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A Paper Devoted to the Upbuilding
^ Ci,.
VOL. 17. NO. 4.
Southern Pines and Aberdeen, North Carolina.' Friday, December 25, 1936.
of the Sandhill Terri toNorth Carolina
Those Government Working On
Have Been Approved by Four
of Leading U. S. Architects
Directors of the Southern Pines
Chamber of Commerce met at lunch
eon Tuesday noon in the Parkview
hotel to hear a report from Alfred
B. Yeomans on his trip to Washing
ton in the Interest of the new post-
office building here. Mr. Yeomans
told them the plans for the new
building, following out the general
design submitted by Aymar Embury,
were well on the way to completion,
and that he believed when the com-
Southern Pines Composer Joins ! LOUIS LACHINE OF
Universal Order of Fred Smiths SOUTHERN PINES
“Silly Organization,” Says Our
Fred, But He Plans To Attend
First Annual Banquet
One of Hundreds
Frederick Stanley Smith, music in
structor at Southern Pines High
School, a member of the Associate
American Guild of Organists and a
composer of consequence, has joined
that august brotherhood, the Benev
olent and Protective and Completely
Universal Order of Fred Smiths of
America, and now contemplates the
organization of a local chapter of
that body. All the Fred Smiths in
and around Southern Pines are eligi.
ble for membership.
There are no dues to be paid and
the a.ssociation has no specific aims
other than it advises all members to
do something completely silly at ap
propriate intervals in order to ward
pleted plans were received here, they
would prove acceptable to Southern' off jitters, depressions, divorces and
Pines residents. They have been other such calamities as are fostered
approved, he said, by four of the by undue seriousness, gravity and
leading architects of the country as over-concentration. The main func-
well as the supervising architect of tion of the organization is to have an
the treasury department. ’ annual banquet which will be attend-
The government, he said, also has ed only by Fred Smiths and
a landscaping plan fbr the property
on which the building will be lo
Collins Vandenberg, brother of
Senator Arthur Vandenberg of Mi
chigan, was a guest at the luncheon.
Mr. Vandenberg is spending the win.
ter here because, he says, it is his
ideal of a winter colony. ‘‘There’s
only one thing the matter here,’’ he
stated: “There are two darned many
The directors voted to favor a
State appropriation of $200.00 for
Resident Since 1914, He Con
structed Many of Fine Homes
on Weymouth Heights
Fred Smiths and the first of these
affairs will bo held at the Biltmore
hotel in New York city this coming
January 15th when from 10:15 to
10:30 that night, the addresses of
Fred Smith, Fred Smith and Fred
Smith will be broadcast over a coast-
to-coast NBC network. Because all
members of the organization are sim
ilarly named, they will identify each
other by their occupational pursuits.
Thus our local representative become
Fred (Composer) Smith.
The idea for the organization had I
Officers’ Club Scene of
“Bill” Fisher Wedding
.\rniy Pilot, Resident of South
ern Pines, Weds Daughter of
Major Douglas, U. S. A.
i Funeral services for Louis Lachine
I aged 66 years, were held in his
I late home. Pine Grove road, near
I Highland road, at 2:30 o’clock yes-
I terday afternoon, the Rev. C. Rex-
iord Raymond of the Church of Wide
P’ellowahip officiating.
Mr. Lachine died in the Moore
County Hospital where he had been
confined foi' a week, early on Sunday
Born in St. Lawrence county, N.
Y., December 3, 1870, the son of An
drew and Jane Richards Lachine, he
came to Southern Pines in 1914 for
employment as an electrician by the
management of the Highland Pines
Inn. Branching out as a builder, his
first effort was the erection of a
dwelling on the south side of Massa-
husetts avenue, near Country club
25,000 Pieces
.Vlail Handled in Southern
Pines Postoffice on Monday
Breaks Record
Monday of this week was the
biggest in the history of the Sou
thern Pines postoffice. Postmas
ter Buchan reports that at least
25,000 pieces of mail, incoming and
outgoing, were handled by his
staff, that the outgoing cancella
tions of first class mail alone to
talled 12,500.
Citizens Ilank Moves For Ap
pointment in Superior Court
at Carthage
$1,000 MINIMUM
Adopts Revolution for Statewide
12-Grade School System and
Nine Month Term
Featuring the docket in Superior
1 Court in Carthage this week was the
motion instituted by the Citizens Bank
& Trust Company of Southern Pinea
for the appointment of a receiver for
the Highland Park Hotel Company,
which owns the Highland Pines Inn.
The plaintiff gave notice to the de
fendant company to show cause why
the motion for a receiver should not
be granted.
A planned reorganization of the
Highland Park Hotel Company, own
er of the real estate, is said to be be
hind the movement for the appoint
ment of a receiver. The operation of
the Inn is, it is stated, in no way in
Another hotel property was involv
ed in Superior Court during the
The Officers Club at Mitchel Field,
Mineola, New York was the scene
A statewide twelve grade school
system and a statewide minimum an
nual salary of $1,000 for beginning the case of Lucy B. Heywood
teachers were two of the important versu;; Southland Holding Company,
objectives for the j'eor which were Gurney P. Hood, Commissioner of
drive m 1919, and three years later . unanimously adopted by members of Banks, Ex rel Page Trust Company,
building directly opposite. Educo Club of Moore county at and S. J. Hinsdale, Liquidating Agent,
its recent meeting held in the Car- ' ^nd others, it was ordered by the
thage Hotel. : court that the town of Southern
County Superintendent H. Lee
Thomas, chaii-man of the committee
on ()bjective,s, presented the report of
I his committee. The list of objectives
ri .similar
From then on, at almost yearly in-
tei’vals, other fine residential dwell- j
ings followed, which he found no dif
ficulty in renting to seasonal occu
Following his first two ventures
advertising North Carolina as a win- its genesis in a perputual mail mix-
ter resort. "P fin^ong four New York men; Fred
Charles W. Picquet announced that (Advertising) Smith, Fred (Lawyer)
plans were well under way for the Smith, Fred (Physician) Smith and
annual banquet of the Chamber of Fred (Radio) Smith. They were con-
Commerce, to be held at the Pine tinually rerouting each other’s mail
Needles Inn on Tuesday evening, Jan- i to it’s proper destination and finally
ho adhered rather closely to Massa-, foUows.
of a lovely wedding Saturday, Decem. chusetts avenue east of the Inn. .j statewide
though his last two buildings, his
home and the rebuilt R. P. Davidson
home, were on or near Pine Grove
load. In all nine houses mark his
uary 12, at which time Homer H.
Johnson, prominent Cleveland, Ohio,
attorney will be the principal speak
er and Jar.'.f's Boyd the toastmaster.
Other features are being arranged.
Tickets went on sale for the banquet
yesterday, with a limited number of
reservations possible.
came to the conclusion that their vi
carious acquaintanceship with each
other should become actual.
Accordingly, they met on December
14 th at the Commodore hotel and
there the idea of the Benevolent and
ber 19th when Miss Dorothy Howe
Douglas, daughter of Major and Mrs.
John North Douglas of Mitchell Field,
became the bride of Luiet. William
Park Fisher of Southern Pines. Major
Nathaniel A. Jones, Chaplain, U. S. A.
performed the marriage ceremony at
high noon.
The bride, who was given in mar
riage by her father, wore an empire
gown of garnet velvet with a sweep
ing train, high neck'and elbow length
Protective and Completely Universal ' ^ matching Juliet
I Order of Fred Smiths of America was
'■ born. Fred (Advertising) Smith was
cap of net and velvet. The bridal bou
quet was of carnations, snap dragons
Halliwell Property
Sold To Sisterhood
elected Provost of the Order and this i Stevia.
past Monday a charter was submitted Mi's. t rederick A. Lash of Milton,
to the Sec’t’y of State at Albany, ' Mass., was the matron of honor. She
skill as a builder. \
He is survived by his widow, the
former Miss Etta Warden, and a
son, Richard, now in business in
Washington, D. C. Pallbearers for
the funeral were M. H. Turner,
.Tames and William Flynn, and others
of the staff of the Highland Pines
Inn. Interment will be in Mount
Hope cemetery.
Kiwanis Ball Nets $400
For Club Charity Fund
nine months school
.system adequately supported.
' 2. Statewide twelve grade school
: system adequately supported.
3. Statewide minimum annual sal-
Pines show cause before the Judge
on the 5th day of January why the
town shall not be restrained from
making sale of said real estate until
the final hearing in this cause, and
in the meantime the town is restrain
ed from making sale until further or
der of the court.
In the case of D. A. McDonald ver
sus A. F. Jordan, the plaintiff was
ary of $1,000 for beginning teachers alloweii $100 for damages in an au-
properly graduated upward on the
basis of additional professional train
ing and successful experience.
•4. Reconstruction of curriculum
allowing leeway for varying needs of
different communities.
.'i. Increased flexibility of college
tomobile accident which occurred in
Sanford two years ago.
Other cases: Harvey B. Jones and
others versus Kenneth A. Jones: Or
dered that U. L. Spence be allowed
$500 for services rendered while em
ployed by Harvey B. Jones, Receiver,
entrance requirements. (For instance | above proceeding.
York. Now Smith, Smith, Smith "“s gowned in gold velvet of Empire (’apucity .Vttendance at Lnjov-
Smith await wih interest the style with a slight train and match- able Dance Held in New Pine
response of other Smiths to their in- ing tiara. The other attendants were
A>Oire ^ ‘ . ! vitation to the January 15th banquet. Miss Virginia Rushmore and Miss
>-C OO ^ They want no John Smiths trying to ; Mary Widdowfield of Scranton, Pa.
horn in. This is strictly a Fred Smih They were gowned in coronation blue
proposition. ; velvet with matching tiares. All the
Localite Fred (Composer) Smith ! attendants carried arm bouquets of
The estate of Walter S. Halliwell, I
former resident of Southern Pines,
was bid in at public auction Satur- ^
day afternoon for $20,100 by Hugh
P. McKee of New York, representing
the Sisters of Notre Dame d’Namur.
It was purchased for a girl’s acad
emy to be conducted by the Sister
hood, the headquarters of which are
in Belgium. The sale, held on the pre
mises on Youngs road, Southern
Pines, was largely attended, and
though the bidding was spirited up
to $20,000, it stopped when that fig
ure was topped $100 by Mr. McKee.
Extensive improvements and addi-
tion.s are planned to the main build
ing on the estate, the former resi
dence of Mr. and Mrs. Halliwell, to
provide accommodations for some 50
girls. Work is expected to begin at
once on the alterations, in the hope
that the academy may begin opera
tions in September. The school will
be directed by sisters from the ex.
elusive Roman Catholic Trinity col
lege in Washington, D. C., with which
the school will be closely affiliated.
The price at which the 258-acre
estate, with its n'#jerous buildings,
gold is considered a bargain. Mr. Hal
liwell is reported to have expended
approximately $250,000 on the devel
opment of the property.
has just received notification of his
acceptance for membership in the
Order and he informed us that he is
making every effort to have the time
available to attend the banquet.
“We hope to have 150 to 200 Fred
Smiths at this, our first, function,”
he said. "The whole idea is just as
silly as it can be,” he continued. “For
that reason, if for no other, it be
comes well worth while.”
garnet colored carnation.s, snap drag
ons and Stevia.
Lieut. Herbert Hoover of Mitchel
Field was best man for Lieut. Fisher.
The groomsmen were Lieut. Richard
^ T. Coiner, Lieut. Brooke E. Allen,
I Lieut. Harry Markey, Lieut. Robert
B. McClellan, Lieut. Theodore M. Mel.
den, Lieut. Randall of Mitchell Field.
! At the conclusion of the ceremony
Needles Clubhouse
The Kiwanis Club Charity Ball
Tuesday night at the Pine Needles
Inn was a big financial success. It
was estimated yesterday that over
$400.00 was realized.
Individual members of the organi
zation dug down in their pockets for
the amount of money necessary to
meet the running expenses of the
affair and the Pine Needles Inn do-
natd the use of the newly erected
club house for the As a re
sult the entire amount of the re-
so that foreign language units may
bo made not compulsory).
0. Federal aid for North Carolina
7. Privilege of supplementing the
state provided minimum program in
all standard high school districts.
8. Opposition to the vote against
the registration.
9. Strengthening the teachers’ cer
tificate regulation.s.
10. A sound financial plan for the
retirement of teachers.
11. The enactment of practical
tenure laws governing the employ
ment of teachers.
Wilbert Brown versus Margaret
Brown: Divorce granted.
Otis Baker versus M?ittie Fry Bak
er: Divorce granted; plaintiff to pay
for benefit of their child $15 per
month for six months and $12:50 a
month thereafter until child reaches
the age of twenty-one unless court
sees fit to make a change.
Midnigfht Services
on Christinas Eve
Episcopal and Catholic Churches
To Observe Hour of Nlativity.
—Sunday Services
Christmas services will be held in
I three Southern Pines and Pinehurt
1 churches on Christmas Eve. At the
The Civic Club was crowded to ca-
.. rr. J . ' Emmanuel IDpiscopal Church, South-
pacitv on Tuesday night for the i ft- ,
» .K Community Christmas program ar-1 Pmes Ho^ Communion will be
ceipts was net to the Kiwanis Clubs observed at midmght Thursday. There
. , , , charity fund which is used for the f- i .. ^ nr. '''*!> be a Children’s service at 5:00
the groomsmen formed the traditional' ^ ^ r'r.nntv the Southern Pines Music Socie- i, rrv i «
I support of beds in the Moore County ^ ^ .. . .. ^ o clock Thursday afternoon, and on
r%nn1 fy 3,nd th6 occ€tsion wfls on6 or tu6 :
Hospital and for the maintenance of J'- Christmas Day at 11:00 o’clock.
most enjoyable in the long series of
ding breakfast followed at the Offi-
Wednesday noon Captain H, S. I cers’ Club. After a short wedding
Vandenberg, U. S. Army Air Corps, j trip Lieut, and Mrs. Fisher will be at
the son of Mr. and Mrs. Collins Van- home at Mitchell Field,
denberg of Rangeley Cottage, South-1 “Bill” Fisher, as he is known to
ern Pines and nephew of United I his friends here, is the son of the
States Senator Arthur H. Vanden-! Rev. and Mrs. Park Fisher of Sou-
berg of Michigan, flew a Boeing them Pines. Mrs. Fisher Is librarian
A-17. the very latest type of army | of the Southern Pines Library. “Bill”
bombing plane, into the Knollwood | attended Southern Pines High School,
Airport and spent thirty minutes' taking prominent part in athletics,
there with bis parents. | especially in baseball and tennis. He
Captain Vandenberg will be unable i also caught for the Southern Pines
to be with his family on Christmas | ball team In the Moore County Lea-
day and the occasion yesterday was
in the nature of a substitute celebra
CYCLIST IMPROVED i The Southern Pines postoffice will
The motorcyclist whose cycle went] remain open tonight until 10:30
out of control on the No. 1 highway j o’clock. Tomorrow, Christmas day,
opposite the Sweetheart Lake road [ the office will be closed, no mail wlil
junction and who was taken uncon-! be distributed. The staff however
sclous to the Moore county hospital j will deliver special delivery mail and
Tuesday afternoon, is reported out I packages.
of danger. i
He has identified himself as T. J.
Denbv of Edgefield, South Carolina,
and physicians report that his condi
tion is favorable.
Samuel Hopkins Adams the author
and Mrs. Adams of Auburn, N. Y.,
will arrive Saturday to spend several
days at the Paddock.
gue until he left for Texas to tra.n
for the air service at Kelly Field. He
was commissioned a lieutenant during
the past year, and is now a regular
army pilot stationed at Mitchel Field.
CHILDREN’S CHRISTMAS PARTY annual Yuletlde gatherings. i
another service of Holy Communion.
other under - privileged
throughout the county. , , ™
, . . . , _ ^ , The program was a musical one. The
The mule for the occasion, by The .r., ^
. . , - I Music Society, of which Frederick
Roval Campbell s, imported from the „ j,
n.oydi ^ i Stanley Smith is the director, pre-
King Cotton Hotel in Greensboro, was i ^ ^
. V. J ..ooit,, sented its recently organized wom-
■ bier-time calibre and the capacity j . ui
■ “ ^ 1 I cn s chorus and its string ensemble.
of 150 co„pl« aU..t
the .,ucces. of the affair
tho fifth and sixth grades of the
' grammar school. The quartet com- . . .* j ^
. ! .. o ^ o A T public IS invited to the midnight mass
prisinr the Rev. and Mrs. A. J. Me- : , . . '
,. , * D! u * ^ I visit the Christmas crib.
Kt'lway of Pinehurst and the Rev. i . , ^ ,
J A ^.1. * o * J J midnight service will be held at
and Mrs. A. V Gibson of Sanford de- ; „ , ^
^ . Sacred Heart Church in Pinehurst
lighted with several numbers, and |
as the solo-
The moment of the birth of the Sa
vior will be commemorated at St.
Anthony’s Catholic Church on Christ
mas Eve at midnight. The choir will
enter singing "Silent Night” as the
processional, followed by the altar
boys and the celebrant of the mass.
The recessional will be “Angels We
Have Heard on High.” The general
Trie youngsters of Pinehurst filled
the ballroom at the Carolina hotel
yesterday afternoon for the hotel’s
annual Chriatma.o party. A giant
tree held the center of the stage and
genial Sam Lacks, the hotel’s general
factotum played Santa Claus for the
Keen Intarest is being shown in the
tea dance planned by the Thistle
Club for Its associate members and
their friends. The date is Wednesday,
December 30. from 4 to 6:30 p. m.
The place is the Southern Pines
County Club.
The sons of members are espec
ially invited, and members will be
Mrs Henry A. Page, Jr.
ist of the evening won great app’
Thursday, with masses also at 10:00
and 10:.30 a. m. on Christmas Day.
At the Southern Pines Baptist
Church on Sunday the Rev. J. Fred
Stimson will preach on “Facing the
Future” at the 11:00 a. m. service.
“Christian Science” will be the
subject of the lesson-sermon at the
Christian Science Church Sunday
The Alumni banquet of Pinehurst!
warmly welcomed by the hostesses, > olina Hotel next Tuesday evening,
Mrs. James Milliken, Mrs. Coburn High School will be held at the Car-
Musser, Mrs. P. P. Lelton, Mrs. John ' December 29th, at 7:30 o’clock. Many ni' i'iVng.
Howarth, Mrs E Levis Prizer and alumni will be home for the holidays ' When Christ is born in Our Ex-
Mrs Walter Spaeth. Invitations are at that time and a large crowd is an., perience Today” is the .sermon theme
being sent to associate members to , ticlpated. Reservations may be made, 8t the Church of Wide Fellowship by
present to their friends. Mrs. Waler ^ with Mrs. Myrtrice McCaskill, pres- j Dr. C. Rexford Raymond at 11:00
ident, or Hubert McCaskill, secretary. i next Sunday. At the union eve-
All alumni and friends have a cordial i ning service at 8:00 p. m. Sunday,
invitation. A delightful program wlir the pageant, "What Child Is This?’*
be given. (Please turn to page S)
Spaeth, president of the Thistle Club,
is general chairman and e:^tends a
cordial invitations to members and
their house gue.sts.

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