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    Friday, April 17, 1936.
THE PILOT. Southern Pines and Aberdeen, North Carolina
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Southern Pines and Fayetteville
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STA'r PUT' ■
.Southern Pines, N. C.
A Country Day and
Boarding School
for children under fourteen years.
Open air classes, and all
out-door activities.
Music - Art - Handicrafts
Mr. and Mrs. F. B. Tuck, Mr. and
Mrs. Frank Purcell and Mrs. Berkley
LeV. Allen spent Sunday in Chapel
Hill and Durham.
D. M. Stewart and Mr. and Mrs.
J. D. Stewart of Lumberton were
week-end guests of Mr. and Mrs. Alex
Mr. and Mrs. Bert Nicolls left Sun
day for their home in Arlington,, after passing the .season here.
Mrs. Ernest Gamache and baby
daughter, Ann Louise ,left for New
Yotk City Monday night to join Mr.
Mr. and Mr.s. Henry Graves and
daughter, Carol of Greensbjro spent
the Easter .season as giiests of Mr.
and Mrs. Willard Dunlop.
Mi-, and Mrs. E. C. Cunningham
and Bort Cunningham returned Mon
day to Zebulon after spending the!
Boy Scout Movement Launched
in Southern Pines 20 Years Ago
guests of Mr.s.
and "security. No gummy, gooey taste
or feeling. Get FA"
TEETH toda
week-end as
I Mrs. Tliomas H. Burton and Mrs.
j Ivey Sally are spending this week in
Union, S. C.
j David Pow'ell spent the week-end
with his family in Waccamaw.
Orj^anized by Rev. Samuel Hold
en, Lo<al Troops Have Had
Their Tp.s and Downs
By F^dward F. flreen
The Boy Scout movement in South
ern Pines was organized by the Rev.
Samuel F Holden in 1914 or 1915. Mr.
Holden continued to be the scout
master until 1918 in which year he
was called away fiom tha city. The
leadership was then taken up by Mr.
Bickford who seems to have done
good work for the youth for some
two years, after which the work was
continued by Captain Thiers who with
Mr. Ruggles served until 1924.
-■V-t that time Max G. Backer, who
had been secretary and treasurer for
i several veats. was induced to take the
Coroner I'nable to Locate Rel
atives of ‘Mack Smith,” Who
Died in Carthase
Letters of inquiry and telephone
calls have b:en pouring into the .sher
iff's office as a result of the broad
cast of a description of a man known
• locally as Jack £mith, who died a few
^ days ago and relatives the
I coroner has been unable to locale.
Five delegations have come from
' Stanly county to visit the undertak-
I ing establishment in Carthage where
the b.dy is being held, one group
bringing a hearse to be prepared to
Ethel ‘ ! tak: the body back with them, only to
mastership. Mr. Backei’ put over the » .u . •
; ‘ * fmd that the man was not Ine miss-
finest prog: am that has ever been
I conducted by the scouts here. It was j
his administration that the
ing relative being sought.
Smith came to this section
Christmas, making the trip
Mrs, A, P. Thompson, Mrs. Eric i
Nclscn, Mrs. Bert Nicolls and Mrs.
Alec Innes were guests Friday ot!
I during
, scout movement in Southern Pines , , .
, , r I »■, I.. I Richmond, Va., with a produce dealer,
roached ih: crest of its activity. For; '
i . .. r.f said, and for a short while he
■ two succe.s.sive years the scouts oi
„ „ . had been working at a .saw mill near
Southern Pines won the championship
j Miss Frances McKeithen at her home
I in Carthage.
I Mr. and Mr-s. Charles B. Hudson
! spent ?:)aster in Chapel Hill.
I Mr.'and Mrs. L. Y. Souders have
i arrived for th? late spring season and
|aie occupying their cottage. The
I Oaks,
1 in the jamb-urees put on by the Wal-
' ter Hines Page Council of scouts, the
. first year in a competition with some
(five hundred scouts which met in San-
Ifoid. the second held in our own city.
Mr. Backer, finding his private bus-
ines.*- crowding him, had to relin-
cjuish scouting in the year 1930.
Garland Pierce then came to the
Carthage and staying in the home of
Rufus Nall. He is said to have made
various statments as to his place of
birth. Some say that he claimed to
have been born in Nebraska, others,
Kansas. He had lost the sight of one
ey3 in the World War, it is report
Master Louis Gold spent the Easter, excellent work for
vacation with relatives in Carthage. I ^»34. Mr. Pierce was
Miss Laivora Sally returned to! compelled to let go although he
is one of the best scout leaders any-
having the necessary pep and
attractive per.sonality.
Sally returned to |
I Marshville Monday after spending the |
! ,1. r»t V, n , W he 1 .
vv.ek-end at home,
Mrs, Kenan Rand and daughter,
Mary Elizabeth were guests last
week of Mr .and Mrs, Torn Black,
Miss Callie Jones has as her guests
over the week-end Mr. and Mrs. Her
man Smith, Miss Marion Bradley and
Ira Jones of Asheville.
Monday afternoon Mrs. E. B.
Keith, Mrs. Alex Stewart and Mrs. 1.
C. Sledge were joint hostesses, en
tertaining at a beautiful bridge-tea at
the Community Club House. Those
playing bridge were Mrs. Eric Nelson,
Following the leadership of Mr.
Pierce there camc a lapse of eome
years until 193>'j.
Because of the lack of records of
Mr. and Mrs. E. R. Outland of
High Point spent Sunday with Mr.
and Mrs. D. W'^. McDuffie.
Mr .and Mrs. C, K, Dowd of San
ford and Mr. and Mrs, G. E, Dowd of !
High Point were week-end visitors
with Mr and Mrs, J. P. Richardson.
Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Capers of Lil-
th. organization the foregoing may;''^Stcn spent the week-end with Mrs.
not be accurate in every detail. Cor
rections therefore are requested from
anyone, that something like a con-
Caples’ parents, Mr. and Mrs,
E. W.
Mr. and Mrs. M. H. Markham of
nected history of scouting in South-! Fayetteville spent Sunday with Mrs.
trn Pines may be written. ! G. P- Markham. Mrs. Markham re-
The Boy St outs in Southern Pines | turned to Fayetteville with them for
During the summer of 1935 the a short visit.
Mrs, Donald Church, Mrs. True P. i boys seemed to have little to live for, | Mrs. Maude C. McDonald, wh' nas
Cheney, Mrs, Alec Innes, Mrs. H, A.
Campbell, Mrs, J. F. Taylw, Mrs
Clarence Lyman, Mrs. Leo. C. Fuller,
Mrs, F, B. Tuck, Mrs T. R Cole Mrs,
Lloyd Yost, Mrs. Harold Callaway,
Mrs, F, L, DuPont, Mrs. Thomas R.
Black, Mrs. A. P. Thompson, Mrs, S.
R Jellison, Mrs Raymond Johnson,
Mrs, David Coffey, Mrs. J. I. O’Brien,
Mrs. Ralph W. Sutton, Jilrs. Lloyd
Tate, Mrs. Wesley R. Viall, find Mrs,
Charles B. Hudson. Prizes were pre
sented to Mrs. Jellison, Mrs. Tuck,
Mrs. Nelson, Mrs, O’Brien and Mrs.
Taylor. Guests coming in for tea in
cluded Miss Sara Cobb, Miss Lillian
Moore, Miss Edla Best, Miss Evelyn
Gilliam, Miss Katherine Blue Miss
Eunice Gibson, Miss Dorothy Cross,
Mrs. A. J. McKelway, Sr., and Mrs.
A, J. McKelway.
Mrs. Ellis Fields and Mrs. Charlie
Fields wish to thank all those who
aided in making the food sale on Sat
urday a success. The proceeds were
used to make a substantial payment
on the piano which has been purchas
ed for the Primary Department of
! the Sunday School of the Community
j Church.
j Mrs, Wesley R. Viall and Mrs. W.
They were observed going about the I been spending the winter months j
streets in groups, “all dressed up but: with her son, Carlton A. McDonald '
nowhere to go." Anyone who was ever | in Raleigh .has returned for the sum- '
a boy, and hasn’t forgotten it, know's! mer. . !
what it means for youth to grow up
with tco much leisure.
One of our citizens suggested to
another of us that something ought
to be done to add a little guidance,
and some zest, to their ongoing, Cnn-
srquently a picnic was arranged and
put on, very much to the pleasure of
the boys. Very soon another was ask
ed for. It was arranged with an ap
propriate hike. A third gathering
with hike and eats was arranged for
them. The number of the lads increas
ed and the suggestion was offered as
to why some thing shouldn’t be done
for them in the way of an organiza
It was remembered that, some
years ago, there was a flourishing
scout organization in town. Since
there is no organization for youth
with so many useful phases of use
ful information, character building,
and development in real Americanism
the idea pr:sented itself to organize
the boys into a scout troop. This was
for the younger boys 8 to 12 years of
L. Dunlop entertained at a large | age. But what of the older boys 13 to
Mrs. R, G. Matheson returned from
Snowdown. Ala., last Friday. Mrs.
Mathesoi. was called there on account
of the .sudden illness and death of her
sister, Mrs, Mary Hagan, two
W'eek ago.
Mrs. R. E. Hendrelite is on an ex
tended visit with her sen, Fred Wood
ruff. in Southern Pines.
Mr. and Mrs. Whit C. Purvis of
Bakersvillg spent the Easter holidays
here with Mrs. Purvis’ parents, Mr.
and Mrs. B. L. Henderson.
Mr, and Mrs. O, S. Richardson had
as their guests Sunday Mr. and Mrs.
Thede Autry of Autryville.
Mrs. B. W, Walker returned to'H
High Point Monday after spending a
few days with Mrs. C. R, Cole.
DRorriNe or suppiMe
Don’t be embarrassed again by hav
ing your false teeth slip or drop when
you eat, talk, laugh or sneeze,
•prInUe a little F^TEETH on your
plates. This new, extremely fine
bridge tea Thursday afternoon at the
Country Club. There w(*re eight tables
of bridge and tw’elve additional guests
invited for tea.
Miss Katherine Blue, Mrs. W. R.
Viall, and son, Billy Viall attended the
Junior High School State Piano con
test in Greensboro last Friday. Billy
played in the contest, winning second
F. H, Krebs and the Rev. and Mrs.
I A. J. McKelway returned today from
several days spent in Charleston, S.
C,, and Magnolia Gardens.
Thursday evening the Firemen’s Or
ganization of Plnehurst held its an
nual banquet at the country club,
when special guests were wives and
sweethearts of the firemen; making
about sixty attending. Sherwood
Brockwell, State Fire Commissioner
of Raleigh, was present, entertaining
in his inimitable style with songs
storie.o and dances of the Southern
Negro. An added attraction was the
floor show from the Club Chalfonte.
The entertainment committee for tnis
delightful occasion was composed of
Frank McCaskill, Harold Kelly and
Travis Wicker.
The Ninth district Art Apprecia
tion contest will be held at Southern
Pines High School Auditorium on Ap
ril 24th at 10:00 a. m. Every school
is entitled to two contestants, one rep
resenting the high school.
A program is being prepared for
the contestants. All the schools In
this district are invited to take part
in this contest, and also the creative
16 years of age? The real scouts are
of the latter age. In order to make
a complete organization it seemed to
us that the older boys should be in
cluded, and especially so since they
manifested as great enthusiasm for
the organization as did the younger
Since a very large part of the scout
work consists of technical elements
it was very necessary that the woods
be scoured for a competent scoutmas
ter. He was found, but because of the
pressure of business he could not,
through the winter season, devote the
time to the scouts they really need
The organization was held togeth
er, however, and that notwithstand
ing the many nights that were too
ccld and stormy to hold meetings.
Enough scouts presented themselves
to make up three patrols. Of the cubs
there was an equal number.
The organization could not be let
There was a scout camp, or club
house. It looked like an abandoned
orphan asylum. A large part of the
roof had been renewed; the balance
cried aloud for someone to put it into
shape. Scaffolding and trash littered
the yard as though some sort of a
black death had visited the place and
there were not enough folks left to
clean the place up. It is wonder the
town didn’t do it as a matter of com*
munity cleanliness and pride.
There is a great need here that
something be done for the on-coming
generation of our youth. Upon re
quest Principal Webster of the pub
lic schools prepared a list of the
Marriage licenses have been issued
from the office of the Register of
Deeds of Moore county to the fol
lowing: Milton Burns, Eagle Springs
Route 1, and Lilly W’illiams, Hemp;
Roy Burton Moore and Edith Seawell
Benner, both of Carthage; Franklin
Hussey and Jessie Hussey, both of
Spies; Clifton R, Brewer of Steeds
Route 1 and Alma McNeill of Spies
Route 1.
boys attending school whose ages
ranged from eight years to sixteen.
That list gives ninety-nine of them,
and for whom nothing was being done
in their leisure hours until the gen
tlemen at present somewhat identi
fied with the movement took it upon
themselves to endeavor to do some
thing to meet the demand. They are
the future leaders in our civic life;
they are the leaders of the life of
our churches. They are the future of
ficers and supporters of the institu
tions we regard as very necessary to
the perpetuation of an atmosphere in
which the democratic spirit may find
welcome and operate.
There is a complete patrol of
scouts. Another can very soon be
formed. There are two complete pa
trols of the cubs. Another will soon
be ready for formatk>n.
The gentlemen voluntarily present
ing the present leadership would like
to urge parents and other thought
ful citizens to kindly give their mor
al support to the work that it may
be lifted back to something like the
influence it had under the leadership
of Messrs. Backer and Pierce.
This should be said concerning the
scout work that there is nothing In
it of a foreign, or sectarian ,or «t11
bias of any sort. Its principles incul
cate the very finest principles of
American citizenship.
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CATALOG. Mail a post card to
T. W. Wood & Sons,
Richmond, Va.

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