North Carolina Newspapers

    Whole No. 118.
Tarborough, Edgecombe County, N. C.Tuesday, November 28, 1 82(5,
Vol. Ill, -JVto. 14,
i5i (7ro. Howard, 1
Is published weekly, (every Tuesday,) at
TWO DOLLARS per year, (or 52 num
bers,) it" . paid within one month after Sub
scribers commence receiving their papers
'frjo Dollars Fifty Cents, if paid within
fix months and Three Dollars at thcexpi
raticn of the year. Subscribers at liberty to
discontinue at any time on paying arrears.
Advertisements not exceeding 6 lines will
be inserted at 50 cents the first insertion, and
25 cents each continuance. Longer ones at
that rate for every 6 lines.
Letters addressed to the Editor must be
lost fiaid.
7 James Simmons, Esq. postmaster at our general agent for that vicinity.
. Johnston,
T171SHES to inform his friends and
" the public general!, that he has
iust returned from New-York, with his
full supply of newly imported GOODS,
in his uneot business, sucn as
Superfine Cloths of the most fashion
able colors, do. cassimcres do. a
handsome assortment of Nestings
also, a complete assortment of
Trimmings, $?c.
AU of which he is determined to sell
low for Cash, or on a credit to punctual
customers. lie yet continues, at his
late stand, nearly opposite the Court
house, where he will thankfully receive
all orders in his hue of business, and
pledges himself to execute the same in
the most fashionable and neatest manner.
Tarborough, Oct. 5, 1S2G. 7
AS stolen out of the house of the
Subscriber, somp time in December
ast, a double cased
Made by J. Williams, London, No. 4015
the outer case is rather large for the
nner case, and much thicker. FIVE
DOLLARS reward will be given for
such information as will lead to the re
covery of it by
Joseph Barring ton.
Tarborough, Oct. 19, 1S26. 11
l)rs. Dancy & Boykin,
AV1NG entered into Co-partner
ship, beg leave to inform the citi
zens of Edgecombe, that they are prcpa
red to enter into the practice of the va
rious branches of their professional du
ties, (viz.) Midwifery, Surgery, ant
tho. Practice of Medicine. Orders left
at their residences or at their shop, wij
be promptly attended.
They also inform the Public, that
they have furnished themselves with a
Ircsh and plcntuul supply oi mzuicuics
and intend keeping on hand a like sup-
dIv. which they will sell at wholesale or
retail, upon as low terms as they can be j
purchased in any part oi tne oiaie.
Tarboro', Sept. 1, 1826. 3
Mrs. Sneadcr,
AS just received a part of her fall
supply of articles in her line com-
)rising a general assortment of Leghorn
and Straw Bonnets, silk and satin do.
fancy colored Grosde Naples silks do.
silks and satins superb belt ribbons,
ostrich feathers, curls, necklaces, &c. &c.
She has also received a few elegant PAT
TERN BONNETS, direct from Ncw-
ork, which she considers worthy the
inspection of the ladies in this vicinjtv.
Halifax, Nov. 1, 1S26.
B. Richards Co.
rpllE Public
won- i i ij
Thirty Dollars Reward.
Jtt, It AN AWAY from the Sub
(scriber, on Sunday night, the
12th of March last, a negro wo-
I TrT T V I . OO
man, nameu jtujuij, auuui o
.years old, nearly five feet high,
yellow complexion, spare made, has a
mild look and genteel appearance, (for
a negro,) when well dressed; she is an
expert hand at roguery, and is well cal
culated to deceive unless tightly and
closely examined. She was seduced a
way by a black free negro, Carter New
som by name, a shoemaker by trade,
Nvho is about 30 years of age, 5 feet 6 or
3 inches high, thick set, has a pleasant
countenance and very white teeth,
which he shews very much when speak
ing or laughing: he is strongly suspect
ed of being a runaway slave. In my
former advertisement, I stated that from
threats which the wench made prior to
her elopement, they would, by chang
ing their names, and getting forged free
papers, endeavor to make their escape
to some free state: since that time, they
have been lurking about Halifax town,
in the vicinity of which, they probably
are at this time. All persons are for-
warned frnm hnrhorincr or carrying off
said negro under the penalty of the law.
The above reward, with all reasonable
charges, will he paid for securing said
woman in any jail, so that I get her
5gain, or for her delivery to me.
Lunsford IV. Scott.
Halifax co.N.C.
Angyst J 5,1S26. 1-tf
arc informed that the
ers nave lately returned
from New-York, with a fresh supply of
Dry Goods, Groceries, &c.
Which they are now openinj? at the
Store belonging to Mr. Parker, and di
rectly opposite Mr. Pender's Tavern,
all of which will be offered at their usu
al low prices. At present may be found
among many others, the following ar
Muscovado SUGAR Loaf do.
N. E. RUM W. I. do. French BRANDY,
Holland GIN Country do. WHISKEY,
Superfine blue, black, mixed & olive Cloths;
Superfine Cassimercs; blue, mixed, green
and drab Plains;
Sattinctts, Bombazctts and Bombazines;
White, red and yellow Flannels; rose and
point Blankets;
Cotton and woolen Stockings; cotton and
woojen Socks;
Northern manufactured Negro Cloths;
Dark and light ground Calicoes U Chintzes;
Furniture Calico; cotton Cambricks,
Muslins; Jaconett do.
Muslin Robes; Book Muslin, plain & figured;
Irish Linens; Lawns; r rench Cambric;
Cotton Shirting; Domestic Cottons, white
and colored;
Canton and Italian Crapes;
Green, pink and white Florences;
Laventees; Sarsenetts; Sinchews;
Canton Crape and' Silk Shawls;
Cassimere, merino, muslin & cotton Shawls;
Silk, muslin, linen & cotton Handkerchiefs;
Furniture axid narrw&fortiea liimiiy;
Russia Diaper and Diaper 1 able Cloths;
Oil Cloths; Bed Quilts and Bedticks;
Ladies' Leehorn and Straw Bonnets;
Gentlemen's fine Hats; Children's leather
and roram do.
Ladies' dress and walking Shoes;
Gentlemen's Boots, Bootees and Shoesj Ne
gro Shoes;
Gentlemen's Plaid Cloaks and Plaids;
Carpeting; cotton Bagging; Osriaburgsj
Trunks; Cordage for packing Cotton;
Sewing Silk; Thread; cotton Ball; Pins;
Needles; Ribbons; thread Lace;
Hair Combs, larere and small;
A large assortment of Coat Sc Vest Buttons;
Cotton Cards; writing 1'aper; mums.
Also, 3000 bushels Turks Island Salt,
which will be sold in large or small
quantities very low.
70 ASH given for Naval Stores,
Cotton in the seed, and baled Cotton,
Beeswax, &c.
Those who are disposed to purchase,
will find it to their interest to call at the
above described Store.
Tarborongh, Oct. 1326, 10
Turning, &c.
riHE Subscriber having erected a
A complete workshop for the above
business in all is various branches, re
spectfully informs his friends and the
public in general, that he is now prepa
red to execute any work in his line that
he may receive ordprs for, viz:
Sideboards, China presses, secreta
ries, book-cases, bureaus, tables,
wash-stands, candle-stands, gentle
zne?i's and ladies' wardrobes, ladies'
and gentlemen's cabinets, cylinder-
fall desks, portable and common do.
and bedsteads of all descriptions.
The work in general will, be well execu
ted, and of good materials.
also, the
Will be carried on in all its branches,
viz: I Food, iron, brass, ivory, fyc.
Carpenters who may want turning done,
can be accommodated, with the turning
of columns, newel nosts. ballesters.
drops, corner blocks, rosettes, &.c.
The above work will be executed as
cbeap as the times will admit of, and in
as short time as it can be done.
Halifax, Sept. 1S2C. 5
TI7TSH to inform their friends and the
all the necessary improvements, a
report was made to the Secretary
of War, agreeably to the act of
Congress. Upon inspection of
the report, it was approved, and
the Stock4 subscribed for by the
Secretary of the Treasury. The
President of the Dismal Swamp
Canal has now competent author
ity to check for the wholp amount
of the loan authorised by Con
gress, wliicti is $I5U,UUU. And
we presume this important work
will be commenced early in the
next year.
public generally, that they have re
cently entered into Co-partnership, and
taken for their stand, the house opposite
the shop of Doctors Hall & Sugg, next
door above the store of Henry Austin,
b$a. and a few doors below the Post
Officewhere they will thankfully re
ceive all orders in their line of business,
and(bavingjusl received a general assort
ment of tne best Inmmtngs that could be
procured in New-York) pledge them
selves to execute their work ia the most
faithful, neat, and fashionable manner.
In doing this, they hope to merit a share
of public patronage. V
Tarborough, Oct. IS, 1S2C. 9
Thls Lake, which is about 15 miles
in circumference, derives its name from
its discoverer. It is situated within the
limits of Virginia, about a mile from
the borders of North-Carolina, in a
Swamp almost impenetrable, from the
innumerable quantity and thick growth
of junipers; of which the water of the.
Lake is strongly impregnated. It is
used altogether by persons residing
near, and is considered conducive to
health. An abundance of water is con
ducted by the feeder from the lake, and
emptied into the canal about the centre;
which' being considerably higher than
either end, the water separates, and
gradually moves each way, a sufficient
quantity being retained by the locks for
transportation. Eliz. City Star.
Survey of the Dismal Swamp
Canal. It appears by a letter
from a gentleman in Norfolk, pub
lished in the Danyille (iat) Tele
graph, that a minute survey and
examination of the Dismal Swamp
Canal has been made by a detach
ment of Engineej-scomposed of
Col. Gratiot, the principal Engi
neer at Old Point Comfort, and
three Cadets from West Point,
lieutenants in the army. They
sounded the Canal from the north
ern to the southern extremity;
then returned, and ascended the
Feeder, a distance of 3 miles, to
Lake Drummond.1 By the pro
cess of levelling, it was und that
the surface of this L.'in- four
feet and seven-tenths above the
surface of the water in the Canal,
affording at all times an abundant
supply of water for the Canal.
The Engineers next descended
the North West River, about two
miles, to ascertain the practicabil
ity of connecting by a short canal
the navigable part of this stream
with the main canal. This river
empties into Currituck Sound.
The survey and examination
having been finished, and a map
of the Canal, the Lake, &c. pre-
creck.... An arrival at New
York lately brought the melancho
ly tidings of the: loss of the schop
ner Perquimans, of Hertford, Win.
Thomas, master. She was fallen iri
with at sea in lat. 28, Ion. 66, bot
tom up, scuttled, and a man found
dead in her run; from which cir
cumstances there can be no doubt
the whole crew perished. The
Perquimans was a new vessel
built by an experienced workman
of the best materials, on her first
voyage, bound to St. Lucia with
a cargo of stave and shingles, and
owned partly by Mr. Leml. C.
Moore, merchant of this place.
She was insured for 4,000 dollarsl
There were five white persons on
board including Mr. Wm. Fletch
er, a respectable citizen of Per
quimans County, who had "gone
as passenger for the purpose of
regaining his health. He has left
two children and a large number
of relatives and friends" to mourn
his untimely death.
Capt. Thomas was for many
years an able ship master from
this port, and sustained the char
acter of an industrious, sober, dis
creet man, and a man of strict in
tegrity: By his death a wife and
several children arc bereft of their
main support. The others were
residents of this place, and have
also left widows and children de
pendent on them for support.... lb.
Egyptian Cotton.... Accounts
from Egypt, as late as July, give
intelligence of the failure of the
new Cotton crops. Twelve ships
were lying at Alexandria, but the
quantity of Cotton there was not
sufficient to load a quarter part of
The fundamental qualities of true
pared, with the probable costs of; friendship arc constancy & fidelity .

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