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THE PILOT. Southern Pines and Aberdeen, Nbrth Carolina
Friday, September 28, 1936.
Tobacco Prices Are
Our Prices Remain
For Quality Merchandise, Blue.
Bell Sanforized, 8 oz. Overalls,
Special $100
Anvil Denim Pants $1.00
Loeb’s Mechanic, Matched Suits,
Shirt and Pants-Suit $2.69
Perennial Bargain, Pure Silk
Hose, best colors 50 and 69c
I Another Bargain, Ladies 80
Square Print Dresses 95c
Our Shoes, for Children, Women
and Men are all the best mon-
ey can buy at the price 98c to $5
Sweaters and Jackets at a price
you can afford to pay from 50c up
It's Early For Fall Goods, A
Piece at a Time is Not Such a
Shock to the Pocketbook
Aberdeen and Southern Pines
Carolina Theatre
Southern Pines
BSPUBilC Picmi
Mon., Tue., Wed.. Sept.
28, 29, 30—8:20 P. M.
Matinee Tuesday at 3:00
M-G-M’S Greatest
* //n
Thu. and Fri., Oct.
1, 2—8:20 P. M.
Matinee at 3:00
/ ^eyer Know’
/ A Poromount PicK»f9
Saturday (1 day only)
Oct. 3rd—8:20 P. M.
Matinee at 3:00
' Gwpkc0utime6ofJ{hhu
Thomas Jefferson wrote the Dec
laration of Independence in this
house, which was located at 7th
and Market Stroets, where the
Penn National Bank now stands.
Day or ni^ht, we are available and
ready to assume all responsibility.
"Til© degree of our personal atten>
tiveness is not governed by cost.*'
QuMraL (DJrectm
A iflal treat is in store for those
who enjoy the “better thngs", of the
screen. Manager Picquet takes a per.
sonal pleasure in presenting to the
patrons of the Southern Pines Thea
tre none other than our own Amer
ican operatic star, Marion Talley,
whose fame is world-wide, in her
screen debut, "Follow Your Heart”,
the attraction for Monday, Tuesday
and Wednesday, Sept. 28-29-30, with
a Tuesday matinee.
With a gripping, romantic plot
equally as important as th» lavish
musical background, the producers
practically robbed the ‘‘blue book” of
n'on'a" m'“otVr s":indayH: Holy Commun-
IlintT nay an.1 Holy Days. Holy Commun-
ion at 10:00 a m.
Brownxon Memorial PrwhyUri.n Church
K. L. Ilarber, I’aator
ServieeH Secon.1 and Fourth Sunday morn-
Ffr«t ” ml*Sunday evcnniKS ”'
Church School each Sunday morning 9.
W E Hlue, Superintendent.
Bov. Ma]^u» A. H^ownson D. D„ Teacher
Adult nible Class.
Rt. Anthony’* Catholic Church
Rev. Thomas A. Willianis. I “stoj
Mass will be offered every Sunday ^ 9.00.
Daily Mass at 7-.30. Contensions will be
heard Saturday from 4:30 to 5:30 and from
‘ in case* of” a sick call phone to Our Lady
of Victory Mission, West Southern Fines.
Community Church
Rev. A. J. McKelway,
9:4r, a. m.—Sunday: Church School
Sandhills Ilrotherhood.
11:00 a. m.—Morntnit Worship.
7:15 p. rn.—Younu I’eoples Worship
P m.—Eveninis Worship.
Wednesday. 7:30 P. m.-Mid-wcek worship.
Roman Catholic Church
Rev. W. J nillon. Pastor
Mass each Sunday morning at 9:00 o clock
durins summer months.
Aberdeen Baptist Church
Rev. Ernest M. Harris, Pastor.
Sunday School every Sunday morning B
11) 00 a m. i. A, Bryant, Superintendent
PreachinK and Worship Service each second
anT fourth Sundays at 1110« a ^
n m B Y P. U. every Sunday at 6.30 p.
m. Prayer meetinK every Wednesday at 7:45
p. ni. -
Bethesda Presbyterian Church
Hev E. li. Barber, Pastor
Hours of worship: Sunday School each
Sunday 9:4.5 a. m. ; Worship
Way mornings 11:00 = S«ond and
Fourth Sunday evenings 8.00 p. m.
r.« Memorial M. E. Church
Rev. L. M. Hall, Pastor.
First Sunday—Preaohinc 8:00 p. m.
Second Sunday—Prearhing 11:00 ^ m.
Third Sunday—Preaching 8 :00 P. m.
Fourth Sunday—VreachinK 11:00 a. m.
Sunday School every Sunday at 9:4.5 a. m
Pinebluff Baptist Church
Rev. Finest M. Harris, Pastor
Sunday school every Sunday morning at
10:00 a. m. Irving (J. Wylie, acting superin
tendent . .. lU- 1
Prenchinp and worship service each third
Sunday at 11:00 a m. and each fourth bun-
day afterniKin.
Roman Catholic Church Mission
M.1SS will be offered at the Fireman’s Hall
every Second and Fourth Sunday at 11:00
Baptist Church
Rev. J. Fred Stimson, Pastor.
10:00—Sunday School.
11:00—Morning worship.
7 .on B. V. P. U. Service.
Thursday. 7:30 p. m.—Prayer meeting and
Lesson Study.
The Church of Wide
Rev. C. Rexford Kaymond, D. D.. PMtor.
10:00—Church School.
11 00 a. m.—Morning worship.
7 :00 p. M.—Intermediate C. h.
7 00 p. m.—Pilgrim Fellowship Forunj.
Thursday. 8:15 p. m.-Choir Rehe.r«l.
Christian Science
New Hampshire Ave., ..“V, .qq
Services are held every Sunday at 11.
Eirmannal Episcopal
Rex. F. Sunday \n month:’ Churcn | Btage and Screen players who could
Services Communion at pj-Qperly interpret the characters in
“Follow Your Heart”. In support of
Miss Talley are Michael Bartlett, Ni
gel Bruce, Henrietta Crosman, Wal
ter Catlett, Margaret Irving, Luis
Alberni and Vivienne Osborne.
One of the most lavish musical of
ferings to date, the story, cast and
presentations are all of the “big lea
gue” variety, while the musical num
bers include both operatic and popu
lar selections generously delivered by
Marion Talley, Michael Bartlett and
others, and in addition there is splen
did choral work contributed by the
famous Hall Johnson Negro Choir,
and an ensemble of 100 dancers.
The new Schertzinger popular num
bers are “Follow Your Heart”, “Who
Minds About Me”, and Magnolia In
The Moonlight,” and the Page aria
from “les Hugenot,” and Michael
Bartlett's special numbers include,
“Magnolia In The Moonlight”, “Ah
Maria,” and an old English hunting
song, assisted with the first two by
the 100 girl dancers.
The repertoire of the Hall Johnson
Negro chorus, already famous for its
four years on the stage with “Green
Pastures”, includes; “Who Minds Me”
“Work In The Morning,” “It’s All
Over Me”, “This Old Hammer Killed
John Henry”, and several cotton-
field spirituals.
"Follow Your Heart” is ja jTeal
screen event.
Bringing together three of the most
famous stars in motion pictures, di
rected by W. S. Van Dyke of “San
Francisco” and “His Brother’s Wife”
fame, and telling a story that reaches
deep into the hearts, “The Devil Is
A Sissy” opens at the Southern Pines
Theatre Thursday, Oct. 1st., for a
two-day engagement with a Thursday
matinee, and will prove to be a stir,
ring, gripping and entertaining drama
of modern youth.
The brilliant child actor, Freddie
Bartholomew, who enacted first “Da
vid Copperfield”, and then “Little
Lord Fauntleroy,” appears as an ur_
chin of New York’s lower East Side.
The young British star has his most'
human role in this comedy-drama of |
of contemporary boyhood. Co-starring
with Freddie are Jackie Cooper
and the irrepressible Mickey Rooney,
w'ith a strong supporting cast.
Th>; funniest husband and wife in
pi'’tr.res, Charlie Ruggles and Mary
Boland, are together again for the
eleventh time in a delightful com.
edy of a great love which almost goes
wrong, “Wives Never Know”, the at
traction for Saturday, (one day only)
Oct. 3rd., with a matinee at 3:00
Aiding and abetting in the general
merriment is suave Adolphe Menjou,
fast as the serpent who comes into
te. Topeka, Kansas, Garden of Eden
with some novel ideas on married
happiness which he induces gullible
Ruggles to try. Charlie does, with re
sults that are almost disastrous to
his happy marriage.
On* C«nt a word tach Inaartion. MinlaiB
ekarr*. It cents.
All Want Ada anat k. paid (or b«(*r<
The undersigned wishes to dispose
of the 26-room apartment house
known as Brown Apartments con
taining 8 full bathroom sets and 4
additional toilets and lavatories on
lot 110 ft. front and also having 4
garages thereon.
Address Wm. T. Brown
York Co.
Box 213
S 4-28
Greatly reduced. Philadelphia $7.45;
New York, $8.45; Boston, $11.45;
Toronto, Canada, $14.50. Less 10
percent round trip. Tickets and in
formation at Postal Telegraph Co.,
Southern Pines. 0-9.
Tobacco Growers—This is your op
portunity to get the furniture you ;
need at your own price. My loss is |
your gain. Everything for your
home, kitchen, bed rooms, living'
room including talking machines ^
and radios with or without batter- :
ies. Come in for a bargain. |
H. A. Lewis the Trade Store, Sou- '
them Pines.
Now Showing
Camel Hair Coats in Classic Styles $49.50
Strooks Coats in distinctive colors, skinner satin
lining $35.00 up
Dobbs Hats, Showing All the Feature Hats in
Colors $7.50 up
Wiite or call The Pilo^ office-
PEARS are now ready. Come and
get them at once as the crop is
very short. D. D. Elliot, Piney
Woods section. Southern Pines.
EGG CUSTOMERS wanted—If you
appreciate extra choice eggs, in
stead of just any old egg, see D.
D. Elliot, Ivy Pines Farm, Southern
Just received some more inexpensive smart shoes,
brown, green and blue combinations of suede
and kid $3.50—$5.50
Outstanding group of New Fall Hats, Special $2.98
Another group good colors and head sizes choice ....$1.50
Coat Sweaters, all sizes, blue, brown, navy 79c
Dresse.s—One Special Rack—Prints, Solid Color
Crepes, F’ew Woolens, choice $5.00
WANTED. I have inquiries lor a fur
nished house, 7 months from Oct
ober 1st by reliable family. Sure
pay. About $40.00 per month; Also
an unfurnished house, year round.
Vresbyterian .Church
Rev. C. I. Calcote. I’listor
S"Cond Sunday—I’reachinK H :00 p. m.
Fourth Sunday PreHchint! 11'.00 a. m.
Sunday School—Every Sunday 10:00 a. m.
Sunday Sfh<M>l-K -y Sunday 10:S0 a. m.
Sunday Si-hmd—Kvery Sunday 10'.SO a. m.
Christian Kndeavor—Kvery Sunday 7:00 p.
$32.00 per month, reliable couple who
will move to Southern Pines. See
R. F. Potts, Phone 5881, Theatre
Pilot Advertising Pays.
An event of interest to their many
frieads was the marriage on Friday
of last week of Miss Margaret Kelly
and Roy Swink, both of Pinehurst.
The Rev. A. J. McKelway was the
officiating clergyman in a ceremony
in the pastor's .study of the Commun
ity Church. A small group of relatives
and friends were present.
The bride is the only daughter of
Mrs. Annie Kelly. She received her
education at Flora Macdonald College
and for several years has held a pos
ition in the Pinehurst postoffice. The
groom has held a position with the
Moore County Hospital since the
opening of the institution. They will
make their home in Pinehurst.
Aberdeen won the Peach Belt
League playoff series last Saturday
afternoon by defeating Biscoe, 7 to2.
Aberdeen collected 11 hite off Pascal
and Dunlap, while Ray Scarborugh
was in his usual fine form. Scar
borugh struck out 14 batsmen, bring-
I ing his total to 66 strikeouts in his
last four games.
The lesson-sermon Sunday morning
at the Christian Science Church will |
be on “Reality”.
“Unashamed” will be the topic of
Mr Stimson’s sermon at the Baptist
Church on Sunday morning.
The first Catholic services in re
cent years will be held in Pinebluff
this Sunday at 11:00 A. M. Through
the kindness of the Pinebluff Fire
Department the fireman’s hall will be
used. Father Williams plans to offer
mass in Pinebluff every second and
fourth Sunday and he invites all the
residents of Pinebluff and vicinity to
attend these services.
“Victory over temptation and win
ning the fight for character” is the
sermon theme at the Church of Wide
Fellowship by the pastor. Dr. C. Rex
ford Raymond, at 11 a. m. The Pil
grim Fellowship Forum at 7 p. m.
will be led by E. J. Austin. The Inter
mediate C. E. resumes its meeting at
7 p. m., led by Mildred Powell. The
members of the Forum and the C. E.
and their friends are reminded of the
volley ball and folk games at the As
sembly Hall tonight, Friday at 7:30
p. m. The members and friends of the
Pilgrim Fellowship Forum meet for
a weiner roast at Manly Springs next
Monday night, leaving the church at
6:00 p. m.
Pilot Advertising Pays.
The Lawn s the Thing
Lumber, MiJlwork and
Builders’ Supplies
Mrs. Jane Keith, well-known and
beloved woman of the Crtuies Creek
community, was honored Sunday
when a large number of her relatives
and friends gathered at her home for
the celebration of her 77th birthday.
She was presented many lovely gifts.
Mrs. Keith’s children are W. H.
Keith of Vass, Mrs. Mamie Patterson
of Manly, Mrs. J. W. Atkinson of
Southern Pines, T. J. Keith of Fort
Bragg, E. B. Keith of Pinehurst,
Floyd Keith of Raeford and Aubrey
L. Keith who resides at the home.
With fall matriculation practi»>
ally over the number of students en
rolled is far in the excess of 400,
which is the goal set by the author,
ities of Elon College. Ten states, 52
counties in North Carolina, and one
foreign country are represented in
the student body.
Moore county has the following stu
dents at Elon this time: Lester How
ard, Hallison; Ethelene Reynolds,
Leeman; Nancy Butner, Carthage;
Mary Parker, Cameron; North Lew
is and Jonson Boyd, West End; Sid
ney Taylor and Lawrence Farrell,
Aberdeen; Nelson Blue, Carthage.
That sets off your Home.
The prettiest house in the Sandhills looks shoddy
surrounded by a poorly seeded, ill-kempt yard.
It is as important to select the right grass seed for
outside the home as it is to choose the right wall
paper for inside.
It’s Been the Experience
Of Property Owners here for years that they can
rely on the Rye G rass Seed stocked by us.
And Now is the Time to Put it in.
Domestic Rye Grass Seed Italian Rye Grass Seed
Seed Oats
Ready for Delivery
Stutts Supply Company, Inq.
Pinehurst, N. C.

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