North Carolina Newspapers

THE PILOT, Southern Pines and Aberdeen, North Carolina
Friday, February 22, 1935.
Federal Relief Here
in December $10,084
Aveirage of $8.49 for the 963
FamiKes on Rolls in Moore
Guilford Collegre Choir Here on Sunday
Moore county received $10,084.46 in
federal relief funds during the month
of December, an average of $8.49 per
family, according to the report just
made public by Mrs. Thomas O’Berry,
State relief administrator. This coun
ty had 963 families on relief, which,
with individuals, made 1,045 cases
handled in the county, or a total of
4,650 persons. This is an increase of
11.3 per cent over the month before,
bringing those on relief to 17.2 per
cent of the total population of the
North Carolina received a total of
$1,722,667.83 in relief during the
month of December, the larger part
of which, $1,376,387.92, went to the
units, counties with a few city units,
Mrs. O'Berry reports. The balance of
the fund was flistributed as follows;
transient centers, $41,744.97; emer
gency education, $70,055.88; student
aid, $33,351.27; State ERA, $67,531.04,
end State purchases, $133,596.75.
The State had 324.240 individuals
On relief in December, made up of
65,621 families, or, with individuals,
73,813 cases, an increase of 8.8 per
cent in case load over the month be
fore. In the State 10.2 per cent of the
total population was on relief. The
average paid out per family on relief
was $14.37.
Colored Child Killed,
by Auto in Carthage
Allejjed Driver of Car Held For
Superior Court in Charge
of Manslaughter
in the game. These were the last
games this year and proved to be
fairly interesting.
The boys lo,st if; Vass and Pinehurst
by the scores of 20 to 16 and 24 to 21,
both interesting and exciting contests
and both lost within the last few
minutes of play. Bob Beck and
I er an an auomobile which struck and
’ I instantly killed James Brower, Jr., a
four-year-old colored child of Carth
age last Saturday, was in court Mon-
! day to face charges of murder and
; V j j operating an automobile without li
cense. The court found probable cause
of guilt as to manslaughter and bound
Rogers to Superior Court under bond |
of $200. Evidence tending to show
that the child ran directly into the
path of the car was given, but the
car is said to have been defective as!
to brakes. j
A verdict of guilty of peeping was
given in a case in which Sidney Se-1
The Guilford College Choir, one of the finest musi :al organizations in the South, will sing at the Church charged with an at
of Wide Fellowship Sunday night, February 24. The people of the Sandhills know this choir. Their appearance break and enter the dwell
B. B. Rogers, colored, alleged driv-1 puttie were the high scorers
in the Vass game and Bob Beck and
Ed Newton in the Pinehurst game.
Pilot Advertising Pays.
here in former years has been the greatest musical event of the .season.
The chorus of forty-six men and women presents a program this year of surpassing beauty. Admission is free,
but an offering will be taken to defray the traveling expense of the chorus. It will be advisable to go early to
secure a seat. The service begins promptly at 7:30 p. m.
Mrs. W. W. Fuller of Briarcliff
Manor, N. Y., and her daughter and
son, Mrs. M. Hersford and T. S. F.
Fuller, arrived Friday for a lengthy
A new dance orchestra, under the
management of Edgar Ewing of the
North Carolina Symphony Orchestra,
has been secured to play at the Car
olina Hotel and Country Club for the
remainder of the season.
Mrs. Harold Buckminster and her
■ister, Mrs. Graham Johnston, have
gone to Useppa Island, Fla., for sev
eral weeks.
day from Duke University to spend
several days.
Mr. and Mrs. H. T. Harper of High
Point were guests Sunday of Mr. and
Mrs. James McNab.
On Saturday, February 23rd, at
9:30 a. m. the auxiliary of the Com
munity Church will sponsor a food
sale in the store rormerly occu; ied
by Du Pont’s News Stand in the Mar-
het Square building. All kiiids
baked foods and candy will be for
Tuesday evening Mrs. Eric Nel
son had as her guests for bridge Mrs.
Eva Dunlop, Mrs. Alec Innes, and
Mrs. Williard Dunlop. Mrs. Williard
Dunlop held high .score for the even
ing and received an attractive prize.
Mrs. Foster Kplly gave her grand
son, Horacc Kelly, Jr., a party on
Wednesday afternoon in honor of his
ninth birthday. Games and contests
D. B. Ray of Durham was the
Sunday guest of Dan and Jennie Mc-
Miss Margaret McQueen of Over
hills visited Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Mc
Miss Ruth Mclnnis spent the week-
the CCC camp at Aquonne last week.
Mr. and Mrs. J. D. McLean and
ing house of Carl Thomp.son in South
ern Pines. Segal was sent to the roads
for 60 day.s
! Marshall Hilliard and J. C. Nall,
I white, were in court to answer char-
: ges of violating the prohibition law,
they having been arrested by a high
way patrolman who found a small
The '
Cleaners and Pre.ssers
For the Sandhills
Tel. 5651 Southern Pines
were enjoyed. A play directed by his Cameron over the week-
teacher, Miss Frances Cox, was pre-
On Wednesday afternoon Mrs. E.
C. Cunningham entertained the ninth
grade at her home. Her mother.
Miss Margaret McLean of Cameron quantity of liquor in Ifie car which
were dinner guests of N. N. McLean Hilliard was driving. Hilliard was giv-
and family Sunday, this being Master cn a 30-day road sentence, suspend-
James Ray McLean s elevtnth birth- gcj upon his jtayment of a fine of $50
■ and one-half the co.sts, and he is not
Andrew Muse Hemphill spent a drive a car for 90 days. Nall's 30-
day or two last week in town and on day sentence was suspended upon
end in Charlotte, where she attend- Saturday he and Mrs. Hemphill went payment of one-half the costs and
ed the Pan-Hellenic dances at David- to Henderson, where Mr. Hemphill upon condition that he refrain from
has been working for a few weeks, violating any law for twelve months.
Miss Mary Beasley and R. P. Beas- Murd Kelly, colored, was bound to
ley spent Sunday in Apex. i Superior Court under bond on a
Herman Parker of the University charge of breaking and entering the
Mr. and Mrs. S. H. Thompson and ^t Chapel Hill spent the week-end ^ dwelling house of Curtis Shaw and
children, Carolyn and G. H., Jr., his parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. J. ‘ stealing a shot gun.
Parker. | Golden Cuffie pleaded guilty to op-
Mrs. C. L. Tyson and Marie Tyson erating while intoxicated an automo-
spent Saturday in Raleigh. bile with improper brakes and lights.
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Griffin and He was given 30 days, to be suspend-
children of Hamlet were week-end edupon payment of a fine of $50 and
guests of Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Grif- the costs, and his driver’s license
Dr. R. G. Rosser of Vas,s attended
the Tri-State Medical Convention in
Charlotte this week. On Tuesday he
was accompanied by W. C. Leslie.
Mrs. C. J. Temple, Mrs. W. J.
Cameron, Mrs. C. L. Tyson and Mrs.
W. D, Matthews attended a Mission-
son college.
Dr. Durham and Miss Vivian Mat
thews of Oteen, visited Mr. and Mrs.
H. A. Matthews over the week-end.
spent the week-end with Mr. and
Mrs. J. O. Blue.
Mr. and Mrs. Holt Gardner and
little Percy Darrel of Patrick, S. C.,
spent the week-end with Mr. and
Mrs. P. L. Gardner.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Coore visited
Mrs. R. G. Rosser was hostess to
Misses Dorothy Cross and Marg^uer- Mrs. Ethel Journey, assisted her in the Vass Presbyterian Auxiliary at its
Itc McGinnis spent Saturday in Ral- serving refreshments. Mrs. Cunning-1 regular monthly meeting, which was t ^ ...
eigh shopping. ^ ham is grade mother of the ninth ' marked by unusually good attend- ^ ® ® istrict
Mr. and Mrs. Ed Swaringen spent grade. * ance. Mrs. R. Corbett and Miss Belle f Methodist
the week-end in Charlotte as guests , The Parent-Teacher Association 1 Alexander were present as guests. An j ^ Sanford Tuesday,
of Mr. Swaringen’s mother, Mrs. D. held its regular monthly meeting in interesting program on foreign mis-, jg pROM MOOKE^OUNTY
B. Swaringen. | the school auditorium on Wednesday sions was given under the direction of drawn FOR FEDER.\L JURY '
Miss Virginia Hensley has return- ' afternoon, with an tinusually large ■ Mrs. W. D. McCraney, and a special
ed to Meredith College, Raleigh, after attendance. A George Washington self-denial offering for foreign mis- , pifty-six veniremen have been
spending the week-end at home. program was presented by the teach- sions was made. The Bible study was , summoned for service as jurors in
Mrs. P. C. Roundtree is ill and a ers and pupils of the Primary ggrades. conducted by Mrs. C. A. Lawrence, united States district court at the
patient in the Moore County Hospital. ‘ . i
Kzplains the marvelous ■
Treatment which ia bringing =
amuztng relief. Sold on irooclad ■
money-back guarantee- I
—for those suffering from i
Auk for atm copy of Willard's Mtjtag*. We J
are Authorized Willard Dealer*. ^
Southern Pines, N. C.
Do You Really Want
To Stop That Cough?
You may do it with a couple of
doses of Bronchuline Emulsion—with
half a bottle anyway. It’s no pleas
ant tasting sweet sugary cough ly-
rup but it’s one with a real kick.
As a matter of fact, it feels great
going down. Gives INSTANT RE.
LIEF, Soothes a hacking, racking
cough almost while you are swallow-
LOST BY SOUTHERN PINFS' >t- Money back if it doesn’t give
you relief. Broad Street Pharmacy
and all other good druggists guaran
was suspended for 90 days.
The girls’ basketball team of
Southern Pines School lost both
games this week, one to Vass by the
score of 22 to 15 and the other to
Pinehurst 22 to 10. High scorer for
both games was Mary Elizabeth
Cameron, who really kept the team
Mrs. T. A. Cheatham reported a | and at the close of the meeting, the Rockingham begin-
Mrs. Eric Nelson had as her guest , large donation which added to $5.40 , hostess served delicious refreshments, ! Monday March 4 The names of
lEist week-end her sister, Miss Sara that the school children received from introducing in an effective way the prospective jurors were drawn in
Palmer of Raleigh. On Saturday Mrs. sale of tuberculosis Christmas seals i Valentine motif
Nelson, Miss Palmer and Mrs. Burt
Nicolls were guests of Mrs. L. M.
Murray for tea at the Country Club.
Mrs. Williard Dunlop is spending
the week-end in Statesville with her
mother, Mrs. R. L. Flannigan.
I ' I Greensboro last week by the Rev. A.
enabled her committee to purchase | On Wednesday afternoon at the i yy piygr, D. D., jury commissioner,
scales for the school. Dr. Symington manse, Mrs. Lawrence entertained the ' ^nd Henry Reynolds, clerk of court!
weighed and examined the children Cypress Auxiliary, at which time a i jj. appears probably that the term
last week. | program on Africa was presented, in session two weeks. Crimi-
The March meeting will be held j Mrs. Lawrence was the leader and jjg.l and civil cases will be heard I
Thursday March 21st at eight o’clock Mrs. A. D. McLauchlin and Mrs. | ^he names of the veniremen from
Mr. and Mrs. David Coffey were in the evening in order that more j Archie McGill had parts on the pro- ^ ^oore county, as prepared by
dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Ray- fathers may attend. Prof. E. V. Pul- gram. Mrs. McLauchlin invited the ‘
Hatched Every Monday
See or VV'rite Us Before Buying Your Chicks.
Pinehurst Poultry Plant
mond Johnson Saturday evening. i lias of Duke University has been se-! auxiliary to meet at her home in
Stanley Lacks arrived home Thurs-' cured to speak.
Lillian Harkrader, deputy clerk of
court, follow:
' Floyd Barber, Floyd Simmons and
A. Mac Cameron celebrated his j j,. McCrimmon, Carthage; F. M.
ninth birthday anniversary which oc- Dwight, Lake iew; W. H. Cole, Pine-
curred on Sunday, February 17th, by hurst; C. H. Bennett, Cameron; W.
entertaining a number of his friends ^ cooper. Route 2, Cameron; A. O.
at a party at the home of his parents,
Mr. and Mrs. A. M. Cameron, on Sat
urday afternoon. Games were played,
after which the youngsters were in
vited into the dining room for re-
Baldwin, Route 2; Sneeds; Henry
Addor, Charles B. Porter and H. J.
Holt, Aberdeen: W. K. Carpenter, i
Pinebluff; B. F. Howard, McConnell;
E. R. Brown, Hemp; R. A. Evans, i
freshments and the ever new candle Vass; Frank B. Monroe, West End.
blowing” ceremony which is an im-1
portant part of all correct birthday ELEVEN STUDENTS FROM THIS
A. Mac’s guests were Max and Bax- i
ter Edwards, James Ray and Hugh !
Moore county had 11 students reg-
You can work marvels witii a brush and a can of
LOWE Brothers quick-drying enamel!
For here’s enamel that brushes on anything ; . :
woodwork, furniture, glassware, metalware, pottery,
plaster, anything about the hon:e.
It flows on smoothly and doesn’t leave a brush mark.
It hides so well that one coat is usually enough. And
it dries so quickly, that you can paint after luncheon
and use the finished pieces in the evening!
We can supply QUICK-DRYING ENAMEL in a
wide range of attractive colors.
McLean, Curtis and Margaret Bettina, ^ istered at State Oollege for this
and Lawrence Furr. Lewis Lawrence, | term, uut -of the 1,803 students, 80
who would have brought the total per cenV coming from 95 of the | ■
number to nine, was prevented by ill-' state’s 100 counties, while 30 other j:
ness from attending. I states and seven foreign countries i
Mrs. G. W. Brooks and Mrs. Bertie [ are represented. Wake led with 303
L. Matthews visited Mrs. Irvin in | studertts, Mecklenburg had 7Q, Guil-
Cameron Sunday afternoon. j forci 35, and New Hanover 43. New
Mrs. Alton Chappell and little 1 Vork led the other states with 65,
daughter, Elizabeth Ann, of Sanford | New Jersey had 53 and Virginia 42.
Foreign counties represented are
Puerto Rico, with three students; ! i
Bulgaria, Hiwaii, Canada, Frame,
are visiting Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Byrd.
Roy Furr spent Saturday in Ral
Mrs. Jane Keith, Aubrey Keith and i India and Turkey with one each. <^at- ; ■
Alton Patterson were Sunday dinner
guests of Mr. and Mrs. Harold
Thompson of Pinehurst.
Misses E^xle Beasley, Elizabeth
Wood, Lois Buchanan, Ruth McNeill
and Eunice Setzer were Raleigh visi
tors Saturday.
Mrs. J. B. Parker is getting along
nicely following an appendicitis op
eration |vhich she underwent last
week In the Lee Couaty Hospital.
Alton Lawrence of High Point was
the week-end guest of the Rev. and
Mrs. Charles A. Lawrence.
Mrs. Homer Pendergral and little
daughter, Norma Jean, of Durham
are spending a few days with the for
mer’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. F.
Worth McMillan came home from
of-state students have to pay 50
per cent more tuition than residents
of North Carolina.
A bridge-tea will be given at the
Pine Bluff Inn for the benefit of the
Pinebluff Library on Tuesday, Feb
ruary 26th. A charge of 25 cents per
person will be made. Those desiring
reservations are requested to notify
Mrs. Cecil F'arrell. Playing will begin
at 2:30, with tea at 5:00.
More than 80 percent of the 1,802
students at North Carolina State
college this season are natives of that
I :i
i Travel Bargains
Round Trip
One-ay One-Way Unrestricted
TO Coach Unrestricted 15 Day 6 Months
Columbia, S. C $ 2.03 $ 4.05 $ 5.40 $ 6.75
Savannah, Ga. 4.14 8.28 11.05 13.80
Jacksonville, Fla. 6.71 13.42 17.90 22.40
West Palm Beach, Fla. 11.20 22.40 29.90 37.35
Miami, Fla. 12.20 24.40 32.55 40.70
Tampa, Fla. 9.88 19.75 26.35 32.95
St. Petersburg, Fla. 10.24 20.47 27.30 34.15
Athens, Ga. 4.22 8.44 11.25 14.10
Atlanta, Ga. 5.23 10.63 14.20 17.75
Chattanooga, Tenn. T.37 14.74 19.65 24.60
Nashville, Tenn. 9.66 18.35 24.50 30.60
Birmingham, Ala. 7.82 15.63 20.85 26.05
Memphis, Tenn. 11.62 , 23.23 31.00 38.75
Portsmouth-Norfolk, Va. ... 3.65 7.30 9.75 12.00
Richmond, Va. 3.39 6.77 9.05 11.30
Washington, D. C. 5.14 10.27 13.70 17.15
Baltimore, Md. 6.58 11.71 16.58 20.03
Philadelphia, Pa. 10.04 15.17 23.50 26.95
New York, N. Y. 13.28 18.41 29.98 33.43
Costs only one additional ticket when two people travel using
unrestricted fares.
For further information see your local Ticket Agent or write
505 Odd FeUows Building Raleigh, N. C.
The Only Completely Alr-Conditloned Trali>? in the South.

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