North Carolina Newspapers

Petersburg, Oct. 3. -From Liv
erpool, our advices by scvearl re
cent arrivals at New-York are as
late as the 2nd September. Of
political news the articles are few
and unimportant. We perceive
indeed that in Portugal, a party
composed of Priests and Nobles,
have manifested u n equivocacy mp-
toms ot dissatisfaction with the
new order of things: But this was
to have been calculated upon
from the first the malcontents
have doubtless been sccretlv en-
couraged, if not stimulated to ac
tion by the agents of the Holy Al
liance; and probably the King
of Spain, who has more reason for
alarm than any other Royal Mem
ber, has not been an idle spectator
of events passing so near him.
We however presume that Eng
land, who it is believed recom
mended the existing Constitution
al System, will feel the obligation
to protect the nation against for
eign aggression; and surely the
Portuguese if left to themselves,
the great mass being at least con
tent to live under a free charter,
will be able to reduce to submis
sion the Priviledged Classes, who
are powerful only in name. We
have no certain intelligence of the
movements of Lord Cochrane; al
though sufficient time had elapsed
for the Turks to have felt the pow
er of his arm in some of their mar
itime strong-holds. The next ar
rivals may bring us interesting ac
counts of him at Alexandria,
Smyrna, or Constantinople -notwithstanding
a portion of his force,
awing to defective machinery, has
been detained in the English
Ports . We con fess we have no
extraordinary reverence for the
motives which have prompted this
adventurer to devote his talents
to the service of the Greeks xvc
certainly think him rather stimu
lated by a hope of gain, than a
love of liberty or regard for the
rights of man but as fortune and
fame unite with the cries of suffer
ing humanity to summon him to
4he theatre of War in the East, we
entertain the strongest hopes that,
under Providence his bravery and
experience will not be exerted in
With respect to Commercial af
fairs, a slight improvement is per
ceptible in the transaction of the
markets; although we have but
little confidence in the assertions
of the London Prints, that any
beneficial change of consequence
lias taken place in the internal
situation of Great Britain. The
evils under which she labors, we
fear, are too deeply seated for the
application of private charities,
bow liberally soever exerted, or
temporary governmental expedi
ents, to reach them her Mam
moth Debt, her enormous Poor
Rates, her costly Monarchy, with
its trappings, have borne her down,
until at length she is unable to
meet the impositions which the
necessities of her rulers demand
She has no employment for her
army or navy -her manufacturers,
her commercial marine, are idle
1ier poor are starving. Where is
a remedy for a state of things like
thisl True, there are eras In her
history, when like a gallant ship
overtaken by a storm, and all the
world despaired of her fate, she
has nobly breasted the waves that
threatened to overwhelm her, and
by courage and constancy trium-
plied over every aimcuiiy irue,
there are many of the present gen
eration who have seen her at sev
eral periods stand in arms against
combined Europe in array: But
Knirland now. owinir to tnc cir
cumstances we have mentioned,
is not what En si and was in those
days and her Ministers, able as
they undoubtedly are,, will have
need of all their fortitude to meet
as Patriots the approaching crisis,
and all their talents as statesmen,
to preserve the integrity of their
It appears that the British Gov
ernment have determined to pro
hibit our intercourse with their
West-India Ports on and after the
1st of December next. This, we
believe, has originated in no un
friendly feeling towards the Uni
ted States: and is done tncrely in
aspiritof commercial rivalry Mr.
Gallatin, we hope, before the day
fixed upon for suspending the trade
having a thorough knowledge of
the subject, will be able to obviate
difficulties, and place things on a
better footing for both countries.
Oct. 6. Since our last, we have
no later accounts from Europe.
weavers were about embarking! Petersburg, Oct 6; New cr(1)
VOiion is uuw neeiy urounm j
- - . t
for America, in consequence ot tiie
distress of the times.
. An Knorlish naner savs that
rinln Fnnfchnw' has been sent to
Bermuda, by theBritish Govern
ment, to' examine the defences of
that Island,' us it is to be made a
-. . . ...
great naval depot, 'in the event ot
another war witn tne u. ouues.
This is taking time - by the fore
Greece The London Times
states, that the affair of the steam
boats destined for dreece, engros
ses much attention. No obstacle
is nrpsnnted on the part of the go
vernment: but it is feared the de
fects in the machinery will render
them wholly unnt tor tne service
intended. The most serious part
of the affair is that the sum of
JCIGO.OOO. nearly the whole re
maining resources ot Crreece, has
been expended in the construction
of these vessels.
A number of vessels, were fitting
out at London said to be destined
to join Lord Cochrane. . ;
Reports continued, that a dec
laration or manifesto would short
ly be made by the European pow
ers, relative to Greece.
South America.. ..An arrival at
Baltimore furnishes the important
the more recent arrivals 'intelligence thnt thn dp1nrnt.inns
have been in such good time, that from the republics of Columbia,
nays oi even weeks may elapse I'cru, Guatemala, and Mexico, at
before furtheradviccs arc received., the Congress of Panama, now Ta
Our latest South American news cubaya, concluded, on the 15th
is rather of a more pleasing cast, of July, a treaty of alliance and
than the intelligence heretofore perpetual amity between those re
received had led us to anticipate.; publics.
In the general Congress, all the; A letter from Caraccas, rcceiv
Repubhcs appear to have met cor-;ed at Philadelphia, says: "I must
dially and deliberated . in harmo- inform you that Mr. Watts, U. S.
ny. From Colombia we have in- Charge d'affaires at Bogota has
formation of the arrival of Boli- been assassinated. I am not ac
var, and it is stated that the delu- quainted with the particulars; but
ded followers of Paez were fast the brief is, that he was in intrigue I
uuiinig me sianuarci ot the m-1 with a ladv of that place, for which
surgent chief, and flying to the 1
camp of Bermudez, begging for- but was refused; he accordingly
pvcus aim protecuon. vve took the opportunity one day, (af
hopc next to hear, that the return tor Mr. Watts had been to dinner,
of the Liberator has been suffi-.and laid down to rest on his sofa,)
cient, without a resort to force, to! stepped n aiui accomplished his
nuuijuiiiny. UIIU IIHIL eil(
continued presence will be as oil
thrown on the troubled waters of
his country. Int.
i i i i n
nnrl mofits with rnnnv snlr nt n.
10 cents Corn, S3 50. Wheata
33 cents. Int. '
Corn. In the present short,
riess of crops which exists in ma.
ny parts of our State, it will be in.
tercsting to state that Corn of the
new Crop has been sold in our
market during the present week
at 50 cents per bushel.
Edcnton Ga:.
Charleston, Sept. 16. A frm.
tleman who arrived in town yester
day, from Wilmington, fN. C.) in.
forms us, that it had become quito
sickly in that place. Cant. Afpr.
ritt, of the brig Miller, of this nort
had fallen a victim to the prevalent
fever, and his mate and most of
his crew, were down wjth the samo
disease; and also many of the
crews of other vessels in port.
lhe Wilmington Recorder, in
noticing the above paragraph,
states that the death of Capt. Mer-
ntt was caused by his own lniDru-
dence, and that there wTere never
so few instances of 'mortality in
that place, during the summer "and
tall seasons.
Great Britain. The most im
portant article which presents it-
sen to tne American reader, is an
Order in Council, which was a
dopted on the 28th July, (but was
not published until the 18th of Au
gust) which among -other provi
sions, goes to prohibit our direct
intercourse with the British pos
sessions in the West Indies, &c.
after theirs day of December
It is confidently alledged that a
very evident improvement has ta
ken place in the state of the trade,
in every part of the country; but
the distress is still very great.
On the 31st ult. four defaulters in
in the settlement of the time bnr-
gains for the last account of Con
sols, were declared at the Stock
Exchange, and a considerable
number of failures had in addition
been privately arranged. The
accounts were rather more favor
able of the state of trade in Man
chester and other, manufacturing
districts. A number of Blackburn
TUESDAY, OCT. 10, 1826.
We are under the necessity of attend
ing Halifax Superior Court, which com
mences week after next, as a witness.
Our patrons residing jn that vicinity,
who feel desirous to profit by the ad
vance payment in our terms of publica
tion, are informed that we will be ore-
pared to receive
Court week.
it at Halifax durinjr
Stump Eloquence. As ward
meetings are shortly to be held in
tins city, we have published in our
first page a Speech copied from
the Raleigh (Tarborough) Free
Press, N. C. as a model for such
orators as may wish to exercise
their lungs in the primary assem
blies, and are at a loss for topics.
New-York Ev.Post.
PIriscrtctlin our paper of the 19th ult.
Raleigh, Oct. 3. Jude Man-
has so far recovered from his
indisposition, as to be able to at
tend the Superior Court lor this
county, which commenced yester
day. There is confined in our
jail, one person charged with mur
der, two lor assault with intent to
kill, and one with petit larcenv, all
of whom will probably be tried du
ring me wTeeK.
Oct. 6. The trial of Wm. II.
Roystcr, charged with the murder
of John A. Browm in this Citv.
came before the Court yesterday,
and resulted in the acquittal of
the Prisoner. Ren.
Suicide. On Tuesdav last,
Mr. Roderick J. Powell, Merch
ant of Newborn, and formerly of
Smithfield, Johnson County, ter
minated his existence, by shoot
ing himself through the heart.
We have never heard of a more
deliberate act of self-murder than
this. Mr. Powell had come to
Raleigh, on his way to New-York,
but failing, as is supposed, to ac
complish the object of his visit to
this place, on Tuesday morning
retraced his way towards Ncw
bern. Mr. Taylor, the Sheriff of
Greene county, who was travelling
m a gigin company with Mr. Pow
ell, says, he observed nothing sin
gular in his deportment. About
ten miles Yrom Smithfield, Mr.
Powell got out at an old house,
and wrote something on a, paper
with a pencil, after which, resum
ing his seat, they drove on. When
wrthin a mile of Smithfield, Mr.
Taylor says, he heard the report
ofiirc-arms; and instantly M. Pow
ell fell from his seat the ground
he crawled a few steps, and died.
Ih each hand was a pocket pistol,
which having bared his bosom, he
had discharged simultancouly, for
Mr, T. says, the report was but
that of one. In his hat was found
the paper which he had stopped
to write it contained directions
to a friend to have him interred
by the side of his motherland a!s

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