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VOL. 15, NO. 18.
LAK evicw
— , , :
of the Sandhill Ter^^^^^^v^^orth Carolina
Southern Pines and Aberdeen,
aroiina, Friday, March, 30, 1934.
^ I
Some of Leading Show Stables
of County Here for Judging
at Pinehurst |
iBurreU White Buys 150 Acre
I Tract On Knollwood Heights
f*lans Interesting Development
of Property He Has Been
Occupying as Tenant
Here For A Stay
Miss Shazter iiK^ead in
Race for Queen of Spring
Festival Week of April 9
The 17th annual Pinehurst Horse
?how gets under way this morning
-It the show ring near the race track
Anri bid*i fair to prove the biggest
and best in number of entries, in
juality of horses shown and in at-
'endance in the long history of this
;X)pular event.
More stables have entered horses
han ever befcT'e, among them some
•'f the leaching show stables in the
country. Fort; Bragg has sent more
lorses here than ever. The hunter
snd jumping events, usually the most
exciting of the many classes, are well
billed and the public will have an op
portunity to see horses from all parts
>f the state as well as those which
lave been hunting with local packs
-his winter. In addition to the hunters
and jumpers many fine saddle horses
Are entered, with a number of the
.spirited five-gaited mounts among
There are classes for trotters and
pacers, saddle ponies and artillery
mounts, and a special class for youth-,
ful riders with pr?zes for the boys and
girls who display skill in handling
"heir steeds. ,
A new class this year which is ex
pected to prove one of the prettiest
in the show will be the Corinthian
«vent for hunt teams shown in col
ors. Most of the hunter classes will
Ge shown over the outside course of
jumps this year.
The show will be judged by Otto
Furr of Middleburg, Va., J. North
Fletcher of Warrenton, Va., and
Camden, S. C., William Baker ol^
Providence, R. I., and General Manus
McClosky of Fort Bragg.
Charles W. Picquet, secretary of
the show, said yesterday that the
advance ticket sale had been better
than ever this year, that most of the
boxes had been sold and that very
few parking spaces around the ring
were left.
Lunch and tea are to be served
both today and Satvirday at the ring
side for the benefit of undernourished
children of the county, the local Red
Cross chapter and the Pinehurst
Chapter, Moore County Hospital Aux
Board of Elections
Named at Raleigh
N. J. Muse and Shields Cameron
Democratic Members, B.
C. Wallace Republican
Two Democrats and one Republi
can were named in each of the 100
counties of the state to serve as
county boards of elections for the
spring primary and fall elections at
an meeting of the State Board
of Elections in Raleigh Saturday.
Contests developed In about 10 coun
ties, including Halifax, Polk, Edge
combe, Onslow, Craven, Lee, North
ampton, Swain, Yancey and Wilkes,
which the board smoothed out as
well as possible.
The county members are recom
mended by the State Democratic and
Republican chairmen, respectively,
and usually such recommendations
were followed, but in a few instances
the State elections board made com
promise as to factions.
The board» will meet at the re-
apective county seats April 14 to
name Judges and reaigtrars for the
June 2 primary and the seconc} pri
mary, June 30.
The Moore County board is com
posed of N. J. Muse, Carthage, and
D. D. S. Cameron, Southern Pines,
D-imocrats, and B. C. Wallace, Car.
thage, Republicans.
By Bion H. Butler
One of the most significant things
this spring is the closing of the deal
by L. L. Biddle, II, by which Burrell
White becomes the owner instead of
! the lessee of the fine 150-acre tract
j in Knollwood on which he has lived
; for the past five years and which he
^ is now planning for a development
that is to make of the property
another of those striking establlsh-
: ments for which that section ot
i Knollw'ood is becoming famous.
Some lime ago Mr. White arrang-
1 cd his affairs to develop a Sar.'Thills
I home but his health tailed him for
a while and he took sail to some ex
tent. But in the last two or three !
years the tide has turned and he is !
in prime physical condition again, |
j and with the improvement he has j
made on the place while he has occu-
! pied it his enthusiasm has grown and
now he is going ahead with a new ;
ardor. Already he has outlined a ■
scheme that will make his posses
sion an example find an appreciated
factor in the community,
j The property Mr. White has se- ;
cured is that tract overlooking the
Southern Pines reservoir running up |
to the Knollwood boundary and to the '
lines of the Barber property west of j
Knollwood, a quarter of a square •
mile of land that tops the summit
of the wateished between McDeeds
j Creek and Mill Creek, a picturesque,
pine-covered area that lends itself
' to the most ambitious plans of land
scaping and rural home making that
! can be desired. Already Mr. White
i is proceeding with ne^v buildings, the
' first structure being a home for his
superintendent, a fine modern cot-
, tage not far from the main house.
, At the main house he has lines laid
down for an addition in the form of
a guest house, attached to the main
building though a separate , unit,
; wholly for the entertainment of his
, friends, for Mr. White is a man who
! values the companionship of people
I he likes. He will gather about him
' from time to time congenial spirits
, and they and he will enjoy the de
lights of the Sandhills.
I To Develop Orchard
He is a lover of nature. Therefore
j his plan.s include an orchard of a
dozen or so acres, which will be un
ique. Realizing that at times this
region lacks surface water to keep
the, crops in good growing condition
Mr. White has one of the Carolina
I Drilling Company’s big machines put
ting down a deep well which is ex
pected to provide a supply of water
that may be used for irrigating the
orchard to be a sort of research or.
chard to find out some of the things
not fully known yet about fruit
growing in this section. Below the
houses is a stream that affords a
rather free supply of water, and a
dam is projected there to make a
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i Roxboro Preaches AcceptK Call
To Succeed the Rev. Mur
doch McLeod, Here 9 Years
l‘’(irint*r S<*cret4iry of the Treasury
Mr. Mills is spending the Easter
holidays at the Carolina in Pinehurst.
! New Rural Rehabilitation Prog-
j ram Requires Labor in Re
turn for Supplies
The Dogwood Tennis Tournament
scheduled for next week in Southern
Pinea has been postponed until a la
ter date, it waa announced here yes
The Rt. Rev. Edwin A. Penick, D.
D., bishop of this diocese, will be the
preacher at the afternoon service on
Blaster at the Emmanuel Episcopal
Church in Southern Pines. The serv
ice will be at 5 o’clock. Bishop Penick
is coming to Southern Pines for his
annual visitation to Emmanuel
Church for the purpose of adminis
tering the sacramental rite of Con.
Bishop Penick is one of the most
promitect bishops in the Episcopal
Church and Is widely known as an
exceptionally fine preacher. The pub
lic is most cordially invited to attend
the service on Easter afternoon to
hear him.
The Three-Hour Good Friday ser
vice will commence at this church at
3 o’clock this (Friday) afternoon.
On April 1. C. W. A. and Emer-
' gency Relief are to be replaced in
, all rural areas by a program of Rur-
I al Rehabilitation and from this date
' no more direct relief will be given
but all supplies advanced will con-
I stitute a loan which the recipient will
be required to repay by working on
' relief projects.
Already the new set-up for Moore
county has been perfected, with J. R.
Mclnnis as Director of the Rural Re-
' habilitation program. The county had
I been divided into four sections with
* E. R. Brown of Hemp, D. J. Blue of
^ Carthage, D. Al Blue of Southern
Pines and Donald McDonald of Cam
eron at the head of these sections.
They will work with the various case
I workers.
The aim of the new program is
three-fold: '
! 1. All farm families with one or
, more able bodied men to be self-sup
porting by December 1.
2. The beginning by the end of
the year of a permanent rehabilita
tion program based upon home own-
' ership.
3. The development of small in
dustries in rural areas.
j In an effort to make all families
I self-supporting, a farm and garden
; program has been worked out and to
be eligible for aid, the head of the
household must sign an agreement
I which reads as follows:
' "On condition that I am to con-
I tinue to receive aid as in the opinion
j of county relief administrator my
‘ need and the funds available war-
^ rant, I hereby agree to plant, culti
vate, and conserve food as directed
by the relief administrator of Moore
county, in accordance with the detail
ed plan entitled Farm and Garden
Program for (Name) of even date
attached to and a part of this agree
ment. If I do not comply with such
directions, it is understood that 1
am not to receive further relief.”
The Crarden l^ognuii
A garden program will be outlin
ed according to the needs of each
family, specifying the amount of
land to be planted to cabbage, peas,
beans, etc. and the amount will be
sufficient for a supply to be canned
for the next winter’s needs. Com
munity gardens on the pian used last
year will be approved only where
individual jgardena, are liupractica-
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The Rev. A. J. McKelway of Rox
boro has acceptea the call to succeed
i the Rev. W. Murdoch McLeod as pas
tor of the Pinehurst Community
! Church, it was annjiunced at the
I morning service last Sunday.
The Rev. Mr. Murdoch McLeod
preached his farewell serrhon Sunday
; morning, bringing to a close his nine
I years pastorale in this church. With
his family he left Tuesday for Nash
ville, Tenn., to take up the work of
pastor at Moore Memorial Presby
terian Church.
In the weeks preceding their de
parture Mr. and Mrs. McLeod were
' the recipients of many social cour-
' tesies and expressions of the love and
! esteem in which they were held. Not
able among the latter was the presen-
: tation, on last Sunday morning by
Robert E. Denny in behalf of the
Sandhills Brotherhood a handsome
watch to Mr. McLeod. The Sunday
school had previously given him a
t valuable book.
i The Woman’s class, in w'hich Mrs.
; McLeod had served as teachor, pre-
' sented her with cr>3lal candle
: candle sticks.
Just prior to the sermon Sunday
I morning, I. C. Sledge, chairman of
the pulpit supply committee was ask-
' ed to real a message from the Rev.
Mr. McKelway to whom a call had
I been .'sent. In this, his acceptance of
! ing to present plans he will preach
I the call was made known and accord-
his first sermon here on April 22d.
It was mostg ratifying to Mr. McLeod
I and his congregation that almost no
lapse in the work would be caused
Who’ll Be Queen?
Dorothy Shazt«*r, Pinehurst 1,950
Kdna Ruth Bruton, Jax Spgs., 1,289
.Marjorie C'offey, So. Pines . 1,190
VlrRlniii Hensley, IMmhurst l,l»0
Frances Sparks, So. Pines 1,1‘,J0
Pinehurst Girl Wins Many Votes
as Result of Dance at Pine
hurst Country Club
Miss Dorothy Shazter of the Car
olina Hotel, Pinehurst jumped into a
Dorothy Richardson. So Pines ,0 ' the race for the
•Ann C’anieron, So. Pines
tVlrs. Clvd<“ Council, So. Pines
Dorothy Poitle, So. Pirn's
Pauline Poe, Southern I*ines
.Marjorie Skinner, So, Pines
Laura Baker, Carthage
Hetty Osborne, So. Pines
Helen Parker, Cameron
Lide Duke Blue, .\I>erd»H‘n
I’at Lumpkin, So. Pines
Virginia Kane, So. Pines
;\nna Bushby, So. Pines
Catherine (Irahain. Vass
Margaret Olmsted, So. Pines .
Katherine Wiley, So. IMnes
Mary .\liee Weatherley, S. P.
Jean Zimmerman, So. Pines
Susan Swett, So. Pines 1,000
ALLOTS $7,279 TO
Trustees Announce Allocation of
$872,324 to 143 HosSpitals and
Orphanages in Carolinas
§8,000,000 SINCE 1924
by the change of pastors.
Mr. McKelway is a young man of
magnetic personality and already has
a record that warrants genuine sat-
, i.sfaction in having him come to Pine
hurst. Services at The Community
I Church will be conducted by visit-
I ing ministers until his arrival.
Instantly Killed When
Struck by Lighting* Bolt
Hugh Adcox of Aberdeen Victim
of Tuesday Siorm As He
i Unlords Truck
I Hugh Adcox of Aberdeen was in.
] stantly killed when struck by light
ning during an electrical storm about
1 one mile from Aberdeen Tuesday af-
; ternoon.
I He had hauled a load of furniture
! for some negroes to a house on the
I highway half way between Aberdeen
and Southern Pines, and was standing
on the ground outside his truck pre
paring to unload it. As he was unty
ing a piece of wire that was holding
the rear door of his truck, he was
struck by the bolt. Death was thought
to be in.'Jtantaneous.
Three negro men who were stand
ing nearby wer« badly stunned, but
Soon recovered.
Mr. Adcox was about 40 years ot
age He is survived by his widow and
f‘./e children, three boys and two girls,
the oldest 16 years of age.
Allocation of $872,323.87 to 143 hos
pitals and orphanages in the Caro
linas was announced Tuesday by
trustees of the Duke Endowment.
The Moore County Hospital at Pine
hurst was allotted $7,279, a sum bas
ed on its record of charity-patient
days during the past year.
Ho.spitals were awarded $750,202
J ^ ly honor of being Queen of the Spring
Blossom Festival in Southern Pines
the week of April 9th. More than
five hundred people bought tickets
for the pre-^Festival dance at the
Pinehurst Country Club on Wednea-
1 035 night, and the ten-vote coupons
attached to these tickets were lar
gely voted for the Pinehurst entry in
what bids fair to be an exciting con
Miss Shazter's total last night waa
1,950 votes. Her nearest rival is Miss
Edna Ruth Bruton of Jackson Springs
with 1,289, and third in the standing
is Miss Marjorie Coffey of Southern
Pines,, closely followed by Miss Vir
ginia Hensley of Pinehurst and Miss
Frances Sparks, Miss Dorothy Rich
ardson and Miss Ann Cameron, all of
Southern Pines.
With the tickets for the baseball
game between Duke University and
Slate College of Raleigh going on
sale tomorrow, each with a five-vote
coupon attached, and with pennies
which buy a vote each coming in fast
and furiously at the Festival head
quarters ill The Pilot Building the
race bids fair to be a real one from
now on. Southern Pines is out to see
that the Queen of its Festival is a
local young lady and a campaign
along this line is in the making, it is
understood. Meanwhile Pinehurst,
with two candidates among the first
five, plans to keep one or both of
them out in front.
Harry Buckley of the Highland
Pines Inn arranged the dance Wed-
ne.sday night, an it was a great suc
Vote tickets went on sale yester.
day in the hotels and about town, and
in the aggregate for 98 institutions,
and 45 orphan homes were awarded " ' ■ ■■■ J . •
these when sold and returned to head-
$121 721 87
quarters will be recorded for the can-
Allocations announced by the trus- , j . .
didate whose name appears on each
tees after their meeting at Charlotte
® ticket. You can also vote directly
brought to $8,043,022.82 the amount ,, , ■ • , , ^
® ’ by leaving your pennies, nickels, dimes
provided for hospitals and orphan
ages in the two states since the en
dowment was established December
11, 1924, by the late James B, Duke,
power and tobacco magnate.
Of this amount. $6,691,681,95 went
to hospitals, $4,878,229,95 being paid
for the care of free patients, and $2,-
083,452 for construction, purchase and
equipment of the institutions. Orphan
homes have received a total of $1,-
The trustees said it was anticipated
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Fayetteville Presbyterial A.uxil-
iary will meet with the ladies of the
Carthage Auxiliary Tuesday andi*.
Tuesday evening April 3, and with
the Elise Auxiliary, Hemp, on Wed- ° L I ~
fiddler contest, and the Rose Maiden
or what have you at the headquar
Meanw'hile plans for the Festival
go merrily on, A general meeting of
the Festival committee was held at
Jack's Grill on Tuesday and the
“head men," Shields Cameron and 5,
B, Richardson, announced that ar
rangements had been completed for
the entire week’s program which in
short is as follow's:
Monday evening—Costume Parade,
Crowning of Festival Queen, Street
Tuesday New England Day, with
baked bean lunch in Dogwood Forest,
the baseball game between Duke and
State, the High School Glee concert
and the collegiate dance at night,
VV’ednesday Old Slave Day, with
its assembly of old slaves, singing
of negro spirituals, tap dancing, old
nesday, April 4,
Delegates and Auxiliary presidents
expecting to attend should notify the
Chairman of the Hospitality Commit
tee at Carthage ob Mrs. Aion-o Blue,
president of Carthage Auxiliary.
Dr. C. G. Vardell, President Emer
itus of Flora ^facdonald College, will
The Moore County, D. A. R. meet
ing has been postponed until 2:30
occupy the , -;>it In the Pinehurst o’clock on Tuesday, April 10th when
Community Church on this coming! members will convene at the home of
Sunday, April 1st, at 11:00 o’clock. I Mrs. J. L. McGraw in Carthage.
A two week’s term oi: Superior
Court for the trial of civil cases con
vened in Carthage on Monday with
Judge Henry A. Grady presiding. The
cases of widest general interest on
the docket are half a dozen being
brought by former county commis
sioner G. C. Shaw' of High Falls
against that nuhiber of life insurance
companies in an effort to collect his
insurance, Mr. Shaw, as he claims,
being totally disabled. These cases
will be heard the latter part of this
week. '
Four divorces were granted on
Monday on the grounds of two years’
separation. The principals were
George Marlow versus Irene Me A.
Marlowe; Ben McKinnon versus Sar
ah McKinnon; Nancy W. Bobbitt ver
sus James Dewey Bobbitt, and Emily
W. Lawrence versus L. G. (Lassie)
Festival Chorus in the evening.
Thursday Sports Day, with golf,
archery, horseshoe, tennis, shuffle-
board and equestrian events,
Friday Military Day, with the
American Legion in charge, a barbe
cue dinner, band concerts, drum and
bugle corps contest and the big Fes
tival Ball at the Country Club in
Henry Picard, twenty-seven year evening,
old Charleston, S. C., pro. who has
R. F, Potts has sold to Oscar Loeb,
bond broker on the Philadelphia
been: knocking at the door to golf
ing fame for four years, finally en
tered yesterday w'hen he won the
thirty-second annual North and
South Open Golf championship with stock Exchange, a lot belonging to
a score of 283, A record gallery of Dr. Anita Newcomb McGee on Mor-
2,500 saw the finish, ganton road, just above the Country
Club drive. The iot has a frontage of
130 feet and i& adnjrably located for
a home site. It is Mr. Leob’s intention
to build a house in the near future.
Some talk is heard around the He and his family have been coming
county of Charles W, Picquet, ma*i- to Southern Pines for several years,
ager of the Carolina theaues In making their winter home at th«
Pinehurst and Southern Pines, as a Hollywood. Mr. Loeb is an ardeat
Democratic candidate for the State golfer who has been a regular patroQ
legislature this spring. Mr. Picquet of the local courses. The plot over-
is considering the offer of friends to looks the local golf courses and not
wage a campaign for him. far disUnt from the club hoiwe.

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