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VOL. 16, NO. 28.
IN. u
. c?AROUNA room
Southern Pines and Aberdeen^ North^CaroIina,
Chairman of Board of Commis
sioners Gives Accounting at
Club’s Weekly Meeting
At the invitation of the Kiwanis
Club the chairman of Moore county’s
Board of Commissioners, Wilbur H.
Currie of Carthage, gave an account
ing of the county’s finances at the
club's weekly meeting held Wednes
day noon in the Aberdeen Community
House. His talk boiled down to the
answer given by one of the State’s
biggest bonding houses, recently ask
ed for a statement on Moore county’s
“We have seen no reason to get de
tails of this county. The bonds sell at
such a high premium we have not had
to worry about its condition. The fi
nancial sheet is excellent.”
Mcore county’s per capita debt is
$26, one of the lowest in the state,
Mr. Currie explained, and said the ra
tio of debt to .valuation was 3.6, also
among the lowest. He gave figures
from other counties of the state, re
flecting our healthy condition in com
parison. Our tax rate is among the
lowest, having been reduced from
$1.05 in 1930 to .73 cents last year.
The property valuation was $27,187,-
000 in 1930, in 1935 was $20,268,000,
a 25.45 percent reduction.
The tax levy in the county in 1930
wa.s $293,000, in 1935 $147,000, a
49.55 percent reduction. We owed
$687,000 in 1930; at the end of the
1935 fiscal year we owed $570,000,
and this has since been reduced $35,-
000 more. The county has $41,000 in
securities at the present time.
Mr. Currie outlined the details of
the budget under which the county is
operating, and told where each dol
lar goes.
Dr. Poteat Addresses
High School Seniors
Twenty-One Awarded Diplomas
at Exercises in Southern Pines
t W^ednesday
Dr. E. M. Poteat, pastor of the Pul
len Memorial Church in Raleigh, made
one of the finest addresses heard here
in some time before the graduating
class of Southern Pines High School
at the closing exercises in the school
auditorium* on Wednesday evening.
His subjpcl was “Wisdom.”
On Sunday evening Dr. C. Rexford
Raymond of the Church of Wide Fel
lowship here preached a memorable
baccalaureate sermon to the seniors.
Class Day exercises were hel I in the
school Wednesday morning.
Those awarded diplomas were Lelia
Adams, Carlos Greene Bailey, Robert
Beck, Mary E. Cameron, Louise Cos-
giove. Alaric Creighton Drew, Elle-
nore Eddy, Bertha Fowler, Ruth Gil-
lis, Lucile Grcver, Herman Grover,
Eleanor Harloe, Ruth Richardson,
Walter Spaeth, Stanley Tobin, Ruth
Thompson, Lawrence William.s, Mary
Jane Woodward and Bynum Reed
■ - ^ ^
of the Sandhill TerritOi"^* ^^v'^orth Carolina
===== *'4^
Friday, June 5, 1936.
Leading Candidates For Democratic Nomination For Governor
H. (SANDY) «iU.-
Fire Department
Eight-Year Old Son of Cashier of
Citizens Bank in Critical Con
dition at Hospital
Lewis Hodgkins, eight-y«ar old son
of Noiris L. Hodgkins, cashier of the
Citizens Bank & Trust Company of
Southern Pines, and Mrs. Hodgkins,'
was seriously injured early Monday |
afternoon when struck by a truck on
May street near New Hampshire ave
nue, and is in a critical condition at
the Moore County Hospital. Both legs j
were fractured above the knees, with i
possible internal injuries. The young
ster had not regained consciousness
The truck was driven by Herbert
S. Ward of Selma, and with him was
Ernest Godwin of Wilson. Both are
young men. Though w'itnesses state
they were not traveling at an exces- i Parker, S. P. High School Pitch
Vote Early!
I’olling Places for Primary
Open Saturday From Sun
up to Sun-down
The polls for the Democratic Pri-
/nary tcmori’ow, Saturday, will be
open from sun.up to sun-down.
Only duly registered and enrolled
Democrats may vote.
The polling places in Aberdeen,
Pinehurst and Southern Pines are
as follows:
-Page Trust Company
H. E. Stacey Calls Candidate
First Citizen of North Caro
lina in Talk Here
sive speed, they were held under bond
for appearance in Recorder’s Court
at Carthage on June 22d. The young,
men stated they were bound from •
Cameron to South Carolina. The truck
is owned in Selma.
It is believed that the young Hodg
kins boy failed to see the truck as
he emerged from behind another car.
The accident cast a spell of gloom
over Southern Pines the forepart of
the week, the many friends of the
family fearing the youth’s injuries
The qualifications of Clyde R. Hoey
for Govern''.r of North Carolina were
s?t forth in an addi-ess by H. E. Sta
cey, brother of Chief Justice Stacey
of the Supreme Court of North
Club at Aberdeen at their weekly
meeting in the Aberdeen Comunity
House. The program was arranged
’ by Howard Burns, who referred to it
at a “double header,” with talks by
both Mr. Stacey and Wilbur H. Cur
rie, chairman cf the Board of County
■* Commissioners.
Mr. Stacey, after lamenting the bit
terness of the present Gubernatorial
campaign "within the party,” i-eview-
ed the record of the Democratic party
from the time it gained control of the
State government in 1900. The party
is responsible for the State's policies
and government, he said. He went on
to tell the impcrtant part Mr. Hoey
had played in party and state during
those years, dating from his member
ship in the Legislature In 1899, the
on Wednesday afternoon to see the General Assembly w’hich voted
er. Holds Camp Team to
Three Singles
By Tom Millar
A crowd of nearly 400 turned out
first baseball game cf the season for
the Southern Pines team, and cheered
the locals to a surprise 2-0 win over
the strong Camp 95, CCC, outfit.
ties have not pronounced the young
patient as out of danger.
Real Estate Active
in Southern Pines
Prof. R. C. Zimmerman has been
re-elected principal of the Aberdeen
Schools for the 1936-37- school year,
and all but one of the faculty select
ed. The list of teachers, announced
this week, is as follows:
Miss Lavora Sally, Pinehurst, 2d
grade; Miss Rebecca Cook, Boston,
Ga., 3d grade; Miss Estelle Johnson,
Cumnock, 4th grade; Miss Mary Yel-
verton, Parmville, 5th grade; Mrs.
Kate Charles. Aberdeen, and Miss Net
tie Allen Latta, S. C., 6th grade; Miss
Vanessa McLean, Aberdeen, 7th
grade; Miss Cliffe Williams, Hender
son, High Schocl mathematics and
French; J. C. Robbins, Jamestown,
High School English and History.
Edgar Parker, local high school
might prove fatal. Mr. Hodgkins stat- pjtcher, held the visitors to three sin.
ed yesterday the family felt much en-' gies, two of them of the scratch va-
coui'aged, though hospital authori-' riety, and was given great fielding
support in the pinches. He fanned sev
en and walkid two in the seven-in
ning tilt.
Montesanti irrepressible as usual,
started the scoring for the locals
w’hen, with two down in the opening
, , . i frame, he singled, stole second and
^ac me scored when the CCC back
stop threw into left field trying to
catch him at third. The other marker
came in the fifth. Spaeth singled and
Parker w’as safe on an error. Newton
forced Spaeth, Boney fouled out, but
i "Mcnte” came through with another
i single and Parker scored as New'ton
' w'as being run down between second
\ and third.
The line-up for the locals was as
J follows: Newton, 3b; Boney, If;
1 Monte, c; Golden, lb; Millar, cf;
Buchan, ss; J. Pate, rf; Spaeth, 2b;
Clyde W'ilson Buys, and Sweeting and Gal
braith Homes Are Sold
Walter Lambeth, Representative in
Congress from this, the 8th Congres
sional district of North Carolina, has
no opp.nent in the primary.
The real estate market in Southern
Pines shows considerable pre-season
activity. R. F. Potts has sold for tlie
Southern Pines Building and Loan As
sociation the former Lachine proper
ty known as the “Limestone House,”
located on Pine Grove road, the buy
er being Clyde Wilson of Charleston,
S. C. Mr. Wilson, associated with The
Ark School during the past season,
has acquired the property for a home.
Mrs. V. R. Sweezy has sold the P'
Sweeting house. New Hampshire I” first game of the newly or-
avenue and May street,* to its present ga^nized Peach Belt League, played
tenant, Frederick Stanley Smith. At Wednesday at Aberdeen, Aberdeen
private sale John Ferguson bought ’ defeated Sanford 6 to 2. The game j Board of women who are and have
the Galbraith house, East Broad'was featured by Buster Buffkin’s
the first appropriations for schools.
Mr. Hoey was then 21 years old. A
poor farm boy, he had left school
at the age of 12 to help support his
family. In recent years he has been,
Mr. Stacey said, the "chief exponent
and champion of his party in the
state. He is sought after in every
county as a speaker, and is the great
est drawing card in the party.”
SavjHl For Crucial Hour
During all this time except for his
one term in the legislature and one
in Congress he has been working for
others in the party, not for himself,
he said. ‘'We new have an opportuni
ty to reward him for his service. We
have saved him for the crucial hour,
when we need the strongest man we
can find. Clyde Hoey is the first priv
ate citizen of North Carolina today,”
he .said.
“He has done more for the State and
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Mrs. Spence Lauds
Graham For Governor
Chairman of State I^>ard Ap
peals to Women to Support
Lieutenant Governor
Mrs. Union L. Spence of Carthage
is chairman of a State Advisory
street and Vermont avenue, and has I pitching and Ralph Leach’s home run
moved in with his family. | with two cn base.
Several other sales are rumored but
not yet confirmed.
Louis Lachine announced yesterday
the leasing of his attractive house at
the corner of Massachusetts avenue
and Highland Road to Mr. and Mrs.
Ervin Glover of Washington, D. C., 1 hospitably entert!ained by the local
who will take posession November' firemen. The Chemical team, Oscar
1st for occupancy next winter seas
Sandhills Firemen's Association in
Lumberton Wednesday were most
Rain fell on the Sandhills for the
first time ye.sterday in several weeks,
but the precipitation w'as insufficient
to benefit crops.
Bitter Primary ights For
Democratic Nominations
End at Sundown Saturday
Primary Candidates
Names Appearing on Demo
cratic State and County Bal
lots on Saturday
All Manner of Predictions in
Races For Governor, U. S.
Senator, County Posts
been actively supporting “Sandy”
Graham for Governor, it was an-
n unced in Raleigh this week.
“I have know'n ‘Sandy’ Graham for
years and Auring his long-career in
public service he has shown unexcelled
ability as a statesman,” said Mrs.
Spence this week. “His 15 years of
legislative experience, his capable
management of affairs on the many
boards an'i commissions upon which
he has served, his oft.demonstrated
devotion to North Carolina’s schools
and homes; all these clearly stamp
Michael, Harris Cashion, Douglas
Gregory and Elmer Reneger, w'ere
placed second in their contest. Miss
Ruth tkins of Southern Pines, an en- ^ him as the logical choice of the think-
tiant in the beauty contest, was one j ing women of-the state,” she said,
of the very last to be eliminated, and A member of the board from South-
was* heartily applauded. ern Pines is Mrs. James S. Milliken.
I Josiah W. Bailey
Richard T.. Fountain
William H. Griffin
David L.
A. H. Graham
Clyde R. Hoey
Dr. Ralph McDonald
John A. McRae
Paul Grady
Wilkins P. Horton
George McNeill
M. R. Dunnagan
Thad Eui'e
Stacey W. Wade
Willard L. Dowell
Baxter Durham
Charles W. Miller
George Ross Pou
Charles M. J hnson
Helen Robert.son Wohl
A. B. Alderman
Gilbert Ci-aig
Clyde A. Erwin
William A. Graham
W. Kerr Scott
Eighth District
Walter Lambeth (Unopposed)
E. J. Burns
W. R. Clegg*
J. Hawley Poole
M. G. Boyette*
A. Carlton McDonald
Henry Seawell
D. D. Shields Cameron"'
Bessie McCaskill
John McCrummen
D. Carl Fry*
■M, A. Hill
(One from each district to be voted
• 1st Dist.
'■'”hur H. Currie*
L. Reid Flinchum
2d Dist.
D. D. McCrimmon*
Archie Kelly
3d Dist.
L, R. Reynolds*
Will Tyson
4th Dist.
T. F'rank Cameron*
W. McC. Blue
5th Dist.
Gordon McG. Cameron*
D. A. Patterson
•—Present incumbent.
Candidates not listed where unop
Tomorrow at sundown they’ll start
counting the votes, and one of the
most exciting and bitter primary con
tests in the history of the Democrat-
' ic party in North Carolina w'ill be
> terminated. It may be but a tempor-
j ary lull, for many predict a second
' primary in the Gubernatorial race,
possibly in others.
It is a difficult primary to figure.
There are those w'ho estimate that Dr
I Ralph McDonald of Forsyth, who has
waged his campaign on an anti-sales
tax platform and has bitterly assail
ed the Democratic organiza'tion in tb®
state for months, winning wide sup.
port with promises of relieving the
tax load for the rank and file by
“.soaking” the wealthy corporations
I and individuals, will win in the first
I primary—something which requires
1 more than 50 percent of the total vote
I cast. Of those w'ho believe there will
; be a second primary, there is a divid-
j ed opinion as to whether Clyde Hoey
'of Shelby or H. (Sandy) Graham,
[ present Lieutenant Governor, will be
in it. The fourth candidate, John A.
i McRae, is not looked upon as figur
Predictions here are that “Sandy”
Graham will carry Moore county. But
both other camps claim it for their
United States Senator J. W. Bailey
is expected to be given generous sup
port here. He is admired for his in-
I dependent stand on all important leg-
I islation during hhis first term at
I Washington, during which time he
I has climbed to a position of national
importance. Senator Bailey has been
handicapped in his campaign for re-
election by regarding it as his duty
to stick to his post in Washington
rather than to stump the state in his
own behalf. His principal opponent,
j Bichard T. Fountain, has devoted his
I campaign almost exclusively to at-
I tacks on Senator Bailey.
For County Offices
The Gubernatorial and Senatorial
contests are the principal centers of
interest in the State campaigns. In
the county hot fights have been on
for practically every office. There’s a
good three-cornered race for the Dem
ocratic nomination for member of the
State House of Repesentatives, with
K. J. Burns of Carthage and J. Haw
ley Poole of West End challenging
Representative W. R. Clegg for his
seat. Poole claims widespread support
throughout the county, is a popular
and successful farmer and business
man and it will not be surprising if
he puts the Carthage attorney to
rout. Burns is looked upon as a dark
horse and may surprise many.
Possibly next in excitement to the
Assembly race is that for the position
' of Register of Deeds, the past now
I’held by Shields Cameron of South
ern Pines, himself a leading contend-
I er for continuance in office. Pitted
' against him are Miss Bessie McCas
kill cf Carthage, a.ssistant to the late
j W. J. Harrington in the Register’s of
fice for many years, and John Mc
Crummen of West End. This looks
! like anybody’s race, though Cameron,
' as the only Southern Pines candidate
in the field, is expected to poll a
Effect on Seaboard heavy vote in this <nd of the county
and should come through.
EJach member of the Board of Coun
ty Commissioners has an opponent,
and rumor has it that the races in
the 1st and 5th districts will be close.
New Rates Now' in
Fare Between Southern Pines
and New York Reduced Ef
fective June 1st
The new drastically reduced fares
of Eastern Railroads effective June L. Reid Flinchum is out against Wil-
1st, make substantial reductions in bur H. Currie, chairman of the pres-
the cost cf travel via Seaboard Air ent board, in the Carthage district,
Line Railway from all points in the and D. A. Pattemson of West End
South to the cittis of the East and against Gordon Cameron in the 5th
Central West. district. D. D. McCrimmon. L. R.
As an example of the new lower Reynolds and T. Frank Cameron are
fares, the one way fare from South- looked upon as likely to succeed
ern Pines to New York, including themselves from the other three dls-
lower berth w’as $23.92 and is now tricts with less trouble than uCrrie
$21.30. a saving of $2.62. The fifteen'and Gordon Cameron. M. G. Boyette
day round-trip ticket, including lower is expected to be renominated Solici-
berth in each direction, formerly cost tor, and D. Carl Fry, Coroner. Charles
$40.98, and now costs $35.80. ’The J. McDonald has no opponent ap
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