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LxUuJ " "- v 4 , . wsgg2j
Whole No. 110.
PoZ. 111. No. 6,
f'Ttl Pa lit
v Gfo. Howard,
! published weekly, (every Tuesday .Vat
I I O DOLLARS per year, (or 52 num
I jcrs,) if p-iid" within one month after Sub
ji libers commence receiving their papers
Vci'J Dollars c5 fVVy Ccnfs, if paid within
months and 77;rf; Dollars at thcexpi
r.iticn of the year. Subscribers at liberty to
discontinue at any time on paying arrears.
Advertisements not exceeding 16 lines will
(se inserted at 50 cents the firbt insertion, and
-;j cents each continuance. Longer ones at
:!ut rate for every 16 lines.
Letters addressed to the Editor mcst be
tost f aid.
;J7Janies Simmons, Esq. postmaster at
Halifax, is our general agent for that vicinity.
Millinery & Mantua-mnkihg.
MRS. SNKADER respectfully' in
forms the inhabitants of Halifax
and vicinity, that she still continues the
Millinery and Mantua-making busi
ness in Halifax, and Ins on hand, as
,s usual, a general assortment of Ladies'
I'nioy goods. Persons indebted to her
are earnestly requested to call and settle
their accounts immediately, as she is de--innis
of laying in her fall supply as
parly as possible.
Halifax, Aug. 15. 1S26.
Jailor's Notice.
AKHN up and committed to the Jail
of Halifax county, a negro man who
sivs his name is Gideon, ami belongs to
Mr. Richard Taylor, of Granville coun
ty, X. C. The said negro is abo:it b
:':ct S or 1G inches high, dark complcx
on, and appears to be between 50 and
ia) years of age. The owner Is hereby
TtOlified to come forward, prove proper
ty, pay charges and take him away,
otherwise he will be disposed of as the
!ivv directs.
Dixie C. Fanner, Jailor.
Halifax, 19th Sept. 1826. 5
Thirty Dollars lie ward.
Q, RANAWAY from the Sub-
vTrcriber, on Sunday night, the
y A ltitu ot iMarcli lat, a negro wo-
man, named POLLY, about 2S
EllUyvzv?, old, nearly hvc teet high,
yellow complexion, spare made, has 2
mild look and genteel appearance, (for
:i negro,) when well dressed; she is an
expert hand at roguery, and is well cal
culated to deceive unless tightly and
Jotly examined. She was seduced a
way by a black free negro. Cartel" New
born by name, a shoemaker by trade,
v vho is about 30 years of age, 5 feet G or
c inches hi till, thick set, has a pleasant
ountenance and very white teeth,
which he shews very much when speak
ing or laughing: he is strongly suspect
ed of being a runaway slave. In my
former advertisement, 1 stated that .from
-brcats which the wench made prior to
!icr elopement, they would, by chang
ing their names, and getting forged free
papers, endeavor to make their escape
'o some free state: since that time, they
have been lurking about Halifax town,
the vicinity of which, they probably
3re at this time. All persons are for
warned from harboring or carrying off
said negro under the penalty of the law.
The above reward, with all reasonable
charges, will be paid for securing said
woman in any jail, so that I get her
ain, or for her delivery to me.
Lunsford W. Scott.
Halifax co. N. C.
Drs. Dancy & Eoykin,
T.TAV1NG entered into Co-partner-'-M-ship,:
beg leave to inform the citi
zens of Edgecombe, that they are prepa
red to enter into the practice of the va
rious branches of their professional du:
ties, (viz.) Midwifery, Surgery, and
the Practice of Medicine. Orders left
at their residences or at their shop, will
be promptly attended.
They also' inform the Public, hat
they have furnished themselves with a
fresh and plentiful supply of Medicines.
and intend keeping on hand a like sup
ply, which they will sell at wholesale or
retail," upon as low terms as they can be
purchased in any part of the State.
Tarboro', Sept. 1, 1826. 3
Cabinct-mukins:. Turning &c
List of the Members of the General Assembly of N. Carolina, 1826,
HH Subscriber having v.rt.c.iit n
complete workshop for the above
business in all its various branches, re
spectfully informs his friends and the
public in general, that he is now-prepared
to execute any work in his lice that
he may receive orders for, viz:
SiJchourds,- China presses, secreta
ries, bock-cascs, bureaus, tables,
icasi statids, candle-stands, gentle
men's and ladies1 wardrobes, ladies'
and gentlemen's cabinets, cylinder
fall desks, portable and common do.
and bedsteads of all descriptions.
The work jn general will be well execu
ted, and of good materials.
Will be carried on in all its branches,
viz: Wood, iron,, brass, ivory, &c.
,..!: nu may va.u turning uoue, Nash W w Boddi
1,1 "ccoixunoaaieu. wim inc Northampton, K. Holloman,
ot. columns, newel posts, ballesters,. 0ns! J ' E. Ward,
drops, corner blocks, rosettes, &c. Qrilncr Wm M
The above work will be executed as1 Pcrst; r. vanmcr''
, l : V i ' lu Pasquotank, Thos. Bell,
Halifax, Sept. 1S26. 5
Counties. - Senators-.
Anson, . Joseph Pickett, '
Ashe, - Alex. BrVPMillan,
Bunco??ihe, Athan A. M'Dowell,
Bertie, - Wm. Gilliam,
Bladen, Jas. J. M'Kay,
Brunsibicfr, Benj. R. Locke,,
Beaufort, . J. 0. K. Williams, -
Burke, Matthew Baird,
Cabarrus, : L. If. Alexander,
Columbus, James Burhey,
Carteret, Whitington Davis,
Currituck, ' Samuel Saly ear, -
Chowan, Wm. Bullock, 4
Chatham, Robert Marsh,"'
Cumberland Alex. Elliott,'
uiuucu, - wails-Wilson.
Bartlett Yancey,
tl. D. Spaight,
Stephen Miller,'
John M. Smith,
Louis D. Wilson,
Chas. A. Hill,
Wm. M. Sneed,
E. R. Hunter,
Jesse Speight,
Jonathan Parker,
I sham Matthews,
Elisha H. Sharp,
Benj. Foreman,
Thcs. Loye, v
Samuel King;
lcuben Saunders,
Risden M 'Daniel, '
paniel M. Forney,
Isaac Croom.
Josiah Tvson.
Montgomery, Edmund Deberry, .
Mecklenburg, Michael M'Leary,
Martin, Jas. J. Williams,
New-1 lanoicr, Thomas Devane,
Bo wan,
The .Maltese Jack.
WILL stand at my plantation, four! lioon
miles north ot I arborough, the
fall season, at Six Dollars the season,,
and Ten Dollars to insure. Sancho's
celebrity as a sure foal getter, his large
size and muscular powers are so well
known, that it is dcemed unneccssary to
say any thing further.
jos. bell:
Jarboro7, bept. 182C. 3-4
Suicide. The Ilarrisburg (Pa.)
Intelligencer of Friday week says:
A pedlar, who had been trading
in the neighborhood for several
years, was found dead, on Sunday
last; near the Donegal cross-road,
with a strap round his neck, .and
fastened to a sapling. He had
been gambling, and lost all his
money, which, it is supposed drove
him to desperation and suicide.
A sad warning to beware of the
allurements of this vice. , ,
August 15, 1S26.
Every excess of pleasure is fol
lowed by an equal degree of pain
or languor. The spendthrift
wastes not only his yearly income,
but dips into his future means.
The voluptuary shortens his life,
or brings on disease and infirmity.
While Mountain Disaster.- A
letter from Lancaster, N. H. in
trivinix an account of the late ca
lamity, mentions, "that Mr. Wil
lie's dog, after leaving the house
with the unfortunate family, re
turned to it, and preserved his
life, lie was much bruised, but
assisted in finding the bodies of
family which were discovered.
Tyrrell, '
John Joyner, "
Willis Riddick,
John Beard, jr.
Alex. Gray,
Thos. Blackwell,
John Gilchrist,
F. T. Leak,
Martin Shewford,
John Sellers,
P. B. Roberts,
John Hill,
John B. Beasley,
S. Davenport,
Montfort Stokes,
M. T. Hawkins,
J. Wasden,'
Henry Seawcll,
Clement Marshall, John Smith,
Zachariah Baker, Jas. Blevins.
John Clayton, D. L. Swain.
James G. Mhoon, Jos. D. White,
John L. M'Millan, John T. Gilmorc.
Jacob Leonard, Alfred Moore,
Wm. A. Blount, Thos. Ellison.
Edwin Poor, David N.ewland.
Robert Pickens,' John G. Barnhart.
Caleb Stephens, Luke R. Simmons.
Otway Burns, Edward H. Bell.
W. D. Barnard, Enoch Hall,
josiah M'Keil, Wm. Jackson.
A. K. Ramsay, Thos. G. Hill. "
Arch'd M'Diarmid. Jos. Hodges.
Thos. Dozier, Simeon Jones.
C. D. Ponoho, J. E. Lewis.
A. II. Richardson,. Samuel Whitelmrst
Yrm. K. Frederick, Benj. Best.
Thos. Hampton, John Ward.
Hardy Flowers, Benj. Sharpe.
Jas. Ilouze, Joel King.
Nicholas Jones, Willis Lewis.
W. W. Stedman, John Walton.
Cha's Edwards, Joseph Ellis.
John M. Morehead, F. L. Simpson.
Geo. E. Spruill, A. A. Wyche.
B. J. Montgomery, Leonard,Martin.
Tillman Farrow, John J. Bonner.
James R. Love, Ninian Edmonston.
Richard Allison, Alex. Torrencc.
H. Wilder, Kinchen Q. Adams.
Enoch Foy, O'Bryan Cox.
O. Holland, B. Shipp. "
James Cox, Wm. Kilpatrick.
Gideon Seawell, John Wadsvyorth,
John Durgan, Thos. C. Dunn.
Wm. T. Alexander, M. Bain.
David Latham, Jesse Cooper.
John Kerr, Wm. W. Jones.
Jos. Arrington, Duncan York".
R." B. Gary, John H. Patterson.
John Giles, Wm. P. Ferrand.
John Boon, John Stockard.
Thos. Webb, Thos. M'Gehee.
Wm. I. Hardy, Thos. Jordan.
Marshall Dickinson, Wm. Andrews,
Elisha Burke, John Bogue.
John Clement, John Linn.
A. Brower, Robert Walker.
Thos. Settle, Jas. Barnett.
Warren Alford, Shadrack Howell.
Archibald M'Nair, Henry Dockery.
John Carson, Wm. Richardson.
D. Underwood, Thos. Sutton.
Elisha Arnold, Gallihu Moore.
A. H. Shepperd, Wm. Carter.
Daniel Bateman, F. Davenport. .
Wm. A. Bozman, Wm. Armistead.
Nath'l Gordon. John Saintclair.
Thos. VJ. Green, Robt. H. Jones.
Joshua Hastings, P. B. Raiford.
NaUYl G. Rand, Samuel Whitaker.
Eden ton ,
Jbhn Stanlev,
Robert Strange.
James Iredell,
Charles Fisher,
Wilmington, Joseph A. Hill,
s Hillsborough, John Scott,
. Halifax, Robert Potter.
flPOn comparing the above list with that of last year, we find there are 91
new members -26 of the Senate, and 65 of the House of Cnmmnns. Thr Le
gislature is composed of 196 members 63 Senators and 133 Commoners.
Creek Indians. The Milledrrer as the hostile oartv. to thn Pvnln-
O I . X J ' wjvt -
ville Journal of the 12th ult. says:Jsion of the friends of the late Ge
"The Indian .Council, after sit-jneral M'lntosh.' It is said to have
ting upwards ot twenty days, has been the opinion of Judge Berri
been at length dissolved. The jeh and Col. Tattnall, that the Mc
money given by the New Treaty ilntosh party should have been
f 4i. i. i GoiT acv k 'i;
iui uiu laiiu, x ,jfjj waa paiu paiticiijaius in inu UlVlSlOll mo-
into Council, and in violation of neyand that in Congress ho oth
the positive terms of that treaty, er construction prevailed, and
divided exclusively among .the last that the 8100,000 was considered
treaty-making party Ridge and as a gratuity .upon the condition
Vann participating, -we are infor- that they produced 3000 men rea
med, to the amount of 3,500 dol- dy to emigrate. TJie Mcintosh
lars each." Colonel Crowell, it party have not received one cent
appears, had received instructions of this money.
from the War Department to
confine the payment of said mo-
Jncy to that party of Indians known
Temperance, industry, and eco
noniv are avenues to wealth,

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