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    Pa^e Six.
THE PILOT, a Paper With Character. Aberdeen, North CaroMna
Friday, March 27. 193^
She Ark
S0uthern ?fnps, N.
A Country Day-School for Boys
an^ Girls with Kindergarttn.
Limited Boarders Received. >
#rganized games twice weekly in-
cIndiBg basket ball, volley ball
and tennis
Dancing Classes Wednesdays
Aberdeen Social Events
Coolidge Sets Record
In What-to-Do Trot
Dr. J. I. Neal
At Pindhuprst Race Track
10 to 12 Daily
Mrs. Miller Entertains
Mrs. W. C. Miller was a charming
hostess to the Neighborhood Club
when she entertained on last Thurs
day night with three tables of bridge.
Besides the regular (jlub members
Mrs. Neill McKeithen, Mrs. Ada
Weaver, Mrs. Alton McLean, Mrs.
Hardy, and Miss Mildred Osborne
were specially invited guests for this | week.
their return they were accompanied
by Mrs. W. K. Barker and little son,
Vann Wolff of Philadelphia, Pa.,
spent several days in and around
Coolidge, the fleet gelding in the
Pine Needles stable in Pinehurst, won
the second heat of the ninth annual
What to Do trot in the winter record
time of 2:08 1-4 to take the event in
Aberdeen last week looking after the | ^ ^^e tenth meeting
interests of his father, the late Jap
Wolff, who died at the home of Mr.
and Mrs. J. H. Sutterfield last
club meeting, Mrs. Neill McKeithen
won highest score among the guests,
and Mrs. Edge won highest score
among the regular members. Second
prize was won by IVlrs. Robert Gwyn.
Thg next meeting will be with Mrs.
G. B. Peterson.
Little Miss Gloria
, WHEREAS, Under and by virtu
Under and by virtue of the author-1
ity confened upon us in a deed of | (j^te October 19, 1926, to Pinehu
trust executed by B. H. Brown and I Garage Company, said
wife, Emilye Cagle Brown on the 16th been of record in the office of the
day W January 1926 and r^orded in,
of the season of the Pinehurst Mati- Book
nee Club yesterday. This is the sec
ond time this season that Coolidge
Schwartzman has set a record. Fast times were the
..Cure Colds, Headaches, Fever.
6 6 6 SALVE
Cures Baby’s Cold
New Jersey Seashore
From Aberdeen
Atlantic City $21.90
Cape May $21.90
Wildwood $21.90
Asbury Park $23.10
Tickets on sale April 1 only.
Limited to 18 days in addition to date
of sale
For fares to other New Jersey points
see agent or
H. E. Pleasants, D. P. A.
Raleigh, N. C.
Shower for Mrs. Barber
The Young Ladies Bible class of
the Aberdeen Baptist Church gave a
surprise handkerchief shower for Mrs.
W. K. Barber,* la^ Thursday after
noon at the home of Mrs. M. M. Creel
in Aberdeen Mrs Barber is one of
their class members, and expects to
leave Aberdeen in the near future.
The Saint Patrick’s Day motif was
delightfully carried out in green and
white decorations, refreshments and
favors, and an interesting program
was enjoyed, Miss Bertie Rivers giv
ing readings on Ireland and Miss
Mildren Osborne a series of Irish
jokes. In the Irish contests which
followed Mrs. Henry and Mrs. Claude
Johnson were prize winners and re
ceived lovely prizes. There were
about 30 guests present, and Mrs.
Barker was the recipient of many
dainty handkerchiefs, as well as every
good wish for her life in her new
has been quite ill with a cold for the; in all the narness horse events.
past few days.
Mrs. S. T. Ingram, who has been a
Donna Volo Peter, owned by Thom
as S. Wheeler of New York, won the
at Tarlton’s Jeweky Store
every first Tuesday in each
month. 1 to 4 p. m.
The BEST Gray ftrir
Kernel is HomelMade
To half pint of water add
one ounce bay rum, asmall
box of BarTO Compound
and one-fourth ounce of
glycerine.^ Any druggist
up or you can
(mix it at home at very
little cost. ^ Apply to the
hair twice a week until
the desired shade is ob
tained. It will gradually darken
streaked, faded or gray hair and make it soff
and grloBsy. Barbo will not color the sealp.
ia not aticky or greasy And doea not rub
Low Round Trip Tickets to all Points
on the Seaboard also to Washington,
D. C.
From Aberdeen
Washington, D. C $13.47
Columbia, S. C 5.72
Savannah, Ga 10.80
Jacksonville, Fla 16.97
Miami, Fla 30.14
St. Petersburg, Fla 25.43
I Tickets on sale April 3-4 Only
Limited to 15 days in additional to
date of sale.
For information and fare to other
points see Agent or H. E. Pleasants,
D. P. A., Raleigh, N. C..
Surprise Party
The Young Ladies Wesley Class of
the Aberdeen Methodist Church sur
prised Mrs. Neill A. Graham, nee
Miss Mary Leach, last Monday night
while she was a guest in the home
of her mother, Mrs. Ralph Leach, pre
senting Mrs. Graham with many
dainty and appropriate gifts as an
expression of her popularity among
them as a member of their class.
N. Y., also had a straight heat vic
tory in the Ninth annual Peach Blos
som class.
Ninth annual Outlook class, one
mile, Donna Volo Peter, WTieeler, 1,
1; Ima McGregor, Dusquesne stable,
Pittsburgh, 2, 2; Golden, Newbrook
stable, Newark, N. J., 3, 3; Time 2:11
1-4 and 2:10 1-2.
guest in the home of Mr. and Mrs. | ninth annual^ Outlook class in straight
Sidney Windham for some time, re-1 heats, and Calumet Aroma, in the
turned to her home at Richmond, | Arden-Homestead stable af Salem,
Va., last week.
Miss Mary Shaw Rosser of Ham
let was a week-end guest of Mi^s Lida
Duke Blue.
Mrs. Neill A. Graham and little
Ethelyn Graham of Durham were
guests of Mrs. Graham^s mother, Mrs.
Ralph Leach for several days last
Mrs. E. M. Medlin and Mrs. M. M.
Johnson were shopping visitors in
Greensboro last Tuesday. _
Mrs. Ada -Weaver left Sunday for
Sanford, Florida, where she will spend
some time as the guest of her daught
er, Mrs. Walter Childry.
Fred C. Page of Asheboro was a
business visitor in Aberdeen last Fri
Miss Miriam Johnson, who is a
student at Roberts Beach School for | Victor’s King, Duquesne stable, 3, 3
Girls at Batonsville, Md., arrived Time 2:16 3-4 and 2:16.
home on Thursday of this week to
spend the Spring holidays with her
Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Windham mo
tored to Clinton last Friday, bringing
urday the 4th day of Apnl 1931, i payment of the debt secured thAv
o'clock noon, at i by and the powers of sale therp^
in Moore County, Carthage, N. C., contained having become operativ”^
at public auction for cash ithe undersigned did, after due advo^’
highest bidder the following land t - i^jgement and posting, as provided b •
wit: ... « 1 ' law, expose for sale to the ^
All those 2 certain tracts or ^cels : highest
of land lying and m House Door of Moore Countv NnrtK
Townshiji, County of Moore State of ^ DeUiX,
North Carolina, and bounded as fol- 293Q lands hereinaffav a
lows, viz: FIRST TRACT: ' Id
at a stake in Mrs. D. B. Beals’ corner, 1 q became the last
Northwest of the State Highway, therefor at the nnVp -p
thence N. 20 W. 4 chs. and 75 links | theretor at the puce of $100.00
to a stake in the line of 100 acres; ~ x-
thence as it N. 53 E. 10 chs. and 10 ^ ^ i pre-
links to a stake and pointers known , ,
as the McIntosh corner; thence S. 38 made with
E. 2 chs. and 30 links to a stake inside ; rLnf^r Superior Court of
of the Graded road; thence as the r
road S. 2 E. 5 chs. and 18 links to a NOW, THEREFORE, In compH.
, stake in the side of the State High- ance with the provisions of law the
j way; thence as it S. 61 W. 6 chs. and undersigned will offer at re-sale, be-
I 90 links to the beginning containing fore the Court House door of Moore
I 5 acres, more or less. And being the County, North Carolina, at twehe
Ninth annual What to Do Trot, one | game tract of land conveyed to B. H.' o’clock noon, on Monday, April 6
mile, Coolidge, Pine Needles stable, BroviTi by J. E. Asbill and wife by 1931 to the highest bidder for cash
1 1- Donald A., Duquense stable, 3, deed dated Sept. 29, 1924 and record- all the right, title and interest of the
^ J • T>,: 1 cfQ ed in Book of deeds No. 95, Page said P. C. Gray, unmarried, ownpi^
2; and Prmce a , o.oq Office of Register of deeds of Moore and held by him at the time of the
ble, 2, 3; tied for second. Time 2:09 (;)Qunty. SECOND TRACT: Beginning execution and delivery of said mori^
1-2 and 2:08 1-4. at a stake in the Old Salem road, also; gage deed or thereafter, in and to
Ninth annual Peach Blossom class the 5th corner of the 50 acres sold to the following described real esta^^e
Arden- A. K. Dowdy, and running thence N. to-wit:
^e ’ ratherine N 34-60 chs. to a stake in the A certain piece or tract of land
Homestead stable 1, 1, Catherine 1 original division line, also 4th corner lying and being in Moore Countv
George R. Norris, New York, 2, 2; of 50 acres; thence as said original di- North Carolina, in Mineral Spring’
. vision line S. 54 1-2 E. 19.30 chs. to Township, and described and defined
a stake Red OaK and Dogwood iK>int- as follows: Beginning at a stake in
ers; thence S. 35 W. 31.95 chs. to a the Clay Road, Alexander Dunlap’,
maple tree having sweet gum ^inters | corner, running S. 66 1-2 W. 4.82
T^nT-.xT' Salem Road; thence with said • chains to a stake, Dunlap’s corner*
COLORED CHILDREN road to the beginning, containing 64 thence N. 3 W. 75 links to a stake'
acres, more or less, and being a part thence N. 68 1-2 E. 4.90 chains to
Dr. Holiday, colored dentist of the ^ Rosid; thence S. 7 W. 02 1-2
Emilye Cagle Brown by J. A. Brown lining beginning.
back with them their cousin, Miss i State Health Department, on Monday g jj Brown by deed dated Sept. one-half acre moTe^'orfess
Elizabeth Murphy, who will visit them I began a four weeks’ dental clinic to gth, 1917, and recorded in Book of conveyed to said Percy Gray dv
be conducted in the Jackson Hamlet | Deeds No. 67 at Page 217, O^ice of "W/’alter Wooten and wife, by
school, the Taylortown school and the 9^ Deeds of Moore Coun^’’. ^^ted October 1920, and recorded in
^ ’ , , , . XI • • • i? This sale is made by reason of the
Eastv/ood school, all in the viciniy of failure of B. R. Brown and wife,
Pinehurst. This clinic will touch ap- Emilye Cagle Brown to pay off and
proximately six hundred colored discharge the indebtedness secured by
Former Teacher Weds
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Butler Hill
announce the marriage of their
daughter, Elnora, Nathan Anderson
on Wednesday, March 18th at Dan
ville, Va. Miss Hill was a popular
member of the school faculty here for
two years.
Mr. and Mrs. Thaddeus D. Mc-
; Lean motored to Goldsboro Sunday to
visit their daughter, Mrs. William R.
Miss Grace Bradshaw spent the
past week-end in Rockingham visit-
I ing relatives.
Billie Bowman has been confined to
j his home for the past ten days suf
fering with an infected foot.
I Miss Geneva Jackson of the Pied-
! mont Telephone Company force was
called to her home at West End on
[ account of the death of her mother
{ last Saturday.
■ Mr. and Mrs. Barker and two
j daughters of Danville, Va., spent last
I Sunday in Aberdeen as guests of Mr.
and Mrs. W. K. Barker in the home
of Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Norris. On
Will be in his office over the
Post Office, Sanford, N. C., every
Wednesday, from 10:00 a. m. to 3:00
p. m. Don’t fail to see him if your
eyes are weak.
business an6 Jprofesslonal
Everett, Zane and Muse
Certified Public Accountants
Sanford, N. C. Greensboro, N. C.
J. C. Muse, C. P- A., Resident Partner
1:^ !
General Contractor
Southern Pines, Telephone 5033 North Carolina
Moore County’s Leading Restaurant—
Southern Pines,
North Carolina
Day Phome 7 Niglit Phone 78
while recuperating from an illness
Mrs. Ralph Caldwell and Ralph
Caldwell, Jr., motored to Carthage
last Sunday afternoon to visit rela
Miss Mildred Russell, who recent
ly underwent an appendicitis opera
tion at the Moore County Hospital
was able to be brought home l^st
F riday.
Mrs. L. I. Bass and little daught
er, Libbie Lee, who are now staying
in Raleigh, spent a few days in ,
Aberdeen last week getting their
home here ready for the occupancy
of Dr. Edwards, who expects to takt-
I their house about the first of Api-il.
I Miss Elizabeth Thomas of the j
: Carolina Discount Corporation force
spent the past week-end at Jonesboro I
i visiting her parents. '
; Mr. and Mrs. M. Schwartzman anJ |
j dauo-htei's have returned from a trio .
I to Baltimore, bi inging with them |
for a visit Mrs. Schwartzman’s sister, ;
Mrs. Laurie and little son of Bal-
I timore. While Mrs. Schwartzman vis- j
ited relatives in Baltimore Mr. j
' Schwartzman spent several days in !
New York buying spring and summer |
: goods for his store here. i
I Colin Bethune, student of the \
Batesburg-Leesville, S. C. High |
School is spending a few days of his |
S'.pring vacation in Aberdeen visiting j
his parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Be- |
thune. ^ I
Mrs. Dillon Joi dan and daughter, |
Myi-tle Jordan spent last Saturday in j
Raleigh visiting the family of LeRoy '
Jordan. j
Mrs. M. L. Trueluck and family |
have moved from the house they have j
been occupying in Aberdeen to the |
house on Bethesda RRoad lately va- j
cated by W. A. McDaniels and fam-
ily. I
Theo Berg attended the 75th birth- j
day celebration of his father held in ■
Greensboro last Friday night. i H
Mr. Hedrick, who has been the ,)op- I §
ular and efficient clerk at Pender’s 1H
store here for some time, has been j §
transferred to the Sanford Pender • H
store as manager. g
Mrs. Hanie Harris visited friends | ^
in Raeford last Friday afternoon. | H
The K. M. Class of the Baptist Sun- 1
day School attended the funeral ser
vices of Miss Geneva Jackson’s
mother held at West End last Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. S. H. Johnson of Ral
eigh motored to Aberdeen to spend
the day last Sunday, carrying back
with them their mother, Mrs. Lizzie
Thomas for a visit.
Mr. and Mrs. Sammie Matthews of
Sanford were in town last Sunday
visiting relatives.
Capt. A, F. Yates was notified last
Monday of the death of his brother,
A. V. Yates, which occurred in the
Raleigh Hospital,
Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Brunson, who
have been visiting their daughter,
Mrs. W. C. Miller for the past win
ter, left last week for Baltimore
where they will make their future
Mrs. Frank Page, Sr., of Raleigh
spent several days here last week
visiting her son, Frank Page, Jr.
school children of the county, many
of whom would not receive treatment
if it were left to the parents to pro
vide it.
This clinic is made possible by a
said deed of trust.
A • deposit of 10 per cent will be
required from the purchaser at the
This the 27th day of February 1931.
First National Company of Dur-
generous contribution by Mrs. Fran- ham, Inc., Trustee, formerly First Na-
Book 80, at page 597.
The bidding to begin at the upset
bid of One Hundred and Ten ($110.00 >
cis T. Keating of Pinehurst, who
gives freely of her time and means
for the bettering of conditions among
the under-privileged of her ado-pted
tional Trust Company, Durham, N. C.
Receivers for First National Company
of Durham, Inc., Trustee, formerly.
First National Trust Company, Dur
ham, N. C.”
DATE OF SALE: Monday, Anril ‘j.
HOUR OF SALE: 12 o’clock noon.
PLACE OF SALE: Court llous^
Door of Moore County, at Carrhajre.
N. C.
This 21st day of March 1931.
Pinehurst Garage Company,
By Johnson & Johnson, Attorriev'.
Waite Hoyt, after 14 years in the
majors, pitched his first winning ex
hibition game this spring.
An Easy Way to Get Your Fertilizer
G. Ober & Sons Company
Oaltim.or'e, ^d.
Has established a new Fertilizer Factory in Aber
deen, N. C.
The Ober Company has opened this Factory so they
can give quicker and better service.-
In selecting your fertilizer requirements, conven
ience should go hand-in-hand v^ith modern service.
We want to give the farmer the best fertilizer we
know how to manufacture, plus service. Before'”buying
call on me.
Aberdeen, N. C.
Sales Representative

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