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Southern Pines To
Honor Tar Heel
Greats Of Golfdom
Certificates Will
Be Given Them In
Washington Sept. 18
Awards will be presented to
National Open Champion Julius
Boros and other golfing greats
who have brought fame to North
Carolina on North Carolina Day, j
September 18, of the National
Celebrities open championship in
Washington, D. C., which the
Washington Post is sponsoring.
Present to conduct the ceremonies
will be Charles S. Patch, Jr., a
town commissioner of Southern
Pines; Richard S Tufts of Pine
hurst, vice president of the United
States Golf association, and Rob
ert E Harlow, publisher of Golf
World, Pinehurst.
Mr. Patch will present to Julius
Boros, Richard D. Chapman, John
Palmer, Clayton Heafner, Tommy
Holt, Stewart "Skip" Alexander
and Billy Joe Patton certificates
inscribed as follows:
Certificate of Recognition,
presented by the Town of
Southern Pines, N. C. to
(name of person printed) For
Your Outstanding Achieve
ments in the field of Golf both ?
in the United States and For
eign Countries. The State of
North Carolina and Southern
Pines in particular recognize
your fine contribution to Golf.
Through your efforts you
have rendered an invaluable
service to your State and
National Celebrities Open,
Washington, D. C.
September 18, 1952.
The certificates are signed by
C. N. Page, mayor, and Charles S.
Patch, Jr., commissioner.
Awards will be presented on the
first tee of the Prince Georges
Country club on the opening day
of the three-day tournament, as
the Celebrities field swings into
its first round of play.
Jim Magner, a Washington res
taurant owner, former president
of the Touchdown club and a
North Carolina football hero of
years ago, heads a Washington
committee which will see that
many North Carolinians are on
hand for the ceremonies. He will
invite the North Carolina State
society and the North Carolina
University Alumni chapter to turn
out and cheer almost as hard for
tire Tar Heel golfers as they once
did when Charlie Justice ran for
a Carolina touchdown.
And now for a brief glance at
the Tar Heel celebrities:
Julius Boros has won two of the
biggest golf prizes of the 1952 sea
son, the National Open and the
World championship, worth $25,
(100 m the Tarn O'Shanter tourrir.
r mont. lie was born in Fairfield.
Conn., and grew up there, but
calls Mid Pines, Southern Pines,
Richard D. Chapman of Pine
hurst is v. inncr of Canadian, Brii
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Mrs. Jane Scully
Is Accident Victim
Mrs. Jane Ferguson Scully, 22,
of near Raeford died in Scotland
Memorial hospital, Laurinburg
Thursday afternoon of injuries re
ceived in an automobile accident
Monday night near Rowland. j
Mrs. Scully's husband was in
Korea, and efforts were made
through the Red Cross to contact
him. Funeral services were held
at 3:30 Sunday afternoon at the
Raeford Baptist church, but burial
was deferred until Wednesday
afternoon, on the chance that the
soldier husband might arrive.
That day a message arrived, ask
ing that he be met at the Raeigh
Durham airport.
Mrs. Scully was born in Niag
ara Feb. 4, 1930, the daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. Archie Ferguson.
She is survived by her husband.
Thomas F. Scully, with the U. S
Army in Korea; one idaughter,
Catherine; her parents, of Rae
ford; four sisters, Mrs J. D. Fly
of Raeford, Mrs. E. P. Garner of
Southern Pines, Mrs. C. L. Gllsaon
of Myrtle Beach, S. C., and Mrs
J. D. Ruth, Angola, Ind.; and
three brothers, Marvin Ferguson
of LJllington, Clarence W Fer
guson of Durham, and A. T. Fer
guson of Raeford
Page Memorial Plans Homecoming
Homecoming Day will be observed at Page Memorial Meth
odist church in Aberdeen this Sunday, with Bishop W. W. Peele
of Laurinburg as guest speaker at the morning service. Bishop
Peele, in the early days of his ministry, served the Aberdeen
church as pastor. There will be special music by the choir.
After a picnic dinner dh the grounds, the congregation will re
assemble at 1:45. A feature of the afternoon program will be an
informal talk entitled "Remarks Of a Charter Member," by a
person whose identity is not being disclosed. G. C. Seymour will
be heard in "A Tribute To Our Founders," and visiting former
pastors and members will be given an opportunity to reminisce
or bring greetings.
The Rev. T. J. Whitehead is serving his fifth year as pastor of
the Church, whose present building was dedicated in 1914.
District and stare leaders of
the Democratic party will be
in attendance at the Moore
County YDC sponsored rally
to be held in the courthouse at
Carthage on Saturday, Octo
*b*r 11. at 7:30 p.m., according
to an announcement by J.
Douglas David ot Pinebluff,
county YDC president.
There in addition to Gover
nor-nominal* William B. Um
atead, who will deliver the
main address, will be Con
gressman C. B. Deane. Secre
tary o! Slate Thad Eure. State
Auditor Henry L. Bridges,
Commissioner of Labor For
rest H. Shuford. Attorney
General Harry McMullan and
Invitations have been ex
tended to other district and
state YDC and senior party
leaders. A jammed court
house is anticipated for the
1 masses;;-- Hfc HBSSKWtfc
Local Man Named
Saco-Lowell VP
j Harry K. Smyth, general man
ager of the Sanfbrd division, Saco
Lowell shops, has been named
vice - president of the company,
Malcolm D. Shaffner, Saco
Lowell president, announced Wed
Mr. Smyth, who lives at 115
Highland road, Southern Pines,
[will continue his present position
|of general manager of the com
pany. He has had a long career
in manufacturing. Prior To his go-1
ing to Sanford, he spent 21 years
with Pratt and Whitney, makers
of machinery and fine tools, fol
lowed hy two years with the Cum
mings Engine company, manufac
turers of diesel engines.
He then became vice-president
and general manager of the Ed
wards company, whose properties
Saco-Lowell shops purchased in
1948. It was then that Mr. Smyth
joined the Saco-Lowell organiza
He is active in local affairs in
Sanford. He has served as presi
| dent and member of the board of
directors of the Chamber of Com
merce. In 1948 he was elected
"Lee County Man of the Year."
Mr. Smyth is a member of the
Sanford Rotary club
Bishop Speaks To
Rotarians On Air
Service Prospect
September 26
Is Set As Date
Of Ladies Night
The prospecf of getting Eastern
Air Lines service for the Sand
hills, as presented by Julian T.
Bishop, and plans for the annual
observance of Ladies Night fea
tured Friday's luncheon meeting
of the Southern Pines Rotary club,
held at the Village Inn with Pres
ident Russell Lorenson in the
chair. The speaker was intro
duced by Lloyd T, Clark, program
chairman for September.
Mr. Bishop told the Rotarians of
his recent conference with Cap
tain Eddie Rickenbacker, presi
dent of Eastern, at EAL head
quarters in New York, at which
Captain Rickenbacker evidenced
an interest in year 'round service
including passenger, mail and ex
press, but not in seasonal service
only. Captain Rickenbacker was
particularly interested, the speak
er indicated, in the outlook for
tourist business and transporta
tion in connection with the many
manufacturing plants located in
this general area, including Aber
deen. Carthage, Candor, Robbins,
West End, Vass, Southern Pines,
Rockingham, Hamlet, Troy, San
ford, Red Springs, A shots .ro, Rae
ford, and Biscoe.
\ The speaker disclosed that he is
; getting fine cooperation from
j these sources in assembling data,
jand that the information gathered
I will he presented by him to (".HP
tain Rickenbaeker shortly after
i his return from England, which
, was scheduled for Tuesday.
Among reports he had received
were those of Mayor Forrest
Lockey of Aberdeen, Karl Rob
bins of the Robbins Mills, Albert
Tufts of Pinehurst, and John
Howarth and Lloyd T. Clark of
Southern Pines
To be incorporated in Mr. Tuft's
report is the information that an
estimated 80 per cent of Pine
hurst's tourist trade comes from
the New England states. New
York and Pennsylvania, locations
that are in Eastern's territory.
A letter to Mr. Bishop from Col.
Samuel T. Moore, assistant to the
commandant of the USAF Air
Ground Operations school at
Highland Pines Inn, estimated
that travel to and from the school
would require 40 seats a week
each way.
Postmaster Garland Pierce ftien
tioned that the proposed schedule
would give one-day mail service
to Boston, New York, and that
j section of the country,
j Mr. Bishop left the impression
I that establishment of the service
! is now a matter of whether or not
i Eastern Air Lines decides that it
will be a paying proposition.
Ladies' Night
The Ladies' Night, committee,
headed by W. Harry Fullenwider
as chairman with Garland Pierce
and Edwin Small as co-planners,
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Patch Is Elected
Chairman Of New
Eisenhower Club
Seven Towns Are
Represented At
Initial Meeting
Charles S. Patch, Jr., of
Southern Pines was elected chair
man of the Moore County Eisen
hower and Nixon club Tuesday
night when representatives from
seven towns held an orgonizaticn
al meeting at the Southern Pines
Country club.
Other officers elected were Mrs.
James Besley of Southern Pines,
vice chairman; Mrs. Gladys Doyle
of Southern Pines, secretary; and
| Roy Swarlnger of West End,
Chosen to serve with these on
the Executive committee, to meet
with the State organization next
week tc formulate plans for Gen
' oral Eisenhower's visit to North
Carolina on September 26, were
Fred Hall of Southern Pines, H.
W. Doub of Aberdeen, Col. George
P. Hawes of Pinehurst, Mrs. Roger
M. Wicks of Southern Pines, and
W. C Garner of Robbins. Th"
chairman was given authority to
make ether appointments to the
executive committee from
throughout the county as may be
come necessary.
The following divisional chair
men were named, to organize the
various elements in the countv to
get them to register and follow
this uo by voting on November
4: Registration committee. Robert
Howard and Coi. Donald L Mad
igan, both of Southern Pines, co
chairmen; Women's division. Mrs
L. A Des PI."nd Southern Pines;
Youth division, Stanley Austin,
Southern Pines; Veterans' divi
sion, Julian Bishcp, Pinehurst
Ttiese char-men were urged to ge'
representatives in all precincts of
Moore countv. tn coordinate their
respective objectives in the cam
Clem Barrett of Carthage. Re
publican candidate for Moore
County representative in the Gen
eral Assembly, snoke in behalf of
the club and the election of the
Eisenhcwer-Nixon ticket. He was
introduced bv Graham Culbreth
of Southern Pines.
Chairman Patch announced that
!he had been asked by Jesse Page
of Charlotte, Strte chairman, tc
sei-ve on a committee of two from
North Carolina at the General
Eisenhower campaign conference
"t the Hotel Commodore in New
Vntk this Saturday afternoon
The conference has been labeled
~s "importrpt" and Mr. Patch
nlans to attend and report on the
j conference at the next meeting
lof the club.
A direct appeal for funds with
| which to operate the upit met
;with generous response at the
i meeting, with additional contribu
tions to bo mailed in The chair
man announced thct anyone in
the county wishing to contribute
should make checks payable to the
Moore County Eisenhower- Nixon
Club and mail them to Box 421.
Southern Pines. Receipts will be
issued and a record accounting
made, he said
The policy of the club will be
to hold meetings throughout the
countv and the next one will be
held late in September, at Rob
bins. Towns represented at the
meeting, attendance at which is
said to have exceeded expecta
tions. were Aberdeen, Carthage,
^inehurst, Pinebluff. Robbins and
Southern Pines.
The Pilot wsi on Wednes
day given an advance look at
1 the October issue of Holiday
magazine, which carriet the
third instalment of "First
Road of The Land" by Phil
Stong. This part of the High
way 1 feature runs from Rich
mond. Va.. to Waycroes. Ga,.
and. of course, this resort
town comes in for some nice
Shortly after Holiday
reaches the newsstands of the
country on September 19. ap
1 proximately five million peo
ple will be reading about
Southern Pines and looking
at The Pilot's Assistant Edi
tor Valerie Nicholson, who is
Shown in a Country Club
photo. The number of copies
for this area is said to be
I limited.
, ,
Moore County Mas J
14 Delegates At
IYDC Convention
, A delegation of 14 from Moore
county attended the Young Dem
ocratic convention held in Greens
borp on last Thursday, Friday and
j Chairman of the county dele
gation was J. Douglas David. |
! president of the Moore club. H
I Clifton Blue, a former State YDC!
| president, was elected snd served
j as permanent chairman of the
convention that elected Billy
Harrison of Rocky Mount, presi
dent; Betty Brewer of Raleigh
end Mrs. Mary Wilson of Monroe,
vice presidents; Martin Cromartie
Tarborc, secretary; Sandy Harris,
Mebane, treasurer; Harry Horton
Pittshoro. national committee
man; Mrs Marjorie Griffin, For
est City, national comniitteewo
,j In the heated contest for
i president, Moore county gave its
[ 10 votes to Bedford W. Black of
.1 Kannapolis. The third and low
jman was Pat Cooke of Gagtcnia.
(W. W. Staton of Sanford was the'
; retiring president.
Cruce District Chairman
At the district caucus, A1 Cruce
'[of Aberdeen was elected Rth dis
trict chairman: Mrs. Dick Phillips
j of Laurinburg, vice chairman;
i George Willcox of Racford, secre
tary; and I any Moore of North
!W'lke=boro, treasurer.
: Delegation
! The Moore County delegation!
! was composed of J. Hubert Mc-i
1 Caskill and Chief Sheppard of!
j Pineliurst, Lament Brown and)
jVoit Gilmore of Southern Pines;|
A. F. Dees, Cliff Blue, Raymond:
Wicker and A1 Cruee of Aberj!
jdeen; Glendon Wicker and John
iLang, Jr., of Carthage; Monroe
' Chappcll of Vass; Douglas David, '
Roy Wallace and Billy Carpenter
Jr., of Pinebluff.
Both YDC and senior party ]
leader? from over the state were
in attendance at the convention
Among those addressing the (
YDC convention were Governor
Scott, Governor-nominate IJVn .
stead. Congressman Doughton and ]
Congressman Deanef Secretary of .
State Thad F-ure, Democratic ,
Party Chairman Everett Jordan,
Congressman Woodrow Jones
and Hugh Alexander and Larry ?
Fountain, Democratic nominees
for congress. I
New Manager for
Patch's Arrives * !
Earle B. Owen, former sales ?
promotion manager for the Spain- ,
hour store in Hickory, assumed ,
his duties as manager of Patch's j
Department, store on Monday of ;
this week.
Mr. Owen will be joined here <
by his wife as soon as living '
quarters can be secured. Their 1
son, Earle B. Owen, Jr., is enter- 1
ing Lenoir Rhyne college this fall. <
! Lei and McKeithen Elected To State
Bar Council; Resigns As Solicitor
Lamonl Brown,
Democratic Nominee,
Is Named To Post t
W. Leland McKeithen of Pine- '
"lurst this week announced his i
-esigr.ation as solicitor cf Moore c
bounty recorders court, effective ,
it the end of this month, after 14
rears in the office, with the ex- 1
;eption of three and a half years 1
if military service in World War
!I t
On Tuesday, meeting in Carth- '
lge, the county commissioners ap- '
jointed W. Lamont Brown, 1
Southern Pines attorney and *
Democratic nominee for solicitor, c
to fill out Mr. McKeithen's unex- 1
pired term. ?
The Pinehurst attorney said
that he submitted his resignation i
because he has been elected to i
the State Bar Council, the board t
which governs the North Caroline <
State Bar. This is a statutory of- i
fice, requiring an cath, and there- 1
fore, said Mr. McKeithen, he can- i
not hold two such offices. He will !
he sworn in as a Slate Bar Coun- 1
oil member in October and will \
continue through September in ;
his duties with recorders court.
Before the Democratic primary .
in May, Mr. McKeithen announc- ,
ed that he would not be a candi- |
date again this year. He has been |
elected to successive terms in the ,
office fcr the past 14 years, in- (
eluding his years in service, when
the post was iflled by other at- (
torneys of the county substituting
for him.
The unexpired term runs to the
first Monday in December when
county officers elected in Novem- ,
ber will be sworn in. Mr. Brown, :
who is assured of election because
of the large Democratic majority
in the county, is expected to take
the oath for his regular term at
that time.
! " I '
A student nurse when the above!
phcto was made. Miss Betty Lou 1
Cleaver is now wearing the vhitejj
cap and uniform of her profes- i
sion, havinr graduated iiom Hex;'
Hospital School of Nursing
At. Rex she is reported to have!
shown excellent initiative j]
throughout her threfe years and '
was above average in her schol
astic achievement. She participa
ted in choral club, Softball, swim- :
ming and social functions, com
pleted a good many hours toward
her Red Cross pin, worked at the ,
State Fair First aid station and
participated in collecting blood
during the Wake County drive. 1
She even did a bit of baby-sit- '
ting on the side. . . but despite her
busy round of duties, she is said
not to have lost that, spark with
which she entered training.
(Story on page 8)
W. Hleel ^ New
Colonial Manager
W. H. Lee, for 11 years assistant
manager of one of the Colonial
stores in Durham, is new manager
nf the company's store in South
am Pines, succeeding W. G. Brad
ley, who is going to Raleigh. Mr.
Lee assumed his duties here on
Thursday of last week, and has al
ready joined the list of newcom
ers who express themselves as be
ing delighted with Southern
Mrs. Lee and their two-year-old
laughter, Debra Faye, arrived the
middle of this week and they are
living at 280 Page street. The
Lees attended the Methodist
church while in Durham. a
Town Is Asking for Bond Election
To Finance Needed Improvements
$160,000 Required
For Building, Fire
Truck, Sewerage
Southern Pines citizens will
lave the opportunity to vote on a
1160,000 bond issue for needed
mproveir.ents at a not far distant
late if plans discussed at Wed
lesday night's Town Board meet
ng proceed without a hitch, and
to hitch is anticipated.
City Clerk Howard F. Burns
old the group cf his trip to Ra
eigh Monday, to seek permission
rom the Local Government Com
nission for the election to be held.
le was given papers to be filled
>ut, and bond attorneys are ex
acted to set as an election date
i time within around 60 days.
The largest sum, $96,000 is for
i proposed police station, jail, and
\BC store; $34,000, for enlarging
he fire house and replacing the
>!d frame storage barns at the
?ear of the fire station; $20,000
'or a new fire truck; the remain
ng $10,000, for replacing the over
loaded sewerage outfall line by
VTcDeeds creek?a line used for
!5 or 30 years and nc.w much too
intall. ,
The Moore Countjf Grand Jury
some time ago condemned the
city jail, and the Town is required
to report on its condition at every
term of court. Offenders held
overnight are now carried to Car
thage to oe jailed.
The Board has been working
on plans for the proposed build
ing program all summer, and a
Fayetteville architect, Basil G. F
Laslett, who designed the Fay
etteville Municipal building and
re-designed the Southern Pines
Country chib when it was rebuilt
by the Town, has drawn plans.
Plans for the police station
ABC Store-jail are of colonial de
sign, with ample offices for the
police force, and a modern jail at
the rear of the ABC store. The
Town has bought from The South
land hotel 12 feet of land, to give
space for a driveway for the store
and jail.
The present building, it was
brought out, is over 50 years old
and in such condition that money
spent on repairs would be wast
Enlargement of the fire house
will include space for the new
Paving Bequests
Jerry Healy appeared before
the Board to ask that New Hamp
shire avenue be paved from Leake
street to Page, and the Southern
Pines Warehouse requested that
the lower end of East Broad be
The Board explained that it
planned to do all of the paving it
anssibly could tin.'- rail and thai
:he rest would have to be post
poned until spring, as it cannot at
lone in cold weather. Too, the
fown maintenance crew does the
work, and when building projects
ire underway, other needed work
tas to be left undone.
Completion of the paving of
Connecticut avenue from Gaines
o Page was reported, except for
(Continued on Page 5)
Two Are Injured
In Auto Collision
Raymond Rider, 46. and his
vife, Mrs. Irene Rider, 45, of
Vareham, Mass., were injured
ind their late model Plymouth,
Iriven by Mr. Rider, was demol
sheri in a head-on collision with
i taxi operated by Joe Hatch of
Southern Pines around 1 p.m.,
Saturday, according to a Highway
3atrol report.
The accident occurred near
Cnollwood airport on the South
?rn Pines Carthage highway.
Mr. Rider, who sustained a frac
ured left hip, and his wife, who
uffered bruises and lacerations
ibout the forehead, are reported
o be getting along well at St. Jos
eph's hospital, to which they were
aken immediately after the acci
lent. Mr. Hatch received minor
acerations but was not hospital
The Rider car came to rest bot
om aide up. The taxi, also a late
nodel Plymouth, was badly datn

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