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Whole No. 170.
TarWouffi, Edgecombe County, N. C. Friday, January 25,
1 828.
Vol. IK No. 23.
By Geo. Howard,
U nuMished weekly, (every Friday.) at
TH'0 DOLLARS per year, (or 52 num
ws.) tf I)ail1 w,tllin on month after Sub
scribers commence receiving their papers
f.:v0 Dollars v njiy enzs, u paid within
months and Three Dollars at thcexni-
iaticn of the year. Subscribers at liberty to
discontinue at an) umc on paying arrears.
Subscribers residing at a distance must
invariably pay in advance, or give a respon
ohlc reference in this vicinity. No subscrin
tion discontinued unless a notification tc that
effect is Siven-
Advertisements not exceeding 16 lines will
he inserted at 50 cents the first insertion, and
25 certs each continuance. Longer ones at
hat rate lor every 16 tines.
Letters addressed to the Editor must be
QyLook at this.CQ
Money Wanting.
LL Persons indebted to the Subscri
bers for 1S26 and '27. arc request
ed tJ come forward and settle their ac
counts, as they wish to pay thru debts
aut cannot, unless they can collect what
is due them. They hope this will be
amended to.
1st January, IS2S. 20
$10 Reward.
RAN AW AY from the Sub
scriber, on the 27th (lay of No
vember last, a bright mulatto
boy by the name of
Between 10 and 20 years of age. I ex
pect he has steered his course toward
Halifax-. I am told he has a brother by
the name of Lewis, in the town of Hali
hx, learning the blacksmith trade. The
above reward will be given if delivered
to the Subscriber near Tarborough, or
FIVE DOLLARS, if secured in any
Jail in this State so that I jret him again.
All persons are hereby forbid harboring
cr employing said boy, under the penal
ty ot the law.
Dec. 24, 1S27. ID
Stop the Runaways!..
n w urr irom inauion,
Xorth-Carolirin, where they
were employed on the Fortifi
cations at that place,
cven Negro Fello7V3,
AK. The three first-named Ne
groes were apprehended at Hicks' Ford,
J'ccnsville county, Va. Anthony and
jioy were at the time in company with
o-.e opprchendcd, but effected their cs
pc. Fr;r,k was left by the party some
or o0 mi,cs JCyond naif3X) jy. C.
of II 5 or IOmilcson ibis side
0 Wax, both complainingof sickness
JJ unable to travel. Frank is a small
nf feI!o'.v, and about 22 years of age
mcU a stout young fellow, about
)V CrS nc C0:r,P'RXn rather yel-
'S a s,encier l),ack fellow, a
20 years 0f age and Anthony is
01 vrf 'l ljlacI kUow, about 23 years
".J.r"no particular marks recollected.
ivavnfca'v Ve.c"roes werc nk'nS their
in,; Norfolk for the purpose of join-
A - liberal REWARD will be given
Hrj aPPrchcnsion of Frank, Isaac,
Hn nl0uV aml should they be
Wii oMr- NiMo of Petersburg,
all np, Pay for tlleir apprehension and
ssary expenses.
P. T..ivr.nn.
PL 3d RclS Art o.v. nr.i
W 7 LoJorf ncnr Mroik.
I HAVE a very likely
Stud Horse,
For sale, or to stand for
one season commencing the ensuing
March. He is a beautiful roan, with
black legs, mane and tail, about eight
year?? old, about sixteen hands high of
good form and blood, and a most sure
foal getterhis colts are likely.
I will sell at a low price, or let him
out to stand in good hands, if application
is made soon.
Mount Prospect, N. C. Jan. 1S2S.
(PI also have Land for Sale or
Rent, on Swift Creek, which I will sell
or rent on low terms, and in small or
large tract, to suit the purchaser. Some
of it lies within nine miles, and some a-
bout eighteen miles from Tarboro'.
1MIE Su bscribcr rcsncctfullv informs
i - -j
her customers, that she is in great
want of money therefore, she earnest
ly requests all who owe her on ac
counts that have been long standing,
will give her a call as she is anxious to
have them closed. She will leave for
the north as soon as her collections will
enable her.
I). irOMIUE.
Halifax, Jan. 15, 1S2S. 22
rjHHE Exercises of this Institution will
be resumed on Monday, the 7th Ja
nuary, 1S28.
Hoarding can be had with the Princi
pal or in the most respectable families in
the village and neighborhood. The
strictest attention is paid to the morals
and literary improvement of the stu
dents. A. JYILSON, Principal.
Williamsboro' Dec. IS27. 22-3
Xrust alc
WILL DE SOLD, by a virtue of a
Deed in Trust, for certain nurnos-
es therein contained, on Wednesday the
0th day ot February next, without any
regard to weather, at the house of
JAMES GRAXTy on Fishing Creek,
the real estate of said Orant, containing
1800 Acres
Or thereabouts, of fine Land, lyinjr on
the waters of said Creek, and Rockv
Swamp. . ALSO, a valuable MILL,
nearly new, across said Creek, which j
for durability of materials, anil local sit
uation is believed to be interior to none
in the Male. With t ic mi w be
sold six or ehrht hundred acres of
Vinnj JVoods Land:
Well timbered, lying .within one and
two miles of the mill. For this proper
ty one third of the purchase money will
be required; the balance at two equal
annual instalments.
Will also be sold for cash, or on a cre
dit, as may be deemed most expedient
on the day of sale, between
20 und 30 valuable Negroes,
And sundry other articles too tedious to
mention. JSond with approved security
will be required.
ELI B. IF J 11 TAKER, Trustee.
12lh January, 182S. 22-3
jfcmale $caDcm?
nPIIE first Session of the yecr 1S2S,
will commence in this Institution on
the 7th of January. Terms, for Board
and instruction in the Elementary and
Scientific branches taught in this Semi
nary, will be 60 dollars; Music, $2S;
Painlingand Drawing, Sl5; French lan-
bUJ6v-j pi oeasjuu. ne institu
tion is well furnished with larjre M ms
Globes, a Chemical and Philosophical
A- A I II- . .
.apparatus, anu a L,amnei ot Minerals.
If Parents and Guardians d.;sirc it, the
Pupils will board with the Principal,
otherwise boar(j Cati be obtained in high
ly respectable families in town. Strict
attention will be paiu lo inc manners
and moral deportment of the vounsr la
dies. Four teachers wiil be constantly
Oxford, Dec. 11. 21-co-3t
rpiIE Subscriber has just received from
rv .-- y i. ii . . r
nuu-iuih, h smaii assortment oi
Morocco and Prunella Shoes, of th
best quality and latest fashions for La
dies and Children, which he will sell
very cheap. ALSO, a good assortment
of materials, and he has in his employ
the best of workmen for manufacturing
I Of every description, at the shortest no-
COMMITTED io the Jail of Edce
combe county, N. C. on the lGth of
November, 1S27, a negro tellow, who
says his name is iiii.i, mai ne i
the property ot iur. James UKrey or
a hrov. and that he was purchased by
Mr. Okrev from Mr. Amos Rawls, of
Nansemor.d county, Va. Henry is a-
bout 30 years of age, 5 feet 9 or 10 in-
i .
ches in height, spare uunt, no marus
perceivable. The owner is requested to
come forward, prove his property, pay
charges and take him away, or he will
be dealt with as the law directs.
FRED. BELL, Jailor.
- Nov. 1827.
tice. 1 he gentlemen and ladies are in
vited to cali and examine for themselves
(at the shop on the corner opposite
Messrs. Barnes & Jackson's store) where
all orders will be thankfully received
and punctually attended to, with neat
ness, durability and despatch.
Tarboro', 10th Jan. 182S 21-eo-3t
The following accounts from dif
ferent sections of the Union,
respecting the weather, will no
doubt be read with interest.
New-York, Jan. 3. The win
ter continues open and remarka
bly mild. The navigation of the
North river, which was partially
obstructed by ice, two or three
weeks ago, is now open and free
all the way to Albany. A sloop
loaded with produce arrived here
yesterday from that place, and a
steamooat wiin passengers lett
Courtland street this morning for
Albany. The Connecticut river,
we also understand, is open to
Hartford, the head of ship navi
gation. The Delaware is also in
fine navigable order, and the
steamboat Trenton continues to i
make her regular trips to Phila
delphia and back again. Most of
the small streams tributary to
these rivers and to Long Island
Sound are unobstructed by ice,
and the water communication is
kept np, the good effect of which
is felt, more especially by the poor
in the article of fuel. Post.
Norfolk, Jan. 9. On the 5th,
Gth and 7th of January the wea
ther was so very warm, that the
doors and windows of dwelling
houses were thrown open to court
the passing breeze, and parties
w ere seen promenading the streets
by moonlight as in summer. Ve
getation has of course, felt the ge
nial influence of this delightful
temperature of the atmosphere:
asparagus of mature growth hy
acinths in bloom apples and figs
in a forward state trees and
shrubs buddingoats (we speak
as to one fact only) grown to more
than half their full height, are a
few of the features of this remark
able season. Other results, how
ever, are not quite so anima;mg:
there has been a great deal of
pork spoiled, and the wheat has
been so much accelerated in its
growth, as in the event of a hard
frost, to be much injured if not
entirely blighted. To conclude,
our oldest inhabitants aver that
they have never known so warm,
a season. Herald. .
Raleigh, Jr?n. 17. -We were
yesterday presented with a mess
of asparagus, from the garden of
Capt. Thomas Cobbs, of this ci
ty. A fine mess of this vegeta
ble was taken from the same gi;r- -den
on the 7th inst. This may be
taken as a striking evidence of the
remarkable mildness of the pre
ceding part of our winter. Thro'
the whole of the month of Decem
ber, the weather continued, with
but small variations, as pieasant
as spring; and January, thus far,
has been little more like winter.
There is a great contrast between
this and the weather experienced
here last January, which was the
coldest known in this section for
many years. Star.
There are at this time, (14th
January, 1328,) peas in bloom in
the town of Salisbury. Car.
Charleston, Jan. 4. Our vecrc
table market this morning con
tained green peas and tomatos,
which sold at prices not higher
than are given at their naiural
season. Patriot.
Among the peculiarities of the
season may be mentioned, the ap
pearance of a load of watermel
ons in our market on Christmas
day! They were brought we un
derstand from Twiggs county, and
sold at a good price. In the gar
den of Dr. Bird, of this town,
strawberry vines have been for
some time in blossom.
Macon (Geo.) Telegraph.
A white shad was caught in Pe
dec river, near Richmond (S. C.)
Court-house, by Wm. Powell, on
Christmas day. Chcraw Spec.
v - i
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