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Whole No. 27-
Tarborough, Edgecombe County, N. C. Friday, JJecember SG, 1828.
Vol V. No. 19.
By Geo. Howard,
Is published weekly, (every Friday,) at
TWO DOLLARS per year, (or 52 num
bers,) if paid in advance Two Dollars &
Fifty Cents, it paid within the subscription
year or, Three Dollars at the. expiration
of the year for any period less than a year,
Twenty-five Cents per month. Subscribers
at liberty to discontinue at any time on pay
ing arrears. Subscribers residing at a dis
tance must invariably pay in advance, or
give a responsible reference in this vicinity.
2so subscription discontinued unless a noti
fication to that effect is given.
Advertisements, not exceeding 16 lines,
will be inserted at 50 cents the first inser
tion, and 25 cents each continuance. Long
er ones at that rate for every 16 lines. Ad
vertisements must be marked the number
f insertions required, or they will be con
tinued until otherwise ordered.
Letters addressed to the Editor must be
post paid, or they will not be attended to.
Just Received,
And for sale on Consignment,
N addition to my former Stock, a lot
Hardware persons wishing to get
bargains will lo well to call anil exam
ine, as I am determined to sell very
low for cash only.
fyi have also just received a fresh
lot of CUT HERRINGS, re-packed
and inspected.
Halifax, Oct. 2, 1828.
would lake this opportunity of
paying to the public, that my intention
is to do a GENERAL
Com m i a a ion Bus in ess:
Therefore, persons who may favor me
with any article on consignment, may
rely on the strictest attention and punc
tuality. J. L. S.
Roanoke Cut Herrings,
A RR ANTED to be good, for sale
at 54 cash per barrel, near the
Bridge in Tarborough, by
July 18, IS2S. 49
; STORAGE. - ;
rjFIE Subscribers have taken those
large and commodious warehouses in
Washington, known as the property of
William Ross, Esq. where they intend
carrying on the
Storage & Commission
To those who place business in their
hands, they flatter themselves that am
ple satisfaction will be given.
Washington, Dec. 1S2S. AG 4
Mrs. A. C. Howard,
"NFORMS the ladies of Edgecombe
and vicinity, that she has opened, in
the house immadiately opposite the
Bank in Tarborough, a handsome as
sortment of FANCY GOODS, suitable
for fall and winter wear, which they are
respectfully invited to cull and examine
among them ore
Pattern silk, satin and velvet Bonnets, of the
latest Northern fashions,
Leghorn F! its, assorted numbers,
Fine straw Bonnets,
Silks and satins, plain and figured,
Grosde Naples, different colors,
Black mode, velvet, ;tiui crape,
Florences, liect, .iuze and sinchews,
Lutestring, Latin ,nd gaiue ribands,
Cur's, caps, and turban,
Beaded and span-led wreaths, flowers and
sprigs, new and elegant ;rticlcs,
Black and white Ostrich feathers,
! Buhciu-s and wreaths ni lowers,
Straw, silk and t'aucv cord, Hums, fee.
The aove articles were purchased j
this fail in the Northern cities, and will
be sold ot. favorable terms.
Ladies' dresses, cloaks, pelisses, &c.
made to order, in the latest and most
approved fashions.
Leghorn and si raw Bonnets bleached,
dyed, or trimmed, at a short notice.
Tarborough, Oct. 30, IS2S.
flMIR Subscriber very respectfully
. takes the liberty of returning his
thanks to his friends and customers in
Eugccombo and the adjiccnt counties,
for the liberal support he has met with
jn the line of his avocation since he has
been a resident of Tarborough; and lie
flatties himself with the hope, that by
paving every attention to his business
that patronage will not be, discontinued.
He has just returned
From the Northern Cities,
With a general and well selected
Assortment of Goods,
Which he is proud to say, he can sell as
low as they can he procured in this
State. They are as follows, viz:
Superfine blue and black Cloths,
Olive, brown, and steel mixtures,
Cassimeres of different colors,
Fancy silk Veilings,
Figured and plain silk Velvet,
Fancy Valencias, new pattern,
White and black Cravats, .
Black horse-skin Gloves,
White and black beaver Hats, &c.
Gentlemen wishing-to purchase any
of the above articles, are respectfully in
cited to come and judge for themselves.
Those gentlemen who furnish cloth ran
have it made arid trimmed in the neatest
rnanner and on the shortest notice, as the
Subscriber put himself to some trouble
while in New-York, to obtain the latest
and most approved fashions.- He has
likewise in his emplov first rate 'work
M.i tioro , uct. 1; 1S2S. .7
Farmwell Grove
Mr. .J as. H. Strain to take charge
of this institution for the ensuing year,
the exercises of which will commence
on q first Monday in January next,
embracing a course of studies preparato
ry ti) the University.
The Trustees are very much pleased
with the general deportment of Mr.
Strain for the past year, ending on the
firs! day of this inst. at which time the
students were publickly examined on
their various studies, and their profi
ciency much lo the satisfaction of both
Trustees and those present.
It. is generally known that Farmwell
is a healthy situation, entirely remote
Irom scenes of dissipation. Good board
quite convenient by Mr. Robt. Arling
ton and Mr." Richard Bailey, at $5 per
month. Tuition as follows:
English, - - SS per
Latin and Greek, - 10 S session.
A. W. MOORE, Sec1 y.
Dec. C, 1823. ll
Town of Marianna.
jMTIS town is situated bsautifully on
an elevated plain at the head of navi
gation on the Chipola river. It is the
seat of justice for Jackson county, one
of the richest and most populous coun
ties in the territory of Florida.
The Lots in the above named town
will be sold without reserve at Public
Auction, on the first Monday in Janu
ary next. Terms, one-fourth cash, and
the balance in threp annual instalments.
J JUananna. JNov. 1, 182S. 15-5
4 LL those'indebted to the Subscriber
by note or account, are requested to
make payment by the 1st of January
next, as longer indulgence cannot be
Tarboro', Oct. 31, 1S2S. 119
i LL those indebted to the Subscriber
by account, are now called on to set
tle the same between this and the first of
January next, or they will he placed in
the hands of a constable for collection.
Dec. 10, 1S2S. 17-3
Stolen, or Strayed,
FROM the Subscriber, liv-
iSZSu nrx in the town of Halifax, a
32j&em SUUltUJy IlUHSti
With a bald face, blind. of the left eye,
about four feet ten or eleven inches hih,
about 11 or 12 years of age. He was
taken away the 13ih inst.
Halifax, Nov. 25, 1S2S. 16 4
Qjiariky Academy.
DMIM Trusters would inform the pub
lie, that their institution will open its
third scholastic year on the first Mon
day in January next, under the conii
uuod care of the Rev. S1DNKY WKL-
Turborouh Academy.
male Department of this institution,
will commence on Monday, the 22d
inst. The public are invited to attend!
The Trustees of this Academy take
pleasure in announcing to the public,
that they have engaged for the ensuing
year in the Female Department, those
young Ladies who have so successfully
and satisfactorily presided over this de
partment for several years past. The.
School will re-commence on the 1st
Monday in January next.
By order of the Hoard,
Tarboro', 10th Dec. 1S28. 17-3
Tarborough Academy.
HPHE Trustees have engaged the Rev.
JNO. WORNOCK, as Principal in
the Male Department for the ensuing
year. Mr. Wornock has been engaged
in teaching for a number of years, and
is recommended every way qualified to
render satisfaction to those who may
patronise the school. The exercises of
the academy will commence on the 1st
Monday iti January next.
By order of the Board,
Dec. 17, 1S28. 1S-2
name of Elder William B. Worrell
to said certificate without hrs knowledge
or permission, for at the trial he served
the Church as Moderator.
Doc. 15, 1S2S. 1S-3
For the Free Press.
7&T1. EDITOR, there has recently ap
neaied in vnnr nnnrr cnn.n ci.m
LER, A. M. of whose qualifications iti tures on ihp rnnrlnpr nC lm n .i-.ct.
is unnecessary now to speak particular-) Church at Poplar Springs, in Franklin,
ly; seeing that we have before stated, J county; and myself, as the Clei k of that
that he came recommended as an able i Church, in a trial of Elder WILLIAM
and experienced instructor, by the trus-'T. NEWBORN for crimes alleged a
leesofihe academics over which he had j gainst him. I wish you, sir, to W the
presided, in the states of New-York and j public know through the medium of vour
Virginia, and by Dr. Nott, De Wilt; paper, that the ( hurch did acquit him,
Clinton, and other individuals of th- because in lite exercise of their united
first standing in our country; and see-.wdom they did not think the proof
ing his'Mipt'rintcndencc, in our institu-! sufficient lo exclude an Elder Irom
tion, has fully met the expectation rais- church fellowship; and as he wished
ed of his worth, a an intellectual and some testimonials of that fact, the Church
moral guide of youth. ! ordered me as Clerk to wriie him cer-
Price of tuition, for the scholastic! lificate to that amount; and believing;
year of 10 months, $25 in the languages: through the insinuations of Elder New
and advanced mathematical studies; $20: born, that it was' the ordinary way of
iii uif nrguer, ana ino in me lower ooing Durness, I ventured to afiix the
I I .-11 1 I t . ! ...
orancnesoi r.ngiisii eauc:iiion.
Boarding, with lodging and washing,
may be had in the neighborhood of the
academy as low as $5 a month.
Payment, or settlement, in all cases.
to be punctually made at the close ofj
each session: the lirst ot which will ex
tend to the vacation, to take place in the
months of August and September;' and
the second will terminate at Christinas.
No scholar to be received or continu
ed for a period short of a session, nor of
a year, unless by special agreement be
fore entrance, or afterwards good reason
and timely notice be given; or unless
entrance is unavoidably delayed until a
month or more of a session be transpir
ed, in vyhicli case deduction maybe made.
The most approved school books and
stationary supplied when necessary, at
moderaje prices, by the Principal.
Mr. Weller has a juvenile library,
maps, and the like, which arc gratuitous
ly lent to the pupils.
The government of the institution is
mild, hut fin?. ' No youth need be sent
to the Quanky Academy unles he be ex
pected to conform strictly to the whole
some regulations of a public seminary.
Mr. Weller will be assisted in the in
stitution by his lady, who, in an apart
ment of the academy, will teach sowing,
working on muslin, and marking, with
spelling, reading, writing, "arithmetic,
grammar, and other useful and ornamen
tal branches of female education.
Quanky Academy, 4 miles west of 17
Halifax town. Dec. H 1S2S. 5 4
isomc w
1 - .
'J HE Members of Concord Lodge,
No. pS, Tarborough, are informed
that the funeral rites of Brother John L.
Mayo, will be solemnized at the resi
dence of Luke Ward, on Sunday, 28th
inst. The members of the Fraternity
are respectfully invited to attend.
By order of the Lodge,
Dec. 17, 1S28.
rflMIE Subscriber has lost or mislaid a
1 large brass-barreled PISTOL, brass
plated lock, with' the guard broke off.
I am uncertain whether it was left in this
place or sent to Nash lo be repaired
Any information respecting said pistol
will be thankfully t reived.
Dec. 17th. 1S2S. ' V' JS-6

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