North Carolina Newspapers

    Friday, Febniary 22, 1935.
THE PILOT, Southern Pines and Aberdeen, North Carolina
Ta.kS'on'indialThe Week in Southern Pines
I Mrs. F. G. Sanford of Stafford
Will Tell of Great Need For
i Springs, Conn., arrived Sunday at
Medical Women in Combat- j the Hollywood. Mrs. Sanford will re-
ting Terrible Conditions main for some time to be joined la-
. ^ , I ter here by Mr. Sanford who has gone
Dr. Ida Scudder, on furlough from | ^
the Missionary Medical C ollege for Brooklyn and Joseph M.
Women at Vellore, South India, will
address a Union Missionary Rally at
the Church of Wide Fellow.ship in
the enterprise in which she has had, ^ ^ ^ ^
i Toronto. Ontario; Mr. and Mrs.
George Peterson of Mountain Lakes,
N. J.; Mrs. H. B. Kennedy and
Downey of New York City are guests
at the HollyMS'ood for an indefinite
^ stay. Other arrivals are Mr. and Mrs.
Southern Pines on Friday, March l.t ^ ^ pitlston. P.,; Mr. a»<l
.t 7:30 o’clock. Sh, will tell
^ N. J
so large a part, and about conditions
in India. All will be welcome to at
Dr. Ida Scudder is known through ,,
, . “ I brother E. H. Burgess of New Hav-
out India and the world for her de- ^
. , ' . ,1 en, Conn.; N. N. Peters and mother,
\utcd and successful service, culmi-, » r> » , u i
, , ,, , Mrs. A. M. Peters of Brooklyn, N
nating m the Woman s Medical Col- j j •»» tt. i • n.
® ^ ^ lY.; and Mr. and Mrs. Edwin G.
lege. There Dr. Scudder and her aaso- i . , . , _ , ,,, ^ „
® ^ • 1 * W right of Rockville Centre, N. i.
ciates from Great Britain and Amer-,
ica are training a corps of Indian ^ Harry M. Vale is spending several
women and nurses who can minister ^ days of this week in New York,
to the suffering women of India. | Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Laing of
Child marriage and superstition, with Washington, D. C., have arrived for
utter ignorance of medicine, have ^ a visit of several days with Mr.
created a terrible condition. A very' Laing’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. A.
few American women doctors have, Laing.
gone to the 150,000,000 women of In-1 Mr. and Mrs. F. A. Halliday of
dia. “We can never send enough to Minneapolis, Minn., are here for the
meet the need," says Dr. Scudder. | winter season, having leased the Jor- j
“The only hope is training medical don house on Country Club Drive.
women. We have seven nationalities! Mr. and Mrs. James A. Brennon of
of Indian women in this college. They Albany, N. Y., have arrived to join
are in demand, not only in our mis- the winter residents of Southern
sions, but in Government as well.”
Dr. Scudder is in the United States,
covering the Chain of Missions in
Florida, January 26th to February
28th; in Southern Pines and Pine-
hurst March 1st and 2nd; then, be
ginning with W'ashington, Baltimore
and Philadelphia, she will go on to
the West.
Tonight, Friday, at 7:30 o’clock,,
the councils in the 17th District, Jr.
O. U. A. M. wdll meet in the Hall
of Carthage Council No. 165, at Car
thage for a district-wide class ini
tiation. On this night similar meet
ings will be held in each of the 28
districts in North Carolina.
District No. 17 is composed of Lee,
Montgomery and Moore counties.
Frank F. Watson of Sanford is the
District Deputy State Councilor.
These classes will be known as the
Washington’s Birthday Classes. "I his
is one of the objectives of the State
Board of Officers of the Junior Order.
Great interest is being shown in the
preliminary arrangements for these
I^t State Councilor, B. C. Slske,
will be present at this meeting and
bring greetings from the State Coun
cilor in a brief address. The Juniors
throughout the district are urged to
Pines. They have leased a house on
Indiana avenue for the remainder of
the season.
Carlton Palmer returned this week
from New York where he has been
for a few days. Mr. Palmer will at
tend the Washington Birthday races
in Camden, the later part of this
Mrs. William A. Holabird has re
turned from Washington, D. C.,
where she has been visiting her son-
in-law and daughter, General and
Mrs. William Cruickshank.
Mr. and Mrs. Irvin C. Bull of Mid
dleton, N. Y„ were among prominent
guests arriving at the Mid-Pines
Mr. and Mrs. James Tower of New
York, Mrs. R. Mann Pag'e of Pitts
burgh, Dr. and Mrs. Horace D. Bei
lis of Trenton, N. J., and William A.
McGill of Pittsburgh arrived Tues
day to spend some time at the High
land Pines Inn.
Mrs. H. B. Weatherspoon was call
ed to Columbia, S. C., this week on
the death of her father R. W. Tay
Thomas H. McGraw of Pittsburgh,
Pa., has joined Mrs. McGraw for a
visit of several days at their home
"Cherokee Farm” near Aberdeen.
Gordon Mendelssohn has as his
guests for a few days, Mrs. Morgan
Cowperthwaite and son, John K.
Cowperthwaite of Far Hills, N. J.
Harry A. Sanders of Greenville,
Many a house has been rented by a Maine is spending several days in
i Southern Pines and is a guest at the ■
Hollywood. During his stay here Mr.
Sanders has visited many of the
near-by towns and cities.
Mr. and Mrs. Bartlett Arkell of
New York City are visiting Mr. and
Mrs. W. Clark ArKell at their home
on Weymouth Heights.
Harry Parker spent a few days
in Southern Pines this week en route
to his home in Quincy, Mass., after
spending some time in Florida.
Mr. and Mrs. F. Merrow, Mrs. E.
Baker, Mrs. Harriet E. Stevens and
Harry E. Taylor spent Tuesday In
Mrs. Craighill Brown has return
ed from a two weeks’ visit in Flor
Kenneth Trousdell is at Sea Island
Beach, Ga., for a visit.
William Liebert who has been vis
iting in Winston-Salem for some
time has returned to his home on
Vermont avenue.
Bob Gifford will be home from
Loui.sburg College in Loulsburg to
spend the week-end with his parents.
Miss Theresa Montesanti who is in
school In Asheville will spend the j
week-end with her parents. j
Miss Mary Averitt visited in Ches
terfield, S. C., Sunday.
Miss Mary Yeomans, Miss Mar
garet Bishop and Mrs. Hardison were
in Fayetteville for the day on Tues- j
James Boyd Is expected to return
today to his home on Weymouth
from New York where he has been
for some time on a business trip.
Miss Alice Squires has returned to j
the Women's College of the Univer
sity of North Carolina after spend
ing this past week-end with her par
Miss Amy Newcomb, formerly of
Wilmington, and now a member of
the N. C. Little Symphony Orches
tra arrived this week and is at the
Highland Pines Inn.
Pope Inman, Charles Spencer, R.
A. Brindell and George Buttry at
tended a business meeting of the A.
& P. Stores held In Raleigh Monday.
Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Dunn of Eller-
be were recent visitors of Mr. and
Mrs. Clyde Dunn.
Mrs. D. D. Shields Cameron and
infant daughter returned to their
home here from the Moore County
hospital Wednesday.
Mrs. W. E. Matchett and small
son Billy of Indianapolis, Indiana ar
rived Tuesday for a visit with Mrs.
Matchett’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. C.
L. Hayes.
Miss Katherine Buchan will arrive
Saturday from Louisburg College to
spend the week-end with her parents,
Mr. and Mrs. P, Frank Buchan.
S. V. Demarest of Ellenville, N. Y.,
is visiting Mr. and Mrs. W. N. Hutt
at their home on South May street
for a few days.
Mrs. Henry R. Luce, who is the
wife of the editor of Time Magazine,
and Thomas W. Durant of New
York are guests of Mrs. Carlton Pal
Dante Montesanti was in Raleigh
Wednesday to attend a meeting of
The Dyers and Cleaners Association.
Mr. and Mrs. Ben Jenkins and Mr.
and Mrs. L. E. Slack were guests at
the Hollywood this week for a few
days golf, en route to their homes
in Terre Haute and Indianapolis,
Ind. Mr. Slack is a well known at
torney and former mayor o€ Invllana-
polls. I
The Women’s Auxiliary of the '
Episcopal Church met Tuesday af- |
ternoon at the home of Mrs. A. J. I
Mr. and Mrs. William W. Phelps
of Westbury, L. I., are guests for
several days at the Highland Pines
Miss Eleana Ewart, who is a mem
ber of the faculty at Louisburg Col
lege, will be the house guest of Miss
Margaret Gifford this week-end.
Miss Anna Cameron visited Miss
Susan Swett at the Women’s College ,
of U N. C., in Greensboro last week-1
Miss Eleanor Sparks spent last i
week-end in High Point as the guest
of Miss Martha Carlisle. j
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Walker an- |
nounce the birth of a son on Monday, 1
February 18th, at the Moore County i
Hospital. i
Mr. and Mrs. George Eustis arrived !
from Washington to spend the week
end at their cottage on Young's Road.
Mrs. George C. Moore attended a
party Tuesday of this week in Fay
etteville given by Mrs. George Elliot,
Jr., for her sister, Mrs. Adeline Mc
Cormick of New York City.
Recent arrivals at the Mid-Pines
Club were Mr. and Mrs. Astell J.
Byles of Ardsley-on-Hudson, N. Y.,
Mrs. Charles de Rham, JrJ., of New
York City and Mrs. S. Griswold
Flagg of Radnor, Pa., Mrs. Wallace D.
McLean of Scarsdale, N. Y., and Mr.
and Mrs. Irvin C. Bull of Middleton,
New York.
Burrell G. White returned Monday
to his home “Sunnyfield” in Knoll-
wood, after a ten days’ visit In New
Friends of Miss Sarah Keith Pat
terson will be interested to know she
has successfully passed the examlna- j
tions for nursing in Virginia and was
given the ‘Blue Seal,” and honor for
an average of 92 or more. Miss Pat
terson Is a graduate of Southern
Pi.ies High School, class of 1930, and
of St. Elizabeth’s Hospital, Richmond,
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Mrs. Millard H. Turner entertained
the Sewing Club Monday afternoon
at the Highland Pines Inn.
Mrs. T. Shay was hostess at a
bridge and tea last week at the Park
Mrs. E. C. Eddy will be hostess to
the members and their friends of the
Order of Eastern Star at her home
on Mas.sachusetts avenue Monday [
evening, February 25th. The enter- I
tainnient for the benefit of the i
Eastern Star and Maaonic Home. i
Various games will provide the en-1
tertainment. For information and '
reservations see Mrs. George |
or Mrs. Eddy. |
The All States Association will en- |
tertain at a social Friday evening at
the Civic 01ub. A program in honor
of Washington’s birthday will fill the
early part of the evening, after
which there will be dancing and re
freshments. Music will be furnished
by the Sandhills Rythmn Boys. A
cordial invitation is extended to all.
Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Gould enter
tained Mr. and Mrs. M. G. Nichols
at dinner Sunday at the Hollywood.
Mrs. J. Herndon Smith of St. Louis
entertained at dinner last night for
a party of five at the Highland
Pines Inn.
Mrs. Francis Robinson entertained
at tea at her home in Weymouth
Heights for Mrs. Clement W. Booth
of Southold, L. I.
Dr. and Mrs. Benjamin White en
tertained at dinner at the Lovejoy
Cabin on Monday night.
Mrs. I. Bodine Valle was a lunch
eon hostess Monday at Lovejoy’s.
Mr. and Mrs. William C. Conafit
of Weston, Mass., entertained Tues
day at dinner and golf at the Mid-
Pines Club for Mr. and Mrs. Heman
Gifford of Millbrook, N. Y.
The Eddy Studio is making an earn
est effort to Induce Will H. Towles
of Washington to visit Southern
Pines. Mr. Towles Is the director of
the School for Photographers under
the auspices of the N. P. A. of Amer
ica which school in Indiana Miss Ed
dy attended last summer. His por
traits have won recognition here and
abroad as he holds sLxty-five awards.
This is an opportunity to have that
photograph taken. Eddy’s Studio.
Circle No. 2 of the Presbyterian
Women's Auxiliary met with Mrs.
Alex McPherson on Friday after
noon, with Miss Thurla Cole, chair
man.. conducting the devotional. Af
ter the business session Mrs, J. M.
Guthrie admirably reviewed the mis
sion study book for February,
Circle No. 3, the Girls’ Circle ot
the same auxiliary, met on Saturday
afternoon with Miss Jeanette Woot
en as hostess. Miss Virginia Graham,
chairman, conducted the devotional,
and Mrs, J. M. Guthrie reviewed
Planning,” the Good Life,” by Dr.
H, H. Sweets,
Mesdames J. E. Snow, W, G. Parker
and J. M. Guthrie attended the Ex
ecutive Board meeting of Fayette
ville Presbyterial held in the Rae-
ford church on Thursday of last
Cameron and Sanford played bas
ketball in the Sanford Gymnasium on
Friday evening. The scores were:
girls, 13-35 in favor of Cameron, and
boys, 16-37 in favor of Sanford.
Prof. and Mrs. R. F, Lowry, Bruce
Thdrrington and Miss Mary Fran
ces Turner attended the Duke-Caro-
lina basketball game at Chapel Hill
last Saturday evening.
Miss Mary Thomas spent
the week-end in Raleigh.
Dr. H. O. Averitte, after a week’s
illness with influenza, was able to
resume his practice this week.
Mr. and Mrs. Guy Matthews of
San.”ord and Mrs. Georgie Matthews
vis* ted Miss Frances Matthews at
Plnehurst last Sunday afternoon.
Miss Lucile Rogers of Route 1 has
accepted a position with Mrs. S. Y.
Ramage in Pinehurst.
Misses Catherine Wicker and Mar
garet McLean were supper guests of
Mrs. R. F. Lowry on Friday evening,
and Miss Jean Swett was supper
guest of Miss June Mclver Hemphill
the same evening. These girls played
basketball at Sanford that evening.
Ralph McFayden of the C. C. C.
camp spent the week-end with his
mother, Mrs. Georgie McFayuea.
The Rev. and Mrs. M. D. McNeill
spent Monday afternoon in Sanford,
guests of Mr. and Mrs. D. B. Tea
Miss Mary .McDonald spent Sunday
in Whiteville.
Carlysle Gibson of Rockingham was
the guest Sunday of Mrs. Janie Muse.
Miss Elva Bryant of Jonesboro and
Mrs. Olive Hall Robson, age 32,
wife of V. R. Robson, passed away,
after a short illness, early Wednes
day morning, February 13th at her
home three miles east of SoutheVn
Pines, Mrs. Robson was before her
marriage Miss Olive Frances Hall,
daughter of Mr. and Mrs, W. M.
Hall of South Carolina. She wa.s mar
ried on May 8, 1918,
Funeral services were conducte<i by
the Rev, E. L, Barber at Old Be-
the.sda Church Thursday afternoon at
2:30, Interment was in Bethc.scla
Cemetery, Mrs, Robson is survived
by her husband and seven children:
Odell, Hurshell, Vanessa, Vera, Wil
liam Richard, Edmond and Lawrence.
She is also survived by her father
and mother, Mr, and Mrs, W'. M.
Hall, one brother. Porter Hall, and
one sister, Stella Han, of Gibson.
A charming visitor to Southern
Pines over Sunday was Mrs. W, B.
Lindsay, of Charlotte, the president
of the State Women’s Christian Tem‘
perance Union, and one of the vice-
presidents of the National Union.
Mrs. Lindsay spoke at a Temperance
Rally in the Baptist Church at Aber
deen in the ofternoon, and at the
Baptist Church in Southern Pines
Sunday evening, and was most cor
dially received by a large group of
citizens. She also spoke at both white
and colored schools in Southern Pines.
Marriage licenses have been issued
from the office of the Register of
Deeds of Moore county to Aster Key
and Viola Moore, both of Hemp; Bus
ter Clayton Doyle and Eleanor Cohna
Moore, both of Southern Pines.
Mrs. T. J. McPherson of Sanford
were guests Wednesday of Mrs. Loula
Prof. and Mrs. R. F. Lowry, the
Rev. and Mrs. Frank Hare of Jones
boro and Mr. and Mrs. Van Lime-
bach of Winston-Salem were dinner
guests of Misses Lula and Lucile
Rogers of Route 1 Itist Sunday.
Miss Idell Thomas, who has finish
ed her beauty culture course in Nor
folk, Va., is spending her vacation
with her mother, Mrs. Pearl Thomas.

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