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Driver Training
Plan Meets With
No Encouragement
Cost Is Obslacie,
Cameron Informs
Kiwanis Delegation
A proposal that a $16,000-per
year driver education program In
Moore County high schools be fin
anced out of fines and forfeitures
from traffic cases heard in re
corders court was presented to the
county commissioners Monday.
With two commissioners absent
and with considerable doubts, res
ervations and ouestions evident
on the part of three board mem
bers present, the session ended
with the Sandhill Kiwanls club's
Widely-endorsed project appar
ently no nearer acceptance than
it has been since first proposed
several months ago.
Sourd members at the meeting
were Chairmen G. M. Cameron of
Pinchurst, J. M. Currie of Carth
age and L. P.. Reynolds of the
loaman community. Absent were
W. J. Durlap of Robbins, who was
reported ill, and J M. Pleasants
of Southern Pines who sent word
he was unable to attend.
Garland MePherson of Southern
Pines was spokesman for the Ki
wanis club, presenting the student
driver training program in detail
and making the suggestion that
it could be financed without rais
ing taxes if fines for traffic law
violations were increased 50 per
Mr. Mcpherson is chairman of
the Kiwanis public affairs com
mittee, which has developed the
project over ? period of several
months. With him and speaking
in support of the measure were
Kiwanian* Voit Gilrnore, South
ern Pines, president of the club:
T R. Phillips, Carthage, vice-pres
ident. and a member of the county
board of education; and W. La
ment Brown, Southern Pines at
Cold, rainy weather was held
responsible for absence of a larg
er delegation of supporters.
McT>borscn concluded his appeal
by saying, "I'm here to ask you
point blank; can we have the $16,
Chairman Cameron replied tha'
no answer could be given without
p'l members of the board present
He then expressed his personal
doubt" that the county should un
dertake to meet the $16,000 an
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Doputy collectors of Inter
nal Revenue tor this area will
be at loeir office in the base
ment of I he Southern Pines
post office building every day
until the final date for filing
federal income tax returns.
Anyone wishing help In
filling out his return, need
ing extra blanks or requiring
their aid in any other wav,
may see them between fhlO
a. m. and 5:15 p. m. (except
Saturday afternoon).
Announcement from the In
ternal Revenue Department
this week was thai, as the
usual final day?March 15?
falls on ?. Saturday the filing
period Is being extended this
year through Mondav, March
17. The deputy collectors will
observe their usual half holi
day March 15 but remain at
the office the next Monday as
long as needed.
16 Girls' Teams In
State Tourney
At Aberdeen Gym
The Third Annual State Girls'
Basketball tournament, sponsored
by the Southern Pines and Aber
deen school athletic associations,
will be held at the Aberdeen gym
next week, Monday night through
Eight more teams were selected
last week to add to eight previous
ly invited on the basis of their
fine records for the season, plus
evaluation of coaches and sports
Teams rounding out the field
are Bethel (Haywood county)
Rockwell, Windsor. Manteo
Washington, Jasper, Coopers and
Clark ton.
Previously selected were Calyp
so, I.incolnton, Heeds (Davidson
county), Bisece, Cool Springs,
Golds ton, Selma and Aberdeen
Lineolnton is the defending
champion, having won both pre
vious tournaments The Lincoln
County girls defeated Goldstoo
52-51 in last year's sensational
The defending champs are too
seeded for this year's event. Oth
er seeded teams are Goldston (2),
Bethel (3) and Cool Springs (4).
Goldston and Coopers will meet
at 6:30 p. m. in the opening game
Monday. Other first-flieht cames
will send Selma against Calypso
at 7:30 and Aberdeen against Man
teo at 8:30.
Tuesday evening, Bethel and
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Real Wedding Gowns, Styles Old And
New, Seen in F ash ion Revue I onight j
styles irom ine "Bay nineties
to Spring 1952 will compose the
fashion Revue to be held tonight
(Friday) at Weaver auditorium
under sponsorship of the junior
class of Southern Pines High
schorl. Curtain time is 8 o'clock.
Models will include prominent1
women of the town and high
school girls, also representatives
of each of the primary grades,
chosen by vote cf their classmates]
as "best models." Music and1
snccia' arts will ad i variety. Mrs
Page Choate will be mistress of j
A unique feature will be the!
showing of several real wedding j
gowns, dating fiom 1S90 to 1951 j
Miss Mae Delle Kennedy will!
wear Mrs. Charles Grey's wedding j
gown, dating back about 62 years;
ago, and Louise Johnson will wear
that of Franklin Safford's mother,
dating back to about 1895.
Wearing their bwn wedding
gowns will be Mrs. W. A. Leon
ard, a bride of last summer; Mrs.
Robert. Burns, Mrs. C. N. Page,
Mrs. R L. House, Mrs. R. L.
Chandler, Jr., Mrs. Walter Harp-;
er, and Mrs. C. E. Owen.
Mrs. Jack Goodwin will wear
a maid-of-henor gown, also from
a real wedding.
In another section of the pro
gram, a variety of authentic styles
of yesteryear will be modeled bv
Mrs George C. Rums. Mrs J T
Overton and Mrs. Mildred Merrill
who will wear her graduation
dress; Misses Jean Strode, Surann'
R"rns Louise Per". Barbara'
Goodwin, Pete D-na, Sieger Herr,|
Phvllls Paircloth, and Irene
A third nari of the program ?
wpl nre-'ent clamorous mw sprin''
eled by Elaine Johnson. Louise
Barker, Sieger Herr. Marv C?m
mns and I.ouise TVinv a"d. from
franimns, Mrs. Fa-r>M Me At'*
ter, Mist Polly Maples and Mrs.
Paul C. Butler.
The following little girls from',
[six to 13 will show fashions fori
the "sub-sub-deb"?first grade, i
Barbara Smith, Sandy Woodell;.
second, Nancy Goodwin, Joan Wil
'liams: third, Sandra K. Atkinson,
Connie Coward: fourth, Alice Far
rier Judy Chandler; fifth, Kath
rvn Rawlins; sixth, Craig White.
Phyllis Garzik; seventh, Betty
Wcatherspoon, Pat Morrison.
There may be additional models
in these age groups.
! TJp~to-thc-ryiirvutc styles for si!
occasions?evening gowns, after
noon frocks, street costumes and
suits, cottons and skirt-and-sweat
er combinations, will be modeled
by their owners, as follows:
Mrs Isaac Woodell, Mrs. Stan
lev Austin, Mrs. Lvnn T edlen
Mrs. John Ostrom, Mrs. William
White, Mrs. George Graves, Mrs.
K. D. Eristow, Mrs. A C. Dawson
Mrs. Dean Hess, Mrs. S. D Rain
ey, Mrs. Berniee Harrington, Mrs
Hoke Pollock. Mrs. Gordon Faw j
Mrs. W. F Bowman, Mrs. R. M ]
McMillan, Mrs. Harold Collins ,
Mrs John Tullett, Mrs. Sam;
t auehter, Mrs. C. Dixon, Mrs !
David L. ftegge, and others.
Also Misses Charles Cherry,
Elaine Johnson, Barbara Better
ley, Georgie Williams. Patty
Woodell, Katherine Dwight, Lou
ise Barker, Geneva Applewhite
and Ponsie Dawson.
Entertainment between the act'
will include songs by Mrs. Cho
??*? interpretive danr? bv Mrs.
Pat Starnes and a Charleston
number by Sylvia McLeod.
All members of the junior class
will take part in th? revue, a*
models or handling production de
tail' A-mi-tinc tho young neopl?|
is Miss Billie Williams, class ed
The jc; ad"M''ion
"ha-ge A silver off'-ine ""'11
taken to heln the class with it'
'und for the Junior-Senior prom
i "Bonnie Prince Charlie"
The securing of a film with
special interest for the Sandhills,
for a special showing at the Caro-;
lina theatre Wednesday afternoon ,
and night, March 26, was an- j
nounced this week by Mrs. Ernest
L Ives, president of the Moore;
County Historical association. I
The movie is "Bonnie Prince!
Charlie," a British production I
made in technicolor in the Scot-1
tish Ilighlands--a cinematic re- j
telling of one of history's most j
dramatic stories, the rescue of the j
"bonnie prince" by Flora Mac-I
The film was rated as one of the |
year s most distinguished. The
showing here will be its first in
the south, or anywhere outside of
a few of the largest cities. Ar
rangements were made through
the courtesy of Charles W. Pic-1
quel, Carolina theatre owner arid |
manager, for the two benefit
showings for the Historical asso
Since it is believed that histori
cal-minded persons, and those of
Scottish descent throughout the
Cape Fear region will want to see
oiciure, and since the thea
tre's capacity is limited, seats will
be sold by reservation only, said
Mrs Ives These may be made
through Norris L. Hodgkins, Jr.,
of Southern Pines.
Plans are to be made for at
tendance by a good proportion of
-ehcolchidiieii. The film ass
produced by Alexander Korda,
with David Niven in the role of
the ill-fated Prince Charles and
Margaret height on as the Scottish
heroine, Flora Macdonnld, who in
later life came to this country and
lived in the Sandhills for a brief
period in Revolutionary t.mes.
Ked Cross Drive will Open Monday;
Rickoft Dinner At Carthage Tonight
Worker? arc alerted and plans^
j 11 set for the start of the annual
Red Cross fund raising drive
Monday morning, with the object'
of achieving the goal within a
record time.
Some communities arc planning
a one-day drive and, in ail, plans
are being carefully laid to assure
that everyone will be given oppor
tunity to contribute, without any
lost motion. The quota has been
set at $2C,320, and A. L. Burney
of Southern Pines, drive chair
man, said this week. "With the co
operation of all Moore will reach
its mark within a very few days."
The campaign dinner for com
munity chairmen, workers anc
chapter officials will be held to
night (Friday) at 7 o'clock at the
Carthage Hotel. There Mr. Bur
ney will give his courtywide or
ganization its finai briefing be
fore the starting-gun is fired.
Speakers are appearing before
local civic clubs this week in be
half of the drive. Several of thes
are officers from the U. S. Air
Force Ajr-Ground Operations
school here, all combat-experienc
ed veterans who know at first
hand what the Red Cross me ins
to the fighting man. Radio talks'
are also being given throughout
March, with the first scheduled
at 6:15 p. m. next Wednesday.
A total of $35,000,000 from the!
nation will be required this year
to finance the broad Red Cross
program of humanitarian serv
ice. Every citizen is being asked
to "answer the call" and share in
the effort which will make the
vear-round program possible and
Mr. Burney this week an
nounced completion of his csr"
naign organization, adding the fol
lowing to community chairmen
and quotas previously announced'
Hallison, Mrs. A L. Poe, $65;
Hifihfolls. T. N. Frye. $150; Ho
wards Mill, Mrs Harding Hussey.
$15- Leaman, Miss Geneva Ray
nclds, $25; Westmoore, Miss Flns
?ie Lmeberrv nnd Mrs. Frank All
red, $100: Spies. E. F. Sheffield
$15; Big Oak, Raymond Freeman,
<15; Bensalem, Mrs. J. A. Kelly
525; Eagle Springs, Herbert F
Bost, $150: West End, G. A. Munn
<400; Jackson Sorines Jobn A
Tvckerman, $175: Jackson Ham
let, Nathan Foster, <50;
wod, Gen. Julian F. Barnes. $350. i
Flu Closes One
Schooi, Condition
Seen "Improving"
Berkley, the Negro school at
Aberdeen, is closed this week on
account of the flu. which caused
an approximately 40 rcr cent, re
Suction in attendance at the school
last week.
This is the only school which has
closed, though several others have
been pretty hard hit, according to
H. Lee Them as of Carthage, coun
ty superintendent. He said Wed
nesday he thought the situation
was getting better, but is keeping
9 careful eye on H.
The disease has reached epi
demic proportions in some part
pf the state, and in several conn
ties all schools have bt-en closed
'?> Fo"-th county, children arc
quarantined from all public
Schools at Carthaje, Csmeron
Va<-s a"d severs] others have had
i high incidence of flu. while ir.
some the rases have been ver>
few. Mr Thomas said. Besides thn
pupils, a number of the teachers
have beer, sick, though practically
all are now back on the job
An outbreak cf wbiebj
reached near-cnidemic nroportion' i
-ecen*lv hit the C~Tjhere action' i
but anneals to be about over now i
the superintendent reocrtod
Chamber Will Ask
1-Hour Limit On
Down towrn Park ing
Downtown parking difficulties
would be relieved by a reduction
in parking time limits from two
hours to one hour, directors of the
Chamber of Commerce agreed
Tuesday night
[ They plan to present a formal
i request to the town board for such'
Ja time reduction, at the board's|
regular meeting next Wednesday!
night. President Harold A McAl j
lister and Johnnie A. Hall were1
elected to represent the Chambr
at the meeting.
At that time the board is to de
cide whether or not to give one
way traffic on Broad street a try,
for 90 days. The Chamber direc
tors discussed this loo. but are
limiting their recommendation to
the parking situation.
One hour parking would be suf
ficient, the directors believe, for
most of the purposes for which
people visit the crowded business
The Chamber of Commerce
meeting, the first in three weeks,
draw attendance of 10 directors
?a quorum?out of 15. President
McAllister was in the chair.
John Pottle, treasurer, present
ed a detailed report which was
the best from his department the
directors had had for some time.
The organization, chronically
broke, heard that their bills are
getting paid and they have a tair
bank balance at present on which
to base project plans. This has
come through renewal of mem
berships of which about 40 have
been brought up to date.
Though the financial prospect
is more cncours"ing than in some
time past, 8 good deal more work
must be done, with more mem
berships renewed and new ones
secured, before any real plans can
be made and carried through.
President McAllister told the ,
board. The number of renewals
received so far does not represent j
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- I
Teen-Age Youth*
Are Bound Over
Three local teenage youths
were arrested by city police Sat
urday night for taking a used car i
from a garage lot here and joy
riding in it without permission. |<
They drcve the car from South-'i
em Pines to Aberdeen and back j
then left it when it got stuck in |
-and on a road, near town. One ofji
?he boys then -went to another ]
en-age and was attempting to
^-ive off in another car When no
licemen found him. The otherli
two were picked up later. |i
Chi.?f Newton s"id the bnvs::
har? heen bound over for a h?nr-|j
Mo-da" in recorders court a'
Carthage. Their names n-d the i
-harpes -re b"ing "'ithh-ld ne-d
:r><? f\f th1*
npeo ft***' "???*-til jt '<? e?vswt '
-n? n- ah are rem-nded to juve
nile ccurt.
Aberdeen Girls,
j Bobbins Boys Win
| County Cage Meet
i Devileites Are
Champions For
6ih Siraighi Year
Aberdeen girls won the cham
pionship for the sixth successive
year, with Bobbins snaring the
irophy for the boys, in finals of
the 2Sth Moore County High
i School Basketball tournament
played at West End Wednesday
Before a yelling, shouting crowd
which practically hung from the
rafters of the new J. F. Sinclair
gym, the Aberdeen Devilettes of
statewide fame swamped Pine
hurst by a score of 58-35, and then
the Bobbins boys stopped South
em Pines 57-43.
i The championship was the sec
ond within a week for the Rob
bins boys, who won the Class A
district plnypft nere last week,
and are playing at Boseboro
Thursday and Friday night of this
week in the regional contest of the
The Aberdeen team, paced by
the 21-point scoring of Lorraine
Lawrence, took a 36-21 half time
lead, then coasted to victory. Bet
ty Boggs scored 24 of Pinenurst s
Southern Pines boys were
breathing on Bobbins' neck until
the third quarter. With a halftime
,ead of only two points?27-23?
Bobbins then moved ahead to a
anal 57-40 victory.
While the scores left no doubt
as to who had won, both Aber
deen and Robbins knew they had
met somebody. The two runner
up teams put up masterly resist
ance, making a fine accounting of
In winning the 1952 title Rob
bins boys resume the champion
ship position they held in 1949. In
1950 the Aberdeen teams made a
clean sweep; in 195!, it was Car
thage boys?and those seemingly
unbeatable Aberdeen girls.
Robbins won another great vic
tory at this year's finals. Both
its teams were awarded the covet
ed banners for sportsmanship
All-star selections made by the
coaches were also announced at
the finals.
All-county boys' team?Ivey,
Aberdeen; Haithcock, Robbins;
Tom McNeill, Robbins; Poole,
West End; Baker, Carthage; Ma
ples, Farm Life; Matthews, Farm
Life; Wicker, Cameron; Town
shend, Southern Pines; Darst,
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Golf Tournament,
Silver Gift Honor
Dick Chapman
Pinehurst honored a distin
guished resident Wednesday with
a tournament party and handsome
gift in recognition of glory he has
shed on the old home town by his
achievements in the field of golf.
Honored was Richard D. Chap
man, and the immediate occasion
lor the nil-nay eelehmtion was his
recent Winning of the British Am
ateur Golf championship. Dick is
one of only seven men in history
who have won both the British
and the American amateur titles.
In a pleasant ritual at the Pine
hurst Country club, S. A. Strick
land, president of the club, pre
sented Mr. Chapman with a silver
co-tee service and salver in be
half of the club, the Tin Whistles j
and tile Silver Foils. With his
wife and small son Dixie by his!
side, Dick responded with a gra
cious speech in which he said he'd
try to bring the big cup back
again to Pinehurst next year.
The presentation followed a
mixed foursome tournament, play
c-i oy a system invented by Dick
himself. Sixty-four pairs toured j
the No 1 course in the largest
tournament of this sort on record.
The field was divided by handi
cap into lour classes, one of which
enned in a tie and will be played
off some time in the next week or
?wo. Tied in Class A were Mrs.
Holbrook Plaft and Col. W. W
Simpson. Mae Murray and Dr. E. i
M Mertlin, Nancy Booth and Rob- J
crt E. Harlow, Jean Cosgrove and ;
J. F. Remington. Mr. and Mrs. I
Max Von Schleceli were Class B,
winners; Eucv Perkins and J. F. i
Dillon, Class C: Ruth McEnery!
and the Larl of Carrick, division |
run -'era-up.
Steepleehase Suinlay
at Stony brook Track;
Seven All-Star Races
Grand National
Winner Will Run
In "Broad Hollow"
Seven all-star races have been
learned for the fifth running of
. tr .brook steeplechase and
Race Meet, North Carolina's only
steeplechase, on the Stonybrook
track on Young- road Sunday
starting at 2 p. m.
roity to 50 fine horses and their
er- are souaring off for the
two-and-a-half-hour event which
i is expected to attract thousands
I f ace fat.* from the Carclinas
land other eastern states,
j Many improvements have been
wrought in the track and grounds
during the past year, and they
have never beer, in better s
! according to Mickey Walsh, Stony
brook owner and general manager
'of the races. There are three en
i ant s to the parking area and
all will be clearly marked from
the highway for the avoidance of
traffic congestion.
The diversified program in
cludes The Shelton, a quarter
mile on the flat, tot children 14
, and under; The Pink Coat, two
[miles over timber, for members
| f recogni7ed hunts, who will ride
in full regalia; The Pines, a ladies'
.race, five-eighths of a mile on the
1 fl-1- Th? Msnlv Hurdle, one and
j a half miles over hurdles; The
! Silver P"n flat race of six fur
'ontr'; Tile Proad Hollow, two
miles over timber; and the final
event, a eomedv mule race, al
ways a gre-t hit with the crowds.
T"n-h will produce its own
'hri'ls but attrition Is expected
to ce-ter on The Broad Bollow
-id fhe Pink Coat as feature
i The former is attracting record
i entries, with sorne notable n~w
! comers to the local track Among
them is "Pefueio." owned bv Mr.
[and Mrs. Frank Adsms of Mnnk
jtcn, Md. and ridden by F. Tluly
[Adams, the ration's ton steeile
li-hrum rider in 10,"V "Refugio" was
winner of the $15,000 handicap at
j^h-w Chase Steeplechase la
j 1946, and In 1947 finished sw?nth
| ?in the tronev?at the Grand Na
tional at Aintree. Fnetand. where
he wa? oie of 57 starters of which
jonlv 17 finished
j Other stars of this race are ex
-reted to be ".To-vn" ewned bv
Chris Greer of Middleburg. Va.,
and "Jim's Cherry," from the
ctonvbrook stahl-a an Iri?h nag
?-ho left a wonderful record of
winnings behind him whan he
was imported from the Rmerald
Tsle iu't; spven months a?o. The
Broad Hollow will mark his de
but on an American race track.
T act year's winner of th? Broad
t7r.Ho"' trophv. ei"en by the Car
olina hotel at Pjnehurst. was t"arlo
Paterno's "Cappy" Carlvle Cam
eron up. Mrs. Audrey Kennedy's
"Auld Fed" was second and L. P.
Tate's "Reynoldstown" third.
In the colorful Pink Coat timber
race, some of the finest hunters
end jumpers of a half divon
states, here for the winter hunting
a-d schooling, will be nut through
their Sunriav-go-tc-meetine narrj.
Racing again will be the 1951 win
ner of the Pink Coat troohv, do
nated this vejr bv Mrs. Audrey K.
Kennedy?D. W Winkehnsn's Re
nown a veteran of Madi
son Square Garden and other
big ee?t?rn shows, his own
er up. Others riding in this went
'"?ill include W O. Moss, MFH 0f
[the Mocre County Hunt: Charles
| Stitzer on his personal mount The
Cork; Earl (Happv) Hov -'ding for
the W. J. Brewster stable. L. P.
'.Tunebugl Tate on Vernon Cardy's
"Pacnrrrac" ami Biiiy Tate on L.
M. Tate's "Red Money."
fCVr- ? prt ft)
n ? ?r
Auxiliary Gives
Unit To Hospital
| An air-conditioning unit tor the
h w opeiating rooms of the
"oo-e County hospital will be in
stalled as the gift of the Moore
County Hospital auxiliary, at a
cost of $7,895.
The Carrier unit chosen is one
'atcd as the finest of its kind, sim
ilar to that used in all hospitals
of the Veterans Administration
and the U. S Public Health Serv
re, and aoproved by the N. C.
Medical Commission specifically
'or hospital purposes.
! The expenditure of almost $S,
jooo represents years of planning
i and hard work on the part of the
I auxiliary members. who have
| built up their treasury through
j rummage sales, fashion shows, the
I --"at disrlav of the Beckwith
iGardens at Knollwood and other
benefit events. The choice of th?
air-conditioner as a gift was made
-ome time ago. With the full
amount now on hand, the auxil
?arv voted unanimously, at its
monthly meeting held Tuesdav
-ornjno at the Nurs~s Home, to
proceed with the installation
Though many items of equip
ment and suooly, covering a
wide ranee of usefulness and
~o?t have been furnished the hos
-<ta! bv the auxiliary during its
'-ietorv, this is the largest.
The installation will be made
by Ross and Witmer, Inc., of Char
lotU, Carrier agents, it will pio
;je separate thermostat control
of temperature for each of the
rooms to be served, with com
lete air freshening at all times,
'-r the safety, health and comfort
of patients and doctors, and other
members of the operating staff,
even in the warmest weather.
Choice of the unit was made
following investigation by a com
mittee composed of members of
the hospital administrative staff,
and the following representatives
cf the auxiliary: Miss Laura P.
i?,. -resid-nt, Mrs. Kstherincf
S. McColl and Mrs W. F. Hollis-j
XT n nn 1 * ?
in. l. iunercuiosis secretaries In
Two-Day Session At Hollywood Hotel
The 1952 Institute of the N. C.
Conference of Tuberculosis Sec
retaries is being held at the Hol
ivwood hotel Thursday and Frl
jday of this week
Attending Me Institute are 22
xecutive secretaries of IocbI tu
berculosis associations throughout;
the state Mrs. Eleanor H. Smith,j
of, is president.
Two s'aff members of the Na
' ticnal Tuberculosis association,
Frank James, care-finding consul
tant, and WeJter James, Seal Sale
nnaultant. both of New York
City, are participating on the pro
Those from North Carolina tak
r.E part are Dr. H S. Willis. Mc
Cain. superintendent of N C. San
ltoria; Dr. W. A. Smith, of the
Mjv-isicn of Tuberculosis Control
?f the t'tate Board of Health, a* i
Dr. F E. Mceef?e, Duk? j
Coseitel Fhwh-m and Dr. C. L '
|Gr?v, High Point.
The Institute is held each year
of mutual prob
'ems. and for the presentation o'
new ideas a~d tnrhninues which
--;ii cn-h'e th? local tuberculosi
secretary to carry on a more ?;f
tective program of tuberculosis
Included in the two-dav pro
gram are lectures arid discussion
on Sesl Sale and case-finding,
with emphasis placed on the va
rious methods ef T-ravipe i'W'h
make up the total case-finding
Conference members h?re this
n-eeV inelude ,riss Fdith Bnwden,
Burlington; M-s. We--ds "m-'t,
Newton; Mrs Curtis W. Baldwin,
A'hevillf- Mrs. B. M
Jarrett, Shelbv: Mrs. Gordon Kor
neeav, Kenansvi'le; Miss Posty
Worth, Pin-ham: Mrs. C. O. Fe Win? ton-B-ie?; Mrs Mov
C. Nirho's. Oa?-toniv Mrs MiM-v-d
T Greene. Greensboro; Miss Vir
ginia Pv?n Fieh Point; Mrs W
F Wood. K'-mfr-d.
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Mrs. Helen B B"?i?.
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C. Haves, Vv* T ^
"> Mrs. TVw5 D.
Harrell, GoHsboro.

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