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VOL. 11, NO. i. 10
Objection Raised to Junk Piles
Accumulating Around Gas
Stations and Garages
A general dean-up Week is in the
air for Southern Pines. The move was
launched at the regular meeting- of
directors of the Southern Pines
Chamber of Commerce, held Tuesday
Koon at the Country Club. Objections
raised to the accumulation of junk,
mostly ex-automobiles, around var
ious service stations and garages
started the movement.
President S. B. Richardson of the
Chamber of Commerce appointed a
committee to formulate plans for
Clean-Up Week. Mayor Stutz is ex
pected to issue a proclamation, the
Unemployment Committee is ready to
offer the services of its unemployed,
the public is expected to do its duty
•when the day comes. The committee
is composed of R. L. Hart, Charles
Grey and J. M. Windham.
Some of the gasoline stations, some
of the garages and one blacksmith
shop are the principal offenders to
the eye of the citizenry and visitors
to the community. The proprietors of
these places will be appealed to clean
lip the unsightly messes about their
places, with the promise that efforts
will be made by the Chamber of Com
merce to plant shrubbery about to
aid in permanent improvement of
their premises.
Praise was showered upon R. L.
Hart, chairman of the Chamber Com
mittee on Planting, for the widening
and planting of the north end of West
Broad street, near the start of the
double road to Pinehurst. Much has
been accomplished in improving this
section through Dr. Hart’s committee
and with the aid of the State High
way Commission. Ernest Morrell has
supervised the planting.
of the Sandhill Territory of North Carolina
Aberdeen, North Carolina
Friday, April 10, 1931.
Big Property Owners Join Hands
to Carry Out Manning Survey
‘Country Estates” Organized
For Harmony of Action in
Building for Future
Signs Come Down
Great Improvement Noted on
Route 50 Between Southern
Pines and Aberdeen
By Bion H. Butler
Things are moving with surprising !
swiftness in the Midland Farms sec- j
tion, and on a scale that is rather | “Ain't it funny what a difference
startling. Last week seven or eight of ; ^ niake?’^
the property owners of lands between | ^he someone who made the above
the Midland road and Southern Pines ; Tuesday morning “spoke
held a meeting at the office of Rich- ■
ard Tufts and thoroughly dis(!ussed
Sandhills Honor Him
Pull Backing and Encouragement
Promised J. R. Page by
Chairman Stone
a mouthful.’’ Probably you have no
ticed the great improvement along
the preliminary survey which War
ren Manning had made. A tentative
agreement was made whereby thos^*
present for organization purposes as
sociated themselves together under
the name of the Country Estates to . ,,
. , J? J 1 i. i signs were blottmg the
further plans for the develcpn\ent ol I . j
their properties along a line that ha
“We have had a conference with
Chairman James C. Stone of the Fed
eral Farm Board and have his full
backing and encouragement in going
Pinehurst. It happened last Monday
afternoo-n. ^
With the permission of public-spir
ited citizens of the section whose
over this four-mile stretch of main
/. . ,1 .. J • X ^ I thorofare, representatives of the
for its aim the united pro.iect that ! ^
, -n J. M 1. j: 1' /. i Southern Fines Chamber of Commerce
will entail a harmony of action from , , , ^
J 1 . .V T „ removed a large number of the bill-
Knoliwood and in the long run from '
the airport to some place out the
Aberdeen way, and untimatjiy influ
ence much wider area throughout the
hilly section known as the Sandhills.
While much that was done w£‘; of a
temporary character intended to pave
Route 50 between Southern Pines and ! ahead with the sign-u^ in Eastern
- - ' North Carolina,” said J. R. Page, of
Aberdeen, chairman of the North Car
olina Tobacco Organization Commit
tee on his return from Washington j
I early this week. He was accompanied |
on the trip by Georgie R. Ross, per- j
sonal representative of Governor!
Gardner on the organization commit- i
tee, Dr. Clarence Poe, L. V. Morrill, j
Jr., and C. G. Armfield of Elkin. i
“If the farmers will back us vig
boards on Monday afternoon, and it
makes all the difference in the world.
What was as sorry a looking piece j orously and wholeheartedly between { HITS MOTORCYCLE
of road as existed in the Sandhills
section suddenly became attractive to
the eye. The fine plantings which had
now and May 1,” Mr. Page continued,
“North Carolina will have a tobac
co co-operative at work by the time
the markets open. It i^ up to the
J 1 .. - : been done along this stretch showed
plans Mr. hTs been draw""' "P advantage for the first time in | growers. It can be done and we must
• • 1 ! years.
mg up, it IS all so basic thai it is 1 ^
laying definite foundation line? that 1 remaining:,
will easily be worked into detailed ! advertisers who refused the plea of
local civic bodies to grant permission
do it. The sentiment for co-operation
has been growing steadily, and thj>
outlook is decidedly more favorab’io
now than at any time since T be-
shape as the plans are thrs.shed out.
Roads Re-located
In a general way the plans by Mr.
Manning, as The Pilot, has already
outlined, seemed satisfactory. In de
tail some of the. roads were not en
tirely acceptable to individuals, and
on Friday Rassie Whicker, Donald
Ross, Judge Way and s( rje others
began trimming off some of the cor
ners and making some new locations,
to suit bp^ter the individual notions
as to where they want th i muin en
tries to approach their hokiings, j.,)d ^ i -.last year, 75 per cent of the market
when^ Mr. Wicker has finished hi.« Speaks Value ^ tremendous help in cases
of demoralized prices, and the board
« . 1 Tx • u J ! came connected with the movement.”
for their removal. It is hoped that ;
these will see the folly of their way , ^ Cites South Carolma
soon, and that the southern approach With the prospect of a tremen-
to Aberdeen and the northern ap- j production of tobacco this Fall, I
proach to Southern Pines may soon : the possibility that the markets
be as attractive as other approaches j open with an even greater degree
I of demoralizalizatit)n than last year,
j farmers will be in even sorer need of
^ the stabilizing help that our national
j government stands ready to offer
i through the agency of the Federal
I r •^r:n Board. The advance which the
! board made to South Carolina growers
to the Sandhills resort towns.
College Presidient
Lauds the Sandhills
In Kiwanis Talk
modifications of.the drawing's it is
probable that further conferences
will establish positive and permanent
routes that will be the foundation on
Competition and Cooperation
in Community Effort
Legion Dance Tonight
For Hospital Benefit
will also give its help in our busi
ness pi'oblems. Mr. Stone, for example,
just recently made a trip to Nev/
York City with representatives of the
South Carolina organization, makins:
Annua] Award for Most Helpful
Citizen Made at Ladies’
Night Party
P. Frank Buchan of Southern Pines
joined the Sandhills Honor Roll last
Friday night, civic organizations of
the community selecting him to re
ceive the Kiwanis Cup, annually
awarded to that citizen who has done
most for the section during the pre
vious year. The cup was presented at
I the annual Ladies' Night meeting of
j the Kiwanis Club, held at the Pine
hurst Country Club. Edwin T. Mc-
Keithen of Aberdeen made the pres^
entation speech.
Mr. Buchan, in accepting the award,
spoke feelingly of the honor conferred
upon him, but said he felt m receiv-
I ing the coveted trophy that he was
only the agent for the many organ
izations which had done so much at
Christmas time in aid of the poor
j and needy and in relieving the unem-
, ployment situation; that without the
i splendid cooperation of the members
: of these organizations he ’ could not
„ ~~ , . , . -' have accomplished what was accom-
The Rev. \V. Fletcher Atkms of ..j
Cameron, pas^tor of the Sanford Hoii- j the highest that can
ness Church, and Lawrence Badgett ^^^,^ ^ Sandhills,
of Broadway are dead as the result of ^
a collision between the motorcycle alleviation of suffering in
■they were riding and a Hudson se- community,” he said.
dan driven by F. S. Littlefield of Eliz- i i ,
-NT T 4. *1 +1, ^4? ( This was the fifth annual trophy
i abeth. N. J., two miles north of Car- , , ,
n 4- '-n T%/r J awarded by the Kiwanis Club. The
eron on Route oO Monday afternoon. , -r , -r.
J XI. J- J 1 i. • i. i-1 AT first was presented to John R. iVlc-
Badgett died almost instantly, Mr. ^ ^ .
. . 1 rr> J • Queen of Lakeview, the second to
Atkins early Tuesday morning. tt t, ..u li,- j ^ t ^
rr,. T-, A 4-1 • ,,4. Bion H. Butler, the third to Leonard:
Tne Rev. Mr. Atkms, who was about n. i ^ ^ •
Tufts, last ysar s to ‘bim"*on B. Chapin
30 years of age, was the son-^f Mr. ’ . , . i
t'tvt w XT a • £ r> . and tnis vear s to 'Mr. Buchan,
and Mrs. C. N. Atkms, of near Camer-
on. He is survived bv his widow and Ladies’ Night was a great success,
three children. Funeral was held at Richard Tufts, president of Kiwanis,
White Hill at 4 p. m. Wednesday. Both toastmaster. Three young ladies
of the men were verv nopular and by the name of O’Connor, from
had manv friends. Greensboro, furnished the cabaret en-
BadreiJt was 21 vears of age, the tertainment with songs and dances
son of Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Badgett, and were roundly applauded. Robert
of Broadwav. He was engaged in N- Page, former lieutenant governor
farming near Cameron. The funeral ot this Kiwanis district, presented the
Rev. W. Fletcher Atkins of Cam
eron and Lawrence Badgett
of Broadway Victims
valuable contacts with buyers from services for him were held at Rockv- speaker of the evening, the present
all the leading companies
Proceeds To Go to Start Endow
ment Fund for County
ford Christian Disciples Church, near lieutenant governor, Norman C. Shep-
pard of Smithfield, who talked on the
An endowment fund for the Moore
‘ ounty Hospital will be started to
morrow with the proceeds of the
dance to be given at the Pinehurst
Countrv Club tonight, Friday, by
!^andhill Post No. 134, American Le-
Ji'ion. The advance 'sale of tickets for
the affair has been large, and the
party is expected to be a most suc-
f-es?ful ore from every angle. Many
plan to attend in costume, three prizes
being offered by the Legion for the
be<t costumes on the floor. The tickets
to the dance are three dollars per
couple, and the dancing starts at 10:00
The Legionaires guarantee the dance
exponse.^, so that those desiring to
contribute direct to the fund are as
sured that such donations will be so
Officers of the Sandhill post are the
■’"Ilowing: Thomas L. Black, com
mander; Donald A. Currie, 1st vice
'^'inmander; L. L. Wooley, 2d vice
onimander; Robert E. Denny, adju-
■<>nt; Paul Dana, finance officer; R.
K. Wicker, sergeant-at-arms; the Rev.
L. Barber, chaplain; Nelson C.
Hyde, publicity officer; Franw Sham-
I niger, service officer; Dr. E. M.
I^oate, service officer; Mi:s. S. V.
Hooker, child welfare officer; S. V.
Hooker, merbership officer; J. F.
Sinclair, athletic officer; L. L. Bid
dle 2d, historian; I. C. Sledge, Amer
icanism officer; Max G. Backer, J.
C. Clark, D. D. S. Cameron, C. P.
Everest, R. D. Kennedy, F. M. Dwight,
Vivian Tucker and Col. G. P. Hawes,
Jr., additional members of the execu
tive committee.
“Good clean competition breeds bet-
which the-final drawing.^ will be has-f ter conditions, makes for better pro-
ed. i ducts, better achievements, better liv-
The main roads as accepted so far conditions, better associations,
correspond in general with those Competition wisely guided makes bet-
outlined by Mr. Manning, although j men. It is better for you and bet- , ^ ^ . j .<• i • ^ ttt j i
thev mav not be made as v'id^ pc ter for your competitor.” I Chair nan Stone assured us of nis Canieror, at 1:30 p. m. ^\ ednesday
, ^ * , , - " . " i Q T'k Tj T? ' „ 1 full co-operation and support and 1 Dr. J. F. Foster, Lee county coron- value of Kiwanis as a whole and of
he recommended, as there is some! So Dr. Henry Frazier, president of i , -u ^ -4. • • 4. x . ^ f 4-1,
,. X 1 -4 ^ n 11 r-v, 1 4- 1 1 ' 1‘^Peat that it is now just up to us to er. emnanelled a jurv and held the the Aberdeen club m particular, con-
question as to whether it i-, desir- Queens College, Charlotte, told mem- , 1 • ^ i i. ‘ 4. i 4-- -4- . „ -i-i, r 1 1-
, , . , ^ ^ , , i- XI T^- • rii u 4. 4-t • make the grade in -the two weeks j inquest. Eight or ten witnesses were gratulatmg it on the splendid work
able to stress through travel over I bers of the Kiwanis Club at tiieir ; .1 111 . , m, • , t - x , i,- i, i «
u 1 1 n- 1 I • 4-u ^^tt to us. \\ith the continued help examined. The jurv s verdict was that which has been avcomplished in this
of the business men, bankers and the death of the two men was caused section through the good offices of
merchants of Eastern North Carolina, by an unavoidable collision between the organization.
1 am sure the job can be made a sue- the motorcycle and the automobile. The annual Kiwanis Dance followed
cess here and that a large unit can Littlefield was accompanied by his the Ladies’ Xight festivities, starting
be established in Western North Cat-' wife, who received minor cuts on at- 10 o’clock. One of the largest
olina with Winston-Salem as the j her arm. She was able to leave the , crowds of the winter season patroniz-
them to such extent as to give the 'weekly meeting held Wednesday in the
greatest breadth. In the meeting ii | Communti\ Church at Pinehurst. Dr.
was apparent that a sentiment is Fraziers’ subject was “Competition
held to favor a fair measmv. of ex- and Cooperation,” and he dwelt upon
elusiveness and isolation of the es- the value of the two individually and
tates and homes built in the ne^v pro- , collectively, in business life and com-
ject, leaving the Midland read in the | munity life. Sectional competition
future as now to carry the ciiief 1 makes for better towns and better cit-
«tream of active travel, and rh3 ave- j ies and counties just as individual
nues on this new area more far the 1 competition makes better merchants
horses and the private car"-; of +he • and bankers and doctors and lawyers,
home-owners than for a sharer of , he said, and called for earnest effort
busy continuous through action. A j on the part of North Carolina to car-
run through the woods now discloses j ry on the splendid work it has been
the popularity that neighborhood has j doing as a state to gain the rank it
gained with riders, as they are met i has among states,
in groups and pairs on nearly every
! hospital after receiving treatment, ed the dance, which was for the ben-
“I call for the aid of press and pub- I The mortorcyclists were going south efit of the Moore County P]ducational
lie in this whirlwind finish in North and the Littlefields were going north 'p'oundation. A substantia] sum was
Carolina.” ion the highway. They were returning realized toward the funi v.hi.h aids
home after a visit to Miami, Fla. Bad- worthy young people of the commnn-
D. D. S, CAMERON DELEGATE gett was thrown several feet by the ity in completing their e. ucation af-
TO NATIONAL CONVENTION , impact. His skull was crushed and he ter they are through public pchool,
I received other injuries together with
D. D. Shields Cameron, secretary ; severe burns. He succumbed after be- UnemDlovment Funds .
^ , , of the Southern Pines Chamber of; ing placed in the automobile of J. E. 1 ^ 4.
Speaking of our own sectiona ® ‘ I Commerce, was elected delegate to the ’ Paradis of Sanford, who happened to Xo llliprOVO v
trail and cross road, h^ldins? to these f^j.t, hp termed the
back loads to avoid the c.ii,s. This is Paradise of Health’, spoke in occurred. Atkins was CoPlmittee Votes To “Carry On
Sandhills A i annual convention of Chambers of be passing the scene of the wreck
a feature that was fairly well known terms of the cooperative com-
nieeting of directors of the local or- throwm several feet and in addition
but not suspected in cjuitj^he man- netition which had so firmlv estab- -x- iiirr j xxi/-i ■. . 1 i x-
. , , - J . r I . ictu bu .V ganization, held Tuesdav at the Coun-I to having his leg broken twice, sus-
ner it has developed smce the i.ea of i,,hed this section as a great resort, ^lub. Andrew I. Creamer, who had ' tained other injuries and severe
canng more for the hor.=;,. and le.s or. illustrated his talk with a : been selected to attend the burns.
number of amusing stories which kept ■ .meeting, to be held at Atlantic City '
the Kiwanians in an uproar. ! ^ppjj 28, 29, 30 and May 1st, noti- being torn to pieces and was destroy-
at Long- as Available 3Ioney
HoMs Out
At a meeting of the Unemploymenr
The motorcycle .<!aught fire after and Relief Committee in Southern
^ T Ar nfn n - —- . Pines Tuesday night it was decided to
Ine club welcomed L. V. O’Calla- x- j .i t x ^ i • • -l-tx x ' ,
- the directors of his inability to ed. The automobile was not greatly contmue the work of the committee
for the car was broached.
Attractive Homesites
Uppermost in the most of the dis
cussion has been the thought of mak
ing attractive country homes, and of
making them on the broadest founda- acting as a reception committee and * TWTTi-T:^r»c?
ion 0 m e igen p an mg a c pa * introducing him^ x , J GATHER AT PINEHURST
planning that skill can devise. This Edwin T. McKeithen reported that ,
thought has been pushed into such that the Foundation Follies would : tt tt r, i ~~ . xi xu
' H. H. Palmer, cashier of the North
han in as a new member, ^®ward ^
Burns and the Rev. Murdoch McLeod i
as long as funds were available fo:"
the effective work which the commit
tee has been carrying on. It was vot
ed to use SlOO from the fund for
work of improving the grounds at
Mt. Hope Cemetery, and SlOO f^r
n the
Services will be held at Old Be-
thesda Church on Sunday morning,
with special music furnished by the
Glee Club of the Presbyterian Junior
College at Maxton. All resident.> of
the Sandhills are invited to attend.
^ XI 'IT i J — , Aberdeen High School is represent
prominence that it is now more dis- net in excess of $500 for the Moore ^ T-oiomxi^ x
^ J. , r\ ^ T-.T . , Carolina Bank & Trust Company of; ed m the tennis tournament being held , othei needed improvements
cussed than any other feature. Un County Educational Foundation, and ' ^ v u r* x tvt t» -j 4. x r>«7 i -inilocro
X ^ , i. XI Tr. Salisbury, Robert N. Page, president. at Raleigh this week for all ^high village.
this basis the individual property Chairman James MciNab of the Ki- ijjxT.n rrx/-. t. j a t
, -XX J J J i ^ . J 1 /. ■ of the Page Trust Conipanv and vice schools of the state. Ralph Leach and Much complaint has .been heard of
owners will be permitted to da.ermmr warns Dance Committee stated form- ' ^ Wedneslay to play late as to the condition of the cem-
. house locations on their tra^s, ally that the dance would add at least Association, and Paul Brown,' in the singles and doubles, and as this ; etery in Southern Pines. The grounds
^ ouse oca ei, $ . [Secretary of the association, were the i pair made a splendid showing in the have not been properly kept up, and
pioaci y loac s ^ i ^ 4. principal speakers at a largely at-* tournament a year ago, much is ex-1 many hardstones have toppled over.
The approaches will be located with lamBETH PROMISES AID | Croup 7 held last I pected of them. ' One complaint filed last week with
reference to the houses and to the
main roads through the land, the
roads from property to property to
be decided by the two neighbors
whose boundary line is crossed.
The sentiment was for main roads
TOWARD NEW POSTOFFICE \ evening at the Pinehurst ' Count^^; —
! Club. Dan I. McKeithen, cashier of . MEREDITH PRESIDENT TO
the Chamber of Commerce called the
conditions there a disgrace to a town
of this district spent a part of yes
terday in Southern Pines and was en-
1 X ,,.,1 J , - . tertained at lunchton by a number
parallel to Midland road of a width « . ... -r ,
-.rro prominent citizens. Mr. Lambeth
of 172 feet, of minor roads of less ! -jxj'n-i-
. 1 J. x , -« promised to do all in his power to ex-
width, bridle paths and foot roads 16 j-x xi • a- j?
.. , , , , pedite the appropriation for a new
Congressman J. Walter Lambeth I the Page Trust Company, chairman
of the group, presided. Mrs. Grady
Burney of Aberdeen, accompanied by
Mrs. D. I. McKeithen at the piano,
sang several solos.
feet, partings between roads and
(Please turn to page 5)
postoffice building for the town, as
provided for in the recent recommen
dations of the Postoffice department.
Moore county has a new weekly pa
per, the Hemp Advocate. Its first
number appeared this week.
SPEAK HERE SUNDAY, which did so much for beautification
, and sightliness for its living and at-
Dr. Charles E. Brewer, president | terly neglected‘'its dead. A movement
of Meredith College will speak at the j is on foot to put through a resolution
Baptist Church in Southern Pines at j at the next town caucus calb'ng for
11 o’clock Sunday morning. Dr. Brew- j the town’s taking over the expense
er made a profound impression here | of upkeep of the cemetery, ths pres**
last year when he spoke both before • ent cemetery association reporting^
the Kiwanis Club and at the Baptist
that it has insufficient funds for the

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