
Viall motored to Greensboro Friday
and spent the day shopping.
Miss Catherine Cole was hostess to
the younger set at a party at the lit
tle Community House on Saturday
evening, honoring her house guest.
Miss Mae Murray of Middlesex.
Mrs. J. S. Dunlop, Mrs. A. P,
Thompson, Mrs. I. C. Sledge, Mrs.
Raymond Johnson and Mrs. Alex
Stewart were guests of Mrs. Herbert
Poole and Mrs. Cabel Penn at a de
lightful party in the home of Mrs.
Poole in Carthage on last Friday af
Mr. and Mrs. E. Swearingen had as
guests for the week-end Mrs. E. T.
Turnley and Mrs. Tray S. Brown of
Arthur Mills, Jr., entertained nine
of his friends Saturday , afternoon,
celebrating his ninth birthday. After
several hours of games in the park
they returned to the Mills home and
were served ice cream and cake by
the young host’s mother.
Miss Mollie Reid of the Moore
County Hospital nursing staff went
to Kingstree, S. C., on Wednesday
to attend the funeral of a friend, re
turning: the following day.
Mrs. Henry Graves and Mrs. Worth
Miller of Lakeview spent the day
Monday with Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Dun
Dress Yourself Up For
It Costs So Little This
We have a beautiful as
sortment of Dresses,
Coats, Hats and Shoes in
all sizes for girls and wo
men. Newest styles, fa
brics and colors and
priced the lowest in
Men’s and Boys' Suits
—New styles and new col
Shoes for the whole
. H
I Mrs. J, L. Currie and Mrs. EFa
j Thom are spending several days in
I Fayetteville this week with relatives,
j Miss Sallie Ferguson of Siler City
j was a week-end guest of Miss Mary
I Currie.
I Judge W. J. Adams and Mrs. Adams
spent a few days this week in Car
Jim Larkin of Weldon is visiting his
daughter, Mrs. Alice Watson.
Mrs. Ernest Larkin of Washing
ton is spending the week here with
her sister, Mrs. R. G. Wallace.
Miss Frances Smith of Flora Mc
Donald College was the guest of ^fr.
and Mrs. E. H. Morton over the week
Mrs. Ralph Caldwell of Aberdeen
and son, Ralph, Jr. of State College
visited Mrs. N. A. McKeithen Sun
Miss Katharine Blue, a student at
Flora McDonald College came home
for the week-end. She was accompan
ied home by Miss Frances Pasley.
Mr. and Mrs. Dewey Bailoy of
jApex visited friends in Carthage Tues
Miss Miary Currie went to Fayette
ville Tuesday for the day.
Mrs. H. F. Seawell spent Tuesday
in Charlotte.
D. N. Carter, William Carter and
Jacob Hurwitz spent a few days in
Baltimore this week.
Mrs. Ida Evans of I^owland spent
several days here with her sisters.
Misses May and Bess Stuart last
(Oncl of
easoii G e
Beginning Friday, March Twenty-seventh
Drastic reduction on all sport and day time Dresses
as well as on Hats and Evening Gowns
Southern Pines, N. C.
On Easter night, April 5th a Ca-
Pella choir of Guilford College will
giv3 the concert in The Church of
Wide Fellowship. This unique, organ
ization—unique because it is the only
group of its kind in North Carolina
—has been organized for less than a
year, but the results that have been
attained in so short a time are said
to be marvelous.
The singers, 44 in number, are
principally students, with a few other
voices, members of the faculty />r res
idents of Guilford filling in here and

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