North Carolina Newspapers

    Friday, June 12, 1936
THE PILOT, Southern Pines and Aberdeen, North Carolinm
Page Thrw
C. C. C. Boys Even Up
Sefies With S. P. Team
Take 5-3 Ball Game by Getting
Off to Four-Run Start
in 1st Inning
By Tom Millar
Camp 95, CCC, evened up the base
ball series with the Southern Pines
town team on Wednesday afternoon,
*s they took a 5-3 decision before a
crowd of 400. The rubber game of the
series will be played at 3 o’clock
Sunday afternoon cn the camp field.
“Lefty" Ketchum settled down and
pitched two-hit ball for the reifiainder
of the game after a disastrous first
inning had netted the visitors four
hits and as many runs, to give them
* lead that was never headed.
Hale pitched a nice game for the
winners, holding the locals to five
hits .and was in trouble only In the
seventh when Southern Pines rallied
to tally twice. Poor base-running
ruined this rally, however. The camp
pitcher fanned twelve.
The line-ups: Southern Pines: Bon-
«y, rf; Mills, of; Wilson, ss-lb; Mon-
tesanti, c; Spaeth, 2b; Millar, 3b-ss;
Qolden, If; Bob Beck, lb, with Vann
replacing him at 3b; Ketchum, p. C.
Beck batted for Ketchum ir the 7th.
CCC: Holiday. 2b; Brooks, cf; Piner,
lb; Hendrix, ss; Haynes, rf; Hester,
3b; Bayne, c; Everett, If; Hale, p.
The Week in Aberdeen
Negro Gets 3 Months | John Pottle Awarded
For Assaulting- Wife A. B. Degree at Brown
The Rev, and Mrs. E. M. Harris deen visiting her parents, Mr. and ;
left Tuesday for Washington, D. C., Mrs. T. D. McLean. Another Sentenced As Result of Alumnus of Southern Pines High
to attend the commencement txer- Miss Edythe Cree! aas returned Fight on Government School is (iraduated at
cises at George Washington Univer. from Fayetteville where she spent the
sity where their son, Ernest, Jr.. is week-end as the guest of Mrs. Earl t-.. ^ j
graduating in law. They were accom- Regers. . Eastwood. Awarded his A. B. degree at Brown
panied by their two sons, Francis and Mr nnri Mrs R N anrt fam-' Recorder’s Court University's 168th annual commence-
l*roject Here
Elex Dowd, colored of Eastwood, '•
Providence, R. I.
Mr. and Mrs. R N. Bass and fam-
Richard. After the exercises they will jjy q, 13 children have moved to
all visit friends and relatives on a Aberdeen from Raleigh and are oc-
tour through Missouri and Kentucky, cupying the Heriing house in Lake-
Mr. and‘Mrs. John W. Graham are gjjjg Heights. Mr. Bass is employed
visiting in Chapel Hill this week, ^y the Chevrolet Motor Company,
where Mr. Graham is attending the Cockman of Pittsboro is
the guest of his cousin. Lawrence
Miss Lida Duke Blue, student at
Saint Mary’s, Raleigh, stopped over
in Aberdeen for a short while last
week enroute to Myrtle Beach, S. C.,
where her parents are spending the
summer. Miss Blue is planning to
visit her grandmother in Durham the
Bancroft Tennis Racquets for Grad
uation Gifts—Hayes.’
The Sandhills have long been
famous as the residence of many
writers. True to the tradition of
the country, the pupils of The
Ark in Southern Pines have been
busily occupied In setting down,
in story, play and poem, their
impressions and moods of the
times and the people.
Note the un.edited Impressions
of an eight year old girl to the
silence of the cool spring nights:
Silencc Is the dew;
It shines like gold;
It is soft and still.
Not even a mouse is stirring
In that soft circle of silence.
The stars shine overhead;
Not a sound is in the air.
It’s like the silver moon,
Soft and silent—
Sometimes scary.
It’s so silent
That you can almost
Hear the air
In the dark, the
Stars blink their frightened
Silence floats all over the
It’s as smooth as marble.
Another eight year old charmed
-with Peace, but fascinated with
the drama of war, writes:
Peace is happiness.
1 am content;
Songs spray my ears;
A rippling stream glides by—
Stars shine.
War reminds me of death;
Soldiers march
To the valley of the dead;
Cannon roarl
Trenches are dug;
Men hide In them.
Galloping horses I see—
Men lie deathly white
And pale upon the ground.
Bombs are dropped;
Blord and death are scattered.
Still another eight year old ap
proaches spring, and voices a
longing to have an active share in
I wish I had a pussy willow
I wish I had a pussy willow
I’d pick a pussy.
I'd pick a pussy.
I’d warm liim by the fire with
I'd warm him,
I’d warm him,
I’d warm him.
The school ha.s always been out
standing for the creative efforts
of its pupils in other media such
as wood and cloth and plaster and
paint. However, this year an un
usual number of original poems
have poured out evidence that the
youngest generation will keep
flying the standard of the literati
who first fcund the Sandhills a
source of inspiration.
Mr. Clyde Wilson, who has
charge of English in the school
and has made a specialty of en
couraging children to write, is a
novelist himself, and has taught
in some of the best known schools
in the country.
From the
Pinehurst Outlook.
46th reunion of his class at the Uni
Charles Crcwell of Norwood, a stu
dent at N. C. University, has accept
ed a position in the Bryan drug store
for the summer.
Misses Lena Stewart and Frances
Wimberly, and Ralph Buchan are at
tending the annual Young Peoples
Conference at Davidson this week as * - i,. .
...... greater part of the summer and at-
delegatea from the Aberdeen Presby- .f,
^ ^ ’ tend summer school at Duke Unlver-
terlan Church.
Miss Mary Johnston, dean 6f Flora ®
Macdonald College, Red Springs, Is Among the large number attend-
the guest of Mrs. Thomas B. Wilder the Junior Conference at Flora
while enroute North to spend the sum- Macdonald College. Red Springs this
week representing the Aberdeen Pres-
Mrs. David Knight and grand- byterlan Church were Misses Kathryn
daughter. Dorothy Thomas, are Page, Kathryn Charles, Margaret Mc-
spending some time in Cary visiting Neill, Mary Ella Bethune, Margaret
relatives • McLecd. Nancy Wimberly and W. H.
Mrs. Sallle Parrott of Salisbury is J*"-, Chris Shamburger, Law-
the guest of her brother, C. M. Wil- Johnson, Edward Cockman,
on Monday of a.ssaulting his wife by John F. Pottle, son of Mr. and
stnkmg her with a gun. He was sen
tenced to serve three months on the
roads. Notice of appeal to the Super
ior Court was given and bond was
fixed at $200.
Allen Cotman. colored of Bensalem
township, was charged with the lar
ceny of more than $200 from a chest
belonging to Mrs. A. M. Burns. Mrs.
Burns failed to appear in court and
she was ordered to appear on next
Monday to show why the prosecution
should net be adjudged frivolous and
malicious and she named as prosecu
tor and taxed with the costs.
Arthur Harris, a seventeen-year-old
colored worker on the government
project at Hoffman, was given four
months on the roads for assaulting
Hal Lick, an elderly Negro of Jack
son Springs, by hitting him on the
head with a rock, rendering him un
conscious. An argument had arisen
while the men were on the truck and
after Harris had gotten off. without
warning he threw the rock and struck
Frank D. Pottle, of Jefferson High
lands, N. H.. and Southern Pines, was
graduated from the third eldest un
iversity in New England at impres
sive exercises held in Providence, R.
I., on Monday.
President Clarence A. Barbour
awarded Pottle and his classmates
their diplomas. The exercises follow
ed the colorful and historic procession
of State and university officials, hon
orary degree recipients, graduating
seniors and alumni down College Hill,
and were held in the First Baptist
Meeting House, oldest of Its denomi
nation in America, where Brown com
mencements have been held since
1775. Cordell Hull, Secretary of
State, was among those awarded hon
orary degrees.
Pottle, who prepared for Brown at
Southern Pines High School, majored
in economics. Active on campus, he
was a.ssistant manager and later man
ager of varsity football He was a
member of the Brown Key, junior
.lack Peoples, colored, was given honorary society, and of the Cam-
John D. McLeol and others. \ months for public drunkenness , marian Club, senior governing board,
Mrs. Thomas B. Wilder was at home 1 disorderly conduct. as well as chairman of the university
to a number of guests on Wednesday 1 McKoy. charged with drunken Undergraduate Athletic Council, this
Mr and Mrs Raymond Wicker and afternoon honoring her guest. Miss ^failed to answer. year. He is a member of Phi Kappa
- - ' Cecil Sanders, white of the Hemp Psi fraternity, and is the brother of
section, had his four months sentence I Robert L. Pottle, who graduated in
Mrs. Cliff Johnson Is visiting her
mother In Albemarle.
children. Miss Edythe Wicker, Miss Mary Johnston, dean of Flora Mac-
Dorris Hannon and T. J. Tarlton mo- «lonald College, whose home was for.
tcred to New Hampshire this week n^erly in Aberdeen,
to spend the summer.
Mrs. Howard Troutman and Digh-
Miss Mary Helen Gatlin of Raeford
is the guest of her cousin, Miss Fran
ces Jean p'reeman.
Miss Bessie Gunter and her broth
er, Grover C. Gunter, have returned
home from an extended visit with rel.
atlves In tlanta, Ga., and Miami, Fla.
J. Talbot Johnson attended the 25th
reunion of his class at the University
at Chapel Hill this week.
Misses Gwendolyn and Theresa ^ week from Wingate Junior College
suspended upon payment of the costs ^^e class of 1934
and upon his furnishing bond in the
svm of $500 to guarantee the pay
ment to the clerk of the court of
$3.00 per week for the use and bene-
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,, . r- ., . fit of Radle Brown and their illegitl-
ton Fiddner spent Friday afternoon m child
Fayetteville. ,
Mrs. Norman Ross, accompanied by j SERVICES
her son, of Saratoga Springs. N. Y., is I
Zimmerman have returned after fin
Ishlng their school year at N. C. C.
W., in Greensboro, where Miss Gwen
dolyn was a member of the Senior
class and Miss Theresa completing her
Freshman year.
spending some time with her mother, 1
Mrs. George Anna Cavanaugh. I i . 1
t . , , ,1 Laymans Day will be observed at
Margaret Rice returned home last i^
^ ^ ^ I the Page Memorial Methodist Church
in Aberdeen on Sunday, June 14th, at
where she attended school.
Mrs. Elmer Austin left
; 11:00 o’clock. L. H. Allison, business H
. . ^ T . i manager of Duke University and H
night for Newark, N. J., where she
^ Golden Cross director of the North
will visit relatives. ,
I Catolina Conference, will be the
Mr. and Mrs. John Fiddner, Mr., 1 ■
, „. . . . ’ . , speaker. Mr. Allison is a very inter-
and Mrs. Will Fiddner and son Dickl .
„ , esting speaker and the public is cor.
Mr. and Mrs. Braswell and baby or .and Mr. and Mrs. Earl Lampley spent
Atlanta, Ga.. were guests of their, the week-end at Long Point.
dially invited.
Curk market on Wednesday morning.s. All kinds of home
made Cakes, Breads, and Pastries fresh daily. Orders |
taken for any Foods.
sister, Mrs. Jack Taylor last week.
Miss Miriam Johnson attended the
series of dances given at State Col
lege in Raleigh last week.
Mr. and Mrs. E. T. McKeithen at
tended the commencement at Duke
University, Durham where their son,
Leland McKeithen was graduated In
law this week.
Mrs. Rena Sims of Winter Garden.
The Rev. C. D. New’ell is spending
the week in Durham attending the
summer Bible School.
Virginia Butner attended the final
dances at Chapel Hill Thursday.
Ruth Tyndall returned home last ;
week after visiting relatives in Tren- j
ton. j
Mr. and Mrs. Martin James and ,
Miss Sally Allison left Friday for |
Monregan Island, Me., where they j
Fla., has arrived in Aberdeen to be
the guest of her sister, Mrs. Zadie ' will spend the summer
Leach and her brother, E. L. Pleas- Douglas Alliscn of Mt. Gilead is
ants. spending the week with his mother,
Lauchlin Ward, a student at the Mrs. Hazel Allison.
(more miles per dollar)
^rniverslty at Chapel Hills was the
week-end guest of his cousin, Colin
Bethune. while enroute to his home
at Willard.
The Rev. and Mrs. E. L. Barber re- i
turned from Carrolloton. Ga., last
Friday accompanied by the Rev. John
R. Williams, who is their guest while
holding a revival at the Presbyterian
Mr. and Mrs. Elvyn Capps visited
relatives in High Point last week,
bringing back with them their
daughter. Miss Helen Clarke Capps,
who had been visiting there.
Mrs. C. O. Newell and Mrs. A. G.
Wallace spent Friday In Hamlet.
Mrs. May Jannaris left Friday for
Booth Bay Harbor, Me., for the sum-
the fORO V-8 GIVES
these features
On Monday of this week Saint An
thony’s Catholic Church began its
first Religious Vacation School which
hos proven most successful. The work
of the school is under the personal
direction of the Sisters of Saint Do
minic from Raleigh. Over 40 children
Mr. and Mrs. Dan McKeithen of 1 have registered and taken religious
Winston-Salem are visiting Mr. and
Mrs. A. A. McKeithen this week.
Mackie Caldwell has returned from
New York City where he accompan
ied his aunt. Miss Rosa Caldwell of
Concord, last week.
Dr. and Mrs. H. E. Bowman spent
several days this week in Durham
where they attended the commence
ment at Duke University. Their son,
Billy Bowman, was a member of the
graduating class.
Oscar Holleman of Florence, S. C.,
is the guest of his sister, Mrs. A. F.
Mrs. Fred Blue and children have
returned from an extended visit with
relatives in St. Pauls and Lumber-
Mr. and Mrs. W. K. Pleasants of
Hamlet visited Mrs. Belle Pleasants
last Sunday.
Mrs. Mary Trueluck and Misses
Elizabeth David and Marion Hite vis
ited Mrs. Mary Ella David in Colum.
bia. S. C., this week.
Fred Weaver and J. Vance Rowe,
Jr., have completed their school year
at the University and are at home
for the summer.
Miss Christine Green and brother.
Hector Green, of Buie’s Creek are
guests this week of Mr. and Mrs.
C. J. Johnson.
June Campbell, Jr., is returning to
Elise Academy, Hemp, where he has
accepted a position.
Mrs. George Campbell of High
Point is spending some time in Aber-
instructicn. Father Williams is very
encouraged by this wonderful coop
eration and is anxiously looking for
ward to the day when the Sisters will
be here permantly and a Catholic
Parochial School will be erected.
While the Sisters are here thej’ are
riccupying the rectory and Father Wil
liams is the guest of Mr. and Mrs.
Omer Williams.
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