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Tarbarmgh, Edgicombe County, jr. C. Tue, Ocoftr 10, 1826
WM m --WMmm T;, .
11 1 Geo. Howard,
U published weekly, (every Tuesday,) at
TWO DOLLARS per year, (or 52 'num
bers,) if p il within one month after Sub
scriber commence receiving their papers
Two Dollars V Fifty Cmts, if paid within
six months and Three Dollars at the expi
ration of the year. Subscribers at liberty to
continue at any time on paying arrears.
Advertisements not exceeding lf lines will
he inserted at 50 cents the first insertion, and
2. cents each continuance. Longer ones at
tint rate for every 16 lines.
Letters addressed to the Editor must be
post paid-
JTJamcs Simmons, Esq. postmaster at our general agent tor that vicinity.
' ' - " -
Millimry & .Wunliia-making.
AfttS. SXKADER respectfully in
forms the inhabitants of Halifax
anil vicinity, that she still continues the
Millinery and Mantua-making busi
ness in Halifax, and has on hand, as
as usual, a general assortment of Ladies'
fancy goods. Persons indebted to her
are earnestly requested to call and settle
their accounts immediately, as she is de
sirous of laving in her fall supply as
early a possible.
Halifax, Aug.-15, S2G.
A Good liargain
fS Wednesday, the ISth of October
noxt, will be let, the He-building
the Bridge, acros Town Creel;, near
Col. lienj. Sharpens to the lowest under
taker. By the Commissioners.
September 25, S2G. w
Jailor's .Yolice.
HPAKEN up and committed to the Jail
of Halifax county, a negro man who
says his name is Gideon. and belongs to
.Mr. Richard Taylor, of Granville coun
ty, N. C. The said negro is about 5
feet S or 10 inches high, dark complex
ion, and appears to be between 50 and
CO years of age. The owner is hereby
notified to come forward, prove proper
ty, pay charges and take him away,
otherwise he will be disposed of as the
law directs.
Dixie C. Fenner, Jailor.
Halifax, 19th Sept. 1S2G. 5
Thirty Hollars Heivurd.
RAX AW AY from .he Sub
rscriber, on Sunday night, the
f v, 12lh of March last, a negro wo
1 PA man, named POLLY, about 23
ggst years old, nearly five feet high,
yellow complexion, spare made, has a
mild look a ad genteel appearance, (for
a negro,) when well dressed; she is an
expert hand at roguery, and is well cal
culated to deceive unless tightly and
closely examined. She was seduced a
'vay by a black free negro, Carter New
born by name, a shoemaker by trade,
vho is about 30 years of age, 5 feet 6 or
8 inches high, thick set, has a pleasant
countenance and very white teeth,
which he shews very much when speak
ing or laughing: he is strongly suspect
ed of being a runaway slave. In my
former .advertisement, I stated that from
threats which the wench made prior to
her elopement, they would, by chang
ing their names, and getting forged free
papers, endeavor to make their .escape
lo some free state: since that time, they
have been lurking about Halifax town,
in the vicinity of which, they probably
-re at this time. All persons are for
warned from harboring or 'carrying off
said negro under the penalty of the law.
The above reward, with all reasonable
charges, will be paid for securing said
woman in any jail, so that I get her
again, or for her delivery to me.
Lunsford IV. Scott.
'Halifax co. N.C.
August 15, 1S2 6. 1-tf
Drs. Dfincy & Boykin,
WAVING entered into Co-partner-A
ship, beg leave to inform the citi
zens of Edgecombe, that they arc prepa
red to enter into the practice of the va
rious branches of their professionaldu
ties, (viz.) Midwifery, Surgery, and
t he Practice of Medicine. Orders left
at their residences or at their shop, will
be promptly attended.
They also inform the Public, that
they have furnished themselves with a
fresh and plentiful supply of Medicines,
and intend keeping on hand a like sup
ply which they will sell at wholesale or
retail, upon as low -terms as they can be
purchased in any part of the State.
Tarboro', Sept. 1, 1S26. 3
Blank Warrants for sale.
Cabinet-making, Turning, &c.
fllUE Subscriber having erected a
complete workshop for the above
business in all its various branches, re
spectfully informs his friends and the
public in general, that he is now prepa
red to execute cny workjn his line that
tie may receive orders fur, viz:
Sideboards, China presses, secreta
ries, book-cases, bureaus, tables,
wash-stands, candle-stands, gentle
men's and ladies' wardrobes, ladies'
and gentlemen's cabinets, cylinder
fall desks, portable and common do.
and bedsteads of all descriptions.
Tl e work in general will be well execu
ted, and of good materials.
also, thk
Will be carried on in nil its branches,
viz: Wood, iron, brass, ivory, -c.
Carpenters who may want turning done,
can be accommodated, with the turning
of columns, newel posts, halleslers,
drops, corner blocks, rosettes, &c.
The above work will be executed as
cheap as the times will admit of, and in
as short time as it can 'be done.
Halifax, Sept. 1S2G. 5
The Warrenton Reporter of the 22d
ult. contains a reply of Mr. James Hal
liday, of Halifax,'-to several articles
which , have appeared in that p3per, in
which his name has been used. We
extract the following, as applicable to
the only piece 'which we have inserted,
(signed D. C. Fenner,) which appeared
in our paper of the 19th ultimo:
"I will now make a lew remarks
on the publication of D. C. Fen
ner, in the Reporter of the 3th
Sept. and a statement of some
facts in relation to our Town
Election. The candidates worn
Robert Potter and Dixie C. Fen-
Mr. Potter. The serious accusa
sations under which I labored, are
the same brought against me by
Bynum, and supported by Mr.
Turner, which 1 dare assert pre
vented no person giving in his
vote. Jf Mr. Byrium's friends had
offered their votes and had been
rejected by me, and I had so far
degraded myself as not to regard
the solemnity of an oath and
acted partially to either candidate,
then rny name might have justly
stood in public estimation, as a
perjured villain; arid even had I
been base enough to have so -acted,
the other Inspector and Sher
iff could have overruled my deci
sion. It IS proper to stntp. that. tliA
ner: and owing to the absence of i other Inspector and myself con-
one of the Inspectors; chosen by
iourt, it devolved on three Ma
gistrates to make a new appoint
mentwhich, unfortunately, I ac
cepted, alter several had relused
curred in opinion as to all the
votes which were taken. I ought
not to omit mentioning, that no
voter, as I have understood, de
clined giving his suffrage in con-
to act; but stated publicly, if either - sequence of my acting as an In-
candidate objected, I would not
act. No objection being made,
the other inspector (Judge Dan-
spector. Indeed I have been told
by some, that so unworthy a mo
tive had no influence with them.
.i List of Lt Iters,
Remaining in the Post-OiTice at Turbo
rough, N. C.the 1st day cf October, 1826,
which if not called for and taken out be
fore the 1st dy of January next, will be
sent to the General Post-Office as dead
Allen John, Dr. Kelly Sarah Miss
Alsobrook Micajah Khg Charles
Hattle Joseph Lee William
Hattle ("ath. A.Miss Lewis James
Higgs James ' Land Littlebcrry
Hennett Mark 11 Morgan John
Morgan Joseph
McWilliams George
Nittles John -.
Nifties Allen .
Nittles Jacob
Porter Eli
Hell Winifred Mrs Pittman Zilpha Mrs
Urown Duncan RuflinJackyA Miss2
Carney Patsey Mrs Robins Jacob
Cornish William Robins Frederick
Ruth Catherine W
Sh'ffof Edgccombe4
Scholield Benjamin
Sory Robert
iel) and myself, rnmn tn nn nn I ho simnlp truth a flint m. rr
j 7 ' w 1 - i t -jr io uiuiiui. A till
derstanding that if any votes were! ncrV friends found lie would bo
rejected, that on application of ei-Jbeateh, in spite of every exertion,
ther candidate, the votes rejected ' and they therefore very generous
should be recorded on the Poll ly retired from the cqntest. Mr,
book; and if our decision was er- Fenner has informed me since the
roneous, they might contest the .appearance of his publication, that
election. Mr. Fenner,. in his re- his remarks were not dictated by
marks on the result nf ihn lrp- hostility towards mn nnr lirtr,,il
tion and the causes that produced contradict every injurious report
is but justice to say that in conse- tion Ferhaps an apology is due
quence of the appointment of an to the public for obtruding my
Inspector, Mr. Ilalliday, who is aame in a newspaper, in a matter
Foreigner, and who has distin- where private individuals are only
UJlilul liimcolf in nrnmntlnfr fti fiOnrftrilPfl' hilt T ti-n : rlM l.
' v. . w.uuiuiui-: un- v llUiJl 1L Will UtJ
iJjurges interest, as well as by his found in the illiberal and unfound
i hostility to the Bynum party; and ed attack which has been made
I who at that time labored under upon me. James Halliday.
serious accusations, that so few of xlaliiax, JNi.C. Sept. 19, 1826
Mr. Byrium's friends voted. It is
due to him to say, however, that Native Silk. The editor of
my private opinion of Mr. H. is the Salisbury Carolinian says, that
Drcnan James
Bedford John
Bennett Philemon
Bell Bennett II
Bullock John
Bryan Dempsey
Bass Turner
Curtis Edward
Carney William
Crisp Samuel
Kvritt Edicfh
Edmondson Tho's Spicer Moses
Edmondson Lem'I Simms Robert
Easrles Richard T
Forman Corn's 2
Faithful Lemuel
Gardner William
Haynes Wm S'r.
Howard Wilson
Ilearn James
Hodge Allen 3
Hart Cath. Miss
Hunter Wm J W
Toole Geraldus
White William
Ward Jno F Dr.
Williford Meedy
Webb William
Worrell Amos Jr.
Whitford David
Whitehurst Arthur,
Warters Patsey Airs
Williams i em per e
Knight Eliz'h Miss Williams Josiah
Kiliebrcw Geo W4 79
J. ?. LLOYD. P.M.
better than that of my friends.'
T ...111 !1 1
a win iiuw usiv wiiu wnui pro-m-wiiio, ic was preseniea, by a
pnety could the Bynum party, as ;lrid, with threo skeins of native
:n. i i . .i tit-
it j uanuu, uusen xur. r enner,;occf"s tut, muue uy me Misses
while "on a Jate tour to the moun
tains, he was presented, by
when I state that two of the three
Magistrates that appointed; me an
Inspector, have been warm per-
Harris, of Surry county, which was.
me jiroauct ol worms ot their own
rearing the present season. The
sonal friends and supporters ofl is pronounced, by those who
IT- r:.. i. i Im, : i n
, ii
Mr. Bvnuin in thn fnrmfir nlnr
tions, and are still his friends; or
did they desert him because he
would not object to me as an In
spector, and by holding an elec
tion, defeat Bynum's indefatiga
ble exertions to prevent one!
"The word foreigner, if meant
as a term of reproach, has been
misapplied, as I feel proud to ac
knowledge myself a native of
pcouana, auunuea ana enjoying
all the privileges of a citizen of
.1 T t r-4 . -w ' I
tne u. states. 1 must decline ac
cepting the honor intended to sav
that I have never been a distin
guished supporter of Mr. Burges,
for the wTant of an opportunity:
but will ask Mr. Fenner if he ne
ver was one of Mr. Burges's con
stituents and voters! The error
may have been typographical, and
have examined it, to be of a snnn-
rior quality. These young ladies
have for three or four years past,
been employed in the business of
rearing worms and fabricating
sewing silk; they have now be
come so expert in their laudable
vocation, that the business yields
them a handsome profit on their
New Paper, -r -In a communica
tion addressed the editors of the
Raleigh Register, and inserted in
that paper of the 29th ult. Mr. R.
II: Hclmc says: "I have for some
time had it in contemplation to
publish a Paper in Raleigh, and
wrill send you a prospectus in a
tew days.
intended that was a supporter ofl rected to something useful

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