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    Whole No. 145.
Tarborough, Edgecombe County, N. C. Saturday, June i82
Vol UL No. 41,
y Geo. Howard,
) at
Is published weekly, (evcrv Saturd.iv,
'lliu ii..ijw) per year, (or 52 num
cers,) if Pid within one month after Sub
scribers commence receiving their papers
7s'3 Dollars & Fifty Cents, if paid within
six months and Three Dollars at the expi
ration of the year. Subscribers at liberty to
discontinue at any time on paying arrears.
Advertisements not exceeding 16 lines will
inserted at 50 cents the first insertion, and
25 cents each continuance. Longer ones at
that rate for every JG lines.
Letters addressed to the Editor must be
cst paid.
J-James Simmons, Esq. postmaster at
Halirax,is our general agent for that vicinity.
New Establishment.
William F. Clarke,
TNFORMS the citizens of Halifax and
A its vicinity, that he has established a
branch of his business in the
Town of llalifatv,
Next door to the Post -Office,
Where lie intends keeping for sale, a
general and complete assortment of eve
ry article in the
And Harness Making Line.
And also will keep constantly on hand,
at the same place a supply of
Manufactured under his own immediate
inspection, and of the best materials
All of which he will sell on the most
moderate terms for Cash, or on a short
(3 Work of every description, in
the Saddling and Harness making
business, luill be made and repaired at :
the above establishment to order, at
the shortest notice.
April 27, 1827. 3G-9
lie celebrated Race Horse,
ensuing season at my
nouse, in the county ol
Halifax, 7 miles from the
town of Halifax, G miles from Enfield
Court-House, and 3 from Crowell's
Cross Roads, and will be let to mares at
the moderate price of SEVEN DOL
LARS the single leap, to be paid when
the marc is covered; TEN Dollars the
season, payable at the expiration of the
season; and FIFTEEN Dollars to in
sure a mare to be in foal, to be paid as
soon as the mare is ascertained to be in
foal; with 50 Cents to the Groom in ev
ery instance. The season will com
mence the 1st day of March, and end
the 1st day of August. Particular at
tention will be paid to mares sent to re
main with the horse. Separate lots are
provided for mares with young colts,
and they will be fed as required. Eve
ry attention will be paid to prevent ac
cidents or escapes, but will not be lia
ble for cither.
Is a beautiful Chesnut Sorrel, 5 feet 1
-inch high, 9 years old this spring. He
was gotten by the celebrated horse Te
cumseh, his dam by old Citizen, his
p'andam by Alderman, his great gran
'larn by Roebuck, his great great gran
dani by Herod, his great great great
grandam by Partner.
January 7th, 1827. 28
Constables' Blanks, viz.
Warrants, Casa's, Bail Bond?,
Forthcoming Bonds. &c.
For Sale at this Office:
A LL persons indebted to the Subscri
' hers by note or account, are request
ed to call and settle the same, on or be
fore the 20th of June next, as further
indulgence cannot be given.
Tarboro', 2 1th May, 1S27. 40
Mrs. D. Sneader,
Milliner and Mantua-Maker,
AS just received, direct from Pe
tersburg and New- York, her
Spring Supply of Goods,
Comprising a general assortment of arti
cles in her line consisting of
Leghorn and Straw Bonnets,
Open Straw Cottage Bonnets,
A great variety of Silk Bonnets,
Caps and Turbans, Bobinett Veils,
Plain and figured Gros de Naples,
do. do. Silks and Satins,
Corsetts, (Mrs. Thornhill's patent,)
Light colored Curls and Frizelts,
Arafene Crape, Foundation Muslin,
While and black Crape, Black Mode,
Pink Gause, Florences, Liecc,
Lace, Thule Lace, Millinett,
A great variety of bunch and wreath
Paste Buckles, Beads,
Brazilian Shell Combs, dolls, toys, &.c.
pattern Bonnets,
The latest. New-York Spring; fashion a
superb article, which the Ladies arc par
ticularly invited to call and examine.
She h3s also received the latest Fash
ions for Ladies' Dresses, &c.
y-K rs 'ntends to remove
(L J?""11'001 Halifax in a short time,
"- and consequently is desirous
to have her accounts closed all persons
indebted to her will, therefore, please
call and settle their accounts by note or
Halifax, May 1, 1827.
II. Johnston,
ISHES to inform his Friends and
Customers, that he has
Just received from New -York,
Superfine blue and black Cloths,
Black Circassian and Lastings, for thin
Black Nankeen Crape,
White, and drab Drillings,
Russia Nankeen, for thin coats and pan
taloons, (a new and very handsome
Black figured silk Vestings,
Valencias, white Marseilles do. &c. &c.
Tarboro', May 10, 1S27. 3S-4
rjMIE Subscriber respectfully informs
his Friends and the Public, that in
his absence the
Cabinet-Making. Turning, $c.
Will be carried on at his shop as usual
by competent hands. Any person desi
rous of having work done in his line,
will please apply to F. S. Marshal,
who will have the sole management of
my affairs during my absence. Mr.
Marshall is also my agent in this State
for the disposal of Patent Rights for my
Cotton Press, which is recommended
to the public with increased confidence.
Halifax. Feb. 1S27. 28 (
Bacon t Corn.
T HAVE some Bacon and Corn, of
first rate quality, which I will sell
low for cash, or on credit to punctual
dealers, or on good security.
Mount Prospect, May, 17, 1S27.
rpHE Subscriber has a Plantation in
Franklin county, lying on the south
sitie of Tar River, about a quarter of a
mile from the town of Louisburg, in
said county
The Tract contains Si5l Jlcres
A large proportion of which is first-rate
low grounds. It would be a desirable
situation for a family from the low
lands, the neighborhood being remarka
bly healthy. I would exchange the a
bove Plantation, part for lands in the
Western section of Tennessee, and part
in Cash the payments would be made
Sth May, 1S27. 39-4
AT MAY TERM, 1827, of the Court
of Pleas and Quarter Sessions of
1 itt county, the subscribers qualified as
Executors of PETER RIVES, dee'd.
All those holding claims against said
estate, are requested to bring them for
ward properly authenticated, within the
time prescribed by law, or this notice
will be plead in bar of their recovery.
All those indebted to said estate will
consult their interest by calling and set
tling the same. ,
9th May, 1S27. 39-S Excc'rs.
OX tO 1(1)
Male and Female Academy.
rpiIE Friends and Patrons of the above
Seminaries are respectfully invited
to attend the EXAMINATIONS on
Monday, the 4th of June, the Exami
nation of the Male Academy will com
mence. Report to be read and honours
to be distributed on Wednesday morn
ing, immediately after which the Exa
mination of the Female Academy will
commence and close with a Musical
Exhibition, &c. on Thursday evening.
The summer session of the Female A
cademy will open on the following Mon
day, Rev. Joseph Labaree Principal;
that of the Male Academy, under James
D. Johnson, will commence on Monday,
the 25th of June.
Oxford, N.C. May 5, 1827. 39-4
of the Students connected with this
Institution, will commence on Wednes
day, Gih June, and close on the evening
of the following day. Parents and
Guardians are invited to attend.
The Exercises of the Academy will
be resumed on Monday, 25th June.
May IS, 1827. 40-3
dents of this Academy will take
place on Thursday, the 7th of June, ana
A Rhetorical Exhibition,
By the Students, on Friday. The Pa
rents, Guardians, and friends of learn
ing in general, are respectfully invited
to attend.
The Exercises of the Academy will
re-commence, under the Rev. J. Arm
strong, Principal, the 15th.
By order of the Board,
. BLOUNT, Sec.
May 19, 1827. 40-3
npHE Subscriber has about 500 bar-
rels of CORN, for sale low for
Cash. He also continues Ho keep a ge
neral supply of Prizes, in the different
No. 9S,corner of King $ Shop street,
Halifax, 16th Jan. 1S27. 22
Tarboro' Academy.
- of the Students of this Seminary,
will commence on Tuesday, the 5th
June next, and close on Friday, the
Sth. All who feel an interest in the
prosperity of the Institution are invited
to attend.
The Exercises of the School will be
resumed on Monday, the 11 fh June,
and continue until Friday the 17th Au
gust, when the Vacation (the only one
in this School) will take place, and con
tinue until Monday, the 8th October.
In this arrangement the Vacation em
braces the sickly season of the year,
when Parents, &c. will have an opportu
nity of removing their children, if they
think proper, without interfering with
their studies.
ROB 9 T JO YNER, Sec'y.
lGth Mnv. 1827. 3-3
fFIHE Subscribers intend leaving this
A place for New-York, by the tenth
of next Month all those indebted to
them by note or account, are requested
to settle the same on or before that time.
They now offer the balance of their
Stock on hand at reduced prices, con
sisting of...
Groceries, Crockery, &c.
Also, 150 Barrels Corn,
Which will be sold low for Cash.
Tarboro', 17lh May, 1827. 39
TUST RECEIVED, 150 barrels of
superfine FallsLurg Flour, very su
perior Richmond Chewing Tobacco,
and Spanish Segars, of which a con
stant supply will be kept by the Sub
scriber, and sold low for Cash.
Frederick Gallagher.
Washington, N. C. May 5, 1827. 30
A GREEABLY to a Deed in Trust, lo
me executed by Justin L. Edwards,
to satisfy sundry claims therein speci
fied, I shall offer for sale, to the highest
bidder for ready Cash, in the Town of
Hamilton, on the first Monday of June,
1827, one
Tract of Land,
Adjoining William R. Bennet and Wil
liam Wilhams....TWO NEGROES....
Two Horses, some Cattle, Household
and Kitchen Furniture, Farming U
lensils, some Cotton, with a number of
other articles therein mentioned, to close
said Trust.
JESSE F. JONES, Trustet.
Martin County, April 23, 1827.

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