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Tarhoronglu Edgecombe County, JV. 0. FrMa?, December 19, 1828.
FoZ. F. JVo. 18.
By Geo. Howard,
Is published wcvkly, (every Friday,) at
VIVO DOLLARS per year, (or 52 num
bers,) if paid in advance Tzvo Dollars
Fifty Cent!, if paid within the subscription
year or, Three Dollara at the expiration
of the year for any period less than a year, Cents per month. Subscribers
at liberty to discontinue at anytime on pay
ing arrears. Subscribers residing at a dis
tance must invariably pay in advance, or
jrivc a responsible reference in this vicinitv.
No subscription discontinued unless a noti
fication to that effect is given.
Advertisements, not exceeding 16 lines,
will be inserted at .50 cents the first inser
tion, and 25 cents each continuance. Long
er ones at that rate for every 16 lines. Ad
vertisements must be marked the number
of insertions required, or they will be con
tinued until otherwise ordered.
Letters addressed to the Editor must be
post paid, or they will not be attended to.
' ( rpiIE Trustees of the Tarboroujjh A-
A cademy are desirous of employing a
Teacher iti this Seminary for the ensu
ing year, to commence on the first Mon
day in January next. A gentleman well
qualified for tint purpose, woild meet
with encouragement
University of this State would be pre
By order of the Board,
li U Li l '. , u 1 A hHi,
HTUIE Subscribers have taken those
large and commodious warehouses in
LL those indebted to the Subscriber
T - i."iiiiiiuuiuuj ici: i.iiuiioi..; lit j ... , nun v,an l.u j n iu aui-
WVhinton, ;nown as the nronertv of ! de the same between this and the first of
v:n: ' i i.i i . : .. -i ...
jiu,i;n jyoss, ivsq. wnere mey mienu
carrying on the
Storage & Commission
To those who place business in their
hands, they flatter themselves that am
ple satisfaction will be given.
Washington, Dec. 1S2S. 1G-4
Mrs. A. C. Howard,
TN?0R.MS the ladies of Kdgecombc
and vicinity, that she has opened, in
the house immadiatcly opposite the
Bank in Tarhorouh, a handsome as
sortment of FANCY" GOODS, suitable
for fall and winter wear, which they are
respectfully invited to call and examine
among mem are
Tarboro', Oct. 31, 1S28.
Roanoke Cut Herrings,
WARRANTED to be good, foraIe
at Si cash per barrel, near the
Bridge in Tarborough, by
July IS, 1S2S. 49
LL those indebted to the Subscriber!
by note or account, are requested to
inane payment by the 1st ot January
Pattern sill;, satin ar1. velvet Bonnets, of the
latest Northern fashions,
Leghorn Flats assorted munhcis,
Fine straw Bonnets. '
A graduate of the! Silks and satins, plnin and fijrnrcd,
ros (ic maples, chlterent coinIf-,,
Black modr, velvet, ;md era;..-,
Florences, licc.r, i;av.;'.e ;nd si u.hcws,
Lutestring, satin and gauze ribands,
Curls, caps, and turhrvis,
Beaded and sprinkled wreaths flowers and
sprigs, new and el- mt articles,
Black and white O-tnr.h feathers,
Bunches and wn-atlis of dowers,
Straw, silk and fancy curd, jrinips, Sec.
The above articles were purchased
this fall in the Northern cities, and will
be sold ou favorable terms.
L'tdies' dresNes, cloaks, prises, &c.
made fo order, in l;c latest and mosl
approved fashions.
Leghorn and straw Honncts bleached;
dyed, or tiimmcd, at a short notice.
30, !2ct.
January next, or they will be placed in
tne nancis o a constable lor collection.
Dec. 10, 1S2S. 17-3
Stolen, or Strayed,
FROM the Subscriber, liv-
i&SiSli in-x in the town of Halifax, a
With a bald face, blind of the left eye,
about four feet ten or eleven inches high,
about 11 or 12 years of age. He was
taken awav the 13th inst.
IfaliAix, Nov. 25, IS2S 1G 4
Qiianky Academy.
Over Wiggins's Course,
Al CvozvclVs H .Roads,-'
Y7ILL commence cn Thursday, the
kolh inst. and continue two days.
First Daythe .Tockev Club nnrs
will be run for, 3 mile heats, $10 en
trance, purse worth S100.
becond Day the PronrietoHs nnn
will, be run for, 2 mile heats; entrance
$5, purse worth SlOO. '
j i here will be a MULE RACE, on
rpUt EXAMLNATIOX of the pre-! me s.eccnd da"' immediately after the
S. : :ii . ... . ... j regular race :s over. IVpa for nil unfrin.i
j'jiu Miiuit win I'cni on luontiai.' J v. v
he usual re- "1UiV-at""uH ipa,mue neais,oesL y in 5.
the 22d inst. and or.d, with the
port of th'j sciiolars' progress and con
duct, at the noon of Wednesday, the
2 lib inst.; after which, on the same day,
an Exercise will lake place, consitin;
of single pieces and a few dialogues. All
interested are respectfully solicited to at
tend both the Examination and Exercise.
The Tiiislees would inform the nub-
!ic, that their institution will open its
L. MORGAN Sec'v.
Halifax county, N. C. ) 0
I a.n O 1 CMC V- 1 .
Tax borough, Oct.
next, as
Tarboro'. Oct. 31, 182S.
rv; T!71 p? A 4
inaul-nce ennnot be: $1 U' ;.'.( 'fJ, .!, TrrmUJ.
riMlX TUUSi'i'.r.S have employed
rpilF Subscriber very respectfully
uiy noeriy oi returning Ins
Mr. .I.s. 1 1. Stisaix to take chari:
of t!,is insiituticn for the ensuing year,
the cxcrrisifs' of wiiich will commpiipp
IhauKs to his and customers in on Uc jlrsl Moway in January wxL
Edgecombe and the adjacent counties, embracing a course of studies nrcparaK.-
jor the liberal support he has met with ,y to the University,
in the hue ot his avocation since he has The Trustees an: very much pleas.-d
-vv. v-- imnii (vim nope, mat y
aying every attention to his business
that patronage will not be discontinued.
He has just returned
From the Northern Cities,
With a general and well selected
v-j Assortment of Goods,
i Vv hich he is proud to say. he can sell as
u ti,cy uii ue procured in this!
oiaie. i ncy are as tollows, viz:
Superfine blue and black Cloths,
Olive, brown,'and steel mixtures,
Cassimeres of different colors,
Fancy silk Vestings,
Figured and plain silk Vclyel,
Fancy Valencia, new pattern,
White and black Cravats,
Jjlack horse-skin Gloves,
"White and black beaver Hats, &c.
Gentlemen wishing to purchase any
Of the above articles, are respectfully in
vited to come and judge for themselves.
I bose gentlemen who furnish cloth can
nave it made and trimmed in thenpatpsi
j limner and on the shortest notice, as the
1 ihscriber put himself to some trouble
I vvnde m New-York, to obtain the latest
nd most approval fashions. He has
I hkewise in his employ fust rate work-
j 'rboro', Oct. 1, 1. 7
Strain for the past year, endir.g on I lie
firt day of inst. at which time the
students were puhlickly examined on
their various studies, and their profi
c.iency much to ihe satisfaction of both
Trusiees and those present.
It is generally known that Farmwell
is a healthy situation, entirely remote
from scenes of dissipation. Good board
quite convenient by Mr. Robt. Airin
ton and Mr. Richard Bailey, at $5 per
month. Tuition as follows:
English, - - SS per
Latin and Greek, - 10 session.
A. IV. MOORE, Secy
bee. G, 1S2S.
Fayctttville, Dec. 4. Our mar
ket WG llflVf Splflnm m-' nnrm.
third scholastic year on the first Mun : witnessed a norind nf orpntnr nni
day in January next , undrr il.o mi(,io!) than the last two months,
rmcd caruol tlic Re-. Si ).NEV VVKL- p.,,,i . . "
LER, A. M. of whose qualifications it ' odtice JS coming m, in large
is unnecessary now to sp- k particular- j quantities, and though one article,
ly; seeing that wc have before .stated, j w",5at Mas declined a little, it yet
that he came recommended as an able j commands what ever farmer Will
:i;id experienced instructor, by the trus-icall a good ''price, $1 to 81 05
tees of ihe academies over which he had j Flour is 86. Cotton sells freelvr
n i-Muru, in me Maies ni ievv-1 oi k anu ; nt 00 r.n OQ - "
Virginia, and by Dr. Nott, De Witt 6 l S O. Observer.
of the T
Raleigh, Dec. 5.
North-C! ami in 11. Rihle Stni,
,T I " 7 . - W
mm, was iuny nui me ixpeciaucu rais- ine Anniversary discourse for
ed of h.s worth, as an intellectual and, the benefit of this Institution, was
moral guide of youth. " 1 r 1 r 1 . '
Price of tuifion, for the scholastic ! on Sunday last, in the.
year of 10 months, S25 in the languages;1 rSJy!cnail Church of this City,
!nd advanced mathematical studies; $20
by the Itev. Mr." Dowd, Pastor
m ue nurner. am 115 in lift lowor;ei uie ijanrist tneiotv. His tnvf
y " - - - ' " I wwmwv A .A. I t 7 LI. s. I .
Clint rm and other individual
first standing in our country; end see
ing his superintendence, in our institu-
Tarborough Academy.
" male Department of this Institution,
will commence on Monday, the 22d
inst. Tiie public arc invited to attend.
The Trustees of this Acadomy take
pleasure in announcing to the public,
iuai they nave engaged for the ensuing
year in the Female Department, those
young Ladies who have so successfully
and satisfactorily presided over this de
partment for several years past. The
School wil! re-commence on the Jst
Monday in January next.
13y order of the lioarri,
IVboro', lOihDec. 1S2S. 17-3 i
branches of English education.
Hoarding, with lodging and washing,
may be; had in the neighborhood of the
academy as low as So a month.
Payment, or settlement, in all cases,
to be punctually made at the close of
each session; the first of which will ex
tend to th,e vacation, to take place in the
months of August and September; and
l lie second will terminate at Christmas.
No scholar to be received or continu
ed for a period short of a session, nor oi
a year, unless by special agreement be
fore entrance, or atterwards good reason
and timely notice be given; or unless
entiance is unavoidably delayed until a
month or more of a session be transpir
ed ,in which case deduction maybe made.
The most approved school hooks and
stationary supplied when necessary, at
moderate prices, by the Principal.
Mr. Weller has a juvenile library,
maps, and the like-, which are gratuitous
ly lent to the pupils.
The government of the institution is
mild but firm. No youth need be sent
to the Quanky Academy unles he be ex
pected to conform strictly to the whole
some regulations of a public seminary.
Mr. Weller will be assisted in the in
stitution by his lady, who, in on apart
ment of the academy, vyill teach sowing,
working on musljn, and marking, with
spelling, reading, writing, arithmetic,
grammar, and otherusetul and ornamen
tal branches of female education.
Quanky Academy, 4 miles west of 17
Halifax town. Pec. 1S23. S
was the tourth verse of the fif
teenth chapter of Romans. We
have rarely heard a sermon more
appropriate to the occasion,
The benefits which flow from the
extensive diffusion of the Scrip
tures, and the strong claims which
Bible Societies have for support
on the community, were forcibly
delineated. The style of the
Preacher was nervous and his
language chaste. The collection
amounted to about 3G dollars. '
The annual meeting of the So
ciety will be held in the Senate
Chamber of the Capitol, on Wed
nesday evening, at seven o'clock.
Post Office Department.- Vom
the" Post Master General's Re
port, which accompanied the Pre
sident's Message to Congress, it
appears that the number of per
sons employed by the Depart
ment, including Post Masters,
Clerks, Contractors, and persons
engaged in transporting the mail,
is about twenty-six thousand nine
hundred and fifty-six. There are
about seventeen thousand five
hundred and eighty-four horses
employed, and two thousand eight
hundred and seventy-nine car
riages, including two hundred and
forty-three sulkies and waggon.1?'.

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