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Baking Powder
? Absolutely Pure
Renders the
food more wholesome and su
\ perior in lightness and flavor.
The only baking powder
made from
Royal Grape Cream of Tartar.
fm CbmA ?r
W The Week's Happenings Told by Tho %
# Herald's Regulsr Correspondents ^
The Watkins Sunday school met
yesterday with a good attendance.
Miss Daisy Hales is visiting the
Misses llocutt this week.
A good many of our people are
gone to Wendell today to the Jr.
Miss iiattie Atkinson has opened
a millinery store at Emit.
Mr. J. C. Snipes has gone to Zeb
The Emit debating society is get
ling along nicely now. The query
for Thursday night is: Resolved,
That the works of Nature are more
wonderful and beautiful than the
works of Art.
We are glad to hear that Mrs. J.
W. Corbett is some better.
Tho farmers of this Eectlon are
lusy getting ready to plant cottou
this week.
Mr. Vernon Bell fell a few days
ago and hurt his knee very badly.
Mr. Hurt Lowry is about tho oldest
man in our community and can do
right much work yet.
H. E. J.
April 12.
? * ?
Most of the farmers in this sec
tion arc through planting corn and
are ready to sow com ii
Mr. H. J. Thompson wife vis
ited at the home of Mr. It. V. Oliver
Misses Hortence and Salli" Pierce
spent Saturday night and Sunday
with Miss Sal lie Wiggs.
Miss Ktta Oliver is visiting rela
tives near Fork of Creek this week.
Mr. B. I. Peedin and wife speut
Sunday with their daughter, Mrs.
Eonzo Daughtry.
Mr. Arthur Wiggs was In this sec
tion Sunday.
Mr. Ezekiel Creech and family
spent Sunday at the home of Mr.
Willie Starling.
Miss Sallie Oliver visited Miss Bet
tif> Peedin last Sunday.
Mr. N. G. Wiggs and family spent
Sunday afternoon at the home of Sir.
J. W. Wiggs.
Misses Jeneva Peedin, Kezzie
Peedin, Rosa Woodard visited Miss
Sallie Oliver last Friday.
Mrs. Ella Starling spent Saturday
afternoon with Mrs. R. V. Oliver
Mrs. Sallie Massengill spent last
week with her brother, Mr. David
Mr. Willie Oliver spent Saturday
night and Sunday ; t his father's,
Mr. R. V. Oliver.
Mr. William Massey passed through
our vicinity Monday.
Mr. Pat Wiggs spent Sunday with
Mr. Eddie Oliver.
Mr. Charlie Wiggs visited the
home of Mr. Simon Peirce Sunday.
Master Robert Oliver visited at
the home of Mr. H. F. Peedin Sun
Miss Carletta Creech spent Friday
night with her uncle and aunt, Mr.
and Mrs. Willie Starling.
Mr. Preston Wiggs and family
spent Sunday at the home of Mr.
Nathan Wiggs.
Mr. Daniel Capps and wife spent
Saturday night and Sunday with Mr.
and Mrs. Thomas Wilklns.
April 12, 1909.
Words to Freeze the Soul.
"Your son has consumption. His
case is hopeless." These appalling
words were spoken to Geo. E. Blev
ens. a leading merchant of Spring
II' Id, N. C., by two expert doctors ?
one a Inns specialist. Then was
shown the wonderful power of Dr.
King's New Discovery. "After three
weeks use," writes Mr. Blevens, "he
was as well as ever. I would not
take all the money in the world for
what it did for my boy." Infallible
for Coughs and Colds, its the safest
surest cure of desperate Lung dis
eases on earth. 50c. and tl. Hood
Bros, guarantee satisfaction. Trial
bottle free.
Mr. J. W. Hollowell and Mr. Hale,
of Selnia, spent Monday night in
Mr. Chas. Helrce spent Easter in
Fremont nnd Kenly.
Mr. J. ii. Adams spent Haster in
Mr. W. E. Harbour spent Saturday
night and Sunday in Selma.
There was au Easter Egg hunt
given by Methodist and Baptist
churches here Monday which was a
delight to the youngsters.
Mr. "Curly" Harper was in tow A
Rev. Mr. Starling filled his regular
appointment here Sunday morning
and evening, and preached the funer
al of Mr. BUI Benson's baby at Cor
inth in the afternoon.
Elder W. B. Williams, of Elm
City, preached in Primitive Baptist
church here Monday.
Some of our young people went
to Holt's pond Monday for their an
nual Easter picnic, and report a
very pleasant time.
"Ye village school of long ago,"
a play by home talent at Corinth
school house Wednesday night, (28).
Benefit of Mission work. Don't miss
this grand production.
Mr. Dalton Bee has bought out
market and made several changes.
He is doing nice business.
There is being a good bit of im
provement made in the looks of our
town, such as extension of streets,
new buildiugs, etc.
Camp No. 13931, of Modern Wood
men of America, was instituted here
the 8tl>, with a good many charter
April 14, 1909.
Farmers in our section have just
comenced planting cotton.
Mrs. J. T. Creech, who has been
seriously ill, we are glad to note, is
slowly improving.
Miss Eva Wellons, of Selma, is
visiting her parents, Mr, and Mrs.
C. W. Wellons, this week.
Miss Stella Fitzgerald visited in
Kenly last week.
Mr. Oscar Hinnant was in Pine
Level Sunday afternoon.
Clifton Pearce spent Sunday in
Ilains X Roads section.
Mrs. Hassey Corbett, of Ayden, is
visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs.
C. W. Wellons, this week.
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Coltrain at
tended church at Pine Level Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Fitzgerald
spent Sunday with their sister, Mr.
and Mrs. J. T. Godwin.
Mr. Clyde Pearce attended Micro
Sunday school Sunday.
Mr. J. D. Pearce made a business
trip to Selma Monday.
Prof. Stanbury, of Trinity College,
preached an excellent sermon at
Zlon Sunday.
A little girl has arrived at the
home of Mr. Fletcher Bagley.
The farmers of this section are
very busy planting cotton.
We are glad to know that singing
started at Corbett school house last
Rev. Mr. Royal filled his appoint
ment at Live Oak and Thanksgiving
last Saturday and Sunday.
While Mr. W. H. Brown was sing
ing at Friendship last Saturday,
April 10th, his kitchen and smoke
house were burned.
"I'd Rather Die, Doctor,
than have my feet cut off," salil M.
L. Bingham, of Princeville, 111. 'But
you'll die from gangrene (which had
eaten away eight toes) If you don't,"
said all doctors. Instead, he used
Bucklen's Arnica Salve till wholly
cured. Its cures of Eczema. Fever
Sores, Bolls, Burns and Piles as
tound the world. 25c. at Hood Bros.
Come to see me. John A. Narron,
, Attorney, Smlthfleld, N. C.
I Dress material* are sold by weight
in Japac.
Mr. W. W. Crews, of Oxford, is
here to spend Easter and look after
bis business interests here.
Miss Rena Richardson, of Peace
Institute, is spending Easter with in r
mother, Mrs. M. H. Richardson.
Miss Lizie Richardson, of Atlantic
Christian College, is home for the
Easter holidays.
Mr. G. G. Cupp left for his home
In Johnstown, Pa., Friday night. He
will be away for about ten days.
Mr. VV. R. Nowell, who has a po
sition with W. H. King Drug Co., in
Raleigh, came down Saturday to
spend Sunday with his parents. He
returned Monday but will be back
here in a few days to take his old
Job with Wendell Drug Co.
The Wendell Telephone Co. has
lephone poles up in town and
will begin 'm hiring wire and placing
'phones in a short time. It will be
a great convenient e to the town and
surrounding country.
Easter was quite an interesting day
here. ' Dr. Brewer, of Wake Forest
College, delivered an address to the
Jr. O. U. A. M. at the Academy in
the morning. In the a'ternoon the
Juniors presented a flag to the school
l'rof. Z. V. Judd, County Superinten
dent, making the presentation speech
and Rev. W. C. Nowell the speech of
acceptance for the school. The flag
was then raised with appropriate cer
emonies. We then had a game of
base ball and a bear dance. At
night the school presented a play
the proceeds of which were to go to
the school library.
Mr. Council Warrick and family
spent Saturday night and Sunday at
the home of Mr. J. M. Oliver near
Mr. James Creech and family
spent Sunday with Mr. Charlie War
Mr. Fred Stucky was in our sec
tion Sunday.
Mr. Alex Braswell and wife spent
Saturday night and Sunday with
their daughter, Mrs. Sam Worley.
Mr. Charlie Creech and wife spent
Saturday night at the home of Mr.
C. G. Creech.
Mr. N. H. Adams and family spent
Sunday at Selma.
There will be services at the
Brown school house next third Sun
day afternoon at 3 o'clock.
Miss Nora Creech spent Sunday
at Mr. J. C. Adams'.
Mr. Monroe Bras well and wife
spent Saturday night and Sunday at
the home of Mr, Alex Braswell.
Mr. George Adams, of Four Oaks,
spent last Thursday night with his
daughter, Mrs. Jullia Braswell.
Mr. D. M. Braswell went to Prin
ceton Friday.
W. M. B.
People around here are planting
their crops and making great prepa
ration for tobacco.
The ser-ico at the Baptist church
was greatly enjoyed by all who
were present Sunday night.
Mr. Millard Holland and Mr. Joe
Bowens, of this section, attended the
Easter entertainment at Rains X
Roads Sunday night.
We aro glad to know that our Sun
day school Is improving.
We are very sorry to note that
the Baraca teacher of our Sunday
school is quite sick.
We are glad to know that Miss
I.ydie Smi'h was able to be with us
Sunday after being on the sick list
for about six months. She is improv
ing now and we are very glad to
have her in our Sunday schools.
Mr. Lester Smith spent last Satur
day night with Mr. Wade Holland.
Miss Lllie Hopkins spent last Sat
urday night and Sunday with her
friends in this section.
Mr. Clarence Watson has just re
turned from Goldsboro after spend
ing about two weeks.
Mr. L. P. Pittman and wife visit
ed Mr. G. H. Jones and wife Sunday
Mr. Ruffin Hales and family, of
Micro, spent a few days with their
parents last week.
Lots of young people met at Mr.
J. H. Pittman's Saturday night and
had a nice candy party which was
enjoyed by all.
Mr. Lesley Pittman and Mr. Noah
Pittman and Willie Britt spent last
Saturday night and Sunday with Mr.
and Mrs. R. C. Cambell.
Rev. and Mrs. W. C. Royal, of
Micro, was visiting in Kenly last
Mr. A. B. Montgomery left last
week for his home in tho Bailey sec
Mr. C. L. Batten, of Micro, spent
last Monday night with Mr. Leonard
Pace, who Is quite sick.
P. M. C.
We have several more Turner's
Almanacs for 1909 which we are
anxious to give away. We give one
free to every subscriber who pays
up to 1910.
Campaign Against Them and Flies
Started In the South.
New Orleans, La., April II.?The
entire South has enacted uniform
laws against the mosquito and the
house fly as undesirable pests, who,
under no circumstances, will be per
mitted to survive inhabited commu
nities. Health officers have not for
gotten the lesson taught them In
1905 when yellow fever prevailed.
So, all over the South, In the vil
lages as well as in the cities, health
officers are opening an early cam
paign against the disseminators of
deadly diseases, the mosquito and
the house fly. While the mosquito
spreads yellow fever the house fly
disseminates malaria, typhoid fever
and several other deadly diseases.
Under the direction of Dr. J. S.
White, Marine Hospital surgeon, who
fought out yellow fever In 1905, a
regular set of laws and precautions
have been devised. These are the
same in all Southern cities and
So dowi Catarrh, Croup, Hay Fever
and Bronchitis.
Hyomel is a confidence creator.
The first time you breathe in this
powerful yet soothing, antiseptic air,
you will know that It has marvelous
curative virtue. There is nothing dis
agreable about Hyomel. It Is a very
pleasant and prompt remedy for cat
arrh, colds, asthma, croup, bronchitis, ,
If your head is so stuffed with mu
cus that you cannot breathe a par
ticle of air through your nostrils,
Hyomel will open them up and give
relief in five minutes.
Why will sensible people suffer
longer, why will they wheeze and
hawk and spit and smother, when
Mood Bros., will guarantee Hyomel to
Cure or money back. $1.00 is all
Hood Bros., ask for a complete out
"I have used Hyomei for hay fever,
and can pronounce it the best relief
for this trouble that 1 ever tried or
heard of. I have had this malady
for years, and have doctored and us
ed many remedies, but Hyomei is
far ahead of any of the others, and
has my hearty endorsement."?Mrs.
\1. S. Martin, Cassopolis, Mich.
Cures indigestion
It relieves stomach misery, bout stom
ach, belchiug, and cures all stomach dis
ease or money back. Large box of tab
lets 60 cents. Druggists in all towns.
$10.00 REWARD?A reward of
$10.00 for the arrest of William Hen
ry Gatling, a light ginger-cake color
ed negro, about 21 or 25 years old,
about 5 feet 8 inches tall and weighs
about 180 pounds. Has broad fore
head and has mole on back of head
in edge of hair. Has been living on
farm of W. & V. Eason, about two
miles from Smithfield. He eloped
Saturday night, April 3, 11)09, with
the 15 year-old daughter of Will
Lyons, (iirl weighs about 165 pounds
dark, has fine head of hair and very
white teeth. Catling left his wife
and one child behind. A warrant
has been Issued for him and I will
gladly give a reward of J 10.00 for
his arrest.
Smithfield, N. C., April 5.
North Carolina, Johnston County.
In The Superior Court.
L. B. Richardson,
Maurice B. Saunders and wife Anna
N. Saunders.
By virtue of an order of the Su
perior Court of Johnston county,
made in this cause, at the March
term, 1909, I will, on Monday, the
3rd day of May, 1909, at twelve
o'clock, M., at the Court House door
in Smithfield, sell to the highest bid
der, for cash the following describ
ed tract of land, lying and being in
Johnston county, in Beulah town
ship, and situate on Little river, and
adjoining the lands of J. S. Deans,
Abner Ilinnant, the Mary Baker
lands and others; and bounded on
the East by Little river, on the
South by the lands of J. S. Deans,
on the West by the lands of Abner
Hinnant, and on the North by the
lands of Mary Baker, containing six
ty (60) acres more or less.
This land is sold under the judg
ment of the Superior court of John
ston County.
This the 30th day of March, 1909.
E. S. ABELL, Commissioner.
The partnership heretofore exist
ing between M. M. Baker and J. B.
Mozlngo under the firm name of
Baker & Mozingo, Is this day dis
solved by mutual consent, M. M. Bak
er purchasing the entire Interest of
J. B. Mozingo. A11 obligations of
said firm will be settled by M. M.
Baker who will continue the busi
This 19th day of March, 1909.
Four Oaks, North Carolina.
Headquarters For
Heavy and Staple Groceries,
General Merchandise, High
Grade Fertilizers, Buggies
and Wagons, Furniture,
Coffins and Caskets. . .
Compare our prices before jcu buy.
Cotter-Underwood Company
Smithfield. N. C.
We Have Them!
Cole Combination Planters, Guano Distributors,
Hoosier Corn Drills, Deere Corn Planters, Cox
Planter?, Cox Distributors, K P. Distributors, Led
beter one seed Combination Planters, Syracuse
Chilled Plows and all kinds of farming tools. Paints
and Oils of all hinds.
Furniture! Furniture!!
Our Furniture store is full of well selected goods at
lowest prices. Latest styles and designs in Mattings,
Rugs, Art Squares, Pictures, Etc. We can frame
any size picture yi.u have.
Yours obediently,
Hall Hardware Company,
Benson. N. C.
fl . , I
*j Something Every House Keeper in the County is nj
Jfl interested in at Cotter-Underwood Company's [sm
Jf; Furniture Store. All the ladies in the County of
ffj are respectfully invited to call and see it. ... Q
No Hot Air About This
A straight out and out business opportunity which is found by the pub
lic only occasionally. The NEWEST of the NEW in spring Clothing?
The Choicest of the best in fabrics?The SNAPPIEST of the SNAPPY
in style?The most MODERATE of the POPULAR in price?
Our "Better Clothes"
For Men and Young Men,
Comprises all the Qualities of the higher priced models and have not
the extravagance in price. The new spring colorc?Bronzes, Greens,
Slates, Daubes, Browns, in fancy striped materials?pretty enough for the
King. Host of the Coats are made in the new dip-front, single-breast
styles. They have fancy cuffs and fancy pocetks. Collars are made
wide to give them a snappy attractive appearance. Trousers are made
peg top, with side-buckles and belt loops.
And the Price is Only
We've got them cheaper and we've got them better, but we respectfully
call your attention to our TEN-DOLLAR "BETTER CLOTHES."
Guilty & Guilty, cloyN?g;
Legal Blanks at Herald Office
A Modern Water System
Domestic Outfits
CWe the moat reliable and economical water aupplr
for farm or suburban homes. No more fear of fire.
No pump handle and water carrying drudgery if yon
1 own a rairDanns-.Morse ouim. Always ready to ?
J supply >n abundance of water for your stock, garden and domestic use. The
fact does more chores than three men at one third one man's pay.
Operates oo gas. gasoline, kerosene or distillate.
Cut out ccmfUtt advrriiutu nt and smd for Pumping
Catalog So. Il'/I 855 ^
Fairbanks, Morse 6 Co.

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